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Clinical Follow-Up Nursing Quality in Child Health  [PDF]
Fábia Barbosa de Andrade, Tainara L?rena dos Santos Ferreira, Tiago José Barbosa de Andrade, Jéssica Isabelle dos Santos Dutra, Dídia de Oliveira Pereira, Brenda Kalyny Silva, Brenda Kalyny Silva, íngrid Katianne Marques Araújo
Health (Health) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/health.2015.710138
Abstract: Objective: The present work aims to evaluate the impact of the activities of nursing consultations on health conditions of children served in Clínica de Enfermagem Salvando Vidas com Educa??o. Methods: This is an exploratory, descriptive study with a quantitative approach, realized from January through December 2012, at the Clínica de Enfermagem (Nursing Clinic), in the Santa Cruz County, Rio Grande do Norte’s countryside, Brazil. Results: The obtained results showed a significant correlation between the type of pathology and final treatment proven by the value of p = 0.000; as for assessed 60%, more than half were discharged; the most prevalent diseases were the association between cutaneous and gastric with 11% who were discharged and, lastly, the association between gastric and respiratory with 7% discharged. Conclusion: Thus, the activities developed by the project are not restricted to the examination during the nursing consultation, since educational activities are planned from the data obtained in those consultations.
Assessment of Comprehensive Health Care of the Elderly in Primary Health Care  [PDF]
Fábia Barbosa de Andrade, Iris do Ceu Clara Costa, Tainara L?rena dos Santos Ferreira, Isabelle Christine Fonsêca G. A. Silva, íngrid Katianne Marques Araújo, Dídia de Oliveira Pereira, Joymara Railma Gomes de Assun??o, Jéssica Isabelle dos Santos Dutra, Aline de Lima Cabral
Health (Health) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/health.2015.73041
Abstract: Objective: To assess comprehensive care in the elderly population, as well as the quality of care in Primary Health Care. Methods: This is an exploratory descriptive study with a quantitative approach, conducted from July to December 2012, in the city of Santa Cruz, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. A sample of 130 subjects chosen by drawn was calculated, and data collection was performed at their homes. Results: There were interviewed 130 people, 92 (70.8%) women and 38 men (29.2%), with a minimum age of 60 and maximum of 96 years, with a mean of 72.8, median of 72.0 and a standard deviation of 8.3. Regarding the quality of care ratings of the PHC team, 48.5% (n = 63) of respondents stated this to be good, while 32.3% (n = 42) rated this as fair. Conclusions: In this perspective, one of the most appreciated meanings that were given to comprehensive care by health care professionals refers to holistic knowledge of each patient, resulting in the non-fragmentation of care. Thus, it is noticed that comprehensiveness has some weaknesses that need to be corrected, which shows the need for education and training of professionals assigned to primary health care services.
Senior Citizens’ Cultural Activity and Participation in Community Life  [PDF]
Fábia Barbosa de Andrade, Tainara L?rena dos Santos Ferreira, Dídia de Oliveira Pereira, íngrid Katianne Marques Araújo, Joymara Railma Gomes de Assun??o, Isabelle Christine Fonsêca G. A. Silva, Jéssica Isabelle dos Santos Dutra, Aline de Lima Cabral
Health (Health) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/health.2015.77101
Abstract: Objective: This study has the objective to know the cultural activities of the senior citizen and their participation in community life as encouraged by Primary Health Care professionals. Methods: This is a quantitative study that was performed on 130 senior citizens in the city of Santa Cruz, in the Brazil state of Rio Grande do Norte. Results: The participation of senior citizens in groups is very beneficial because it increases their autonomy and self-esteem, socialization, well-being and consequently, which leads to a higher quality of life. However, there were some failures in the promotion of healthy aging and the adoption of strategic activities. Conclusions: Based on this observation, it is expected that this study can provide resources for the primary health care professionals to try to stimulate senior citizens by carrying out cultural activities that value and increase their potential, quality of life and self-esteem and, thus, promote active and healthy aging.
Sociodemographic, Clinical and Quality of Life Aspects of People Aged over 50 Years Living with HIV/AIDS  [PDF]
Alexsandra Rodrigues Feij?o, Klebia Karoline dos Santos Neco, Jéssica Dayane Dantas Costa, Isabelle Christine Marinho de Oliveira, Ana Luisa Brand?o de Carvalho Lira, Bertha Cruz Enders
Open Journal of Nursing (OJN) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojn.2016.66045
Abstract: Introduction: In the last few years, there has been a growth in the number of cases of people with HIV/AIDS aged 50 years and older. This is explained by the inclusion of antiretroviral therapy, increased survival of patients as well as by the growth in the number of infected people in this age group. Objective: To analyze the association between sociodemographic and clinical characteristics with the QOL of people aged 50 years or older living with HIV/AIDS. Methods: Quantitative, cross-sectional study conducted in the outpatient clinic of a reference hospital in Natal, Brazil. The sample consisted of 50 subjects, aged over 50, seropositive for HIV and with cognitive conditions to answer the interview. Authors used sociodemographic and clinical evaluation tools and the WHOQOL-HIV BREF scale. Results: Sociodemographic: respondents’ average age was 57.32 years, 58% male, 38% brown, 26% incomplete primary education, 46% single, 56% retired, 70% with a monthly income of 1 to 2 minimum wages and 70% Catholic. Clinical: 60% have a partner without the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS; 62% had not been hospitalized previously; 66% did not have opportunistic infections; 40% indicated that there was a change in the physiological sexual function after the onset of the disease. Quality of life: people living with HIV/AIDS had low scores in QOL domains. When associating sociodemographic and clinical aspects, it was observed that they had associations with QOL, especially in regard to education, income, religion, change in sexual function and feelings. Conclusion: The spiritual domain was highlighted with the best performance, collaborating to facing, hope and resilience of HIV/AIDS.
