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Avalia??o dos insulinomas pela ultra-sonografia intra-operatória: estado atual do tema
Rosa, Ana Cláudia Ferreira;Machado, Márcio Martins;Lemes, Marcella Stival;Barreto, Mariana Caetano;Nunes, Rodrigo Alvarenga;Barros, Nestor de;Mota, Orlando Milhomem da;Silva, Osterno Queiroz da;Benevides, Jales;Barreto, Paulo Adriano;Cerri, Giovanni Guido;
Radiologia Brasileira , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-39842006000500012
Abstract: the authors review the literature about intraoperative ultrasonography for evaluation of pancreatic insulinomas. results of intraoperative ultrasound, preoperative ultrasound and computed tomography are discussed, as well as results of inspection and palpation of the pancreas during surgery, reported in the literature.
Cytogenetical studies in five Atlantic Anguilliformes fishes
Vasconcelos, Antonio Jales Moraes;Molina, Wagner Franco;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572009005000015
Abstract: the order anguilliformes comprises 15 families, 141 genera and 791 fish species. eight families had at least one karyotyped species, with a prevalence of 2n = 38 chromosomes and high fundamental numbers (fn). the only exception to this pattern is the family muraenidae, in which the eight species analyzed presented 2n = 42 chromosomes. despite of the large number of anguilliformes species, karyotypic reports are available for only a few representatives. in the present work, a species of ophichthidae, myrichthys ocellatus (2n = 38; 8m+14sm+10st+6a; fn = 70) and four species of muraenidae, enchelycore nigricans (2n = 42; 6m+8sm+12st+16a; fn = 68), gymnothorax miliaris (2n = 42; 14m+18sm+10st; fn = 84), g. vicinus (2n = 42; 8m+6sm+28a; fn = 56) and muraena pavonina (2n = 42; 6m+4sm+32a; fn = 52), collected along the northeastern coast of brazil and around the st peter and st paul archipelago were analyzed. typical large metacentric chromosomes were observed in all species. conspicuous polymorphic heterochromatic regions were observed at the centromeres of most chromosomes and at single ribosomal sites. the data obtained for ophichthidae corroborate the hypothesis of a karyotypic diversification mainly due to pericentric inversions and robertsonian rearrangements, while the identification of constant chromosome numbers in muraenidae (2n = 42) suggests a karyotype diversification through pericentric inversions and heterochromatin processes.
D2 lymphadenectomy with para-aortic sampling improves lymph node staging for gastric cancer
Sarmento, Bruno José Queiroz;Brito, Alexandre Menezes;Cardoso, Daniela Medeiros Milhomem;Campoli, Paulo Moacir de Oliveira;Silva, Osterno Queiroz da;Santana-Filho, Jales Benevides;Barreto, Paulo Adriano de Queiroz;Machado, Melissa G.;A-Filho, Adalzizio Vieira;Mota, Eliane Duarte;Mota, Orlando Milhomem da;
ABCD. Arquivos Brasileiros de Cirurgia Digestiva (S?o Paulo) , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-67202007000300008
Abstract: background: an important aspect dealing with gastric cancer is the role of lymphadenectomy in gastric cancer staging. aim: to verify if lymphadenectomy with stations separation increases the number of dissected lymph nodes and establish comparison between tnm 2002 and jgca 1998 evaluating lymph nodal status (n). methods: this is a retrospective analysis of the patients that underwent curative gastrectomy and d2 dissections for adenocarcinoma between 2004 and 2006. between january of 2004 and june of 2005 (group 1), lymphadenectomy was performed en-bloc with gastrectomy and only tnm system was used. after june of 2005 (group 2), the surgeon himself dissected lymph nodal stations, allowing use of tnm and jgca systems. studied aspects were age, borrmann classification, histological grade, venous or lymphatic invasion, depth of invasion, peritoneal cytology and type of gastrectomy. end points were number of dissected lymph nodes, number of positive lymph nodes and agreement between staging systems. chi-square test and t-test were used for statistical analysis. results: one hundred forty-five gastrectomies were performed, 76 in group 1 and 69 in group 2. in group 