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Using Multiple Regression Analysis in Modelling the Role of Hospitality Industry in Cross River State
EI Eja, AO Ajake, JE Otu, BN Ndomah
African Research Review , 2011,
Abstract: The overwhelming and rapid growth of hospitality (hotel) industry is of great concern especially its role in the economy of Cross River State. This paper seeks to evaluate the contribution of hotel industry in each of the socioeconomic variables such as employment, revenue generation, urban development, tourism development and local economy development using multiple regression analysis. The result shows that 0.2, indicating 21.50% of the total variations in hospitality (hotel) industry have influenced socioeconomic development of Cross River State. The overall fit of the regression was 6.65 statistically significant at 1% confident coefficient level while 0.275 showed auto correction insignificant among the errors. However, findings have shown that even though much has not been felt from the hospitality (hotel) industry. The analysis shows that the industry has much to offer socioeconomically to the growth of Cross River State if properly managed.
Environmental Consequences of Volumetric Traffic Flow in Calabar Metropolis, Nigeria
EI Eja, JE Otu, JA Eko, IO Etim
African Research Review , 2011,
Abstract: This paper seek to examined the environmental consequences of volumetric traffic flow with respect the relationship between traffic flow concentration and concentration (Mg/L) of pollutants and accident rate in Calabar. The volumetric traffic count was done at three peak-hour periods in each day for nine days for two weeks at ten (10) strategic positions in the study area. The collection of air samples were done with the aid of absorption filters from 20 sample status within Calabar metropolis. However, the absorption filters were exposed between 6:30am and 7:15pm each day for nine days in the mouth of April, 2010. The readings were analyzed in the laboratory and comparism was carry out with tolerance units for Ambient air pollutants. Findings revealed that, Air pollutant such as carbon dioxide (C02) nitrogen oxides (N0) Sulphur dioxide (SO2), Carbon monoxide (C0) and particulate concentrations were above threshold level. With this result of analyses, it shows that there is a positive relationship between air pollutants concentration and volumetric traffic flow in the area. Therefore, proper environment management is needed to prevent severe thread on the human ecosystem in Calabar metropolis.
An Overview of the Design School of Strategic Management (Strategy Formulation as a Process of Conception)  [PDF]
Alfred Sarbah, Doris Otu-Nyarko
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2014.23029
Abstract: Since its emergence in the 1960’s, the field of strategic management and strategy formulation has evolved into a complex area of study, even for the most knowledgeable and experienced strategist. Strategy Safari (FT Prentice Hall, 2002), subtitled “A Guided Tour through the Wilds of Strategic Management” by Henry Mintzberg, Bruce Ahlstrand and Joseph Lampel is an overview of the full field of academic and business studies of strategy formulation, based on previous lecture series delivered by Mintzberg. In that book, the authors identified ten (10) schools of strategy formulation. One of which is the design school. The “design school” of strategic management, which focuses on a non-complex model that perceives the process of strategic formation as a design process to reach a satisfactory balance between internal distinctive competence and external threat and opportunity. Strategy formation should be a conscious, informal and controlled process of thought. While the model has limitations, four conditions may encourage an organization to use the design school model, including when relevant knowledge has been established and a situation is stable; an organization can cope with a centrally articulated strategy; and one person can handle all data connected to developing strategy. There are several criticisms of the design school of thought on its reliability and validity. The authors have counteracted with these criticisms and explained that it is based on assumptions which are misleading, as the concept propagated by design school was over simplified and restricted in application.
