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Avalia??o das condi??es ambientais no laboratório de anatomia patológica de um hospital universitário no município do Rio de Janeiro
Franklin, Sheila de Lira;Bettini, Déa Regina;Mattos, Ubirajara Aluizio de Oliveira;Fortes, Júlio Domingos Nunes;
Jornal Brasileiro de Patologia e Medicina Laboratorial , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-24442009000600005
Abstract: background: in pathological anatomy laboratories, there are several kinds of environmental and occupational hazards, which can be associated with work accidents and occupational diseases. objectives: to identify and assess work process risks in order to raise workers' awareness. methods: it was carried out an investigation into work processes, flow of services, equipment, site, products, materials, residues, work teams and workers' activities. subsequently, the agents were assessed and the graphic representation of the risk map was developed. results: the presence of chemical, physical, biological and accidental risks and ergonomic inadequacies were observed. conclusion: biological and chemical agents were identified as the main risks in the work process. furthermore, the necessity of refurbishment and additional investments in the purchase of individual and collective protection equipment was noticed. the adherence to biosecurity protocols and the introduction of continuing education programs are invaluable to reduce occupational and environmental hazards.
Avalia o e diagnóstico das condi es de trabalho em duas indústrias de baterias chumbo-ácidas no Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Mattos Ubirajara Aluizio de Oliveira,Fortes Júlio Domingos Nunes,Shubo Andréia Menezes da Rocha,Portela Luciana Fernandes
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2003,
Abstract: A análise do processo produtivo e das condi es de trabalho em fábricas de baterias chumbo-ácidas apresenta uma gama de informa es mais completas do que as que têm sido discutidas até ent o. O presente estudo analisa o processo produtivo de duas indústrias de baterias no Rio de Janeiro. A metodologia utilizada aborda o assunto de uma forma qualitativa, utilizando como ferramentas entrevistas estruturadas com os trabalhadores e análise do ambiente de trabalho. O principal objetivo deste artigo é mostrar uma metodologia de análise com vis o ambiental ressaltando os riscos inerentes a estas atividades com uso de mapas de riscos, através de sua constru o nos ambientes estudados. Os resultados sugerem um conjunto de recomenda es, baseadas na literatura científica e nas normas de seguran a e medicina do trabalho explicitadas pela legisla o brasileira.
Avalia??o e diagnóstico das condi??es de trabalho em duas indústrias de baterias chumbo-ácidas no Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Mattos,Ubirajara Aluizio de Oliveira; Fortes,Júlio Domingos Nunes; Shubo,Andréia Menezes da Rocha; Portela,Luciana Fernandes; Gómez,Marcela Beatriz; Tabalippa,Marianne; Shubo,Tatsuo;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232003000400026
Abstract: the analysis of the productive process and work conditions in companies of lead-acid batteries presents a range of more complete information than the ones that have been discussed for others companies up to now for its low technology profile. the present study analyzes the productive process of two industries of batteries in rio de janeiro. the used methodology approaches the subject in a qualitative point of view, using tools as: worker's structured interviews and analysis of the work conditions, under an environmental concept. thus, the main objective of this paper is to present a methodology including environment concept on work conditions and point out the inherent risks of these activities by construction of risk's maps. the results has suggested some recommendations, based on scientific knowledge so as safety and occupational health norms, adopted in brazilian legislation. besides that it is pointed out the absolute necessity of general discussion with laborers? participation.
