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Possible Influence of Arctic Oscillation on Winter Visibility over Eastern China  [PDF]
Yu Gu, Xiaomeng Shi, Jilin Sun
Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/gep.2017.58006
Abstract: NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data, the Arctic Oscillation (AO) index and the atmospheric visibility (Vis) data at 134 sites in eastern China (ECN) are used to investigate the possible influence of AO on the wintertime weather and Vis over ECN. A higher relative humidity (RH, compared with the normal year) is identified over ECN in the winters with a positive phase of AO, and the wind anomaly is generally inshore in the coast areas of China. All these processes are consistent with Vis degradation over ECN. On the contrary, in the winters with a negative phase of AO, a lower RH can be identified over ECN, and the wind anomaly is generally offshore, which is favorable for Vis improvement.
Positive feedback of winter ocean-atmosphere interaction in Northwest Pacific
Xiaojie Zhu,Jilin Sun
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2006, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-006-2098-9
Abstract: Using monthly mean atmospheric reanalysis data and oceanic assimilation data product, the winter ocean-atmosphere interaction in middle and high latitude in Northwest Pacific was studied. Key regions were chosen to study the variations of Aleutian Low, the 500hPa westerly, the meriodional sea surface temperature (SST) gradient with three indices defined as Aleutian Low index, zonal index and meridional SST gradient between Kuroshio-influenced region and Oyashio-influenced region. The results show that when there is a deeper Aleutian Low accompanied by a stronger northerly wind in the westem part of the Aleutian Low, the subpolar gyre of North Pacific is strengthened, the SST in the Oyashio-influenced region is decreased and the meridional SST gradient between Kuroshio-influ-enced region and Oyashio-influenced region is increased, which, in tum, will enhance the westerly jet in the upper troposphere due to thermal-wind relation. The strengthened westerly jet makes a favorable condition for the deeper Aleutian Low over North Pacific beneath the left part of the jet exit region. Consequently, a positive feedback forms there.
Impact of the Barents Sea SST in Autumn on the Winter Climate in Northeast China  [PDF]
Xiaomeng Shi, Yu Gu, Jilin Sun, Jingshu Dong, Min Geng
Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/gep.2017.57009
Abstract: We studied effects of sea surface temperature anomaly (SSTA) in the Barents Sea in autumn on the atmospheric circulation in northeast China in winter, using the NCEP reanalysis data and sea surface temperature (SST) data of the Hadley Center. The results show that the ocean thermal conditions in the Barents Sea in autumn can be used as an important reference factor for predicting the cold air activity in China. When the sea surface temperature anomaly of the Barents Sea elevated in the autumn, the sea-level pressure anomaly elevated in eastern China on December, northeast China and southeastern Russia on January and February. In the years when the SSTA of the Barents Sea elevated in the autumn, the abnormal high-pressure ridge developed over Europe, and the geopotential height in western China appeared negative anomaly at 500 hPa. At 1000 hPa, the Mongolia high-pressure increased and the northerly airflow strengthened the cold high-latitude air broke out to the south, which was easy to affect northeast and north of China. In negative SSTA years, the high-pressure ridge was west to the north Atlantic, and the geopotential height in central and northern Siberia appeared negative anomaly at 500 hPa; the Mongolia high-pressure was weakened at 1000 hPa.
The Role of the Halted Baroclinic Mode at the Central Equatorial Pacific in El Ni?no Event
The Role of the Halted Baroclinic Mode at the Central Equatorial Pacific in E1 Nifio Event

