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Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) Impact on Water Quality and Environmental Ecosystem in the Harlem River  [PDF]
Jingyu Wang
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2014.513131
Abstract: The Harlem River, a 9.3-mile channel that flows from the Hudson River to the East River, has experienced decades of industrial abuse and remains gritty and industrial. During heavy rains, the pipes discharge raw sewage into the river through combined sewer overflows (CSOs) that can contain bacteria and cause illness. Water samples were collected from CSO discharge point and several adjacent sites along the river in the Bronx side close to River Park Towers at Richman Plaza and Manhattan side at Wards Island. Nutrients, bacteria, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and fish consumption safety have been analyzed. Results showed that phosphorus, ammonia concentration as well as fecal coliform, E.Coli, enterococcus levels increased significantly during heavy rainstorms. Ammonia concentration was up to 2.725 mg/L during tropical storm Arthur on July 2, 2014 and rainstorm in May 2013, and soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) or orthophosphate was up to 0.197 mg/L during heavy thunderstorm in April 2011; both nutrients were exceeded EPA regulation for ammonia (0.23 mg/L) and phosphate (0.033 mg/L) for New York City (NYC) waters. The colonies of fecal coliform were more than 5 million MPN/100ml (most probable number per 100 ml) during tropical storm Arthur in July 2014 and heavy rainstorm in April 2014, and fecal coliform was more than 10,000 MPN/100ml during storm in July and November 2013; E.Coli reached more than 5000 MPN/100ml during tropical storm Arthur and storm in May 2013; enterococcus reached more than 10,000 MPN/100ml during tropical storm Arthur and heavy rainstorm in April 2014. These bacteria (pathogen) levels in the Harlem River were significantly higher than EPA standards (fecal coliform: 200 MPN/100ml, E.Coli: 126 MPN/100ml, enterococcus: 104 MPN/100ml), especially during rainstorm/tropical storm. Of particular significance, nutrients and bacteria were analyzed before and after Hurricane Sandy devastated NYC in late October 2012; results determined that bacteria and ammonia concentrations increased after this monumental storm, elucidating the environmental impact of large storm events. PCB 11 (3,3’-dichlorobiphenyl, C12H8Cl2), the high molecular weight (MW), an indicator of raw sewer and storm water runoff in the NYC harbor waters, is the major polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the Harlem River. PCBs are carcinogenic, which could bioaccumulate via food chain from fish and seafood, endangering public health. Oyster farming has been used to purify water and improve water quality in the river. CSOs and storm
College English Writing Teaching Design Based on Constructivist Mode  [PDF]
Jingyu Liu
Open Journal of Modern Linguistics (OJML) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojml.2015.51004
Abstract: Constructivist theory, a key branch of cognitive psychology, is universally recognized as the theoretical basis for innovating traditional teaching. This paper attempts to apply constructivism to writing education, which will be used to help guide writing teaching design and class construction, in order to explore and discover a proper and student-tailored writing class teaching mode.
Transformations, Opportunities and Challenges: How Government Copes with Online Public Opinion in Big Data Era  [PDF]
Jingyu Chen
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2019.74034
Abstract: With the popularization of portable terminal equipment and cyber social contact media, there are fewer and fewer barriers against expression of public opinion, which has led to tremendous structural changes in public opinion field. Online public opinion monitoring in government has, therefore, undergone a dramatic transformation in working methods, managerial concepts and data analysis technologies in order to keep pace with the times. For this purpose, the paper tries to offer a new insight into transformation and challenges of online public opinion in the big data era and puts forward some countermeasures as follows: 1) Construct a government platform for online public opinion to improve information collection. 2) Employ an open data policy to enhance the government’s public credibility. 3) Cultivate more professionals and maintain a sustainable development in research and development as well as technology innovation. 4) Improve government officials’ media literacy and strengthen their awareness of online public relations. 5) Build various types of case data analysis database to extract and purify the will of people, to gather in one place the wisdom of people and to construct a think tank of all the people for decision making.