Rea??o histopatológica da parede da aorta abdominal ao stent n?o recoberto
Bombonato, Rubio;Palma, José Honório;Marcondes, José Augusto;Moraes, Aury Nunes de;Rocha, Jo?o Luiz da;Martins, Márcio Rodrigo;Tchaick, Rodrigo Mezzalira;Domingos, Júlio;Buffolo, Enio;
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382006000200014
Abstract: objective: to evaluate the histopathological reaction of the abdominal aorta wall in pigs' renal arteries to the presence of non-covered stainless steel stents. methods: the abdominal aorta of ten pigs (6 months old and weighing 86.6 kg on average) was histopathologically studied 100 days after the implant to a stainless steel stents in the abdominal aorta, with one segment of the stent inplanted in the renal artery. self-expanding non-covered stents were released by laparotomy. the histological slices were made at the transition from the normal aorta and the aorta containing the stent; the aorta portion containing the stent; the portion with the ostia of renal arteries; periaortic lymph nodes and renal parenchyma. the samples were stained by hematoxylin and eosin technique. results: macroscopic findings showed periaortic lymphadenopathy, thickened aortic wall, patency of lumbar and renal arteries and normal renal anatomical structure. microscopic analyses near the stents revealed thickening of vessel wall, secondary to the intima fibrosis, and media layer affected by interstitial fibrosis. micrometric measurements of aorta wall with the stent, compared to the aortic portion without it, presented a 75.90% increasein the total thickness of the wall by thickening of the intima layer secondary to fibroblast proliferation, collagen deposits with lymphocitary inflammatory infiltrate and foreign body-type granulomas. conclusion: the non-covered stainless steel stent in pigs' aortas produced a significant inflammatory reaction with fibrosis in the media and intima layers evidenced by histopathological analyses; their presence did not interfere in the patency of the abdominal aorta or the renal and lumbar arteries.
Pi?metra na espécie felina - Relato de um caso em Panthera onca
TONIOLLO, Gilson Hélio;FARIA Jr., Domingos de;LEGA, Elzylene;BATISTA, Cristina Mendes;NUNES, Newton;
Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-95962000000200014
Abstract: an ounce (panthera onca) diagnosed as having pyometra by abdominal radiography was admitted to the veterinary hospital "governador laudo natel" of unesp - jaboticabal and was treated by ovariohysterectomy. dissociative anesthetic and inhalation anesthesia were used for induction purpose and maintaining surgical anesthesia, respectively. local dressing and antibiotics were used during the postoperative period and recovery was complete in about 10 days.
Competi??o entre larvas de Aedes aegypti e Aedes albopictus em laboratório
Serpa, Lígia Leandro Nunes;Kakitani, Iná;Voltolini, Júlio Cesar;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822008000500009
Abstract: this study had the aim of evaluating the effects of intra and interspecies larval competition between aedes aegypti and aedes albopictus, survival of larvae time taken to develop and wing length. the experiment was carried out with three densities and five proportions of the species. aedes aegypti survival was greater than aedes albopictus survival at intermediate density, while it was lower at high density. only the time taken for aedes albopictus to develop was affected. the differences found in comparing the species combinations demonstrated that the mean wing length of aedes aegypti was generally greater than that of aedes albopictus. for both species, competition had greater effect on wing length and survival than on the time taken to develop. aedes aegypti seems to present better competitive capacity than does aedes albopictus, at intermediate density.
Resolubilidade da estratégia saúde da família e unidades básicas de saúde tradicionais: contribui??es do Pet-Saúde
Nunes, Altacílio Aparecido;Caccia-Bava, Maria do Carmo G. G.;Bistafa, Maria José;Pereira, Luciana Cisoto Ribeiro;Watanabe, Marlívia C.;Santos, Vania;Domingos,lio Augusto Mesquita;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Médica , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-55022012000200004
Abstract: the educational program for health work (pet-saúde) implements a policy to induce new relations between institutions of higher learning and the healthcare network. the university of s?o paulo (ribeir?o preto campus) and the ribeir?o preto municipal health department, selected by pet-saúde/2009, evaluated the case-resolving capacity of primary care units (pc) and family health strategy units (fhs), as a contribution to upgrading primary care. a cross-sectional study was conducted in 13 health units (eight fhs and five pc), with participation by 216 students from various health fields, 30 preceptors (professionals) from the public health system, and five tutors (faculty members). data were collected from 12,494 patient consultations, of which 7.129 (58.9%) were in fhs units and 4.963 (41.1%) in traditional pc units, consisting of 4,059 (33.6%) males and 8.035 (66.4%) females. the pc units referred more patients than the fhs units (or = 1.67; 95%ci 1.46-1.90; [p < 0.05]). the specialties with the heaviest demand for referrals were ophthalmology, cardiology, and orthopedic. as a healthcare mode, the fhs units showed greater case-resolving capacity, and pet-saúde appeared to be an important initiative, considering that it encourages this model's expansion.
