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Indoor Air Mycological Survey and Occupational Exposure in Libraries in Mato Grosso-Central Region—Brazil  [PDF]
Diniz Pereira Leite Júnior, Ronaldo Sousa Pereira, Washington Santos de Almeida, Sara de Almeida Alves Sim?es, Ana Caroline Akeme Yamamoto, Janaina Vasconcellos Ribeiro de Souza, Evelin Rodrigues Martins, Fábio Alexandre Leal dos Santos, Rosane Christine Hahn
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2018.84022
Abstract: Background: Indoor air quality in environments where there is great circulation of people, posing risks to the health of its occupants, including allergic problems, infections and contaminations, can be aided by climatic factors, chemicals and biological agents housed in these environments, influencing the location and providing favorable conditions for the degradation of bibliographic collections. The present study investigated the presence of fungi in indoor environments in seven public and private libraries in the central region of Brazil, Mato Grosso, and verified the impact on occupational health. Results: A total of 26,194 fungal specimens were isolated from 342 dust samples collected using three techniques: Andersen’s sampler (12.3%), exposure plate dish (25.1%) and sterile swab (62.6%). A total of 184 fungal species were identified: 156 (84.8%) mycelial fungi and 28 (15.2%) yeast fungi, belonging 54 fungal genera, 43 (79.6%) mycelial fungi and 11 (20.4%) yeast fungi. The genus Aspergillus (40.6%) was one of the main fungi present in indoor air. Aspergillus niger (12.3%) was identified as the most prevalent species in literary environments, followed by Cryptococcus spp. (7.1%) and Cladosporium cladosporioides (7.0%). In relation to seasonal distribution, there was a greater fungal isolation in the dry season (54%); followed by the rainy season (46%). Conclusion: These results suggest the substrates researched in the evaluated environments presented in the form of documents, books and papers associated with dust and air humidity become suitable for microbiological proliferation. These findings highlight the importance of minimizing the risk of exposure to fungal agents, identified in pathogenic and toxigenic microenvironments in library collections.
Influência da icterícia colestática na varia o ponderal em modelo experimental Influence of cholestatic jaundice on the weight variance in an experimental model
Leonardo de Souza Vasconcellos,Luiz Ronaldo Alberti,Juliana Ribeiro Romeiro,Andy Petroianu
Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgi?es , 2012,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Avaliar a influência da icterícia colestática na varia o ponderal. MéTODOS: Foram utilizados 64 ratos adultos, distribuídos em seis grupos: F1 (n=6) - fêmeas normais, F2 (n=6) - fêmeas laparotomizadas, F3 (n=20) - fêmeas ictéricas, M1 (n=6) - machos normais, M2 (n=6) - machos laparotomizados, M3 (n=20) - machos ictéricos. A icterícia foi obtida com ligadura e sec o do ducto biliopancreático. Os pesos dos animais foram registrados semanalmente, durante sete semanas. No 14o dia de experimento, dosaram-se as bilirrubinas séricas e os horm nios gonadais. Após a sétima semana, realizou-se estudo histológico do fígado. RESULTADOS: Os animais dos grupos F3 e M3 apresentaram bilirrubinas elevadas e diminui o da massa corpórea, quando comparados com os demais grupos. As diferen as ponderais foram significativas a partir da quarta semana entre as fêmeas e da quinta semana entre os machos. Nos animais ictéricos houve aumento do estradiol e diminui o da progesterona e da testosterona total. Septos de fibroses perivenular e periportal, colangite e hiperplasia de ductos biliares ocorreram no fígado dos animais ictéricos. Nenhum animal apresentou cirrose. CONCLUS O: Ocorreu redu o do peso corpóreo murino em presen a de icterícia colestática em ambos os sexos. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the influence of cholestatic jaundice in weight variation. METHODS: We used 64 adult rats divided into six groups: F1 (n = 6): normal females; F2 (n = 6): laparotomy females; F3 (n = 20): jaundiced females; M1 (n = 6): normal males; M2 (n = 6): laparotomy males; M3 (n = 20): jaundiced males. Jaundice was obtained by ligation and section of the biliopancreatic duct. The animal weights were recorded weekly for seven weeks. On the 14th day of the experiment, bilirubin and gonadal hormones were assessed. After the seventh week a histological study of the liver was performed. RESULTS: The animals in groups F3 and M3 showed elevated bilirubin and decreased body mass when compared to the other groups. The weight differences were significant from the fourth week on amongst females and from the fifth in males. In Jaundiced animals there was increased estradiol and decreased progesterone and testosterone. Perivenular septa and periportal fibrosis, cholangitis and bile duct hyperplasia occurred in the liver of jaundiced rats. No animal showed cirrhosis. CONCLUSION: There was decrease in murine body weight in the presence of cholestatic jaundice in both genders.
