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Dinamic of Bacteria Desnitrificants and Nitrificants in the Rizospheric of Wheat with Slow Release of Fertilizer, Irrigated with Waste or Well Water  [PDF]
Sandra Grisell Mora-Ravelo, Francisco Gavi Reyes, Jesús Pérez Moreno, Juan José Pe?a Cabriales, Leonardo Tijerina Chávez, Ma. de Lourdes de la Isla de Bauer
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2013.34048

The study of the paper about the rhizosphere in the transformation of nitrogen compounds can generate knowledge of the microbial and biochemical atmosphere of the rhizosphere of wheat, for the understanding of the dynamics of the N in agricultural zones, with the purpose of optimizing the fertilizer use and increasing the productivity of the cultures. Therefore, the objective of the present work was to know the effect the rhizosphere in the dynamics of the bacterial populations that take part in the cycle of the N in wheat nourished with slow release fertilizer and one commercial, irrigated with waste water or well. Analyses in the soil took place vertisol used in the experiment with the rhizospheric and non rhizospheric fraction. The slow release fertilizer used has a matrix enriched with N and P and is in the process of being patented (it explains in materials and methods). Each fertilizer was evaluated and the combination of the slow release fertilizer with organic fertilizer. The technique of the number most probable was used (MNP) to carry out the quantification of the nitrificants and denitrificants bacteria to the 55, 67 and 97 days after sowing (Dds). The results obtained for the MNP of denitrificants bacteria and Nitrosomonas indicate that the effect average of the types of water, soil and fertilizers, as well as their interaction to each other was not significant (p > 0.05). The effect of the fertilizing type and soil (rhizospheric and non rhizospheric) in the MNP of Nitrobacter was significant (p < 0.05). The tendencies show that the non rhizospheric soil is more favorable for the development of denitrificants bacteria and Nitrobacter, whereas the MNP of Nitrosomonas was greater in rhizospheric soil.

Desnitrificación de un fertilizante de lenta liberación y urea+fosfato monoamónico aplicados a trigo irrigado con agua residual o de pozo
Revista internacional de contaminación ambiental , 2007,
Abstract: the study of n2o emission originated by the combination of different types of fertilizers and water on rizospheric soil, and non- rizospheric soil along the crop cycle, can contribute to useful knowledge in order to increase fertilizer and manure n recovery efficiency and to reduce the n loss by denitrification. the efficient use of nitrogen fertilizers and non- treated urban waste water for crops is an agronomic, economic and environmental need. the denitrification is an important factor that diminishes the n efficiency in crops. the objective of this investigation was to evaluate the denitrification of a slow release fertilizer using as reference urea plus monoamonium phosphate and an organic fertilizer, applied to wheat irrigated with urban waste water or well water. analyses were made in the vertisol type soil used in the experiment with both, rizospheric and non-rizospheric soil. the slow release fertilizer used has a matrix enriched with n and p and its patent is currently in progress. each fertilizer was evaluated alone, as well as the slow release fertilizer plus organic fertilizer. the samples of rhizospheric and non-rhizospheric soils for each treatment were collected at 55, 67 and 97 days after sowing and incubated during 18 days at 25 °c, controlling the soil humidity daily. the results (p < 0.05) showed that the interactions between samplings and types of water, samplings and fertilizers, and types of water and fertilizers affected (p < 0.06) the emission of n2o, which was increased when urea plus monoamonium phosphate and waste water were applied. on average, there was less n2o when emissions slow release fertilizer or organic fertilizer were applied and irrigated with well water as compared to irrigation with waste water. as well, use of waste water was, on average, associated with a bigger loss of n. the highest average emission in n2o was observed 67 days after sowing. the average denitrification was similar in the rhizospheric and non-rhizospheric
Efecto del tama?o de partícula sobre algunas propiedades físicas del tezontle de Guanajauto, México
