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Idiopathic Adult Nephrotic Syndrome: A Clinicopathological Study and Response to Steroid in a Sub-Saharan African Country  [PDF]
Maria Faye, Ahmed Tall Lemrabott, Mouhamadou Moustapha Cisse, Jean De Dieu Nzambaza, Cherif Mouhamed Dia, Sidy Mohamed Seck, Khodia Fall, Moustapha Faye, Elhadji Fary Ka, Abdou Niang, Boucar Diouf
Open Journal of Nephrology (OJNeph) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojneph.2016.62008
Abstract: Introduction: Idiopathic nephrotic syndrome represents 25% to 30% of glomerulonephritis in adults. These glomerulonephritides are responsible of about the half of chronic kidney failure examined as well in United States as in Europe or Africa. The aim of this study was to determine the anatomoclinic, therapeutic and progression patterns of idiopathic nephritic syndrome in Dakar. Patients and Methods: It is a retrospective ten-year study in the nephrology department of Aristide Le Dantec Hospital. Patients with idiopathic nephrotic syndrome were included. We analyzed anatomoclinic, therapeutic and progression data of idiopathic nephrotic syndrome. Results: On 202 patients with nephrotic syndrome, 156 (77%) were primitive. The mean age was 29.7 ± 12 years with a sex ratio of 2.4. Edema was found in 98 patients (62.8%) and hypertension in 63 patients (40%). The mean proteinuria was 6.8 ± 4.8 g/24h. Histologic lesions found at renal biopsy were focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in 71 patients (45.5%), minimal change disease in 68 patients (43.5%) and membranous nephropathy in 8 patients (5%). 134 patients (85.8%) received steroids alone, 12 patients (7.6%) received cyclophosphamide and 4 patients (2.5%) azathioprine in association with steroids. 44 patients (28.2%) reached remission. The factors of poor prognosis were: age, above 40 years, proteinuria above 10 g/24h, existence of renal failure at admission, absence of use of steroids therapy. Conclusion: This study shows that idiopathic nephrotic syndrome is frequent in our country with a prevalence of 77%. The most common lesion found at the renal biopsy is the focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. Remission is found only in 28% which is very low. 33% of patients progress towards chronic kidney disease due to the lack of early diagnosis and the use of traditional medicine.
Characterization and Modeling of Large-Scale Fading for Radio Propagation in Rwanda  [PDF]
Uwayezu Jean de Dieu, Nsengiyumva Jean Marie Vianney
Communications and Network (CN) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/cn.2016.81003
Abstract: Radio links are extensively used for voice and data communications at long distance. We analyze the radio propagation parameters that affect the received signal level on radio links in Rwanda and we determine the best path loss model for prediction of the received signal level. Various models of propagation and the mathematical expressions of path loss are described here in order to come to the prediction of those propagation effects. By analyzing data collected for two links of MTN Rwanda: Gahengeri-Kibungo and Gahengeri-Jali, we find that the best predicting model is the normal distribution.
Design of Automatic Irrigation System for Small Farmers in Rwanda  [PDF]
Gasore Geoffrey, Munyaneza Jean de Dieu, Ngendabanga Jean Pierre, Twibanire Aimable
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/as.2015.63029
Abstract: In Rwanda, agricultural industry depends on seasonal rain, and this has been a great challenge to agriculture in Rwanda. The designed sample of Photovoltaic pumping system is for irrigation on a piece of land, with 100 m2 field fed by underground water tank of 8 meters of elevation collected during rainy seasons. The adapted 100 m2 field is based on the fact that Rwanda is a densely populated country, also is adapted to be used especially in horticulture to increase exportation. In this system, a photovoltaic system is used as a power source; a pump is coupled with electric motor to drive it and hosepipe to convey water to the storage tank. A sensor is used to send a signal to the driver section at the same time sending a signal to the microcontroller that controls the driver unit and the corresponding relay, which switches off the motor when the water level reaches the lowest level.