The impact of audit and feedback on nodal harvest in colorectal cancer
Geoffrey A Porter, Robin Urquhart, Jingyu Bu, Paul Johnson, Eva Grunfeld
BMC Cancer , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2407-11-2
Abstract: This population-based study included all patients undergoing resection for primary colorectal cancer in Nova Scotia, Canada, from 01 January 2001 to 31 December 2005. Linkage of the provincial cancer registry with other databases (hospital discharge, physician claims data, and national census data) provided clinicodemographic, diagnostic, and treatment-event data. Factors associated with adequate nodal harvest were examined using multivariate logistic regression. The specific interaction between year and health district was examined to identify any potential effect of dissemination of the previously-performed audit.Among the 2,322 patients, the median nodal harvest was 8; overall, 719 (31%) had an adequate nodal harvest. On multivariate analysis, audited health district (p < 0.0001), year (p < 0.0001), younger age (p < 0.0001), non-emergent surgery (p < 0.0001), more advanced stage (p = 0.008), and previous cancer history (p = 0.03) were associated with an increased likelihood of an adequate nodal harvest. Interaction between year and audited health district was identified (p = 0.006) such that the increase in adequate nodal harvest over time was significantly greater in the audited health district.Improvements in colorectal cancer nodal harvest did occur over time. A published audit demonstrating suboptimal nodal harvest appeared to be an effective knowledge translation tool, though more so for the audited health district, suggesting a potentially beneficial effect of audit and feedback strategies.In Canada, it is estimated there will be 22,500 new cases of colorectal cancer in 2010. More than 9,100 will die of the disease, making it the second most common cancer-causing death [1]. Survival is clearly related to stage of disease at diagnosis; the status of lymph nodes is a critical discriminator of stage, particularly in discriminating patients with stage II and stage III disease [2]. The use of adjuvant therapies has been clearly shown to improve survival for stag
Land Use Impact on Bioavailable Phosphorus in the Bronx River, New York  [PDF]
Jingyu Wang, Hari Pant
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2011.24038
Abstract: Various forms of phosphorus (P) could become bioavailable such as from desorption, dissolution and enzymatic hydrolysis. Potential bioavailable P estimation is critical to minimize eutrophication in freshwater systems. Thus, this study was conducted to predict potential bioavailable P in the water columns and sediments and their relations with enzymatic hydrolysis, and estimate impacts of land use and anthropogenic activities on P bioavailability, P transport and water quality in the Bronx River, New York, USA. In sediment samples collected in 2006, total P (TP), total inor-ganic P (IP), total organic P (OP) and bioavailable P (BAP) were in highest concentrations in sites located at Bronx River Valley upstream in Westchester (site 2), Troublesome Brook (TB, site 4), Sprain Brook (SB, site 7b) and Bronx River estuary near Sound View Park (site 14) respectively. Also, phosphodiesterase and native phosphatases (PDEase and NPase) hydrolyzed distinguishingly high amounts of OP or enzymatically hydrolysable P (EHP) in samples from sites 4, 7b, 10 (New York Botanical Garden) and 14. Microbial P was in negative values (caused by different bacteria and microorganisms could not be paralyzed by chloroform), and the most negative concentrations were appeared at sties 4 and 14. Spatial comparisons among different locations showed distinguished characteristics in tributaries and estuary. In sediments collected in 2007, TP, BAP and IP were in highest concentrations at sites 7-SB, 11-Bronx Zoo, 12-East Tremont Ave Bridge where fresh and saline water meets, 13-estuary facing Hunts Point Waste Water Treatment Plant (HP WWTP) and 14-estuary along Sound View Park. Besides, PDEase-P highest concentrations ap-peared at sties 7, 13 and 11, NPase-P concentrations were highest at 7 and 11. Microbial P was highest at sties 11 and 14. Spatial variations showed that higher P content and more intense enzymatic hydrolysis in silty clay finer sediments at site 7, 11 and 13. Temporal variations between the two years’ data showed land use and other anthropogenic factors’ impacts on P transport in river and deposit in sediments. Analysis of the river water samples showed that average soluble reactive P (SRP, 67 μg.l-1) in 2006 and SRP (68μg.l-1) in 2007 both were greater than background P concentration in most natural water (42 μg.l-1).
A team approach to improving colorectal cancer services using administrative health data
Geoffrey Porter, Robin Urquhart, Jingyu Bu, Cynthia Kendell, Maureen MacIntyre, Ron Dewar, George Kephart, Yukiko Asada, Eva Grunfeld
Health Research Policy and Systems , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1478-4505-10-4
Abstract: The objectives of this paper are to: 1) provide a detailed description of the methodologies employed across the various studies being conducted by Team ACCESS; 2) demonstrate how administrative health data can be used to evaluate access and quality in CRC services; and 3) provide an example of an interdisciplinary team approach to addressing health service delivery issues.All patients diagnosed with CRC in NS between 2001 and 2005 were identified through the Nova Scotia Cancer Registry (NSCR) and staged using the Collaborative Stage Data Collection System. Using administrative databases that were linked at the patient level, Team ACCESS created a retrospective longitudinal cohort with comprehensive demographic, clinical, and healthcare utilization data. These data were used to examine access to and quality of CRC services in NS, as well as factors affecting access to and quality of care, at various transition points along the continuum of care. Team ACCESS has also implemented integrated knowledge translation strategies targeting policy- and decision- makers.The development of Team ACCESS represents a unique approach to CRC research. We anticipate that the skills, tools, and knowledge generated from our work will also advance the study of other cancer disease sites in NS. Given the increasing prevalence of cancer, and with national and provincial funding agencies promoting collaborative research through increased funding for research team development, the work carried out by Team ACCESS is important in the Canadian context and exemplifies how a team approach is essential to comprehensively addressing issues surrounding not only cancer, but other chronic diseases in Canada.In Canada, an estimated 22,200 new cases of colorectal cancer (CRC) were diagnosed in 2011, making it the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in both men and women in Canada [1]. Despite a modest decrease in national mortality rates over the last 20 years, CRC mortality still accounts for approxim
Estimation of Phosphorus Bioavailability in the Water Column of the Bronx River, New York  [PDF]
Jingyu Wang, Hari K. Pant
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2012.34040
Abstract: Phosphorus (P) is a primary limiting nutrient in rivers and streams, and excessive P results in eutrophication of freshwater systems, in turn, excessive algal growth/toxic algal blooms, oxygen depletion, and water quality degradation. This study analyzed P pool, and hydrolysis of organic P (OP) by native phosphatases (NPase) in the water samples collected in the Bronx River. The soluble reactive P (SRP) of most of the sites’ water collected in 2006 and 2007 were higher (average 67 μg?L–1 and 68 μg?L–1, respectively) than the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standard of 15 μg?L–1. The SRP% (SRP/TP%) average was 27% in 2006, much lower than in 2007 of SRP% average 83%. The OP% (OP/TP%) average was 73% in 2006, which was much higher than the OP% in 2007 (which was only 17%). The SRP concentrations and distributions (%), and the total P (TP) concentrations were in substantial amounts compared with other rivers. The NPase hydrolyzed OP % was up to 100% in 2006 and 2007 water samples. The average of NPase% was 59% in 2006 and 73% in 2007. The NPase average concentrations were 348 μg?L–1 in 2006, and 175 μg?L–1 in 2007. The NPase hydrolyzed up to 100% of OP% in the Bronx River water samples at 37?C, indicating a potential threat of eutrophication of freshwater systems as the global rise in temperature may continue to occur.