Ingest?o alimentar e balan?o energético da popula??o adulta de Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil: resultados da Pesquisa de Nutri??o, Atividade Física e Saúde (PNAFS)
Souza, Danielle Ribeiro de;Anjos, Luiz Antonio dos;Wahrlich, Vivian;Vasconcellos, Mauricio Teixeira Leite de;Machado, Juliana da Mata;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2010000500010
Abstract: this study aimed to assess typical daily dietary intake and energy expenditure in a probabilistic sample of adults in the city of niterói, rio de janeiro state, brazil. dietary intake was measured by 24-hour dietary recall, body mass and height were measured in the household, and energy expenditure was estimated by the flex-heart rate method. the results showed mean energy intake of 1,570.9 (24.1) and 2,188.8 (46.1) kcal.day-1 for women and men, respectively. energy expenditure was higher in obese women and men (1,511.5±19.5 and 2,222.3±68.8 kcal.day-1, respectively) due to their higher body mass. measured energy balance (intake - expenditure) decreased with increasing body mass index (bmi) in both women and men and was negative (-3.2; 131 kcal.day-1) in obese men. in conclusion, energy intake among adults in niterói falls within the recommended values, despite high prevalence of overweight and obesity in women and men. energy intake decreased with increasing body mass, indicating possible overestimation of energy expenditure. it is important to develop better estimates of energy expenditure in this population.
Cicliza??o do lapachol induzida por sais de tálio III
Ribeiro, Carlos Magno R.;Souza, Pablo P. de;Ferreira, Letícia L. D. M.;Pinto, Lia A.;Almeida, Leonardo S. de;Jesus, Janaina G. de;
Química Nova , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422008000400009
Abstract: this work describes the cyclization of lapachol (1) induced by thallium triacetate (tta) and thallium trinitrate (ttn) in several solvents using magnetic stirring and under microwave irradiation. a-xyloidone (2) - dehydro-a-lapachone - was obtained as the main product in these reactions in 20 75% yield. however, rhinacanthin-a (4) was isolated as main product in a 40% yield, using tta and acetic anhydride:water (1:1) as solvent, and dehydro-iso-a-lapachone (3) in 21% yield, using tta and dichloromethane as solvent. the reaction time decreased drastically under microwave conditions, but the yields of these reactions were not the expected.
A inser??o da família nos centros de aten??o psicossocial sob a ótica de seus atores sociais
Bielemann, Valquíria de Lourdes Machado;Kantorski, Luciane Prado;Borges, Luana Ribeiro;Chiavagatti, Fabieli Gopinger;Willrich, Janaina Quinzen;Souza, Afra Suelene de;Heck, Rita Maria;
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-07072009000100016
Abstract: this paper ia cut-off of the qualitative phase of evaluation research a psycho-social support centers, in southern brazilian. it represents a case study carried out in the city of s?o louren?o do sul, rs, brazil. it aims to represent the insertion of families in the psycho-social support centers from the point of view of interest groups, users, relatives, and staff. therefore, semi-structures interviews were completed in 2006, through the dialectic hermeneutic circle. for data analysis, fourth-generation evaluation was applied. the results have shown that of the several ways of inserting the family, the group activity emerged as a strategy which contributes to the therapeutic process. the necessity of professionals returning to family assistance was verified, considering that these families need be taken care of, given their individualities and singularities. thus, new possibilities should be taken to action in order to review the meaning of family care, including it as a focus of professional attention.
Janaina de Souza Bujes
Espa?o Jurídico : Journal of Law , 2011,
Abstract: This paper pretends to discuss some aspects of differential treatment that occurs in the incidence of secondary criminalization and punitive powers imposed by the State. Based on studies of Marcelo Neves and Eugenio Zaffaroni this work focus on some considerations about the consequences of these relations in the incidence of secondary criminalization. The central argument is that the formation of two portions of society – one of them called “underintegrated” that is the main “clients” of the criminal justice system and another portion considered “overintegrated” – and both collaborate to create spaces where we have the denial of fundamental rights, and criminal differentiated treatments.Taking as reference the Brazilian reality, perceives the need to overcome the “overintegration” and “underintegration” in the relationships, something that requires a confrontation of paradox formed by the simultaneous presence of legalism and impunity, and pursue the generalization of citizenship to all segments of society to build a public space of legality and constitutionality.
Factors associated with epidemic multiresistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in a hospital with AIDS-predominant admissions
Gomes, Marisa Zenaide Ribeiro;Oliveira, Raquel Vasconcellos C. de;Machado, Carolina Romero;Concei??o, Magda de Souza da;Souza, Cristina Vieira de;Louren?o, Maria Cristina da Silva;Asensi, Marise Dutra;
Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-86702012000300001
Abstract: introduction: infections caused by multiresistant pseudomonas aeruginosa (mr-pa) have been associated with persistent infections and high mortality in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids) patients. therefore, understanding the predisposing factors for infection/colonization by this agent is critical for controlling outbreaks caused by mr-pa in settings with aids patients. objectiveand methods: to analyze the presence of factors associated with the acquisition of an epidemic mr-pa strain in a hospital with aids-predominant admission. a case-control study was carried out in which cases and controls were gathered from a prospective cohort of all hospitalized patients in an infectious disease hospital during a five-year study period. results: multivariate logistic regression analysis demonstrated that enteral nutrition or = 14.9), parenteral nutrition (or = 10.7), and use of ciprofloxacin (or = 8.9) were associated with a significant and independent risk for mr-pa acquisition. conclusions: although cross-colonization was likely responsible for the outbreaks, the use of ciprofloxacin was also an important factor associated with the acquisition of an epidemic mr-pa strain. more studies are necessary to determine whether different types of nutrition could lead to modification of gastrointestinal flora, thereby increasing the risk for infection/colonization by mr-pa in this population.
