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Performance Research on Magnetotactic Bacteria Optimization Algorithm with the Best Individual-Guided Differential Interaction Energy  [PDF]
Hongwei Mo, Lili Liu, Jiao Zhao
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2015.35016

Magnetotactic bacteria optimization algorithm (MBOA) is a new optimization algorithm inspired by the characteristics of magnetotactic bacteria, which is a kind of polyphyletic group of prokaryotes with the characteristics of magnetotaxis that make them orient and swim along geomagnetic field lines. The original Magnetotactic Bacteria Optimization Algorithm (MBOA) and several new variants of MBOA mimics the interaction energy between magnetosomes chains to obtain moments for solving problems. In this paper, Magnetotactic Bacteria Optimization Algorithm with the Best Individual-guided Differential Interaction Energy (MBOA-BIDE) is proposed. We improved interaction energy calculation by using the best individual-guided?differential interaction energy formation. We focus on analyzing the performance of different parameters settings. The experiment results show that the proposed algorithm is sensitive to parameters settings on some functions.

A podcasting-based pre-service teacher training model
Jing Zhao,Jianli Jiao
Knowledge Management & E-Learning : an International Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Podcasting has been increasingly used as a new approach to broadcasting information. In the educational field, podcasting offers plenty of opportunities to improve and facilitate pre-service teacher training in normal schools. This study analyses the practice of using podcasting for teaching skills training, and proposes a TSTP (Teaching Skills Training on Podcasting) model to improve the training effectiveness.
Syntheses and Co-Fluorescence of Complexes of Eu (III)/Gd (III) with Thienyltrifluoroacetonate, Terephthalic Acid and Phenanthroline  [PDF]
Xuehui Zhao, Zhongliang Hu, Haiyun Jiang, Feipeng Jiao, Zhengxiang Wang
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2014.517137
Abstract: A series of complexes of europium (III)/gadolinium (III) with 2-thienyltrifluoroacetonate (HTTA), terephthalic acid (TPA) and phenanthroline (Phen) were synthesized by coprecipitation. The resulting complexes including Eu2(TPA)(TTA)4Phen2, Eu1.4Gd0.6(TPA)(TTA)4Phen2, Eu1.0Gd1.0(TPA)(TTA)4Phen2 and Eu0.8Gd1.2(TPA)(TTA)4Phen2 were characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy and thermal stability analysis. The results of analysis indicate that the complexes obtained have similar binuclear structure with each other. The thermal stability analysis indicates that the complexes Eu2(TPA)(TTA)4Phen2and Eu1.0Gd1.0(TPA)(TTA)4Phen2 possess good thermal stability, which melt at ~241°C and decompose at ~370°C - 430°C corresponding to the formation of the complexes. The fluorescence spectra of Eu2(1-x)Gd2x(TPA)(TTA)4Phen2 (x = 0 - 1) complex powders and their doped silica gels were studied. The co-fluorescence effect of Gd3+ ions in complex powders is different from that of their doped silica gels. The optimum concentration of Gd3+ for complex powders and their doped silica gels is 0.5 and 0.3 (molar fraction), respectively. The co-fluorescence distinction of Gd3+ ions for complex powders and their doped silica gels is preferably interpreted from the proposed binuclear structure together with monomolecular compositions of the complexes for the first time. Both intermolecular energy transfer and intra molecular energy transfer in cross binuclear monomolecular EuGd(TPA)(TTA)4Phen2 are thought to be responsible for the co-fluorescence effect of the complex powders; yet only the latter is thought to be responsible for the co-fluorescence effect in silica gels, for the complex molecules in this case are isolated from each other.
