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A resistência à cloroquina e a busca de antimalariais entre as décadas de 1960 e 1980
, Ivone Manzali de;
História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-59702011000200008
Abstract: in 1961, the world health organization (who) recognized that strains of plasmodium are resistant to chloroquine, which consequently stimulated r&d programs aimed at finding new synthetic drugs to replace this substance in the fight against malaria. the article analyzes the process of scientific research into the production of antimalarial drugs from the 1960s to the 1980s in both the brazilian and international contexts, especially the usa and china. the dynamics specific to each country and the interests tied to questions of international relations engendered points of agreement and of disagreement, with who playing a key role.
"Fito-horm nios": ciência e natureza no tratamento do climatério "Phyto-hormones": Science and nature in the treatment of menopause
Ivone Manzali de
Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva , 2012,
Abstract: Um novo produto chamado "fito-horm nio" foi elaborado para substituir a terapia de reposi o hormonal (TRH) nos últimos anos. Este desenvolvimento está associado a dois contextos históricos, a saber: o anúncio dos riscos associados à terapia de reposi o hormonal (TRH) para mulheres no climatério no ano de 2002, e uma mudan a de percep o do público consumidor e laboratórios farmacêuticos a respeito das plantas medicinais. Algumas plantas já utilizadas por comunidades tradicionais para sintomas associados ao climatério foram pesquisadas cientificamente nas últimas décadas e, como resultado, uma nova categoria de medicamento foi constituída. A partir das teorias ator-rede e de transla o, de Bruno Latour, analisa-se a constru o desta categoria de medicamento, e como a ideia de "natural" foi ressignificada pelos atores envolvidos na rede sócio-técnica. A new product called "phyto-hormone" was designed to replace the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in recent years. This development is associated with two historical contexts: the announcement of the risks associated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for postmenopausal women in 2002, and a change in public perception of consumers and pharmaceutical companies about medicinal plants. Some plants used by traditional communities for symptoms associated with menopause have been scientifically researched in recent decades and, as a result, a new category of medicine was established. From the actor-network theory and translation, Bruno Latour analyzes the construction of this class of drug, and how the idea of "natural" was re-signified by the actors involved in the socio-technical network.
Editorial Editorial
Alexandros S. Botsaris,Antonio Carlos Siani,Ivone Manzali de,Paulo Leda
Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/s0102-695x2007000300001
Ivone Tavares de Lucena
DLCV : Língua, Linguística & Literatura , 2007,
Abstract: This article aims at analyzing features and values which support the identity of Brazilian ortheast. Such identity, once materialized in discourse, appears configured through connections between language and social reality, wchich gets its meaning through cultural manifestations such as ‘cordel’ literature, religious behavior, folklore, believes and values, popular medicine, among others. Focusing on ‘ cordel’ we see the way northeastern man constitutes the subject of his own discourse, (re)creating his identity by the means of symbolic objects which make sense to the memory of the people historically involved with poverty, social marginalization and drought: aspects that speak volumes about ortheast, as they come unannounced with history and context. ‘Cordel’ is to be seen, therefore, as a manifestation in which who speaks is not the subject, but his/her social position, and discursive formation, as a means to bring meaning and value to i, from the moment a voice is given to that subject we realize construction and reconstruction, as well as reproduction of chained discourses, once they are inexhaustible, theyratify themselves, they go beyondtext limits and are materializedthrough the historical, symbolic andideological boundaries.
Intera??o, afeto e constru??o de sentidos entre crian?as na brinquedoteca
Oliveira, Ivone Martins de;Gebara, Ademir;
Educa??o e Pesquisa , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-97022010000100012
Abstract: contexts in which children interact without close interference from adults, as in times of free activities in a toy library, are revealed to be significant in problematizing and discussing aspects related to child development. how do the interactions occur among children in this space? what clues do they offer to the understanding of the factors involved in the construction of the "self" in these children? what is the role of the other/child in this process? these are some of the questions that the present study seeks to discuss, taking as its point of departure vygotsky's contributions to the development of consciousness, those of wallon on the role of the other in the awareness of the self, and those of elias referring to the relation between the meaning the subject constructs about his life and the meanings attributed to it by others. the analysis of the data related to observations of the interactions between children and between children and adults in a toy library and, in particular between two children, a boy with down syndrome who lives with his family and a girl who lives in an orphanage, indicates that in the relationship established with the other what stands out is not so much a unique meaning, but a multiplicity of meanings of the self and the other, accompanied by affective resonances that can be varied and even contradictory.