1, mean age was of 61 years and 59 years in group 2 (p=0,12). eighty per cent of tumors were advanced in both groups. venous or lymphatic invasion and positive peritoneal cytology were more frequent in group 1, 65.6% vs 35,3% (p= 0,001) e 13.9% vs 3.1% (p=0,03), respectively. borrmann classification, histological grade, lauren classification and type of gastrectomy were not different between the groups. in group 1, mean number of lymph nodes was 32,7 and 37,35 in group 2 (p= 0,09). rates of positive lymph nodes in groups 1 and 2 were 72.2% and 53%, respectively (p= 0,02). migration analysis of lymph node status (n) realized only in group 2 (69 patients) showed agreement between tnm and jgca in 50 patients (72,5%). using jgca system, modification in 19 patients occurred (27,5%), with upstaging in 13 (18,8%) and d
Múltiplos pequenos nódulos hepáticos hiperecogênicos sem reverbera??o sonora posterior: outra forma de apresenta??o dos hamartomas dos ductos biliares
Machado, Márcio Martins;Rosa, Ana Cláudia Ferreira;Barros, Nestor de;Mota, Orlando Milhomem da;Silva, Osterno Queiroz da;Santana Filho, Jales Benevides;Barreto, Paulo Adriano;Cardoso, Daniela Medeiros Milhomem;Milhomem, Patrícia Medeiros;Milhomem, Leonardo Medeiros;Azeredo, Letícia Martins;Espírito Santo, José Monteiro Daher do;Espírito Santo, Ary Monteiro Daher do;Saad, Willian Abr?o;Cerri, Giovanni Guido;
Radiologia Brasileira , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-39842005000500016
Abstract: sonographic presentation of bile duct hamartomas is variable. it is important to recognize their different forms of presentation in order to be included in the differential diagnosis of multiple focal hepatic lesions. herein the authors report a case of bile duct hamartomas that was identified as multiple diffuse hyperechogenic liver nodules with the largest measuring 1.6 cm, without posterior acoustic reverberation.
Avalia??o dos tumores hepáticos ao Doppler
Machado, Márcio Martins;Rosa, Ana Cláudia Ferreira;Herman, Paulo;Barros, Nestor de;Mota, Orlando Milhomem da;Azeredo, Letícia Martins;Silva, Osterno Queiroz da;Santana Filho, Jales Benevides;Campoli, Paulo Moacir O.;Barreto, Paulo Adriano Q.;Milhomem, Patrícia Medeiros;Milhomem, Leonardo Medeiros;Daher, Murilo Tavares;Daher, Renato Tavares;Cerri, Luciana Mendes de Oliveira;Saad, William Abr?o;Cerri, Giovanni Guido;
Radiologia Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-39842004000500012
Abstract: recent advances in ultrasound have optimized the detection of liver tumors and helped to improve the prognosis of patients with this condition as newly developed and improved therapeutic modalities have been established. the authors review important doppler findings which may help in the identification and characterization of some hepatic tumors through the evaluation of color doppler, pulsed doppler and power doppler features. new imaging methods such as the use of harmonics imaging are also reviewed.
Hemangiomas hepáticos: aspectos ultra-sonográficos e clínicos
Machado, Márcio Martins;Rosa, Ana Cláudia Ferreira;Lemes, Marcella Stival;Mota, Orlando Milhomem da;Silva, Osterno Queiroz da;Campoli, Paulo Moacir de Oliveira;Santana Filho, Jales Benevides;Barreto, Paulo Adriano;Nunes, Rodrigo Alvarenga;Barreto, Mariana Caetano;Milhomem, Patrícia Medeiros;Milhomem, Leonardo Medeiros;Oliveira, Gustavo Barboza de;Oliveira, Fernanda Barboza de;Castro, Félix Cristiano Ferreira de;Brito, Alexandre Menezes de;Barros, Nestor de;Cerri, Giovanni Guido;
Radiologia Brasileira , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-39842006000600013
Abstract: hemangiomas are the most common benign tumors of the liver, occurring in all age groups, and more frequently in adults. the vast majority of hemangiomas are small, asymptomatic, and are incidentally discovered. larger lesions may eventually produce symptoms. the sonographic aspect of these tumors varies, the lesions being typically small, well defined and hyperechoic. in this study the authors review clinical and sonographic features of hemangiomas, highlighting the clinical significance of such features to be taken into consideration in the treatment of affected patients.