SUN Jilin,Peter CHU,LIU Qinyu,
SUN Jilin
,Peter CHU,LIU Qinyu

大气科学进展 , 2006,
Abstract: The role of halted "baroclinic modes" in the central equatorial Pacific is analyzed. It is found that dominant anomaly signals corresponding to "baroclinic modes" occur in the upper layer of the equatorial Pacific, in a two-and-a-half layer oceanic model, in assimilated results of a simple OGCM and in the ADCP observation of TAO. A second "baroclinic mode" is halted in the central equatorial Pacific corresponding to a positive SST anomaly while the first "baroclinic mode" propagates eastwards in the eastern equatorial Pacific. The role of the halted second "baroclinic mode" in the central equatorial Pacific is explained by a staged ocean-atmosphere interaction mechanism in the formation of El Ni(n)o: the westerly bursts in boreal winter over the western equatorial Pacific generate the halted second "baroclinic mode" in the central equatorial Pacific, leading to the increase of heat content and temperature in the upper layer of the central Pacific which induces the shift of convection from over the western equatorial Pacific to the central equatorial Pacific; another wider, westerly anomaly burst is induced over the western region of convection above the central equatorial Pacific and the westerly anomaly burst generates the first "baroclinic mode"propagating to the eastern equatorial Pacific, resulting in a warm event in the eastern equatorial Pacific.The mechanism presented in this paper reveals that the central equatorial Pacific is a key region in detecting the possibility of ENSO and, by analyzing TAO observation data of ocean currents and temperature in the central equatorial Pacific, in predicting the coming of an El Ni(n)o several months ahead.
Spatial Distribution and Seasonal Variation of Explosive Cyclones over the North Atlantic Spatial Distribution and Seasonal Variation of Explosive Cyclones over the North Atlantic
SUN Yawen,FU Gang,SUN Jilin,ZHANG Shuqin
- , 2018,
Abstract: Spatial distribution and seasonal variation of explosive cyclones(ECs) over the North Atlantic from October 2000 to September 2016 are investigated using the reanalysis data of Final Analysis(FNL),Mean Sea Level Pressure(MSLP) and Optimum Interpolation(OI) Sea Surface Temperature(SST) provided by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction(NCEP),the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts(ECMWF) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA),respectively.Considering the meridional distribution of ECs and 10-m height wind field associated with the ECs,the definition of EC given by Yoshida and Asuma(2004) is modified.It is found that the ECs occurred mainly in four regions during winter season,namely,North America continent(NAC),the Northwest Atlantic(NWA),the North-central Atlantic(NCA),and the Northeast Atlantic(NEA),depending on the spatial distribution of EC's maximum deepening rate of central sea level pressure(SLP).According to the magnitude of maximum deepening rate,the trend of EC numbers basically decrease with the increase of EC's maximum deepening rate over the North Atlantic during the whole time period.Over the North Atlantic basin,for monthly statistics,the NEA,NCA,and NWA cyclones occur mainly in December,from December to March,and from January to February,respectively.NWA,NCA and NEA cyclones in winter are associated with low-level baroclinicity,both low-level baroclinicity and upper-level forcing and upper-level forcing,respectively.According to monthly variation,the averaged maximum deepening rate of central SLP firstly increases and then decreases from July to June.Overall,the distribution of ECs' tracks is basically in the southwest-northeast direction.During winter circulation stage(from October to May),the averaged maximum deepening rate of central SLP and the averaged minimum central SLP of ECs decrease,and the averaged explosive-deepening duration of ECs shortens from west to east over the North Atlantic basin.During summer circulation stage(from June to September),the number of ECs is far less than that of winter circulation.NCA cyclones are the lowest in the average minimum central SLP of ECs,and the longest in the average explosive-deepening duration of ECs.NEA cyclones are the strongest in the average maximum deepening rate of central SLP
Impact of Autumn SST in the Japan Sea on Winter Rainfall and Air Temperature in Northeast China Impact of Autumn SST in the Japan Sea on Winter Rainfall and Air Temperature in Northeast China
SHI Xiaomeng,SUN Jilin,WU Dexing,YI Li,WEI Dongni
- , 2015,
Abstract: We studied the impact of sea surface temperature anomaly(SSTA) in the Japan Sea and the sea area east of Japan on the winter rainfall and air temperature in Northeast(NE) China using the singular value decomposition(SVD) and empirical orthogonal function(EOF). The monthly-mean rainfall data observed at 160 stations in China, monthly-mean sea surface temperature(SST) of the Hadley Center for Climate Prediction and Research and monthly-mean air temperature from the NCEP reanalysis during 1960–2011 were used. Correlation analysis indicates that the SSTAs in the Japan Sea in September may last for three or four months and are an important index for forecasting the winter rainfall and air temperature in NE China. Positive SSTAs in the central Japan Sea and in the sea area east of Tokyo correspond to positive rainfall anomaly and negative air temperature anomaly in NE China. With the rise of SST in the Japan Sea, a weak cyclone appears over the Japan Sea. The northeasterly wind transports water vapor from the Okhotsk to NE China, resulting in more rainfall and lower air temperature. Negative SSTA years are accompanied by warmer air temperature and less snow in NE China. The 1000 h Pa geopotential height anomaly and wind anomaly fields are simulated by IAP-9L model, which supports the analysis results
A theoretical and experimental study on the quasi-static constitutive model of aluminum foams

Wang Erheng Yu Jilin Wang Fei Sun Liang,

力学学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The phenomenological constitutive framework for compressible elasto-plastic solid presented by Chen and Lu is applied to an open-cell and a closed-cell aluminum foams to establish their quasi-static constitutive models. The macroscopic stress-strain curves for the aluminum foams under 3-D proportional and non-proportional loadings, respectively, are derived from the model. Four kinds of experiments, i.e., uniaxial compression, hydrostatic compression, lateral-constrained compression and 3-D proportional compression, are conducted. Constitutive parameter curves for the model are obtained from the uniaxial compression and hydrostatic compression tests and then applied to predict their responses under the other two loading conditions. It is found that the theoretical prediction agrees well with the experimental results for the case of 3-D proportional compression, but not for that of lateral-constrained compression. A simplified friction correction reveals that the deviation of the theoretical prediction from the experimental results for the lateral-constrained compression case is induced by friction between the specimen and the constraining sleeve. The present results show that the Chen and Lu model can describe the compression-dominant behavior of aluminum foams satisfactorily.
Petrogenesis and crust-mantle interaction of early Yanshanian Baishishan pluton in Zhangguangcai Range.

