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Hypomethylation of Serum Blood Clot DNA, but Not Plasma EDTA-Blood Cell Pellet DNA, from Vitamin B12-Deficient Subjects
Eoin P. Quinlivan, Krista S. Crider, Jiang-Hui Zhu, David R. Maneval, Ling Hao, Zhu Li, Sonja A. Rasmussen, R. J. Berry, Lynn B. Bailey
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0065241
Abstract: Vitamin B12, a co-factor in methyl-group transfer, is important in maintaining DNA (deoxycytidine) methylation. Using two independent assays we examined the effect of vitamin B12-deficiency (plasma vitamin B12<148 pmol/L) on DNA methylation in women of childbearing age. Coagulated blood clot DNA from vitamin B12-deficient women had significantly (p<0.001) lower percentage deoxycytidine methylation (3.23±0.66%; n = 248) and greater [3 H]methyl-acceptance (42,859±9,699 cpm; n = 17) than DNA from B12-replete women (4.44±0.18%; n = 128 and 26,049±2,814 cpm; n = 11) [correlation between assays: r = –0.8538; p<0.001; n = 28]. In contrast, uncoagulated EDTA-blood cell pellet DNA from vitamin B12-deficient and B12-replete women exhibited similar percentage methylation (4.45±0.15%; n = 77 vs. 4.47±0.15%; n = 47) and [3 H]methyl-acceptance (27,378±4,094 cpm; n = 17 vs. 26,610±2,292 cpm; n = 11). Therefore, in simultaneously collected paired blood samples, vitamin B12-deficiency was associated with decreased DNA methylation only in coagulated samples. These findings highlight the importance of sample collection methods in epigenetic studies, and the potential impact biological processes can have on DNA methylation during collection.
Genomic DNA Methylation Changes in Response to Folic Acid Supplementation in a Population-Based Intervention Study among Women of Reproductive Age
Krista S. Crider, Eoin P. Quinlivan, Robert J. Berry, Ling Hao, Zhu Li, David Maneval, Thomas P. Yang, Sonja A. Rasmussen, Quanhe Yang, Jiang-Hui Zhu, Dale J. Hu, Lynn B. Bailey
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0028144
Abstract: Folate is a source of one-carbons necessary for DNA methylation, a critical epigenetic modification necessary for genomic structure and function. The use of supplemental folic acid is widespread however; the potential influence on DNA methylation is unclear. We measured global DNA methylation using DNA extracted from samples from a population-based, double-blind randomized trial of folic acid supplementation (100, 400, 4000 μg per day) taken for 6 months; including a 3 month post-supplementation sample. We observed no changes in global DNA methylation in response to up to 4,000 μg/day for 6 months supplementation in DNA extracted from uncoagulated blood (approximates circulating blood). However, when DNA methylation was determined in coagulated samples from the same individuals at the same time, significant time, dose, and MTHFR genotype-dependent changes were observed. The baseline level of DNA methylation was the same for uncoagulated and coagulated samples; marked differences between sample types were observed only after intervention. In DNA from coagulated blood, DNA methylation decreased (?14%; P<0.001) after 1 month of supplementation and 3 months after supplement withdrawal, methylation decreased an additional 23% (P<0.001) with significant variation among individuals (max+17%; min-94%). Decreases in methylation of ≥25% (vs. <25%) after discontinuation of supplementation were strongly associated with genotype: MTHFR CC vs. TT (adjusted odds ratio [aOR] 12.9, 95%CI 6.4, 26.0). The unexpected difference in DNA methylation between DNA extracted from coagulated and uncoagulated samples in response to folic acid supplementation is an important finding for evaluating use of folic acid and investigating the potential effects of folic acid supplementation on coagulation.
Fractal Analysis for Cytoskeleton Image Under Simulated Microgravity

YAO Yu-hu,YAN Hong,XIONG Jiang-hui,YAO Yu-hu,YAN Hong,XIONG Jiang-hui,YAO Yu-hu,YAN Hong,XIONG Jiang-hui,