A GIS Based DRASTIC Model for Assessing Groundwater Vulnerability in Shallow Aquifers in Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou Plain, China
Jean De Dieu Bazimenyera,Tang Zhonghua
Research Journal of Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou plain is among the regions, which faces the shortage of water due to its increasing population, industrialization, agriculture and domestic use, hence, the high dependence on groundwater. In China, the exploitation of aquifers has been historically undertaken without proper concern for environmental impacts or even the concept of sustainable yield. In order to maintain basin aquifer as a source of water for the area, it is necessary to find out, whether certain locations in this groundwater basin are susceptible to receive and transmit pollution. That is why, the main objective of this research is to find out the groundwater vulnerable zones using DRASTIC model in Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou plain. Geographical Information System (GIS) is used to create groundwater vulnerability map by overlaying hydro-geological data. The input of the model is provided by the following seven data layers: depth to water, net recharge, aquifer media, soil media, topography, impact of vadose zone and hydraulic conductivity. This study shows that Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou area is grouped into three categories: High vulnerable zone with 30.4% of the total area, moderate vulnerable zone, which occupy the great part of that area 62.08% and low vulnerable zone with 7.52%. This research suggests, first the prioritization of high vulnerable areas in order to prevent the further pollution to already polluted areas; next the frequent monitoring of vulnerable zones to monitor the changing level of pollutants and finally suggests that this model can be an effective tool for local authorities who are responsible for managing groundwater resources in that area.
The Impact of Substrate Materials to the Design of UWB Modern Antennas  [PDF]
Gerard Rushingabigwi, Liguo Sun, Yuxing He, Mengying Zhu, Yongjie Li, Jean de Dieu Ntawangaheza
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2016.43004

The theory of microstrip antennas has motivated us to design a highly improved gain antenna under this category. It is a microstrip monopole antenna characterized by omni-directional radiation as well as a high radiation gain. A review of different methodologies to designing antennas with broad/ultra-wide band performance for various applications is enriched by our original antenna design. This is an original model analyzed over different substrate materials and finally optimized for the bandwidth of (3.3 - 5.8) GHz just below ?10 dB of return loss (RL). The antenna is judged for high gain when the ground plane size is reduced to nearly half that of substrate. The impact of the substrate materials is discussed in this article. The master design tool is Ansoft High Frequency Simulator Structure (HFSS), one of Finite Element Method (FEM) based software tools. The antenna would be printed on a 1.524 mm thick Rogers (RO3003C) substrate; overall size of 33.4 × 33.4 squared millimeters. At the optimal resonance frequency of 3.8 GHz, simulation results perfectly agree with the standards of UWB antennas, with a high radiation gain and impedance matching status.

Existence and Uniqueness of Solution for Cahn-Hilliard Hyperbolic Phase-Field System with Dirichlet Boundary Condition and Regular Potentials  [PDF]
Jean De Dieu Mangoubi, Daniel Moukoko, Fidele Moukamba, Franck Davhys Reval Langa
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/am.2016.716157
Abstract: Our aim in this paper is to study the existence and the uniqueness of the solutions for hyperbolic Cahn-Hilliard phase-field system, with initial conditions, Dirichlet boundary condition and regular potentials.