Upconversion Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Mechanism, and Applications in Sensing
Jiao Chen,Julia Xiaojun Zhao
Sensors , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/s120302414
Abstract: Upconversion is an optical process that involves the conversion of lower-energy photons into higher-energy photons. It has been extensively studied since mid-1960s and widely applied in optical devices. Over the past decade, high-quality rare earth-doped upconversion nanoparticles have been successfully synthesized with the rapid development of nanotechnology and are becoming more prominent in biological sciences. The synthesis methods are usually phase-based processes, such as thermal decomposition, hydrothermal reaction, and ionic liquids-based synthesis. The main difference between upconversion nanoparticles and other nanomaterials is that they can emit visible light under near infrared irradiation. The near infrared irradiation leads to low autofluorescence, less scattering and absorption, and deep penetration in biological samples. In this review, the synthesis of upconversion nanoparticles and the mechanisms of upconversion process will be discussed, followed by their applications in different areas, especially in the biological field for biosensing.
Characteristics of flow production and sediment production of Pinus tabulaeformis through artificial rainfall simulation  [PDF]
Yuli Zhao, Jianzhi Niu, Jiao Li, Jingping Tan, Yini Han, Yinghu Zhang
Open Journal of Ecology (OJE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/oje.2012.22009
Abstract: In order to know well the relationship between vegetation and water in North China, especially Beijing, with exceptional water resources, we studied the characteristics of flow production and sediment production under different rainfall intensities by artificial rainfall simulation device. Results showed that increase of rainfall intensity would prolong the whole process of flow production, and vegetation on the slope would delay that process. Within the same duration, total runoff volume of each runoff plot and rainfall intensity had significant linear relationship. When vegetation kept unchanged, runoff velocity increased significantly with the increase of rainfall intensity, and owing to the formation of low permeable layer, the velocity increased fiercely during the early 3 minutes, reached stable at 10 - 15 minute. With the same rain intensity, total sediment yield decreased with rise of vegetation coverage, but increased obviously with rise of rain intensity and effectiveness of controlling sediment about 1 m x 1 m Pinus tabulaeformis stand decreased firstly and then increased, while that about 1.5 m x 1.5 m Pinus tabulaeformis stand kept decreasing. Since the tags with A, B and C for 0.42 mm/min, 0.83 mm/min, 1.29 mm/min, order of sediment concentration of wasteland plot was B > C > A, and 1 m x 1 m Pinus tabulaeformis plot B > A > C. Through this study, some suggestions were expected to be provided for water balance of Beijing area and certain basis for construction of shelter forest.
Hydrothermal Synthesis of Ni/Al Layered Double Hydroxide Nanorods
Yun Zhao,Fenfei Xiao,Qingze Jiao
Journal of Nanotechnology , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/646409
Abstract: Ni/Al layered double hydroxide (LDH) nanorods were successfully synthesized by the hydrothermal reaction. The crystal structure of the products was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD). The morphology of the products was observed using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and field emission scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The influences of reaction time and pH value on the morphology of the Ni/Al LDHs were investigated. The result showed that the well-crystallized nanorods of Ni/Al LDHs could be obtained when the pH value was about 10.0 with a long reaction time (12–18?h) at 180°C. 1. Introduction Layered double hydroxides (LDHs) or LDH-type compounds belong to a large class of anionic clays. They can be represented by the general formula [M(II)1-x M(III)x(OH)2]x+[An?]x/nmH2O [1], where M(II) is a divalent metal cation, such as Mg, Mn, Ni, Zn, and Cu; M(III) is a trivalent metal cation, such as Al, Fe, Co, and Cr; [1] An? is an exchangeable anion, such as F?, Cl?, NO3?, CO32?, SO42?, and PO43? [2, 3]. The value of x is between 0.2 and 0.34 generally. LDHs are a layered structure with positively charged brucite-like sheets, where M(II) and M(III) are octahedrally coordinated. The excess charge is balanced by anions in the interlayer, together with water molecules. Recently, LDHs have attracted much attention because of their unique applications in many fields. For example, they can be used as catalysts, catalyst supports, ion exchangers, adsorbents, and pigments and also be used in sensor and