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Copper and Cyanide Recovery in Cyanidation Effluents  [PDF]
José R. Parga, Jesús L. Valenzuela, Héctor Moreno, Jaime E. Pérez
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (ACES) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/aces.2011.14028
Abstract: Cyanidation is the main process for gold and silver recovery from its ores. In this study, a process is proposed to recover copper and cyanide from barren solutions from the Merrill-Crowe cementation process with zinc dust. This technology is based on inducing nucleated precipitation of copper and silver in a serpentine reactor, using sodium sulfide as the precipitator, and sulfuric acid for pH control. Results show that pH value has a significant effect on copper cyanide removal efficiency, and it was determined the optimal pH range to be 2.5 - 3. At this pH value, the copper cyanide removal efficiency achieved was up to 97 and 99%, when copper concentration in the influent was 636 and 900 ppm. respectively. In this process (sulphidization-acidification-thickening-HCN recycling), the cyanide associated with copper cyanide complexes, is released as HCN gas under weakly acidic conditions, allowing it to be recycled back to the cyanidation process as free cyanide. Cyanide recovery was 90%. Finally, this procedure was successfully run at Minera William in México.
Spanish Initiative for the Automation in Urban Transport: AutoMOST  [PDF]
Jesús Murgoitio, Rafael Durbán, Joshué M. Pérez, Antonio García, Jose A. Moreno, Ray A. Lattarulo
Journal of Transportation Technologies (JTTs) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jtts.2018.81001
Abstract: The progressive automation of transport will imply a new paradigm in mobility, which will profoundly affect people, logistics of goods, as well as other sectors dependent on transport. It is precise within this automation where the development of new driving technologies is going to cause a great impact on the mobility of the near future, and that will have an effect on the economic, natural and social environment. It is therefore a primary issue at the global level, as it is reflected in the work programs of the European Commission in relation to the road transport [1] [2]. Thus, the size impact is caused by the following novelties and advantages: 1) Safety: Accidents reduction caused by human error; 2) Efficiency increase in transportation, both in energy consumption and time; 3) Comfort for users and professionals who will increase their operational availability to execute other more valuable tasks, both for them and enterprises; 4) Social Inclusion: enabling mobility easily for everybody during more time; 5) Accessibility, to get to city centers and other difficult reach places. It should be noted that the economic impact projected for automated driving for the years to come ranges up to €71 bn in 2030, when estimated global market for automated vehicles is 44 million vehicles, as is reflected in document Automated Driving Roadmap by ERTRAC [3], European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (http://www.ertrac.org/uploads/documentsearch/id38/ERTRAC_Automated-Driving-2015.pdf). As background that already anticipates these im-provements, the Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAs) have already showed the safety increase in the last ten years, but always maintain a leading role for the driver. Related to the efficiency increase, automated driving offers great opportunities for those companies where mobility is a key factor in operating costs, and affects the whole value chain. The project opportunity is consistent with ERTRAC vision, especially in applications focused on the urban environment [4], where it is expected a deployment of the technology of high level automation in an immediate future. This is possible by the potential to incorporate smart infrastructure to improve guidance and positioning, as well as lower speed, which eases its progressive deployment. The objective of AutoMOST is developing technologies for the automation of vehicles in urban transport and industrial applications, to increase significantly the efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability. More specifically, AutoMOST will allow the implementation of shared control
Los hongos ectomicorrízicos, lazos vivientes que conectan y nutren a los árboles en la naturaleza
Pérez-Moreno,Jesús; Read,David J.;
Interciencia , 2004,
Abstract: currently, mycorrhizal simbioses are established between around 5000 species of fungi and more than 90% of vascular plants. they play an important role, both in functioning and in the structure, of temperate, boreal and tropical ecosystems. this article analyzes, from the ecophysiological point of view, the relevance of one of the most important types of mycorrhizal association, the ectomycorrhiza. the ectomycorrhizal symbiosis is established mainly between woody gymnosperms and angiosperms and basidiomycetous or ascomycetous fungi. one of the components of this symbiosis is the external mycelium, which represents one of the most fascinating living structures because, structurally and functionally, it constitutes an interphase between soil and plant components. the main function of this external ectomycorrhizal mycelium is nutrient recycling. research carried out during the last century has convincingly demonstrated its relevance in this important process. recently, using more realistic methodological approaches, it has been shown that through this external mycelium, plants have the ability to directly access nutrients from organic sources, otherwise unavailable to them, which include plant, animal and microbial necromass. another important function, which has modified our ecological perception of plants in natural ecosystems, is the ability of ectomycorrhizal symbiosis to connect trees in nature.
