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Entre o conformismo e o sonho: percep??es de mulheres em situa??o de vulnerabilidade social à luz das concep??es de Amartya Sen
Magalh?es, Kelly Alves;Cotta, Rosangela Minardi Mitre;Gomes, Karine de Oliveira;Franceschinni, Sylvia do Carmo Castro;Batista, Rodrigo Siqueira;Soares, Jéferson Boechat;
Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-73312011000400017
Abstract: the study aimed to analyze the perception of women in situations of social vulnerability, about their dreams and ways of coping with adversities in their daily lives, trying to see how poverty, according to the concepts of amartya sen, interfered in their attitude towards life. it is a qualitative study, conducted in august and september 2007 in paula candido, minas gerais state, brazil. we interviewed 110 women (10%) enrolled in the programa bolsa família [family grant program], randomly selected. data were collected through semi-structured questionnaire and analyzed using the thematic analysis technique. it was found that the desire for a "better life" was ultimately, the greatest dream of the women interviewed, the set "education-work-money" the most cited way to achieve a dignified life. however, poor education, informal and precarious employment and poor pay are obstacles to achieving their dreams. due to such adversity, the attitude of the interviewees ranged from resignation to self-awareness and hopelessness of their situation as a subject in the world, able to dream and believe in the possibility of realizing their aspirations, using their skills and resources to fight for a "better life". it is noteworthy that a policy to fight poverty - as the fgp - should seek the expansion of human capabilities, articulating with structural actions in order to achieve the ultimate goal of the program: the emancipation and social inclusion of the benefited families.
Resistência do texto: o método psicanalítico entre a literaliza??o e a contingência
Pinto, Jéferson Machado;
ágora: Estudos em Teoria Psicanalítica , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14982001000100005
Abstract: the paper argues that the description and the application of the psychoanalytical method in a research must be coherent with clinical formalization. such formalization has revealed that significant articulations can be logically described in terms of the necessary modality (interpretation). on the other hand, the amount of libidinal investment they can attract is impossible to calculate and is better described as contingent (act). this subject splitting constitutes the obstacle to the full description of the method in academic patterns but, at the same time, constitutes the psychoanalytical field itself.
Edith Stein: concep es de ser finito e ser eterno, significados e manifesta es
Jéferson Luis de Azeredo
Caminhando , 2011,
Abstract: RESUMOO contexto filosófico na qual viveu Edith Stein reflete em seu pensamento na reflex o do Ser finito e do Ser Eterno (Deus). A partir da concep o de Ser finito, como ser dotado de essência e existência numa unidade temporal, ela constrói sua reflex o fenomenológica-antropológica. Cada ser humano é singular,possui uma consciência que vai se revelando (se descobrindo) na medida em que se relaciona com o Outro (indivíduo), que lhe vem como um “espelho” de seu próprio eu. Mas, ao refletir sobre si mesmo, surgem perguntas que lhe causa angústia: De onde vim? Para onde vou? Quem sou? Com esses questionamentos,o Ser humano, descobre sua situa o-limite, sua finitude, abrindo possibilidade à uma existência capaz de lhe sustentar o Ser. Nesta abertura, que se chama filosofia religiosa ou filosofia crist na qual Edith Stein contribui, é que se torna possível o manifestar-se de Deus, esta, numa abertura de fé do Ser humano, em que Deus o busca numa experiência mística, confortando-o e dando-lhe novo sentido à sua vida.Palavras-chave: Ser finito; Ser eterno; situa o-limite; fenomenologia.ABSTRACTThe philosophical context in which Edith Stein lived in his thinking reflects the thinking of Being finite, the Eternal Being (God). From conception to be finite, as being endowed with essence and existence in a unit time, she builds her anthropological-phenomenological reflection. Every human being is unique, has a consciousness that reveals itself (if discovered) in so far as it relates to other (individual), it comes as a “mirror” of his own self. But, reflecting on itself, questions which causes him anguish: Where did I come? Where am I going? Who am I? With these questions, the human being discovers their situation limit their finitude, opening the possibility of a life can you sustain this opening Ser, which is called philosophy of religion or Christian philosophy in which Edith Stein contributes is that it is possible the manifestation of God, that, in an opening of faith of the human being, where God seeks a mystical experience, comforting him and giving new meaning to his life.Keywords: Finite being; Eternal Being; situation limit; phenomenology.RESUMENEl contexto filosófico en el que Edith Stein vivió en su forma de pensar refleja el pensamiento del ser finito, el Ser Eterno (Dios). Desde la concepción hasta ser finito,como ser dotado de esencia y existencia en una unidad de tiempo, construye su fenomenológico-antropológico de reflexión. Cada ser humano es único, tiene
O caso Marylin Monroe: evidências da forclus?o do sujeito e de seu ato
Pinto, Jéferson Machado;Rosa, Márcia;
ágora: Estudos em Teoria Psicanalítica , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14982012000100008
Abstract: the transfer objectification is based on an epistemological position characteristic of the science discourse and implies the verwerfung of the subject's real and of its truth, excluding the possibility of the analytical act. to discuss it, this paper uses biographical data and reports of marylin monroe's last analytical sessions emphasizing that masochism, the real part of the actress' love engagements with the other, was ignored in favor of the symbolic interpretation of the unconscious and of the transfer taken as a mere repetition of the object relationships, with tragic consequences on the subject.
