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Laboratory Relationships between Adult Lifetime Reproductive Success and Fitness Surrogates in a Drosophila littoralis Population
Nina Pekkala, Janne S. Kotiaho, Mikael Puurtinen
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0024560
Abstract: The difficulties in measuring total fitness of individuals necessitate the use of fitness surrogates in ecological and evolutionary studies. These surrogates can be different components of fitness (e.g. survival or fecundity), or proxies more uncertainly related to fitness (e.g. body size or growth rate). Ideally, fitness would be measured over the lifetime of individuals; however, more convenient short-time measures are often used. Adult lifetime reproductive success (adult LRS) is closely related to the total fitness of individuals, but it is difficult to measure and rarely included in fitness estimation in experimental studies. We explored phenotypic correlations between female adult LRS and various commonly used fitness components and proxies in a recently founded laboratory population of Drosophila littoralis. Noting that survival is usually higher in laboratory conditions than in nature, we also calculated adjusted adult LRS measures that give more weight to early reproduction. The lifetime measures of fecundity, longevity, and offspring viability were all relatively highly correlated with adult LRS. However, correlations with short-time measures of fecundity and offspring production varied greatly depending on the time of measurement, and the optimal time for measurement was different for unadjusted compared to adjusted adult LRS measures. Correlations between size measures and adult LRS varied from weak to modest, leg size and female weight having the highest correlations. Our results stress the importance of well-founded choice of fitness surrogates in empirical research.
Negative density-distribution relationship in butterflies
Jussi P?ivinen, Alessandro Grapputo, Veijo Kaitala, Atte Komonen, Janne S Kotiaho, Kimmo Saarinen, Niklas Wahlberg
BMC Biology , 2005, DOI: 10.1186/1741-7007-3-5
Abstract: We report a strong, but counterintuitive, negative relationship between density and distribution in the butterfly fauna of Finland. With an exceptionally comprehensive data set (data includes all 95 resident species in Finland and over 1.5 million individuals), we have been able to submit several of the mechanisms to powerful direct empirical testing. Without exception, we failed to find evidence for the proposed mechanisms creating a positive density-distribution relationship. On the contrary, we found that many of the mechanisms are equally able to generate a negative relationship.We suggest that one important determinant of density-distribution relationships is the geographical location of the study: on the edge of a distribution range, suitable habitat patches are likely to be more isolated than in the core of the range. In such a situation, only the largest and best quality patches are likely to be occupied, and these by definition can support a relatively dense population leading to a negative density-distribution relationship. Finally, we conclude that generalizations about the positive density-distribution relationship should be made more cautiously.Species that are locally abundant tend to be more widespread than species that are locally rare [1,2]. This positive relationship between density and distribution of species has been observed in a variety of species assemblages over a spectrum of spatial scales, and it has been suggested that it may be almost an universal pattern in ecology [3-6]. However, a few studies document a negative relationship between density and distribution [7-14] (but see [15]). Only recently Gaston et al. [5] encouraged ecologists to pay more attention to the possibility of a negative relationship.Nine mechanisms have been proposed to explain the positive relationship between density and distribution [2,3,14,16-25]. Of these, two are artefactual (sampling artefact, phylogenetic non-independence) and seven are ecological (pattern of a
Bryophyte Species Richness on Retention Aspens Recovers in Time but Community Structure Does Not
Anna Oldén, Otso Ovaskainen, Janne S. Kotiaho, Sanna Laaka-Lindberg, Panu Halme
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0093786
Abstract: Green-tree retention is a forest management method in which some living trees are left on a logged area. The aim is to offer ‘lifeboats’ to support species immediately after logging and to provide microhabitats during and after forest re-establishment. Several studies have shown immediate decline in bryophyte diversity after retention logging and thus questioned the effectiveness of this method, but longer term studies are lacking. Here we studied the epiphytic bryophytes on European aspen (Populus tremula L.) retention trees along a 30-year chronosequence. We compared the bryophyte flora of 102 ‘retention aspens’ on 14 differently aged retention sites with 102 ‘conservation aspens’ on 14 differently aged conservation sites. We used a Bayesian community-level modelling approach to estimate the changes in bryophyte species richness, abundance (area covered) and community structure during 30 years after logging. Using the fitted model, we estimated that two years after logging both species richness and abundance of bryophytes declined, but during the following 20–30 years both recovered to the level of conservation aspens. However, logging-induced changes in bryophyte community structure did not fully recover over the same time period. Liverwort species showed some or low potential to benefit from lifeboating and high potential to re-colonise as time since logging increases. Most moss species responded similarly, but two cushion-forming mosses benefited from the logging disturbance while several weft- or mat-forming mosses declined and did not re-colonise in 20–30 years. We conclude that retention trees do not function as equally effective lifeboats for all bryophyte species but are successful in providing suitable habitats for many species in the long-term. To be most effective, retention cuts should be located adjacent to conservation sites, which may function as sources of re-colonisation and support the populations of species that require old-growth forests.
