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A negocia??o do cuidado de enfermagem obstétrica através das práticas educativas na casa de parto
Progianti, Jane Márcia;Costa, Rafael Ferreira da;
Escola Anna Nery , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452008000400025
Abstract: the study discusses the obstetric nursing care provided at the childbirth center david capistrano filho. this reflection, based on the negotiation concept of the cultural care theory and on the health education concept, searched for the reason why in this space, that was created for the development of actions under humanized model perspective, obstetric nurses ground their practices on health education principles. it was concluded that the health education is an instrument of cultural care and the nurses while using educational practices are also using the negotiation for caring, in a humanized perspective, with the woman who socially uses to deal with the conceptions of the technocratic model. therefore, without invasions and impositions, nurses collaborate with the physiology of pregnancy and childbirth, because acting this way they avoid the culture shock. they restructure the cultural care in the obstetric field for changing the hospitalized woman's way to give birth.
O processo de desmedicaliza??o da assistência à mulher no ensino de enfermagem
Vargens, Octávio Muniz da Costa;Progianti, Jane Márcia;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342004000100006
Abstract: this objective of this study is to present the pedagogic strategies adopted by the rio de janeiro state university nursing school (uerj - brazil) for the demedicalization of care in nursing education in women's health. it presents the context of teaching in this area of knowledge. it also presents, from the perspective of concepts by pierre bourdieu, three spheres of students' and teachers' performance in this process.
Práticas educativas desenvolvidas por enfermeiras: repercuss es sobre vivências de mulheres na gesta o e no parto Prácticas educativas desarrolladas por enfermeras: repercusiones sobre las experiencias de mujeres en el embarazo y parto Educational practices developed by nurses: reflections on women's pregnancy and labor experiences
Jane Márcia Progianti,Rafael Ferreira da Costa
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s0034-71672012000200009
Abstract: Objetivou-se discutir as repercuss es das práticas educativas desenvolvidas por enfermeiras sobre a vivência das mulheres na gravidez e no parto. Estudo qualitativo cuja coleta de dados ocorreu por meio de entrevista semiestruturada com dezesseis mulheres que pariram e que frequentaram os grupos educativos e consultas puerperais em uma Casa de Parto. A análise foi mediante as diretrizes de análise de conteúdo de Bardin. Os resultados mostraram que as práticas educativas foram reestruturantes para a vivência tranquila, forma o do vínculo materno, livre express o da sexualidade durante a gesta o e sensa es vividas no parto. Concluiu-se que a educa o em saúde utilizada como instrumento do cuidar, oportuniza a ades o da mulher a práticas obstétricas menos intervencionistas. El objetivo de este estudio fue analizar el impacto de las prácticas educativas desarrolladas por enfermeras en la experiencia de las mujeres en el embarazo y parto. Un estudio cualitativo fue desarrollado, cuyos datos fueron recolectados a través de entrevistas semi estructuradas con diez y seis mujeres que dieron a luz y que asistieron a los grupos de educación y consulta de puerperio en una casa de parto. El análisis fue efectuado según las directrices para análisis de contenido de Bardin. Los resultados mostraron que las prácticas eran reestruturantes para una vida pacífica, unión con la madre, la libre expresión de la sexualidad durante el embarazo y sensaciones experimentadas durante el parto. Se concluyó que la educación para la salud utilizado como un instrumento de cuidado, alimentación a la adhesión de las mujeres a prácticas obstétricas menos intervencionistas. The objective was to discuss the impact of educational practices developed by nurses on the experience of women in pregnancy and childbirth. A qualitative study was carried out, whose data was collected through semi-structured interviews with sixteen women who gave birth and who attended the educational groups and puerperal consultations in a Birth Center. Analysis was done according to the guidelines for content analysis of Bardin. The results showed that the practices were essential for peaceful pregnancy experience, maternal bonding, free expression of sexuality during pregnancy and sensations experienced in childbirth. It was concluded that health education, used as an instrument of care, nurture the accession of women to less interventionist obstetric practices.