Hongos ectomicorrícicos y la tolerancia a la salinidad en plantas Ectomycorrhizal fungi and tolerance to salinity in plants
Revista chilena de historia natural , 2009,
Abstract: El proceso de salinización de los suelos constituye un problema generalizado a nivel global. En este sentido, los hongos ectomicorrícicos tienen una importante participación en la recuperación de suelos forestales ya que involucran una serie de mecanismos celulares que pueden contribuir a la tolerancia a la salinidad en plantas que habitan los bosques templados o boreales. La participación de los hongos ectomicorrícicos en la tolerancia a la salinidad involucra la regulación homeostática de los iones, la mejora de captación de agua y la inducción de genes específicos en las raíces colonizadas. Los hongos ectomicorrícicos pueden estimular la presencia de osmolitos como la prolina, azúcares y polioles que contribuyen en la protección de las células vegetales. Además, estos organismos inducen la síntesis de enzimas antioxidantes y glutatión que participan en la disminución de especies reactivas de oxígeno. Esta revisión ofrece una descripción de la participación de los hongos ectomicorrícicos en la tolerancia a la salinidad en plantas. The process of salinization of the soil is a widespread problem at the global level. In this sense, ectomycorrhizal fungi have an important role in the recovery of forest soil, as it involves a number of cellular mechanisms that may contribute to the salinity tolerance in plants that inhabit temperate and boreal forests. The participation of ectomycorrhizal fungi on the salinity tolerance involves the ion-homeostasis regulation, improving uptake water and inducing specific gene in roots colonized. Likewise ectomycorrhizal fungi can stimulate the presence of osmolytes as proline, sugars and polyols that contribute to the protection of plant cells. Additionally, these organisms stimulate the synthesis of glutathione and antioxidant enzymes involved in the decrease of reactive oxygen species. This review provides an overview of participation of ectomycorrhizal fungi in the salinity tolerance in plants.
Dinamic of Bacteria Desnitrificants and Nitrificants in the Rizospheric of Wheat with Slow Release of Fertilizer, Irrigated with Waste or Well Water  [PDF]
Sandra Grisell Mora-Ravelo, Francisco Gavi Reyes, Jesús Pérez Moreno, Juan José Pe?a Cabriales, Leonardo Tijerina Chávez, Ma. de Lourdes de la Isla de Bauer
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2013.34048

The study of the paper about the rhizosphere in the transformation of nitrogen compounds can generate knowledge of the microbial and biochemical atmosphere of the rhizosphere of wheat, for the understanding of the dynamics of the N in agricultural zones, with the purpose of optimizing the fertilizer use and increasing the productivity of the cultures. Therefore, the objective of the present work was to know the effect the rhizosphere in the dynamics of the bacterial populations that take part in the cycle of the N in wheat nourished with slow release fertilizer and one commercial, irrigated with waste water or well. Analyses in the soil took place vertisol used in the experiment with the rhizospheric and non rhizospheric fraction. The slow release fertilizer used has a matrix enriched with N and P and is in the process of being patented (it explains in materials and methods). Each fertilizer was evaluated and the combination of the slow release fertilizer with organic fertilizer. The technique of the number most probable was used (MNP) to carry out the quantification of the nitrificants and denitrificants bacteria to the 55, 67 and 97 days after sowing (Dds). The results obtained for the MNP of denitrificants bacteria and Nitrosomonas indicate that the effect average of the types of water, soil and fertilizers, as well as their interaction to each other was not significant (p > 0.05). The effect of the fertilizing type and soil (rhizospheric and non rhizospheric) in the MNP of Nitrobacter was significant (p < 0.05). The tendencies show that the non rhizospheric soil is more favorable for the development of denitrificants bacteria and Nitrobacter, whereas the MNP of Nitrosomonas was greater in rhizospheric soil.

A propósito de un caso de psicosis temprana: un nuevo paradigma en salud mental
Tomás Sánchez-Ara?a Moreno,Jesús de la Higuera Romero,Sebastián Sanz Cortés,Fermín Pérez Pérez
Revista de la Asociación Espa?ola de Neuropsiquiatría , 2012,
Abstract: La intervención precoz en las fases tempranas de las psicosis ha adquirido una creciente relevancia en los últimos a os debido a sus potenciales implicaciones sobre la clínica y la evolución de la enfermedad. Es conocido que tras un primer episodio psicótico hay un "periodo crírico" que se extiende a los cinco a os siguientes, siendo esta una fase de alta vulnerabilidad. El abordaje integral e intensivo durante este periodo tiene como finalidad optimizar el proceso de recuperación ayudando al paciente y a su familia a reconstruir sus vidas y evitar recaídas. A continuación exponemos la gestión de un caso en un reciente programa de intervención precoz en psicosis implementado en nuestra unidad de rehabilitación.