Vargas-Tapia, Patricia;Castellanos-Ramos, Javier Zaragoza;Mu?oz-Ramos, José de Jesús;Sánchez-García, Prometeo;Tijerina-Chávez, Leonardo;López-Romero, Rosa María;Martínez-Sánchez, Cinthia;Ojodeagua-Arredondo, José Luis;
Agricultura técnica en México , 2008,
Abstract: the particle size in the substrate has an important effect on its physical characteristics, mainly on the proportion moisture:air. the objective of the present study was to determine the effect of particle size on the physical proprieties of 'tezontle' (volcanic rock). in june 2005, samples were collected from six mines of tezontle in guanajuato, mexico. material of each source was separated in fractions of 0 to 0.125, 0.125-0.25, 0.25-0.50, 0.50-0.71, 0.71-1.0, 1.0-2.0, 2.0-4.0, 4.0-6.5, 6.5-8.5 and 8.5-12.6 mm in diameter. bulk density, particle density, total porous space, occluded porosity, air capacity and moisture-retention capacity were determined to each fraction at the laboratory of substrates of the unit of protected horticulture of the national research institute for agriculture, forest and livestock (inifap), located at celaya, guanajuato, mexico. bulk density and particle density increased as the particle diameter decreased. the air capacity decreased significantly as particle size diminished from fraction 0.50-0.25 mm; moisture-retention capacity increased from the fraction 0.50-0.71 mm to a maximum in 0.25-0.50 mm. total porous space and occluded porosity increased as particle size increased. a highly significant (p<0.01) inverse relationship was observed between moisture retention capacity and air capacity.
La Intervención Socio-Comunitaria en Sujetos con Transtorno Mental Grave y Crónico: Modelos Teóricos y Consideraciones Prácticas
Saiz Galdós,Jesús; Chévez Mandelstein,Alejandro;
Intervención Psicosocial , 2009,
Abstract: in view of both the current need to formulate a comprehensive treatment for severe chronic mentally ill patients and the increasing tendency to outpatient care, this paper presents a theoretical review of two acknowledged socio-community based approaches -the assertive community treatment and the therapeutic accompanying. first, a definition of "severe chronic mental illness" is forwarded along with a brief review of the background of socio-community based intervention. then, an outline of the community social support team is made -a new multidisciplinary device in madrid region for treating this kind of patients. finally, practical considerations are made about issues such as the concept of setting, in vivo treatment, illness awareness and the importance of community involvement in the treatment of these patients. some recommendations are also made for future research.
Cornejo Chávez,Rodrigo; Redondo Rojo,Jesús María;
Estudios pedagógicos (Valdivia) , 2007, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-07052007000200009
Abstract: in the present article appears a revision and discussion on the main currents of actual investigation around the variables and factors associated to scholastic learning. the theoretical and methodologic problems which are at the base of the knowledge about the factors associated to the learning are considered. also the possibility of a conceptual model appears from a psicoeducative frame, as well as the further investigation that are opened from this frame.
VARIABLES Y FACTORES ASOCIADOS AL APRENDIZAJE ESCOLAR: UNA DISCUSIóN DESDE LA INVESTIGACIóN ACTUAL Variables and factors associated to the scholastic learning: A discussion from actual investigation
Rodrigo Cornejo Chávez,Jesús María Redondo Rojo
Estudios Pedagógicos (Valdivia) , 2007,
Abstract: En el presente artículo se presenta una revisión y discusión sobre las distintas corrientes principales de investigación actual alrededor de las variables y factores asociados al aprendizaje escolar. Se plantean los problemas teóricos y metodológicos que se encuentran a la base del conocimiento sobre los factores asociados al aprendizaje y se presenta la posibilidad de un modelo conceptual sobre los mismos desde un marco psicoeducativo, así como las proyecciones de investigación que se abren desde dicho marco. In the present article appears a revision and discussion on the main currents of actual investigation around the variables and factors associated to scholastic learning. The theoretical and methodologic problems which are at the base of the knowledge about the factors associated to the learning are considered. Also the possibility of a conceptual model appears from a psicoeducative frame, as well as the further investigation that are opened from this frame.