A preserva??o perineal como prática de enfermeiras obstétricas
Progianti, Jane Márcia;Vargens, Octavio Muniz da Costa;Porfírio, Aline Bastos;Lorenzoni, Daniela Peixoto;
Escola Anna Nery , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452006000200014
Abstract: this is qualitative study which had as objectives to analyse the effects noticed by the woman due to the non accomplishment of the episiotomy and to analyze which nurse's actions were decisive for the non accomplishment of this surgical prcedure uder the wman's perspective. the sudy was accomplished from january to june 2005. data were obtained by an semi structured interview with 10 women who had a natural childbirth without episiotomy. data analysis was based on the proposal content analisis of bardin and also on the madeleine leininger's theory of the diversity and universality of cultural care. the results pointed out the positive effects felt by woman in her life and in her sexual relationship as consequences of the non accomplishment of the episiotomy. women also recognized the professional actions of obstetric nurses that sought the accommodation of the humanized care as actions that repadronize the medicalized care and also as important ones for the períneal preservation.
Gon?alves Camacho,Karla; da Costa Vargens,Octavio Muniz; Progianti,Jane Márcia; Spíndola,Thelma;
Ciencia y enfermería , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-95532010000200012
Abstract: this is a descriptive and qualitative study based on the principles of symbolic interactionism and grounded theory. it approaches the pregnancy as a life period of physical and emotional adaptations. it aimed at identify the meaning of the pregnancy transformations, from the pregnant's point of view, and its influences in woman's identification as mother. data were obtained in 2005, with semi-structured interviews, in the prenatal service of a municipal health center in rio de janeiro-brazil. the constant comparative analysis allowed the construction of two categories whose integration in their different dimensions made possible to identify the central category: living repercussions and transformations of a pregnancy. this represents an active process of searching for the maternal identity. the results showed that pregnancy's transformations influences directly in the feminine construction of the maternity and in the woman's identity as mother.
Alojamento conjunto como espa?o de cuidado materno e profissional
Pilotto, Diva Thereza dos Santos;Vargens, Octavio Muniz da Costa;Progianti, Jane Márcia;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672009000400019
Abstract: this is a theoretical reflection about maternal care in the context of rooming-in. it is based on winnicott's concepts of primary maternal preoccupation, maternal care, and good enough environment. rooming-in is conceived as an adequate place for establishing a relationship between mother and child which is favorable to maternal care. while in rooming-in, the mother lives a peculiar mental status, the primary maternal preoccupation, which goes stronger along pregnancy and is maximal during childbirth. perceiving brazilian maternity hospital as a place for care, we see nursing care as an important aid in the interaction between mother and baby, supporting women along this peculiar state of mind.
O significado de desmedicaliza??o da assistência ao parto no hospital: análise da concep??o de enfermeiras obstétricas
Vargens, Octavio Muniz da Costa;Progianti, Jane Márcia;Silveira, Anna Carolina Ferreira da;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342008000200018
Abstract: this study was aimed at analyzing the process through which nurse-midwives have given meaning to unmedicalized attention. it is a qualitative study based on the grounded theory. data were obtained and analyzed between february and april of 2006. eight nurse-midwives who adopt the unmedicalized approach as orientation in their practice were interviewed. through the analysis of the data it was possible to identify four categories thinking about her practice; characterizing as medicalized the obstetric practice in hospitals; feeling annoyed by medicalized attendance; and identifying the principles of unmedicalization , whose integration made possible to identify the process of building the meaning of unmedicalization. respect to physiology, as well as not to use unnecessarily interventionist practices as routine, constituted principles of unmedicalization. the reflection about their lives and the characterization of the obstetric practice in hospitals as medicalized were part of the nurses' mental process to revert the construction of the abilities acquired in the biomedical model.