Evaluating quality of obstetric care in low-resource settings: Building on the literature to design tailor-made evaluation instruments - an illustration in Burkina Faso
Florence Morestin, Abel Bicaba, Jean de Dieu Sermé, Pierre Fournier
BMC Health Services Research , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6963-10-20
Abstract: Based on a literature review, we developed two tools: a conceptual framework and an analysis grid of existing evaluation instruments. Subsequently, we facilitated several sessions with evaluation stakeholders in Burkina Faso. They used the tools to develop a locally adapted evaluation instrument that was subsequently tested in six healthcare facilities.Three outputs emerged from this process:1) A comprehensive conceptual framework for the quality of obstetric care, each component of which is a potential criterion for evaluation.2) A grid analyzing 37 instruments for evaluating the quality of obstetric care in low-resource settings. We highlight their key characteristics and describe how the grid can be used to prepare a new evaluation.3) An evaluation instrument adapted to Burkina Faso. We describe the experience of the Burkinabé stakeholders in developing this instrument using the conceptual framework and the analysis grid, while taking into account local realities.This experience demonstrates how drawing upon existing instruments can inspire and rationalize the process of developing a new, tailor-made instrument. Two tools that came out of this experience can be useful to other teams: a conceptual framework for the quality of obstetric care and an analysis grid of existing evaluation instruments. These provide an easily accessible synthesis of the literature and are useful in integrating it with the context-specific knowledge of local actors, resulting in evaluation instruments that have both scientific and local legitimacy.Nearly all of the 500 000 maternal deaths worldwide every year occur in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Efforts to achieve the 5th Millennium Development Goal have been largely ineffective in regions with the highest maternal mortality, notably sub-Saharan Africa [1]. One strongly recommended strategy for reducing maternal deaths is to improve women's healthcare, especially during pregnancy and delivery [2]. Access to good obstetric c
Can Churches Play a Role in Combating the HIV/AIDS Epidemic? A Study of the Attitudes of Christian Religious Leaders in Madagascar
Jerry S. Rakotoniana, Jean de Dieu M. Rakotomanga, Hubert Barennes
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0097131
Abstract: Introduction Churches occupy an important social and cultural position in Madagascar. The sexual transmission of HIV raises controversies about the role that Churches can play in preventing HIV/AIDS. This cross-sectional survey investigated recommendations by religious leaders for condom use and other preventive strategies in the context of international guidelines. Methods A questionnaire was self-administered to a random sample of religious leaders. The questions related to preventive methods against HIV/AIDS such as: condom use, marital fidelity, sexual abstinence before marriage, and HIV-testing. Associations with recommendations for condom use were evaluated using univariate and multivariate logistic regression analyses. Results Of 231 religious leaders, 215 (93.1%) were willing to share their knowledge of HIV/AIDS with their congregations. The majority received their information from the media (N = 136, 58.9%), a minority from their church (N = 9, 3.9%), and 38 (16.4%) had received prior training on HIV. Nearly all (N = 212, 91.8%) knew that HIV could be sexually transmitted though only a few (N = 39, 16.9%) were aware of mother-to-child transmission or unsafe injections (N = 56, 24.2%). A total of 91 (39.4%) were willing to, or had recommended (N = 64, 27.7%), condom use, while 50 (21.6%) had undergone HIV testing. Only nine (3.9%) had ever cared for a person living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV). Multivariable logistic regression shows that condom use recommendations by religious leaders were negatively associated with tertiary level education (OR: 0.3, 95% CI 0.1–0.7), and positively associated with knowing a person at risk (OR: 16.2, 95% CI 3.2–80.2), knowing of an ART center (OR: 2.6, 95% CI 1.4–4.8), and receiving information about HIV at school (OR: 2.6, 95% CI 1.2–5.6). Conclusions Malagasy church leaders could potentially become key players in HIV/AIDS prevention if they improved their knowledge of the illness, their commitment to international recommendations, and extended their interaction with people most at risk.