Solutions for Klein-Gordon equation in Randall-Sundrum-Kerr scenario
Oliveira, Jéferson de;Oliveira, Carlos Eduardo Pellicer de;
Brazilian Journal of Physics , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-97332005000700030
Abstract: we study the scalar perturbations of rotating black holes in framework of extra dimensions type randall-sundrum(rs).
Evaluation of alternative respiratory syndromes for specific syndromic surveillance of influenza and respiratory syncytial virus: a time series analysis
Suzanne K Schindeler, David J Muscatello, Mark J Ferson, Kris D Rogers, Paul Grant, Tim Churches
BMC Infectious Diseases , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2334-9-190
Abstract: ED and laboratory data were obtained for the south-eastern area of Sydney, NSW for the period 1 June 2001 - 1 December 2006. Counts of ED visits and laboratory confirmed positive RSV and influenza cases were aggregated by week. Semi-parametric generalized additive models (GAM) were used to determine the association between the incidence of RSV and influenza and the incidence of respiratory syndrome ED presentations while controlling for temporal confounders.For every additional RSV laboratory count, ED diagnoses of bronchiolitis increased by 3.1% (95%CI: 2.7%-3.5%) in the same week. For every additional influenza laboratory count, ED diagnoses of influenza-like illness increased by 4.7% (95%CI: 4.2%-5.2%) one week earlier.In this study, large increases in ED diagnoses of bronchiolitis and influenza-like illness were independent and proxy indicators for RSV and influenza activity, respectively.Syndromic surveillance is increasingly being used for monitoring disease activity because of its potential for early detection of outbreaks and epidemics [1-6], and its potentially widespread coverage of target populations. However, interpretation of surveillance signals is often hampered by the difficulty of implicating a causative pathogen. There is a need to understand whether and how syndromic surveillance can distinguish between specific pathogens circulating in the population.In temperate climate zones, emergency department visits for respiratory conditions such as bronchiolitis, influenza-like illness, and pneumonia have been found to display a distinctly seasonal pattern, with ED visits peaking in the winter months [7,8]. Previous studies have found that influenza virus and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) explain most of the variation in presentations of respiratory syndromes to EDs [9,10,7], but these studies did not determine whether syndromic surveillance could distinguish between these viruses.RSV is the most common cause of lower respiratory tract infection in in
A karyotypic study of three southern Brazilian Asteraceae species using fluorescence in situ hybridization with a 45S rDNA probe and C-CMA3 banding
Fregonezi, Jéferson N.;Torezan, José M.D.;Vanzela, André L.L.;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572004000200016
Abstract: the asteraceae, one of the largest families of flowering plants, contains about 1,100 genera and 20,000 species, and is well known for its extensive karyotypic variation. in this study, conventional feulgen staining, c-cma3 banding, and fluorescence in situ hybridization with a 45s rdna probe were used to determine the chromosome number and the number and physical position of gc-rich heterochromatin and 45s rdna sites in three asteraceae weed species (crepis japonica, galinsoga parviflora and chaptalia nutans). the three species exhibited karyotype differences in the chromosome number and shape, as a commom feature of asteraceae. however, the 45s rdna sites always occurred on the short chromosomal arms, associated with gc-heterochromatin. althought of these differences, it suggests that commom features of plant karyotype are maintained.