中国图象图形学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Cytoskeletal distortion was hard to describe straightly with some quantities due to the complexity of cytoskeletal structure and the morphological uncertainty. For describing the morphological modification of cytoskeleton under simulated microgravity and estimating the confront effect of drugs on cells under simulated microgravity, this paper focuses on get the characteristic parameter that quantify the morphological change of cytoskeletal images. Fractal analysis was applied here to quantify the morphological variation of the cytoskeleton under simulated microgravity. This paper used the methods of covering blankets and box-dimension estimation to count the image complexity for microtubules and microfilaments. To study the medical effect of quercetin, a kind of flavonoids, which could counterwork to effects of microgravity on cells, cytoskeleton image of cells treated by quercetin under simulated microgravity were also analysed. The image complexity of cytoskeleton was decreased under simulated microgravity, but it was partly inhibited by quercetin. The present results demonstrate that fractal dimension could show the texture change of cytoskeletal image under simulated microgravity, and it would be a promising approach to quantitative analysis of the morphological modification of cytoskeleton in different environments.
Influence of rural informationalization on rural residents' behavior space

DING Jiang-hui,LIU Wei-dong,

地理研究 , 2012,
Abstract: It is now widely recognized among geographers that the development of new information and communication technologies(ICTs) bears much on regional configuration.However,existing researches have concentrated on urban rather than rural areas.Based on the development of rural informationalization in Wuji County,this paper calls for more attention from geographers to rural interpersonal spatial transformation under new ICTs.This research finds out that the evolution of information infrastructure is the fundamental factor affecting the rural interpersonal spatial transformation;The interpersonal space of rural residents is extended by the progress of cell phones and internet in rural areas,at the same time,interpersonal frequency is increased.The interpersonal space patterns in rural areas are diversified by instant messages on internet.
Status and Approach of Recycle of Zinc Resources in China

ZHANG Jiang-hui,LU Zhong-wu,

资源科学 , 2007,
Abstract: The recycle approaches of Zinc resources during the stages of production, processing and manufacturing, were comparatively described in this paper. The total amount of renewable zinc resource in China in 2004 was 1.7106 million ton. The output of regenerated zinc was 0.356million ton, occupying 20 percent of the total. The main reason for the low rate of regeneration of zinc is that usable regenerated zinc resource, such as scattered ore, tailing, zinc-plated products, etc, and the regenerated zinc resource of the zinc oxide products are not retrieved. According to the classification of regenerating condition during the stage of production, the amount of regenerated zinc resources, which got feasible technical and economic condition of regeneration and which got feasible technical condition and unfeasible economic condition of regeneration account for 89 percent and 11 percent of total regenerated zinc resources, respectively. During the stage of processing, using and retrieving, the amount of regenerated zinc resources, which got feasible technical and economic condition of regeneration, and which got feasible technical condition and unfeasible economic condition of regeneration, and which got unfeasible technical and economic condition of regeneration, respectively account for 44%, 20% and 36% of total regenerated zinc resources. So, the main direction of improving the regenerated rate of zinc in China is to make proper industrial policy to encourage the comprehensive utilization of the usable regenerated zinc resource. The research and development of recycle technology of zinc resources from old zinc battery, zinc oxide or its substitute oxide are suggested. This paper has certain reference value to the theoretical research and practice of zinc resources recycleing.
Zinc Circulation Analysis in China in 2004 and Policy Recommendations

ZHANG Jiang-hui,LU Zhong-wu,

资源科学 , 2007,
Abstract: The status quo and the problems of zinc circulation in China in 2004 were studied using the method of following observation.The ratio of raw materials self-support in zinc production stage and processing and fabrication stage was 88.6%,93.6% respectively,and the proportion of regenerated zinc use in zinc production stage and processing and fabrication stage was 1.6%,12.8% respectively.The ore index was 1.275 t/t.Regenerated zinc index was 0.126 t/t.The major problems existing in zinc circulation were: the import-oriented degree of raw materials was low;regenerated zinc index was also very low;main reason was that the zinc-containing materials in zinc battery,zinc-plated products,oxidize zinc products were not regenerated;ore index was relatively high,main reasons were that regenerated zinc was relatively small.on the other hand,tailings in zinc ore dressing,etc.,were not regenerated.The status quo and the problems in industrial policies of zinc industry in China were also discussed.The main problems existing in the industrial policies of zinc industry were: intact policy system for supporting sustainable development of zinc industry hasn't been set up yet;many policies were separated from each other,even some policies being relatively beneficial inside a certain field were hindering the realization of whole circulation of zinc;the policy of value-added tax for regenerated products was unreasonable,which caused the tax reduced or remitted of purchase link of zinc waste materials was transferred to manufacturing stage and paid by manufacturing enterprise.the normal economic association between the manufacturing enterprise and retrieving enterprises had been cut off;strength aiding to support the innovation and popularization for economic and suitable technology was not enough;zinc made by pyrometallurgical method still accounted for 30% of the total output of zinc,indigenous smelt method of zinc still existed in many areas,levels of innovation and popularization of zinc ore dressing technology for complicated and low grade ore,harmless regenerated technology of used zinc battery,etc., were not developed fast;the policy for developing and rational using zinc ore resources was lag behind relatively.Several policy recommendations for improving zinc circulation in China mainly include,setting up the intact policy system of promoting zinc circulation,implementing the strategic readjustment of raw materials structure of zinc industry,accelerating the research,development and popularization of key technology,making the scientific rational economic policy, carrying out the legal and rule strictly,promoting industrial combination,were put forward.
Evidences of Superconductivity without Direct Relation to Valence Electron Density in Metal Doped Y123 Cuprates
Xiao-Xia Wang,Guo-Ru Yu,Jiang-Hui Li,Ping-Lin Li
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: We investigated systemically YBa2Cu3-x(Fe, Co, Al, Zn)xO7-{\delta} (x=0.0\sim0.5) cuprates through the XRD, the test of superconductivity, oxygen contents,positron annihilation technology and simulated calculations. The experimental results and theoretic calculations support such a conclusion that the Tc does not depend directly on the density of valence electron in the samples. Moreover, whether or not it may imply some correlations between Fe-oxide superconductors and cuprates that Fe doped Y123 samples show some unique characteristics.
Implicit Attitude to Drugs and Its Relationship with Relapse Risk of Female Heroin Abstainers