Neoproterozoic Rare Element Pegmatites from Gitarama and Gatumba Areas, Rwanda: Understanding Their Nb-Ta and Sn Mineralisation  [PDF]
Jean de Dieu Ndikumana, Anthony Temidayo Bolarinwa, Gabriel Oladapo Adeyemi
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2019.913106
Abstract: The aim of this work was to study the petrography, geochemistry of the pegmatites, their relationship to the mineralisation in Gitarama and Gatumba areas, and current processes that occurred after the primary emplaced neoproterozoic rare element pegmatites. Previous works on pegmatites were geochemistry and geological maps which are not enough for focused exploration and mine planning. Therefore, geological, petrographic, geochemical studies of neoproterozoic rare element pegmatites of Gatumba and Gitarama areas in relation to their mineralisation were carried out. The samples were analysed for mineral assemblages by petrographic light microscope; major elements by ICP AES; trace and rare earth elements by ICP MS. Petrographic studies revealed the mineral assemblages included quartz, microcline, biotite and major muscovites, which implied that there was the process of muscovitisation occurred after the primary emplacement of pegmatites. The results of geochemical analysis revealed that the silica content (in wt%) ranges from 59.5 - 80.5 with an average of 67.13 (in wt%) for the weathered pegmatite in Gatumba area ,and high percentages of SiO2 (in wt%) range 73.9 - 75.0 with an average of 73.15 (in wt%) for fresh pegmatite in Gitarama area. The pegmatites from Gatumba area were altered and much enriched in Rb (227 - 3460 ppm), Cs (2.59 - 24.7 ppm), Ta (2.6 - 268 ppm), Li (40 - 9224 ppm), W (240 - 10,000 ppm), Nb (13 - 517 ppm), Sn (24 - 8870 ppm). Their enrichment is commonly used as a marker of a magmatic-hydrothermal alteration. Conversely, the pegmatites from Gitarama area showed the low to moderate concentrations in Rb (321 - 337 ppm), Cs (5.47 - 5.62 ppm), Ta (1.3 - 1.6 ppm), Li (~20 ppm), W (5540 - 6410 ppm), Nb (3.9 - 4.3 ppm), Sn (28 - 44 ppm). The variation plot of ratios: Al2O3/(Na2O + K2O) versus Al2O3/(CaO + Na2O + K2O) for the pegmatites from study areas are higher than one (A/NK vs. A/CNK > 1) indicating peraluminous, the other samples of pegmatites indicated metaluminous (A/NK > 1 and A/CNK < 1). REE abundance from whole rock analysis of pegmatites of Gatumba and Gitarama areas is low to moderate with the ΣREE varying between 12.1 - 72.78 ppm and 45 - 54.37 ppm respectively, signifying low to medium form of enrichment. The pegmatite from Gatumba and Gitarama areas showed the K/Rb ratios ranging from 15.74 to 80.26 and from 190.41 to 199.39
Soils Typology and Floristic Diversity of the Forest of the “Cité Scientifique” of Brazzaville, Congo  [PDF]
Nzila Jean de Dieu, Kimpouni Victor, Watha-Ndoudy No?l, Nanitelamio Michèle Mercia, Yallo Mouhamed Salisou, Nguila-Ntsoko Diane Prudence
Open Journal of Ecology (OJE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oje.2018.84018
Abstract: A study of the typology of soils and floristic diversity was carried out in the forest of the “Cité Scientifique” of Brazzaville. The study aimed to assess the influence of soil cover on the distribution of taxa. The study covers 18 plots of 625 m2 each, distributed in different soil profiles. The floristic inventory concerns the measurement of diameter of trees with dbh ≥ 10 cm and the counting of herbaceous and shrubs of dbh < 10 cm. The floristic composition reveals a total of 129 plant species distributed in 48 families dominated by Fabaceae and a preponderance of pioneer taxa. The Jaccard coefficients of similarity reveal a low degree of homology of woody plots, whereas for the flora as a whole, the floristic composition is heterogeneous. The Shannon biological diversity index of ligneous varies from 0.6 to 2, against a maximum diversity of 0.69 to 3. The Pielou index of ligneous (0.5 to 0.9) does not reveal any dominance. Soil cover consists of ferrallitic and podzol soils. Their texture is sandy, weakly structured, fragmentary polyhedral throughout the profile, but lumpy and/or nuciform at the surface and sub angular in depth. The porosity decreases proportionally with the depth and thickness of the horizons. The floristic analysis presents an ecosystem with a low degree of diversification for a high floristic richness. The preponderance of anthropization markers is a proof of its very advanced state of disturbance. The study shows that soil cover does not influence the distribution of timber. Indeed, the establishment and development of pioneer species are less prone to soil properties.
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