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An Invitation to El Naschie’s Theory of Cantorian Space-Time and Dark Energy  [PDF]
Leila Marek-Crnjac, Jihuan He
International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IJAA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijaa.2013.34053

The paper is a condensed but accurate account of El Naschie’s theory of Cantorian space-time which was used by him to clarify some major problems in theoretical physics and cosmology. In particular El Naschie’s revision and completion of relativity theory and demystification of dark energy are destined to be two milestones in the history of theoretical physics.

Fractal Derivative Model for Air Permeability in Hierarchic Porous Media
Jie Fan,Jihuan He
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/354701

Huang Jingxin,Lin Wenjuan,Chen Jihuan,

心理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 综述了国内外研究条件反射性免疫增强的主要成果;介绍了相关实验所使用的刺激物,观测的指标和实验程序;探讨了一些脑区如下丘脑、岛叶皮质,神经通道如交感和迷走神经,多种神经内分泌激素如β—内啡肤、干扰素以及白细胞介素如比—1等在条件反射性免疫增强中的介导作用。

Chen Jihuan,Lin Wenjuan,

心理学报 , 2002,
Abstract: There is accumulating evidence for a strong interaction between components of the nervous system and immune system. Little is known, however, how the interaction takes place. Because multiple changes are occurring simultaneously in all organ systems, it is fairly difficult to develop an approach that allows one to study the whole organism and define the mediators of the interacting systems. Conditioned immunosuppression, a phenomenon observed and confirmed in many laboratories, may provide insight into the pathways of communication between the brain and immune system. Conditioning allows one to separate the afferent from the efferent circuits. There is now a number of laboratory models of conditioned immunosuppression using a taste aversion paradigm. Experiments have shown that a number of immunological parameters can be modified by the behavioral conditioning. The mechanisms involved in conditioned immunosuppression have not been delineated. In recent years, many studies have demonstrated that removal of sympathetic noradrenergic input to the immune system can abrogate the decreased immune response induced by the behavioral conditioning and lesion into the insular cortex and amygdala can disrupt the acquisition of conditioned immunosuppression. Moreover, it has been observed that the survival of heart allografts in rats can be prolonged by conditioned immunosuppression paradigm. These experiments suggest that behaviorally conditioned immunosuppression may have important clinical implications as an adjunct to drug treatment in transplantation medicine.
The psychological development of the south sect of Confucianism and the Near-Saint Culture

ZHOU Jihuan
, TONG Xiangang

- , 2015, DOI: 1672-3104(2015)06-0206-10
Abstract: 摘 要: “近圣人之居若此其甚也”,孟子以其所居邹地与孔子故里鲁地相近而感到庆幸、自豪,并以此之优势奉孔子之道而行之,此为中华民族近圣文化心理之源头。建炎三年,孔子四十八世嫡长孙、衍圣公孔端友率族人扈跸南渡,赐家衢州,是为“南宗”。“近圣人之居”遂从山东曲阜“位移”到浙江衢州,由狭隘的地理距离相近发展为以亲睹圣孙、亲谒家庙、亲知南宗文化为主要内容的与孔子思想文化的相近相亲。这催化了近圣文化心理的发展,表现出显著的泛化、虚拟化、象征化的趋势。但不论其表现形式如何变化,自觉传承发展孔子思想文化的内核始终如一。孔氏南宗深刻影响了我国近圣文化心理发展,为孔子思想文化的传承发展激发、创造了更加强大的文化心理动能。
Abstract: Believing that it is lucky to live near the Saint, Meng Zi was proud of living close to Confucius’ hometown Lu, and took such advantage to follow Confucius’ way. This is the origin of the Chinese Near-Saint Culture. In Jianyan three years (AD 1129), Confucius’ grandson of 48th generation (Kong Duanyou) moved southward to Quzhou, the south sect of Confucianism. This political event led to a significant cultural event that the Near-Saint Residence was transferred from Qufu, Shandong to Quzhou, Zhejiang. Hence, the Near-Staint Culture has developed from the narrow concept of the close in geographical distance to the close in thoughts and culture, the main contents of which consist of seeing the Saint’s Grandson, visiting the family temple and understanding the south sect of Confucian culture. The development of the Near-Saint Culture psychology revealed an obvious trend of generalization, virtualization and symbolization. But, no matter how the forms change, the kernel of inheriting and developing Confucius’ thoughts and culture will always stay the same. The south sect of Confucianism exerts a deep influence on the Near-Saint Culture, and also creates a more powerful cultural and psychological motivation to the heritage and development of Confucius’ thoughts and culture