Acute non-renal adverse events after unenhanced and enhanced computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging  [PDF]
Manal Azzouz, Janne R?msing, Henrik S. Thomsen
Open Journal of Clinical Diagnostics (OJCD) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojcd.2013.33016
Abstract: Aim: Investigating the incidence of non-renal acute adverse events (AAEs) in patients undergoing unenhanced or enhanced computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance (MR) (four groups) using the ac- tive interview-method. Methods: The imaging procedure followed the standards of the department. Furthermore, the iodine-based (nonionic monomer) and gadolinium-based (cyclic) contrast agent was the same as used for all other examinations in the department. All patients were interviewed for 72 hours after the MR or CT examination regarding occurrence of AAEs using a structured questionnaire. Results: A total of 1358 patients (259 with enhanced MR, 434 with unenhanced MR, 450 with enhanced CT and 215 with unenhanced CT) were enrolled. AAEs were significantly higher (P < 0.05) in the contrast enhanced MR [48 (18.5%)] and CT [35 (7.7%)] groups compared to unenhanced MR [39 (9.0%)] and CT [5 (2.3%)] groups. Dizziness was significantly [19 (7.3%), (P < 0.05)] more frequent in the enhanced MR. The same AAEs were reported in both contrast groups and control groups. Conclusion: AAEs which are mainly considered to be caused by the contrast medium are also experienced by patients undergoing CT or MR without contrast. Enhanced MR is correlated with more reactions than unenhanced MR and enhanced CT. Dizziness was reported more frequently after MR than CT, both with and without contrast; more patients were CNS examined with MR and with CT.
Janne Yukiko Yoshikawa Oeiras,Ricardo Luís Lachi
Revista Brasileira de Informática na Educa??o , 2009,
Abstract: Este trabalho apresenta e discute a realiza o de uma atividade ocorrida no contexto de uma disciplina regular e presencial de um curso de Ciência da Computa o. Essa atividade foi proposta para engajar os alunos no processo de aprendizagem por meio da constru o coletiva de conteúdos por todos os participantes, de maneira que eles pudessem também desenvolver autonomia, formar novas rela es sociais e se tornarem alunos ativos e também responsáveis pelo curso. A discuss o da atividade revela que, mesmo em se tratando de educa o presencial, existe a necessidade de tecnologias que viabilizem a colabora o fora da sala de aula tradicional e aponta as dificuldades encontradas durante a sua realiza o com suporte do ambiente TelEduc. Por fim, este trabalho apresenta o protótipo de uma ferramenta que reúne os requisitos necessários para possibilitar a colabora o online entre todos os participantes.
Bill2d - a software package for classical two-dimensional Hamiltonian systems
Janne Solanp??,Perttu Luukko,Esa R?s?nen
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: We present Bill2d, a modern and efficient C++ package for classical simulations of two-dimensional Hamiltonian systems. Bill2d can be used for various billiard and diffusion problems with one or more charged particles with interactions, different external potentials, an external magnetic field, periodic and open boundaries, etc. The software package can also calculate many key quantities in complex systems such as Poincar\'e sections, survival probabilities, and diffusion coefficients. While aiming at a large class of applicable systems, the code also strives for ease-of-use, efficiency, and modularity for the implementation of additional features. The package comes along with a user guide, a developer's manual, and a documentation of the application program interface (API).