magnetic technologies [1, 4, 5]. Scotter and ken B, prepared Ni/Al, Mg/Al, Co/Al, Cu/Al LDHs and used them as the catalysts of the steam reforming of methanol to produce hydrogen [6]. Alejandre et al. used Cu/Ni/Al LDHs as precursors of catalysts for the wet air oxidation of phenol aqueous solutions [7]. Most of these advanced functions depend strongly on the composition, size, and morphology. So nanostructures of LDHs will be of particular interest for the applications. In the last decade, 1-D nanostructures have been paid more attention due to their unique physical and chemical properties and their potential applications in science and engineering. The successful synthesis of nanotubes such as BN, WS2, and MoS2 has been reported [8]. Many hydroxide and oxide nanorods or nanotubes have also been prepared [9–15]. However, there is little report relating to LDH nanorods. A variety of Ni-based LDHs such as Ni/Al, Ni/Co, Ni/Fe, and Ni/Mn have been studied as cathode materials and catalysts [16, 17]. If Ni/Al LDHs were fabricated in the form of a
Effects of grassland conversion to cropland and forest on soil organic carbon and dissolved organic carbon in the farming-pastoral ecotone of Inner Mongolia

Yan Jiao,Zhu Xu,Jiaohong Zhao,

生态学报 , 2009,
A Data-Fusion-Based Method for Intrusion Detection System in Networks
Xiaofeng Zhao,Hua Jiang,LiYan Jiao
International Journal of Information Engineering and Electronic Business , 2009,
Abstract: Hackers’ attacks are more and more intelligent, which makes it hard for single intrusion detection methods to attain favorable detection result. Therefore, many researches have carried out how to combine multiple security measures to provide the network system more effective protection. However, so far none of those methods can achieve the requirement of the practical application. A new computer information security protection system based on data fusion theory is proposed in this paper. Multiple detection measures are “fused” in this system, so that it has lower false negatives rate and false positive rate as well as better scalabilities and robust.
Smarandach Square Parts Sequences a2(n) and b2(n)
HUANG Wei,ZHAO Jiao-lian
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2010,
Abstract: This article disusses a number of functions - square root function of the arithmetic mean and the geometric mean of the limits of the problem, which is the distrbution with the square root function value is closely related. Let n be a positive integer, * be the smallest square root greater than or equal to n , and * be the largest square root less than or equal to n. Namely: *. Then define the sequence:*, the smallest square root * and the larges square root * of integer n is studied. The elementary and analytic methods to study the mean value properties of these two sequences is used to , give two interesting mean value formulas for them. Based on theorem 1 obtained, then series * are also studied: the convergence and divergence of lemma 1 lemma2 and lemma 3.(* Indicates a formula, please see the full text)
Quantitative & Qualitative Regulation of Peripheral Leukocyte Subsets plus Emotional Hormones by Floor Heating  [PDF]
Nobuo Yamaguchi, Amat Nurmuhammad, Jameas Zhao, Xiufeng Jia, Jiao Jian, Rui Chen, Tsugiya Murayama
Open Journal of Rheumatology and Autoimmune Diseases (OJRA) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojra.2014.42015
Abstract: A floor heating system is a traditionary famous in Asian countries, especially in North East of China and Korea. In this report, we intended to clarify the effect of floor hating system for accessing a peripheral leukocyte regulation in winter season by evidence-based manner more than VAS. We set up two different office rooms heat-controlled by floor heating and air-conditioned by ceiling electric heater. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches determine which are better therapeutic effective recipes for this trial. The elements were evaluated by the total number of peripheral leukocyte, granulocyte and lymphocyte ratio and lymphocyte subsets. For 5 days of working in each conditioned room, the volunteers were changed the room after one-week interval for cooling down. Floor heating system regulated total number of peripheral leukocyte. The mode of the action for the high number of the volunteer was down-regulated. On the contrary, in lower numbers it was up-regulated after the trial. The number of leukocyte subsets, granulocyte and lymphocyte were also regulated by dose dependent manner. Emotional hormone, adrenalin, cortisone and nor-adrenaline were down regulated by floor heating but dopamine was up-regulated by this heating system. The reversal results were obtained by the group who worked in the conditioned room by the system heating from ceiling.
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