Shao Feng,Lin Wenjuan,Wang Weiwen,Chen Jihuan,

心理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: To explore the effect of emotional stress on c-fos gene expression of brain area s, two types of animal models of immunomodulation induced by emotional stressor were used. One was footshock apparatus as signal stimuli to cause the rats which were given footshock before emotional stress, the other was empty water bottle to cause the rats which were trained to drink water at two set times each day em otional stress. Both of the emotional stressors were demonstrated to suppress th e primary immunity of rats. The c-fos gene, a nuclear proto-oncogene, is transie ntly expressed in neurons after stimulation and within one hour produces detecta ble amounts of its product, c-fos. Immunocytochemical localization of the c-fos protein was used to determine neuronal activation in areas of the central nervou s system. After two hours of emotional stress, the rats were perfused transcardi ally, then the brains were removed, blocked, immersed, cut with a freezing micro tome, immunocytochemical stained.The results showed that compared to rats in con trol groups, c-fos protein was strongly expressed at several brain areas in rats of the emotional stressed group. The brain areas contain frontal cortex, cingul um cortex, amygdala, anterior commissure nucleus, arcuate nucleus, diffuse part of dorsalmedial nucleus hypothalamus, solitary nucleus. Conclusion: These brain areas maybe the major central areas activated by the emotional stress.
The Revolution of Communication Media and Its Impact on Education  [PDF]
Lei He, Jian He
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.38014
Abstract: Medium means “middle” originally. When it is used as an academic term in communication theory, it would be a bridge of information exchange between two agents. The more advanced medium is, the richer amount of information it can carry. And then the communicating way changes. The way of thinking changes, too. This paper firstly analyzed the development of communication process and the corresponding changes in media, and then discussed the major impact on education re- form in different media. Each of the change will affect the media choice of teaching strategies and teaching effectiveness. Especially when the information media are used in education, much more information changing happens than ever before. People can learn with auditory, vision, tactus, olfaction, and so on. “Communication” became one of the most important keywords in the study sup- ported by information technology.
The Relevant Inferences of Electrodynamics under Non-Void Backgrounds  [PDF]
An He
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105713
The paper was based on the definition of time-rate, and founded the general transformation between reference systems that background had different standard of time, and the self-consistent theoretical system has been formed to promote the classical electrodynamics. According to the principle, more discussion about the relationship between structure of time-rate in space and physical properties in its own area (gravity, centrifugal force, acceleration system) was presented. In view of the above, the paper expounded the role of macro mechanism of gravity and inertia force, and unified them finally. The possibility of tremendous instantaneous acceleration has been put forward.

Chen Jihuan,Lin Wenjuan,Wang Weiwen,Yang Jie,Shao Feng,

心理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: To establish the model of conditioned enhancement of antibody production. Forty - nine male and adult Wistar rats were used. A novel taste of saccharin was served as the conditioned stimulus (CS) and an injection of a protein antigen ovalbumin as the unconditioned stimulus ( UCS) . After a CS/UCS pairing was made, animals were re - exposed to the CS alone. Blood samples were periodically collected by tail incisions after re - exposure to the CS. The level of anti - OVA antibody production was measured by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The results showed that the levels of anti - OVA antibody production of the group CS were significantly greater than the controls at the day 15 , 20 and 25 after the CS presentation. The pattern of the conditioned anti - OVA IgG production was similar to that of the primary antibody response. The results reinforced the view that the enhancement of antibody production can be induced by single - trial Pavlovian conditioning where the CS alone is sufficient.
On the Performance of the Principle of Equitable and Reasonable Utilization in the Practice of the Utilization of Transboundary Water Resources  [PDF]
Yanmei HE
iBusiness (IB) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2009.11007
Abstract: The principle of equitable and reasonable utilization is the fundamental one of International Water Law, which is generally established by international water treaties and soft law documents. It is better performed in the practice of the utilization of transboundary water resources. China can use it to participate in the development and utilization of Mekong river basin equitably.
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