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2001,
Abstract: Com o objetivo específico de obter uma popula o segregante, visando à avalia o na frutifica o efetiva, quantidade de sementes normais e peso e diametro de frutos oriundos de poliniza o aberta e dirigida, foram realizados cruzamentos entre dois porta-enxertos de macieira, Marubakaido (Malus prunifolia Borkh.) e M.9 (Malus pumila Mill.) na Esta o Experimental de S o Joaquim -- EPAGRI/SC. 'Marubakaido' apresentou florescimento mais precoce e mais prolongado que a cultivar M.9. A percentagem de frutifica o efetiva, para o porta-enxerto 'M.9' usado como progenitor feminino, foi de 26% e 32%, e usado como doador de pólen, foi de 5% e 25%, no anos de 1999 e 2000, respectivamente. Foram encontrados frutos deformados nos cruzamentos de 'M.9' X 'Marubakaido' e com um maior número de sementes atípicas quando comparadas ao sistema de poliniza o aberta. O mesmo n o ocorreu no cruzamento recíproco. O peso e o diametro dos frutos foram maiores quando houve a poliniza o dirigida em 'M.9', o mesmo n o acontecendo com 'Marubakaido', comparativamente à poliniza o aberta. A análise via contrastes ortogonais revelou valores de F significativos também para número de sementes normais e anormais frente aos dois sistemas de poliniza o em 'M.9'.
Métodos de controle de plantas daninhas no cafeeiro afetam os atributos químicos do solo
Alcantara, Elifas Nunes de;Nóbrega, Júlio César Azevedo;Ferreira, Mozart Martins;
Ciência Rural , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782009000300018
Abstract: in agricultural ecosystems under coffee cultivation, soil management is based on liming, fertilizers and weed control. alternatives that preserve or increase soil organic matter content are considered when the sustainability is the goal. this study was conducted to evaluate the chemical attributes of a dystroferric red latosol (oxisols) under coffee cultivation submitted to 15 years of weed control methods. seven interrows coffee plant weed control methods were used; a mower (rc), tanden disk harrow (gr), rotative hoe (er), pre-emergence herbicide (hpre), post-emergence herbicide (hpos), hand hoe (cm) and no interrows control (test). the p, k+, ca2++ mg2+, sum of bases (sb), base saturation (v), effective (t) and potential (t) cation exchange capacity (cec) were determined in soil depth from 0-0.15m and 0.15-0.30m. test treatment affected positively the p, k+, ca2+ + mg2+ content, and effective and potential cec and v values, while the hr inversely reduced analyzed variable values. others interrows methods rc, gr, er, hpos e cm presented an intermediary conduct among the test and hpre methods on soil fertility.
The importance of pre-treatment of spent hydrotreating catalysts on metals recovery
Pereira, Alexandre Luiz de Souza;Silva, Cristiano Nunes da;Afonso, Júlio Carlos;Mantovano, José Luiz;
Química Nova , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422011000100027
Abstract: this work describes a three-step pre-treatment route for processing spent commercial nimo/al2o3 catalysts. extraction of soluble coke with n-hexane and/or leaching of foulant elements with oxalic acid were performed before burning insoluble coke under air. oxidized catalysts were leached with 9 mol l-1 sulfuric acid. iron was the only foulant element partially leached by oxalic acid. the amount of insoluble matter in sulfuric acid was drastically reduced when iron and/or soluble coke were previously removed. losses of active phase metals (ni, mo) during leaching with oxalic acid were compensated by the increase of their recovery in the sulfuric acid leachate.
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