Sexual behaviour, contraceptive practice and reproductive health outcomes among Nigerian university students
CL Ejembi, A Otu
Journal of Community Medicine and Primary Health Care , 2004,
Abstract: Context: The continued poor reproductive health behaviour and outcomes among youths informed the investigation of the knowledge, attitudes, sexual behaviour, outcomes and care-seeking among university students in Zaria, north western Nigeria. Methods: Using a cross-sectional descriptive study design, self-administered structured questionnaires were administered to a sample of 400 undergraduate students of Ahmadu Bello University students drawn by multi-staged sampling to collect information on their reproductive health knowledge and behaviour. Findings: Knowledge of most aspects of reproductive health was high. However, gaps where found in some specific areas. Apart from ethnicity and faculty of study, no significant associations were found between knowledge and other demographic variables. Attitudes to reproductive health were generally negative. Overall, 64.1% of the respondents had had sexual intercourse; 65.4% of the males and 60.2% of the females students sexually experienced. The mean age at sexual exposure for females and males were 17.8 and 19.2 years, respectively. The mean number of lifetime sexual partners was 3.4 for males and 2.4 for the females. Of the 54.7% currently sexually active respondents, 53.5% of the males and 48.0% of the females were involved in multiple sexual relationships. Only 32.4% of the sexually exposed respondents had ever used or were currently using a method of contraception. Condom use was only 30% among the sexually active respondents with use higher among the males; however, the use was inconsistent. Use of effective contraceptives was very low. Overall, 23.3% of the respondents had experienced symptoms suggestive of sexually transmitted infections within six months preceding the study, and self medication was the predominant method of treatment. Utilization of the university health services for their reproductive health needs was found to be abysmally low. Conclusion: The gaps in reproductive health knowledge, negative attitudes, high prevalence of risky sexual activity and poor reproductive health care seeking behaviour call for mounting of educational intervention programmes and development of youth-friendly reproductive health services on campus. KEY WORDS: University students; Reproductive health knowledge; Sexual behaviour; Contraceptive use; Reproductive health outcomes Journal of Community Medicine & Primary Health Care Vol.16(2) 2004: 8-16
A nation at crossroads: debating South Africa's war on drug policy
Smart E. Otu
Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs , 2011, DOI: 10.2478/v10199-011-0033-0
Preliminary Geophysical Investigation to Delineate the Groundwater Conductive Zones in the Coastal Region of Akwa Ibom State, Southern Nigeria, around the Gulf of Guinea  [PDF]
George N. Jimmy, Akpan A. Otu, Umoh A. Asuquo
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2013.41011

This paper presents the first work of its kind within the confines of the study area. It unravels the distribution of the layers of conductive sand and their depths of interaction between freshwater from fresh sands and saltwater within the conductive layers in the coastal region of Akwa Ibom State (Nigeria) around the Gulf of Guinea. Vertical electrical sounding (VES) data whose fidelity was achieved by constraining the data by the available nearby logged borehole information during interpretation was the method applied. In the western region of the study area, the ferruginized and saline water layer is found within the depth range of 22 to 75 m deep. In the northern zone, conductive sandy layer is found within 50 to 210 m and in the eastern zone, the saline and ferruginized sandy layer is found within the depth of 88.5 m and above. Generally, the horizontal and vertical cross sections of the subsoil and the flow regime from water table depths have been delineated. With these information, water can be tapped in the area with caution and the flow direction determined can be used as input parameter in detailed contamination study.

The Challenge of Effective Teaching of Chemistry: A Case Study
Leonardo Electronic Journal of Practices and Technologies , 2011,
Abstract: Chemistry education has been identified to be one of the major bedrock for the transformation of our national economy, and hence must be accorded adequate attention. In this study, an attempt was made in ascertaining the remote causes for the poor performances reported in recent times in chemistry at the senior secondary level of education. About 80 persons were interviewed in the course of this work ranging from ex-students, students to teachers. Teacher variables, student variables and environment-related variables were investigated and the findings showed that these all contribute greatly to the poor performances of students in science subjects and chemistry in particular. The chemistry teacher, students, parents, senior secondary school administrators, curriculum planners, and the government are therefore faced with the daunting challenge of re-awaking interest and providing enabling environment for the effective teaching of chemistry in particular and the sciences in general.
A. C. Otu00E1rola
Revista mexicana de astronomía y astrofísica , 2011,
Abstract: La región del Desierto de Atacama en el norte de Chile alberga algunos de los más recientes observatorios astronómicos, equipados con instrumentos que cubren varias bandas espectrales de interés, incluyendo: microondas, milimétrica, sub-milimétrica, infrarrojo medio, infrarrojo cercano y visible. Entre otros, la región hospeda al Very Large Telescope (VLT) ubicado en Cerro Paranal, al Gran Arreglo Milimétrico de Atacama (ALMA), actualmente en construcci′on en el LLano de Chajnantor en la ladera occidental de la cordillera de Los Andes, y ha sido la región seleccionada para la instalación del Telescopio Europeo Extremadamente Grande (E-ELT). Debido al rol del vapor de agua atmosférico como una fuente de absorción de radiación en varias bandas espectrales, además de introducir fluctuaciones de fase en el frente de onda detectado por interferómetros tal como ALMA, hace del estudio de vapor de agua atmosférico un tema relevante en esta región. Este trabajo presenta un análisis de los perfiles verticales de humedad obtenidos por medio de radiosondas lanzadas desde las cercanías de la ciudad de Antofagasta, y se focaliza en la magnitud del sesgo seco en los perfiles de humedad relativa que se origina en un cambio de temperatura de los sensores de humedad relativa, respecto al ambiente circundante, producido por radiación solar directa sobre los sensores.