Structures and petroleum prospects of the Saramaguacán basin, Cuba, from 3D inversion of gravimetric data
Batista Rodríguez, José;Blanco Moreno, Jesús;Pérez-Flores, Marco;Rodríguez Infante, Alina;
Geofísica internacional , 2012,
Abstract: new structural details of the saramaguacán basin in central cuba are presented, based on 3d inversion of gravimetric data constrained by wells and surface geology information. the basin shows complex tectonics of the overthrust process. a probable structural analysis of the basin suggests structures of ramp and shelf, as well as the location and geometry of the basin and several sub-basins. known location and behavior of fault depth suggests some possible new or unknown faults. geometry variation, depth and thickness were determined for different rock formations. this has great importance for the sedimentary (oil-bearing) and paleomargin (oil-source) rocks, because it is the basis for future research to select the best sites for drilling, as well as a broad estimate calculation of hydrocarbon volume that can be stored in the oil-collector rocks. both groups of rocks are potential targets for oil prospecting. the oil-source rocks of the cuban system were found to be around 4 km depth. they are associated with carbonated rocks of the paleomargin. the oil-bearing rocks reache a depth of 10 km. the 3d model obtained supports the hypothesis that the ophiolites and the cretaceous volcanic arc rocks were tectonically emplaced from south to north, on top of carbonate-terrigenous sequences from the bahamas paleomargin. the model shows elements of the compressive tectonics that originated the saramaguacán basin in the mesozoic-tertiary. it also suggests that the saramaguacán basin presents favorable geologic conditions for oil deposits.
Influence of the Process Nurse in the satisfaction of the patient with Syndrome Coronario Acute in urgencies and ICU.
Lucía Mónica Pérez Nava,Rocío Ana Molero Hernández,Jesús Sotomayor Palma.,José Guerrero Moreno.
Páginasenferurg.com , 2009,
Abstract: The methodology for providing care, is based in the reasoning of the scientific method. Thanks to the nursing process we have a human method of providing care,the principal objective is, giving better nursing care and therefore increasing the satisfaction of the patients.In emergencies and critical cares you intend to give importance to a fast and effective performance, Have we stopped to think what does the patient think o want? Is he satisfied? We plant a survey to measure the degree of satisfaction of the patients with acute coronary syndrome, a month after leaving the hospital.This is why we have done a cohorts study with two independent variables and a dependent one (F1: attention displayed by staff formed in nursing process, F2:attention shown by staff that is not formed and that does not work in the nursing Process and V: satisfaction of the patient), the objective of this study is to measure the satisfaction of the patient by means of a survey guided and validated.
Factores psicosociales relacionados con el consumo doméstico de agua en una región semidesértica
Arreguín-Moreno,Rocío Haydee; Román-Pérez,Rosario; Laborín-álvarez,Jesús Francisco; Moreno,José Luis; Valdez,Elba Abril; Valenzuela,Blanca;
Salud Pública de México , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-36342009000400009
Abstract: objective: to analyze psychosocial factors related with domestic water consumption in hermosillo, sonora, a semidesert region in northwestern mexico. an intentionally selected sample of 198 people (79 men and 119 women) from a higher education institution was used to evaluate the theories of rational action and self-efficacy. material and methods: a scale with the psychosocial factors to be analyzed and likert-type items was applied. results: the age mean was 35 years old. a positive moderate association was found between the diverse factors, particularly between intention-norm, beliefs-intention, beliefs-self-efficacy, attitude-intention, attitude-self-efficacy, and self-efficacy-intention. conclusions: despite the fact that the sample characteristics do not allow results to be generalized, the study shows the usefulness of the psychosocial factors that were analyzed and suggests the possibility of including them in educational programs that promote careful water use at home.
Estilo de vida, desarrollo científico-técnico y obesidad
Quirantes Moreno,Alberto Jesús; López Ramírez,Mirtha; Hernández Meléndez,Edelsys; Pérez Sánchez,América;
Revista Cubana de Salud Pública , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0864-34662009000300014
Abstract: the objective of this paper is to analyze the lifestyle and scientific-technical development roles on obesity and their impact on health and society. unhealthy lifestyles that may be changed by individual behaviour such as sedentary lifestyle and bad nutritional habits contribute to body overweight and leads to obesity, which is a risk factor for the occurrence of chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus, ischemic cardiopathy and cancer. the scientific and technical development has allowed the improvement of living conditions, the humanization of working conditions and has facilitated home chores. this event, together with poor health policies, has encouraged sedentary lifestyle. obesity has been recognized as an important nutritional and health problem worldwide and its progressive increase has been described as an emerging problem in the last few years.
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