Voz e posi??o de prega vocal em homens com paralisia unilateral de prega vocal
Schwarz, Karine;Cielo, Carla Aparecida;Steffen, Nédio;Jotz, Geraldo Pereira;Becker, Jéferson;
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1808-86942011000600013
Abstract: the paralyzed vocal fold positioning and the degree of dysphonia are important inputs when one is deciding upon treatment options for unilateral vocal fold paralysis (uvfp). objective: to check voice characteristics and paralyzed vocal fold position in men with uvfp. materials and methods: this is a retrospective historical cross-sectional cohort study, with data from 24 men with uvfp with mean age of 60.7 years, submitted to voice assessment by three speech therapists and three ent physicians used laryngeal images to classify the position of the paralyzed vocal fold. results: the paralyzed vocal fold was found in the paramedian position in 45.83% of the cases; in the intermediary position in 25%; lateral in 20.83%, and it was in the median position in 4.16%; the dysphonia resulting from the uvfp was characterized by moderate hoarseness, roughness and stress in the voice; breathiness (most had severe breathiness); weakness and instability(mostly mild); the position of the paralyzed vocal fold had a significant influence on the general degree of vocal deviation. conclusion: the general degree of dysphonia is associated with the paralyzed vocal fold position; dysphonia is characterized by hoarseness, breathiness, roughness and stress of moderate to severe levels.
Análise e implementa??o de retificadores PWM trifásicos com resposta de tempo mínimo utilizando desacoplamento por retroa??o de estados
Camargo, Robinson F. de;Botterón, Fernando;Duarte, Marcelo Hey;Marques, Jéferson;Pinheiro, Humberto;
Sba: Controle & Automa??o Sociedade Brasileira de Automatica , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-17592005000400010
Abstract: this paper develops a systematic design procedure based on discrete decoupling by state feedback applied to three-phase pwm rectifiers. a discrete model for synchronous frame is developed for three-phase pwm rectifier with an l filter. this model takes into account the computational delays presents in the discrete implementation. deadbeat response is obtaining without the requirement of a current controller in the axis d. moreover, discrete servo controllers to ensure unit displacement power factor and regulated dc link voltage are developed. finally, experimental results are presented to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed procedure, algorithms and the performance of the overall system.
Jéferson Pereira Ferreira,Jo?o Paulo Rodrigues Martins,Geferson Junior Palaoro,Deleon Demoner Caulyt
Nucleus , 2012,
Abstract: As orquídeas s o frequentemente propagadas por meio das técnicas de cultura de tecidos, porém oelevado custo do nitrato de am nio empregado no meio de cultivo tem levado a busca de fontes alternativas denitrogênio. Objetivou-se estudar a viabilidade técnica da substitui o do nitrato de am nio por uréia, como fonte denitrogênio no meio de cultivo, para a propaga o de Cattleya bowringiana. Plantulas de Cattleya bowringianapreviamente estabelecidas in vitro, com comprimento entre 0,5 e 0,8 cm, foram inoculados em meio de cultura MS, tendo a substitui o do nitrato de am nio nas propor es 0, 25, 50, 75 e 100% por uréia sem alterar o balan o denitrogênio fornecido pelo meio MS. O delineamento experimental foi inteiramente casualizado e as médias obtidasforam submetidas ao teste de Dunnett. A substitui o total de sulfato de am nio por uréia n o afetou o número, ocomprimento e a massa fresca de brotos. No entanto, a substitui o acima de 25% afetou o número e comprimentode raízes. A substitui o parcial com 25% de uréia pode ser empregada na propaga o in vitro de Cattleyabowringiana.Orchids are often propagated through tissue culture techniques, but the high cost of ammoniumnitrate used in the culture medium has led the search for alternative sources of nitrogen. The objective was to studythe technical feasibility of replacing the ammonium nitrate by urea as a nitrogen source in the culture medium for thepropagation of Cattleya bowringiana. Seedlings of Cattleya bowringiana previously established in vitro, with lengthbetween 0,5 and 0,8 cm were inoculated in MS medium, with the substitution of ammonium nitrate in theproportions 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% for urea without changing nitrogen balance provided by the MS medium. Theexperimental design was completely randomized and the averages were subjected to Dunnett test. Total replacementof ammonium sulfate by urea did not affect the number, length and fresh weight of shoots. However, above 25%replacement affecting the number and length of roots. The partial substitution with 25% urea can be used in vitropropagation of Cattleya bowringiana.
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