Giant Appendicolith in Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Appendicitis: Case Report and Literature Review  [PDF]
Alberto Manuel González Chávez, Ricardo Ray Huacuja Blanco, Mario Andrés González Chávez, Silviano Ríos Pascual, Diego Abelardo álvarez Hernández, José de Jesús Curiel Valdés
Surgical Science (SS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2017.811051
Abstract: Right iliac fossa pain remains a challenge for clinicians, since it requires considering several differential diagnoses. Acute appendicitis continues to be one of the most important diagnoses to confirm or to rule out in acute abdominal pain, due to the associated morbidity and mortality. Currently, imaging studies contribute to increase diagnostic certainty, but sometimes reveal unexpected findings, which may further complicate the diagnosis and therapeutic decisions. We present the case of an unusual image finding in the right iliac fossa, a calcification suggestive of gallstone ileus, in the context of an acute abdomen with an unusual transoperative finding, whose definitive diagnosis by pathology, was also rare.
Sistema de riego automatizado en tiempo real con balance hídrico, medición de humedad del suelo y lisímetro
Castro Popoca, Martiniano;águila Marín, Francisco Miguel;Quevedo Nolasco, Abel;Kleisinger, Siegfried;Tijerina Chávez, Leonardo;Mejía Sáenz, Enrique;
Agricultura técnica en México , 2008,
Abstract: the aim of this research was to develop an automated irrigation system in real-time to determine the right moment and quantity of irrigation, monitored through information technologies (it). the study was carried out at the colegio de postgraduados campus montecillo, from june 10 to september 11 of 2006. the system is composed of a microcomputer software and a control device (datalogger cr10x campbell scientific). the system considers three irrigation strategies which were tested. in the first irrigation strategy a weight lysimeter was utilized, in the second the volumetric soil water content was measured with a trime tdr sensor and for the third a climatic water balance method based on the reference evapotranspiration (eto) (penman-monteith) was used. the general operation of the irrigation system was evaluated and monitored through internet and mobile devices through a central computer configured as server (web and wap). the yield of the test crop pumpkin zucchini grey (cucurbita spp.) was calculated, as well as water consumption of each irrigation strategy and water productivity. the results indicated that is possible to automatize and control the water application according to the irrigation strategies considering an irrigation program, a control unit and using information technologies.
Invarianza factorial del cuestionario de autoeficacia EACA en universitarios de ciencias de la salud y ciencias sociales
Peinado,Jesús E; Chávez,Alejandro; Viciana,Jesús; Rivero,Javier G;
Formación universitaria , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-50062012000400005
Abstract: the present study analyses the psychometric properties of the self-efficacy scale in academic behavior (eaca) on students of health and social sciences. the total sample considered 1113 participants; 524 students of health sciences and 589 students of social sciences, with a mean age of 18.20 years and 18.24 years, respectively. psychometric analysis showed that a three-factorial structure (attention, communication and excellence) was viable and adequate for both populations, according to the established psychometric requirements when the informers are the students themselves. the results showed that the factor structure, the factor loadings and the intercepts of the instrument could be considered invariant for both groups. however, there are some differences between groups for the attention factor.
Prevalence of human toxoplasmosis in san carlos island, venezuela
Chacín-Bonilla,Leonor; Sánchez-Chávez,Yulaicy; Estévez,Jesús; Larreal,Yraima; Molero,Emelyn;
Interciencia , 2003,
Abstract: a survey of 335 individuals, 1-65 years of age (mean ±sd of 20.8 ±15.7), in 6 communities from the san carlos island, western venezuela, was conducted to study the prevalence of serum antibody to toxoplasma gondii. the indirect hemagglutination test showed an overall infection rate of 49.8% (167 of 335) that ranged 23-64.8% according to the locality. no association between antibody status and age or risk factors was detected. higher antibody rates were found in a windward coast community, and lower rates in a rural sector when compared to 3 other localities. higher geometric mean titers were found in the communities with higher antibody rates. toxoplasmosis is prevalent and widely spread in the area. infection by oocysts from cat feces appears to be the predominant mode of transmission and contaminated drinking water seems to play a role in the transmission.
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