Whole Genome Sequence of a Turkish Individual
Haluk Dogan, Handan Can, Hasan H. Otu
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0085233
Abstract: Although whole human genome sequencing can be done with readily available technical and financial resources, the need for detailed analyses of genomes of certain populations still exists. Here we present, for the first time, sequencing and analysis of a Turkish human genome. We have performed 35x coverage using paired-end sequencing, where over 95% of sequencing reads are mapped to the reference genome covering more than 99% of the bases. The assembly of unmapped reads rendered 11,654 contigs, 2,168 of which did not reveal any homology to known sequences, resulting in ~1 Mbp of unmapped sequence. Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) discovery resulted in 3,537,794 SNP calls with 29,184 SNPs identified in coding regions, where 106 were nonsense and 259 were categorized as having a high-impact effect. The homo/hetero zygosity (1,415,123:2,122,671 or 1:1.5) and transition/transversion ratios (2,383,204:1,154,590 or 2.06:1) were within expected limits. Of the identified SNPs, 480,396 were potentially novel with 2,925 in coding regions, including 48 nonsense and 95 high-impact SNPs. Functional analysis of novel high-impact SNPs revealed various interaction networks, notably involving hereditary and neurological disorders or diseases. Assembly results indicated 713,640 indels (1:1.09 insertion/deletion ratio), ranging from ?52 bp to 34 bp in length and causing about 180 codon insertion/deletions and 246 frame shifts. Using paired-end- and read-depth-based methods, we discovered 9,109 structural variants and compared our variant findings with other populations. Our results suggest that whole genome sequencing is a valuable tool for understanding variations in the human genome across different populations. Detailed analyses of genomes of diverse origins greatly benefits research in genetics and medicine and should be conducted on a larger scale.
Dar Zarrouk Parameter as a Tool for Evaluation of Well Locations in Afikpo and Ohaozara, Southeastern Nigeria  [PDF]
Robert Egwu Otu Iduma, Tamunoene Kingdom Simeon Abam, Etim Daniel Uko
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2016.84043
Abstract: The inhabitants of this area depend solely on contact springs as supply source of potable water. However, provision of potable water to meet the needs of the people still remains an unsolved problem. Therefore, this paper attempts to solve this problem by using Dar Zarrouk (D-Z) Parameters; Total Transverse Unit Resistance, T (Ωm2) and Total Longitudinal Unit Conductance, S-1) to suggest optimal locations for drilling of boreholes in the study area. To attain this purpose, 50 Schlumberger Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) curves with maximum current electrode spacing of AB/2 = 681 m were interpreted. Thus, the aquifer parameters information estimated from the (VES) curves were used to prepare contour maps of T (Ωm2), S-1), aquifer thickness h (m), aquifer resistivity ρ (Ωm), and Water Table Depth (WTD). For effective use of these parameters, iso-thickness and iso-resistivity maps were compared with contour map of transverse resistance. The good agreement between these parameters provided the basis for identification of prolific aquiferous zones. It was observed that the Southern part of the study area majorly underlain by the Afikpo Sandstone of Nkporo Formation (Campanian-Maastrichtian), relatively showed higher T (Ωm2), h (m), and ρ (Ωm) values, which implies high yield aquiferous zones. The relatively loose structure of this sandstone unit, coarse grains, and sorting enables it to be porous and permeable. The Northern part of the region which shows low values for T (Ωm2), h (m), and ρ (Ωm) suggests low productivity for the aquiferous zones. The paucity of water in this parts of the study area can be explained to be as a result of the dominant geology. The high S, values at the Uburu and Okposi locations in this region suggests the presence of saline aquifer. This study would be relevant to the development of effective ground water scheme and for future hydrogeological investigations in the area.
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