From Lab to Field: The Influence of Urban Landscapes on the Invasive Potential of Wolbachia in Brazilian Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes
Heverton Leandro Carneiro Dutra,Lilha Maria Barbosa dos Santos,Eric Pearce Caragata?,Jéssica Barreto Lopes Silva?,Daniel Antunes Maciel Villela?,Rafael Maciel-de-Freitas?,Luciano Andrade Moreira
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases , 2015, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0003689
Abstract: Background The symbiotic bacterium Wolbachia is currently being trialled as a biocontrol agent in several countries to reduce dengue transmission. Wolbachia can invade and spread to infect all individuals within wild mosquito populations, but requires a high rate of maternal transmission, strong cytoplasmic incompatibility and low fitness costs in the host in order to do so. Additionally, extensive differences in climate, field-release protocols, urbanization level and human density amongst the sites where this bacterium has been deployed have limited comparison and analysis of Wolbachia’s invasive potential. Methodology/Principal Findings We examined key phenotypic effects of the wMel Wolbachia strain in laboratory Aedes aegypti mosquitoes with a Brazilian genetic background to characterize its invasive potential. We show that the wMel strain causes strong cytoplasmic incompatibility, a high rate of maternal transmission and has no evident detrimental effect on host fecundity or fertility. Next, to understand the effects of different urban landscapes on the likelihood of mosquito survival, we performed mark-release-recapture experiments using Wolbachia-uninfected Brazilian mosquitoes in two areas of Rio de Janeiro where Wolbachia will be deployed in the future. We characterized the mosquito populations in relation to the socio-demographic conditions at these sites, and at three other future release areas. We then constructed mathematical models using both the laboratory and field data, and used these to describe the influence of urban environmental conditions on the likelihood that the Wolbachia infection frequency could reach 100% following mosquito release. We predict successful invasion at all five field sites, however the conditions by which this occurs vary greatly between sites, and are strongly influenced by the size of the local mosquito population. Conclusions/Significance Through analysis of laboratory, field and mathematical data, we show that the wMel strain of Wolbachia possesses the characteristics required to spread effectively in different urban socio-demographic environments in Rio de Janeiro, including those where mosquito releases from the Eliminate Dengue Program will take place.
Fatores interferentes nas a??es da equipe da Estratégia Saúde da Família ao portador de transtorno mental
Pini, Jéssica dos Santos;Waidman, Maria Angélica Pagliarini;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342012000200015
Abstract: this qualitative study was performed with family health strategy teams in maringá - pr. the objective of the study was to identify the factors that affect interventions provided to individuals with mental disorders. data were collected through focal groups and were subjected to content analysis. participants reported personal and professional issues related to the structure of the service, such as negative feelings, lack of professional skills, and a prioritization towards curative interventions. the mental healthcare network establishes criteria for assistance, deficient reference and counter-reference and the matrix activity. factors affecting the interventions included attachment, lack of family involvement, lack of team participation and poor patient adherence. it was found that few factors contributed to the interventions while many were viewed as hindrances; however, by identifying these factors, the teams can work to improve mental health care.
Desempenho perceptivo-auditivo de crian?as na identifica??o de contrastes fonológicos entre as oclusivas
Berti, Larissa Cristina;Falavigna, Ana Elisa;Santos, Jéssica Blanca dos;Oliveira, Rita Aparecida de;
Jornal da Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S2179-64912012000400010
Abstract: purpose: to verify children's auditory-perceptual performance regarding the identification of contrasts among stop; to identify which phonemes and contrasts provide greater or lesser perceptual difficulty; and to verify age-related influence in auditory-perceptual accuracy. methods: information regarding the auditory-perceptual performance of 59 children (30 male and 29 female) in a task of identification of occlusive consonants in brazilian portuguese were selected from a database. the task consisted on the presentation of acoustic stimuli by headphones, and the choice of the picture corresponding to the word presented between two pictures displayed on the computer screen. the time of stimulus presentation and the reaction time were automatically computed by the perceval software. results: it was found an 85% auditory-perceptual accuracy and a positive correlation with age. the reaction time for errors was significantly higher than the reaction time for correct responses. according to the confusion matrix, perceptual difficulty of contrasts varied: voicing cues are more salient than articulation cues. for the variable place of articulation of occlusive consonants, it was observed an auditory-perceptual asymmetry, in which the phonetic distance plays a key role in perceptual salience. conclusion: the auditory-perceptual ability regarding the identification of stop contrasts is still not stabilized in the age range studied. the auditory-perceptual mastery of occlusive contrasts occurs gradually and, within this class, there seems to be a hierarchy in mastery.