Successful Performance Measurement in SMEs through Personnel Participation  [PDF]
Janne Sinisammal, Pekka Belt, Janne Harkonen, Matti Mottonen, Seppo Vayrynen
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2012.22005
Abstract: Balanced scorecard has proven to be a functional tool for large companies, however, small- and medium-sized enter-prises (SME) have experienced it too complicated for their purposes. The aim of this research is to analyse the potential of simplifying balanced scorecard in order to acknowledge the practical realities of SMEs. The results of this study in-dicate that the viewpoints covered by balanced scorecard can be simplified into three categories of productivity, work fluency, and safety. A simplified balanced scorecard can act as a tool for internal communication in SMEs, by converting company strategy into common terms understandable by the employees. The managers of SMEs can use the results of this study as an example when considering the implementation of their business strategy. It is vital to involve employees when developing performance indicators.
Introduction à la Sociologie Générale
Henri Janne
SociologieS , 2009,
Abstract: Texte d’Henri Janne publié pour la première fois dans la Revue de l'Institut de Sociologie, 1951, n°3, pp. 345-392, et reproduit avec l’aimable autorisation de la revue. Henri Janne’s text first published in Revue de l'Institut de Sociologie, 1951, n°3, pp. 345-392, and published here with the kind authorisation of the journal. Texto de Henri Janne publicado por primera vez enRevue de l'Institut de Sociologie, 1951, n°3, pp. 345-392, y aquí publicado con la amable autorización de la revista.
Sonja W lte: International – national – lokal. K nigstein im Taunus: Ulrike Helmer Verlag 2008
Janne Mende
querelles-net , 2009,
Abstract: Sonja W lte analysiert, wie Frauenbewegungen in Kenia auf lokaler und auf nationaler Ebene agieren. Im Mittelpunkt der feministisch-politologischen Arbeit steht die Umsetzung der universellen Menschenrechte am Beispiel internationaler Abkommen zu Frauen- und Menschenrechten. Der lange Weg vom Zustandekommen internationaler Konventionen, deren Ratifizierung durch die kenianische Regierung, vor allem aber die Implementierung in die nationale Gesetzgebung und die Umsetzung in lokale und allt gliche Lebensweisen werden ausführlich dargestellt. Den untersuchten kenianischen Frauenbewegungen kommt dabei im Kampf auf der rechtlichen Ebene sowie bei der Durchführung von politischen Bildungsseminaren und Aufkl rungsangeboten eine besondere Bedeutung zu. Sonja W lte analyzes how women’s movements in Kenya act at the local and the national levels. Central to the feminist-oriented study is the reference to universal human rights as well as the international treaty on women’s and human rights. The study details the long journey from the formation of international conventions, to their ratification by the Kenyan government, and in particular to their implementation in the national laws and the implementation in local and daily lives. Those Kenyan women’s movements examined here are marked in particular by their struggles at the legal level as well as their execution of educational political seminars and explanatory efforts at the community level.
Bernhard Heininger (Hg.): Ehrenmord und Emanzipation. Die Geschlechterfrage in Ritualen von Parallelgesellschaften. Hamburg u.a.: LIT Verlag 2009.
Janne Mende
querelles-net , 2010,
Abstract: Der Tagungssammelband des Würzburger Graduiertenkollegs Wahrnehmung der Geschlechterdifferenz in religi sen Symbolssystemen“ bietet vielf ltige, zum gro en Teil vor- und frühgeschichtliche Beispiele historisch spezifischer Geschlechterkonstellationen. Anhand detailgetreuer Studien arch ologischer und literarischer Artefakte werden durchaus spannende, weil h ufig unbekannte Dimensionen herausgearbeitet. Mit dem Ph nomen des im Buchtitel angekündigten Ehrenmordes besch ftigt sich nur ein Text des Sammelbandes. Konfrontiert mit einer nur losen Verbundenheit der Beitr ge untereinander bleibt es der Leser/-in selbst überlassen, die unterschiedlichen Zug nge in einen gemeinsamen Diskussionszusammenhang zu bringen, als dessen Bezugspunkt ein kaum konturiertes Emanzipationskonzept nahe gelegt wird. The proceedings of the Würzburg graduate colloquium “The Perception of Gender Differences in Religious Symbolic Systems” offer various mainly pre- and early-historic examples of historically specific gender constellations. The detailed studies of archeological and literary artifacts illustrate quite exciting dimensions that are often unknown. Only one article in the anthology deals with the phenomenon of the honor killing that is announced in the title of the book. Faced with rather loose connections between the individual articles, it is up to the reader to find one cohesive context (based on a suggested yet barely outlined concept of emancipation) for the varying approaches.
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