Altera??o no potencial osmótico e teor de carboidratos solúveis em plantas jovens de lobeira (Solanum lycocarpum St.-Hil.) em resposta ao estresse hídrico
Brazilian Journal of Botany , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-84042001000200010
Abstract: solanum lycocarpum is a typical species from the "cerrado" vegetation in central brazil and has shown drought resistance under environmental conditions. osmotic adjustment refers to a decrease in osmotic potential caused by accumulation of solutes and the continuous accumulation of solutes must occur in tissues to maintain the water potential gradient necessary for cell enlargement and turgor maintenance. the influence of water stress on osmotic potential and soluble carbohydrate levels was investigated in this research. the analyses of the results showed a decrease in osmotic potential in response to water stress. an increase in the carbohydrate levels was observed in plants under stress conditions in greenhouse. reducing sugars were the major contributors to soluble carbohydrates levels detected in leaves and roots. these results suggested that solanum lycocarpum plants showed a mechanism of adaptation to survival in water stress conditions.
Proposta para uma vis?o clínica das lentes progressivas
Monte, Fernando Queiroz;Carvalho Filho, Cleanto Jales de;
Revista Brasileira de Oftalmologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-72802008000200004
Abstract: purpose: this is to study the progressive addition lens (pal) under the physiological optics' view, to show the lensometer findings and its applicability to daily work. methods: at first, the aa., explains the ways to examine the pal , and then indicates the physical basis applied to study the prismatic system of the concave and convex lens. it then examines the differences on progression zone extension and explains its diagonal position. thirteen pairs of lenses from the same manufacturer were examined but every pair had different drawing.the whole (convex and concave lens) had 2 spherical dioptries (sd) to distance and an addition of 2 sd. results: the convex pal have to distance correction inferior base prism that do lower in progression zone to the point of no prism, and then continues with an increasing superior base prism to reach the near correction.the concave pal has an inferior base prism rising constantly to near correction. both have a mean vertical deviation in the sample of 5,86o in the convex lenses and 6,93o in the concave lenses. conclusion: the aa., based on these findings, shows the most important data to watch in the pal to minimize the complaints concerning its usage. the studies about pal highlight that the dioptric values are the background of the progressive zone, and the aa. concludes that the dioptric values are the principal factor and, the progressive zone secondary.
Altera o no potencial osmótico e teor de carboidratos solúveis em plantas jovens de lobeira (Solanum lycocarpum St.-Hil.) em resposta ao estresse hídrico
Brazilian Journal of Botany , 2001,
Abstract: Solanum lycocarpum é uma espécie típica da vegeta o do cerrado brasileiro e tem demonstrado resistência à seca que ocorre em seu ambiente. O ajustamento osmótico é um decréscimo do potencial osmótico causado pelo acúmulo de solutos nas células, o qual mantém o gradiente de potencial hídrico e, ao mesmo tempo, a turgescência necessária ao crescimento celular. A influência do estresse hídrico no potencial osmótico e no teor de carboidratos solúveis foi investigada neste trabalho. A análise dos resultados mostrou que as plantas de Solanum lycocarpum apresentaram redu o significativa nos valores de potencial osmótico em resposta ao estresse hídrico. O aumento no teor de carboidratos solúveis foi verificado em plantas sob condi es estressantes em casa de vegeta o, em particular o de carboidratos redutores. Os resultados obtidos sugerem que esta espécie apresenta mecanismo de ajustamento osmótico, nas condi es de estresse hídrico, adaptando-a à sobrevivência nessa condi o.
La Orden del Caballero Bondi
Interciencia , 2009,
Abstract: the direct and indirect relationship between the british physicist originally from austria, sir hermann bondi, and venezuelan physics are presented. special emphasis is made of his most remarkable human qualities, nobility and humbleness, besides his important contribution to general relativity and to the european science agencies. self-declared as a staunch disciple of popperian philosophy, bondi defended the "hard and dirty" physics against the "immaculate and beautiful" physics. attention is focused on two cornerstones of bondi?s work, followed thoroughly by luis herrera and disciples in venezuela.
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