PPAR-γ Silencing Inhibits the Apoptosis of A549 Cells by Upregulating Bcl-2
Jingyu YANG
Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer , 2013, DOI: 10.3779/j.issn.1009-3419.2013.03.02
Abstract: Background and objective Drug resistance is the one of primary causes of death in patients with lung cancer, PPAR-γ could induce the apoptosis and reverse drug resistance. The aim of this study is to investigate the expression of PPAR-γ on cisplatin sensitivity and apoptosis response of human lung cancer cell line A549. Methods Reconstruction of PPAR-γ silencing A549 cells (A549/PPAR-γ(-)) by siRNA. MTT assay was employed to determine the effect of cisplatin on the proliferation of A549/PPAR-γ(-), flow cytometry to determine the effect of cisplatin on the cell apoptosis, Western blot to determine the change of phosphorylation of Akt, caspase-3 and expression of bcl-2/bax. Finally, RT-PCR was employed to determine the transcriptional level of bcl-2. Results Two PPAR-γ silencing A549 cell clones were established successfully, and the expression of PPAR-γ was downregulated significantly as confirmed by RT-PCR and Western blot. After PPAR-γ silencing, the resistance of these two A549 clones to cisplatin was increased by 1.29-fold and 1.60-fold respectively. Flow cytometry showed that the apoptosis rate was decreased, and Western Blot showed that the phosphorylation of Akt and expression of bcl-2/bax were upregulated, caspase-3 was downregulated. Finally, RT-PCR showed that the transcriptional level of bcl-2 was upregulated as well. Conclusion Downregulation of PPAR-γ in A549 cells led to increase of cisplatin resistance. One of the mechanisms was upregulatin of phosphorylation of Akt and expression of bcl-2, which inhibited the apoptosis of cells. The downregulation of PPAR-γ is a possible mechanism that leads to the clinical drug resistance of cancer.
Periodic Symplectic Cohomologies
Jingyu Zhao
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Goodwillie introduced a periodic cyclic homology group associated to a mixed complex. In this paper, we apply this construction to the symplectic cochain complex of a Liouville domain $(M,\theta)$ and obtain two periodic symplectic cohomology theories, denoted as $\widehat{PSH^*}(M)$ and $PSH^*(M)$. Our main result is that both cohomology theories are invariant under Liouville isomorphism and that there is a natural isomorphism $H^*(M)\otimes_{\mathbb{Q}} \mathbb{Q}((u)) \xrightarrow{\sim} PSH^*(M, \mathbb{Q})$.
Evaluation and Prediction of Urban Entrepreneurship Environment in China: A Case of Guangzhou City  [PDF]
Yuxi Kuang, Yan Bu
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2018.114029
Abstract: Studying the urban entrepreneurship environment has guiding significance for the development of urban economy and employment. Based on the PSR (Pressure-State-Response) model framework, this paper constructs an index system for evaluation of urban entrepreneurship environment, and uses the multi-factor weighted method to systematically quantitatively analyze and comprehensively evaluate the state of entrepreneurship policies, service systems, and hardware facilities, and use GM(1, 1) model to predict the development trend of urban entrepreneurship environment in Guangzhou. The study shows that the policy measures to optimize the entrepreneurship environment have effectiveness, time lag and accumulation effect, and the government’s response measures are the core factors for the stable development of the urban entrepreneurship environment. It is expected that the entrepreneurship environment in Guangzhou will continue to improve in the future. Finally, it is pointed out that optimizing the urban entrepreneurship environment should start from innovation, attracting talents, increasing financial support, and highlighting regional industrial characteristics to form an entrepreneurship economy.
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