SUN DeYou,WU FuYuan,LIN Qiang,LU XiaoPing$$$$ College of Earth Sciences,Jilin University,Changchun,Chin,Institute of Regional Geology,Mineral Resources Survey of Jilin Province,Changchun,China,

岩石学报 , 2001,
Abstract: 出露于东北地区张广才岭的白石山岩体,其全岩-矿物Rb-Sr等时线年龄为196士4 Ma,表明形成于中生代的燕山早期,而非传统认识上的印支期.岩体主岩和闪长质包体均具有低ISr(≈0.705)和正εNd(t)(+1.7~+2.2)值的特点,反映岩体成因与地幔具有密切的联系.地质学、岩石学和地球化学的详细研究表明该岩体具有壳幔混合成因,闪长质包体是较基性的地幔岩浆进入主岩浆中淬火结晶而成,花岗质岩浆的源区主要为新生的地壳物质.动力学分析表明,本区在华北板块和西伯利亚板块碰撞拼合后,由于东侧大洋板块的俯冲及后续的岩石圈拆沉效应,导致软流圈地幔上隆及幔源岩浆的板底垫托,并进而造成先存和新生地壳的部分熔融和不同源区岩浆的混合作用.底垫的新生地壳是兴蒙造山带造山后晚期形成的.因此,古生代-中生代是本区地壳生长的重要时期,且这种地壳生长是在垂向构造机制下进行的.
Impact of salt stress on peroxidase activity in Populus deltoides cambium and its consequence

LI Guoqi,AN Shuqing,ZHANG Jilin,LI Jin,WANG Yunjing,SUN Jinglin,

应用生态学报 , 2003,
Abstract: Studies on the impact of salt stress on the peroxidase (POD) activity in Populus deltoides cambium and on the anatomic characteristics of its secondary xylem indicated that the changes of POD activity caused by soil salinity stress behaved differently in dormant and growing period. In low salinity soil, the POD activity of dormant Populus deltoides showed the trend of increasing first, and then, decreasing as the soil salinity was rising gradually. Namely, with the rising of soil salinity in the range of 0.024-->0.094-->0.145%, the POD activity varied in the range of 83.7-->132.1-->63.2 units.min-1.g-1FW accordingly. However, in growing season, with the gradual increase of soil salinity from 0.036 to 0.289%, the POD activity decreased gradually from 405.2 to 107.2 units.min-1.g-1FW. There were regular changes in wood anatomic characteristics of Populus deltoides. Namely, with the increase of soil salinity 0.036-->0.125-->0.289%, the vessel diameters (VD) of both early wood and late wood varied accordingly in the range of 41.8-->56.6-->43.4 microns, and 29.1-->33.1-->33.1 microns, respectively. The vessel frequencies (VF) were 141.8-->113.8-->144.2 and 160.0-->134.8-->206.7 entries mm-2, respectively. Along with the gradual increase of soil salinity from 0.036 to 0.289%, the fiber length gradually decreased from 693.8 to 570.4 microns, and the fiber width decreased from 14.9 to 13.5 microns.
Zircon SHRIMP U-Pb ages of gneissic granites in Jiamusi massif, northeastern China

WU FuYuan,S WILDE,SUN DeYou College of Earth Sciences,Jilin University,Changchun,China School of Applied Geology,Curtin University of Technology,Perth,Australia,

岩石学报 , 2001,
Abstract: 我国东北地区佳木斯地块分布有大量的花岗质岩石,这些花岗岩可分为两个大的类型,其一为基底花岗片麻岩类,岩石曾经历过50Ma左右的角闪岩相-麻粒岩相变质作用的改造,并具有与麻山群变质岩系相同或一致的片麻理构造。其二为片麻状花岗岩类,片麻理发育程度不等,岩石显示明显的岩浆结晶结构,不具有任何后期变质作用叠加的痕迹,传统认为片麻状花岗岩形成于新元古代,但本文通过高精度的锆石离子探针U-Pb测年表明,这些花岗岩主要形成于270-254Ma的晚古生代,且部分岩石中含有较老的锆石颗粒或残留,表明这些花岗岩主要来源于基底岩石的部分熔融,测定岩石的矿物组成和化学成分特点暗示,它的形成可能与佳木斯地块与周围块体或佳木斯地块内部块体间的拼合作用有关。
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