龚家辉,董江会,郭 丽
GONG Jia-hui
, DONG Jiang-hui, GUO Li

- , 2016,
Digital Image Restoration Techniques: A Review

SHEN Huan,LI Shun-ming,MAO Jian-guo,XIN Jiang-hui,SHEN Huan,LI Shun-ming,MAO Jian-guo,XIN Jiang-hui,SHEN Huan,LI Shun-ming,MAO Jian-guo,XIN Jiang-hui,SHEN Huan,LI Shun-ming,MAO Jian-guo,XIN Jiang-hui,

中国图象图形学报 , 2009,
Abstract: The goal of digital image restoration is to reconstruct an original scene from a degraded observation. This recovery process is critical to many image processing applications. The digital image restoration approaches has been thoroughly studied in recent years. This problem, however, still has numerous research possibilities. In order to give people a comprehensive knowledge of digital image restoration, some typical approaches are presented and discussed in this paper based on 95 references selected from various literatures in this field. We first describe problems in the digital image restoration and discuss its mathematics background. And then, the review is divided into two parts and discussed thoroughly, according to the development of digital image restoration approaches. One is the classical image restoration approaches, and the other is the modern ones. The former is developed based on the objective that provides an overview on the basic principles and methodologies behind the existing algorithms, and the later is arranged to examine the current trends and the potential of this challenging problem. After the survey is discussed in detail, we make a conclusion for this paper and follow by addressing 7 key issues which remain open in this field.
Expression Patterns, Activities and Carbohydrate-Metabolizing Regulation of Sucrose Phosphate Synthase, Sucrose Synthase and Neutral Invertase in Pineapple Fruit during Development and Ripening
Xiu-Mei Zhang,Wei Wang,Li-Qing Du,Jiang-Hui Xie,Yan-Li Yao,Guang-Ming Sun
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/ijms13089460
Abstract: Differences in carbohydrate contents and metabolizing-enzyme activities were monitored in apical, medial, basal and core sections of pineapple ( Ananas comosus cv. Comte de paris) during fruit development and ripening. Fructose and glucose of various sections in nearly equal amounts were the predominant sugars in the fruitlets, and had obvious differences until the fruit matured. The large rise of sucrose/hexose was accompanied by dramatic changes in sucrose phosphate synthase (SPS) and sucrose synthase (SuSy) activities. By contrast, neutral invertase (NI) activity may provide a mechanism to increase fruit sink strength by increasing hexose concentrations. Furthermore, two cDNAs of Ac-sps (accession no. GQ996582) and Ac-ni (accession no. GQ996581) were first isolated from pineapple fruits utilizing conserved amino-acid sequences. Homology alignment reveals that the amino acid sequences contain some conserved function domains. Transcription expression analysis of Ac-sps, Ac-s u s y and Ac-ni also indicated distinct patterns related to sugar accumulation and composition of pineapple fruits. It suggests that differential expressions of multiple gene families are necessary for sugar metabolism in various parts and developmental stages of pineapple fruit. A cycle of sucrose breakdown in the cytosol of sink tissues could be mediated through both Ac-SuSy and Ac-NI, and Ac-NI could be involved in regulating crucial steps by generating sugar signals to the cells in a temporally and spatially restricted fashion.
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