Reproductive biology of Sciades herzbergii (Siluriformes: Ariidae) in a tropical estuary in Brazil
Fernando R. Queiroga,Jéssica E. Golzio,Raphaela B. dos Santos,Tayná O. Martins
Zoologia (Curitiba) , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s1984-46702012000500002
Abstract: The present study investigated the reproductive biology of Sciades herzbergii in the Paraíba do Norte River Estuary, Brazil. We aimed to characterize the reproduction of the species with respect to sex ratio, spawning season, condition factor and length at first maturity. Specimens were captured between August 2009 and July 2010 in a stretch of the main channel of the estuary. In the laboratory, they were measured, weighed and macroscopically classified with regard to sex and gonad development stage, and their gonads were weighted. The monthly distribution of the sexes and their respective stages of maturation were determined. The gonadosomatic index (GSI), condition factor (K) and the length at first maturity were calculated for males and females. The sex ratio was determined monthly and throughout the entire study period and the chi-square test was used to evaluate if the sex ratio differed from 1:1. The Pearson's correlation test was used to determine the correlation between GSI and K values. A total of 260 individuals were captured. It was impossible to determine the sex of 32 individuals, possibly due to their young age. The sex ratio did not differ throughout the overall study period, but significant differences were found in December and May, with a predominance of females, and in March, when males predominated. Spawning activities were concentrated between December and March, as determined by the greater incidence of mature females and higher GSI values. The spawning of the S. herzbergii population is characterized as staggered due to its long duration. For females, K values were not significantly correlated with the GSI, but the decrease in K values in the spawning period indicates that energy is being spent in reproduction. With regard to males, the distribution of developmental stages did not follow the same clear pattern as that seen with females. However, the GSI indicated a greater investment in gonads in October, with a decrease up to July (end of the data acquisition period). For males, K values exhibited a positive correlation with GSI, with a gradual decrease beginning in February up to July, indicating energy that energy was being consumed, which was certainly related to the mouth brooding of eggs and neonates. Mean length at first maturity was 212 mm for females and 240 mm for males. Sciades herzbergii completes its lifecycle in the estuary and exhibits post-spawning parental care. This species is abundant in the estuary studied and information on the reproductive biology of this resident is necessary to the management of the estuari
Mortalidade por aborto no Estado do Paraná: 1998 a 2004
Jéssica Carvalho de Matos,Geisa dos Santos Luz,Sandra Marisa Pelloso,Maria Dalva de Barros Carvalho
Revista Eletr?nica de Enfermagem , 2007,
Abstract: As complica es do aborto destacam-se como uma das principais causas de mortalidade materna e apresenta um maior índice de subinforma o. Este estudo objetivou analisar a evolu o dos óbitos de mulheres que morreram por complica es do aborto no Estado do Paraná e no município de Maringá/PR, no período de 1998 a 2004. Trata-se de um estudo descritivo, retrospectivo realizado por meio do levantamento dos óbitos maternos por causas relacionadas ao aborto no Estado do Paraná (PR) e município de Maringá/PR. Os óbitos por aborto no Estado do Paraná totalizaram no período um percentual de 6,27% dos óbitos maternos ocorridos, com destaque para a faixa etária de 30 a 39 anos. O estado civil foi bem distribuído entre solteiras e casadas. A ra a branca predominou com 76,47 %. No município de Maringá, dentre o total de óbitos maternos identificou-se somente dois óbitos por aborto: mulheres solteiras com mesmo nível de escolaridade, porém com faixa etária distinta (18 e 42 anos). A evolu o das mortes maternas por complica es do aborto no período estudado, aponta para a necessidade de uma a o urgente de caráter preventivo nos programas de saúde da mulher.
Electrooxidation of Phenol on a Ti/RuO2 anode: effect of some electrolysis parameters
Santos, Iranildes D. dos;Afonso, Júlio C;Dutra, Achilles J. B;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532011000500009
Abstract: the influences of electrolysis time, anodic area, current density and supporting electrolyte on phenol and its byproducts degradation on a ti/ruo2 anode were investigated. it was observed that phenol and its byproducts were rapidly broken down in the presence of chloride ions. gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (gc/ms) data have shown that the presence of chloride ions lead to chlorophenols formation, due to reactions with cl2 and/or oclˉ generated during electrolysis. however, these intermediate products were also degraded later by the oxidizing agents. the standards established by the conama (brazilian national council for the environment) for phenols and chlorophenols in effluents were achieved after 360 min of electrolysis with a current density of 10 ma cm-2. cyclic voltammograms obtained with the anodes before and after 436 h of electrolysis under severe salinity conditions (2 mol l-1) and current density (800 ma cm-2) showed that ti/ruo2 did not lose its electrocatalytic properties. this fact indicates that ti/ruo2 can be used for the treatment of effluents containing phenols in a chloride environment
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