Karla Gon?alves Camacho,Octavio Muniz da Costa Vargens,Jane Márcia Progianti,Thelma Spíndola
Ciencia y Enfermería : Revista Iberoamericana de Investigacíon , 2010,
Abstract: Pesquisa descritiva, abordagem qualitativa baseada nos pressupostos do Interacionismo Simbólico e da Grounded Theory, estuda a gravidez como período de adapta es físicas e emocionais. Objetivou-se identificar o significado das transforma es do período gestacional, sob o ponto de vista da gestante, que influenciam em sua identifica o como m e. Os dados foram obtidos em 2005, com entrevistas semi-estruturadas, no pré-natal de um Centro Municipal de Saúde, do Rio de Janeiro. A análise comparativa constante permitiu a constru o de duas categorias cuja integra o em suas diferentes dimens es possibilitou identificar a categoria central: vivenciando repercuss es e transforma es de uma gesta o . Esta representa um processo ativo de busca pela identidade materna. Os resultados mostraram que transforma es gestacionais repercutem diretamente na constru o feminina da maternidade e na identidade da mulher como m e. éste es un estudio descriptivo y cualitativo basado en los principios del Interaccionismo Simbólico y de la Grounded Theory. Es acerca del embarazo como un período de vida de adaptaciones físicas y emocionales, cuyo objetivo es identificar el significado de las transformaciones del embarazo, desde el punto de vista de la embarazada, y sus influencias en la identificación de esta mujer como madre. Se obtuvieron los datos en 2005, a través de entrevistas semiestructuradas, en un servicio prenatal de un Centro Municipal de Salud en Río de Janeiro-Brasil. El análisis comparativo constante permitió la construcción de dos categorías cuya integración en sus dimensiones diferentes hizo posible identificar la categoría central: la vivencia de las repercusiones y transformaciones de un embarazo. Esto representa un proceso activo de buscar la identidad materna. Los resultados mostraron las influencias de las transformaciones de ese embarazo directamente en la construcción femenina de la maternidad y en la identidad de la mujer como madre. This is a descriptive and qualitative study based on the principles of Symbolic Interactionism and Grounded Theory. It approaches the pregnancy as a life period of physical and emotional adaptations. It aimed at identify the meaning of the pregnancy transformations, from the pregnant's point of view, and its influences in woman's identification as mother. Data were obtained in 2005, with semi-structured interviews, in the prenatal service of a Municipal Health Center in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil. The constant comparative analysis allowed the construction of two categories whose integration in their different dimensions made po
Modelos de assistência ao parto e a participa??o feminina
Progianti, Jane Márcia;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672004000300009
Abstract: the study aimed at analyzing four proposals of obstetric assistance that co-existed in the city of rio de janeiro from the early thirties to the fifties, as well as discussing the inclusion of graduated and non-graduated accoucheuses, and nurses. it is of a historical-social nature, making use of the written document as a primary source. the analysis is based pierre bourdieu's main concepts. with this research, it was possible to make evident the domiciliary obstetric service of the sanitarist model, the philanthropic proposal of society's ladies, the individualized hospital-based assistance, and the proposal of integrated obstetric assistance. the study also allowed the understanding of the exclusion of non-graduated women from the brazilian obstetric field.
Tecnologias n?o invasivas de cuidado no parto realizadas por enfermeiras: a percep??o de mulheres
Nascimento, Natália Magalh?es do;Progianti, Jane Márcia;Novoa, Rachelli Iozzi;Oliveira, Thalita Rocha de;Vargens, Octávio Muniz da Costa;
Escola Anna Nery , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452010000300004
Abstract: the research of qualitative nature, descriptive type had as objective to identify the obstetric nurses' practices and to discuss their effects during the childbirth, under the women's optics. twelve women had been part of the study, having as instrument of collect of data a semi structured interview. data analysis showed that women recognized the affectionate attitude, the corporal movement and the presence of companion as the main non-invasive technologies used during the childbirth work, in the house. as for their effects, the women realized that technologies favored their internal potentials at the time of making their own decisions. besides, they identified the nurses' practices of the house as determinants for them have not discouraged during the childbirth work. the posture and the use by the nurses of non-invasive technologies contribute to a better perception of the women about her childbirth's process.
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