Development of a food frequency questionnaire in a probabilistic sample of adults from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Anjos, Luiz Antonio dos;Wahrlich, Vivian;Vasconcellos, Mauricio Teixeira Leite de;Souza, Danielle Ribeiro de;Olinto, Maria Teresa Anselmo;Waissmann, William;Henn, Ruth Liane;Rossato, Sinara Laurini;Louren?o, Ana Eliza Port;Bressan, Ana Weigert;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2010001100021
Abstract: with the purpose of generating a list of foods for a food-frequency questionnaire, data from 24h dietary recalls on a typical day from a probabilistic sample of 1,724 adults of niterói, rio de janeiro, brazil, were analyzed. the frequency of food intake, the total intake of energy and macronutrients and the relative contribution of each food item to total energy and macronutrient intake were calculated. the most frequently reported food items (> 50% of adults) were rice, coffee, beans, refined canesugar, and bread. whole milk was consumed more frequently then skimmed milk or semi-skimmed milk. beef was consumed by more adults than chicken, pork or fish. approximately 90% of energy and macronutrients intake was explained by 65 food items. the list of food items generated in the present analysis is similar to those found in other samples of adults from urban areas in brazil. it may be possible to generate a core list of common foods with addition of regional foods to be used nationally in urban areas of the country.
'I Am Not A Foreigner Anymore': a microsociological study of the experiences of brazilian futsal players in european leagues
Paul Dimeo,Carlos Henrique de Vasconcellos Ribeiro
Movimento , 2009,
Abstract: Este estúdio representa una parte de una línea de pesquisa que averigua l s relaciones entre Deporte y Migración. Concentramos nuestra investigación en jugadores brasile os de futsal que actúan en ligas europeas, principalmente en países que mantienen ligas profisionales de destaque, como Portugal y Espa a. Abordamos aquí las características por veces esteriotipadas de la manera brasile a de jugar, con sus habilidades y actuación en cuadras extranjeras. Estas características con relación a sus performances acaban por servir tanto a los jugadores cuanto a los clubes que les contratan alimentando el interes de los hinchas. Entrevistamos 20 jugadores brasile os de futsal cuando estos estaban de vacaciones en Brasil, en sus ciudades-natales. Concentramos nuestro trabajo en tres cuestiones: a) adaptación al nuevo país en relación a la vida social y dentro da las cuadras; b) cuestiones acerca de identidad, particularmente la posible adquisición de una nueva ciudadanía; c) cuestiones acerca de orden familiar e independência financiera. Los análisis de las entrevistas apuntan para un dado positivo de experiencia en países extranjeros, principalmente acerca de la adquisición de un estilo europeo de jugar futsal. Encontramos también la cuestión del no-pertenecer, sus vínculos afectivos dejados en Brasil y el intento de formar un ahorro financiero volvido para los a os de jubilación. Estúdios futuros pueden revelar como la relación entre deporte y migración alcanza una parcela significativa de atletas brasile os y sus consecuencias en termos sociales, econ micos y personales para a los que parten para las cuadras extra-jeras.
O custeio por atividades aplicado ao tratamento contábil dos gastos de natureza ambiental
Ribeiro, Maisa de Souza;
Caderno de Estudos , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-92511998000300007
Abstract: o trabalho versa sobre a apura??o dos custos ambientais por meio do custeio das atividades desenvolvidas, direta ou indiretamente, para a manuten??o do sistema de gest?o ambiental. os custos ambientais tornaram-se compulsórios, visto a exigência de órg?os normatizadores de qualidade ambiental e do aumento na rigorosidade da legisla??o. contudo, os gastos, na sua maioria, n?o guardam rela??o com o processo operacional rotineiro e, além disso, s?o predominantemente de natureza fixa de montante relevante. passando, com isso, a exigir especial aten??o dos administradores, no que tange a sua considera??o no planejamento das estratégias a serem seguidas pela companhia. o custeamento das atividades de natureza ambiental oferece condi??es mais seguras de apura??o dos custos do processo de controle ambiental. uma vez que as atividades podem ser mais objetivamente associadas aos processos do que os recursos. conhecer os custos ambientais é fundamental para assegurar a continuidade da empresa, seja em fun??o das penalidades impostas pelo mercado e pelos órg?os fiscalizadores, os quais est?o impondo serias restri??es para as empresas que ainda n?o adequaram seus processos operacionais ao que é ambientalmente saudável; ou seja, em fun??o do impacto negativo sobre a gest?o econ?mica da empresa advindos do consumo desnecessário de recursos (matéria-prima, m?o-de-obra etc): de penalidades por agress?es ao meio ambiente etc.
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