alfa e b-glucosidases como alvos moleculares para desenvolvimento de fármacos
Melo, Eduardo Borges de;Carvalho, Ivone;
Química Nova , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422006000400036
Abstract: glucosidases are involved in key steps in the processing of oligosaccharides by cleaving o-glucose residues. since they catalyze breaking and transfer reactions of glucosidic groups for the normal growth and development of all the cells, defects or genetic deficiencies in these enzymes are associated with serious disorders of the carbohydrate metabolism. thus, glucosidases represent important targets to develop inhibitors, owing to their potential activities against viruses, tumoral growth and metastasis, diabetes, gaucher's disease and other syndromes associated with the lisosomal storage of glucoesphingolipids, and osteoarthritis. this paper presents a description of the biochemical pathways and mechanisms of a and b-glucosidases, and the currently available drugs capable to inhibit these enzymes.
Tuberculose em trabalhadores de enfermagem: uma abordagem epidemiológica de base populacional
Lorenzi, Ricardo Luiz;Oliveira, Ivone Martini de;
Revista Brasileira de Saúde Ocupacional , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0303-76572008000100002
Abstract: introduction: the risk of tuberculosis in health-care workers has brought growing concerns to society and researchers from developed countries. in brazil there is still a gap between epidemiological knowledge and know-how in this field. this problem requires a more detailed investigation to give support and to provide better application to occupational safety and health regulations, such as the regulatory act called "nr-32". methods: using sao paulo tuberculosis program database "epi-tb" and calculating the standardized incidence ratio, the authors estimated nursing personnel risks. the reference for the study was the population in the city of sao paulo in the year 2004. employers' profiles are described according to health-care facility status, based upon the state of sao paulo nursing council - coren's database. results: approximately 90% of cases registered by the epi-tb notification instrument had their occupation validated by coren's database. the 20-29 age interval showed an increased risk among nurses when compared to the reference population. among 15 to19 year-old nurses'aides there was also an increase of risk. conclusions: nursing personnel may be considered as a nosocomial tuberculosis index category, and monitoring nosocomial tb seems to be feasible since changes are provided in the notification instrument of this disease. the study has tackled possible implications of articulated actions between different institutional actors on prevention and control of tuberculosis, and it discusses ways to overcome current anachronisms in health surveillance practices.
Cuidando de quem cuida: avaliando a qualidade de vida de cuidadores de afásicos
Panhoca, Ivone;Pupo, Aline Cristina de Salles;
Revista CEFAC , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-18462010005000034
Abstract: purpose: to value aphasics' caregivers quality of life using the "caregiver burden questionnaire (burden interview - zarit)". methods: thirty aphasics' caregivers, of both genders, answered twentytwo questions of the questionnaire, and were attended in a clinic-school at a speech therapy university located in the western part of s?o paulo state. besides, the following details were collected: gender; age; school education; time working as caregivers; degree of relationship aphasic-caregiver; difficulties faced during the aphasics' treatment; the type of aphasia that the person under their cares has (and associated attacks). such variables were analyzed in order to check how they were influencing the burden and, in addition to the relation between the general score of the questionnaire and the question answered by the caregivers valuing their own burden. results: we found that the variables "relationship" and "difficulties faced during the aphasic treatment" are related to the caregiver's burden, although the higher burdens were found in caregivers who take care of aphasics showing severe linguistic compromising and become easily irritated when they are not understood. in terms of relationship, aphasic's parents are those who feel more burdens, followed by the spouses, children and brothers. conclusion: the results showed that the aphasic's caregivers shows physical and emotional burden, being of extreme importance knowing their necessities, to better assist and guide them, trying to minimize the burden and improving quality of life.
Cuidando de quem cuida: avaliando a qualidade de vida de cuidadores de afásicos Taking care of the caregiver: valuing of the quality of life of the aphasics caregivers
Ivone Panhoca,Aline Cristina de Salles Pupo
Revista CEFAC , 2010,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: avaliar a qualidade de vida de cuidadores de afásicos, utilizando-se o "Questionário de sobrecarga do cuidador (Burden Interview - Zarit)". MéTODOS: responderam as 22 quest es do questionário, 30 cuidadores de afásicos, de ambos os sexos, que eram atendidos em uma clínica-escola de uma faculdade de Fonoaudiologia do interior do estado de S o Paulo. Além disso, foram coletados os seguintes dados: sexo; idade; nível de escolaridade; há quanto tempo ocupava a posi o de cuidador; grau de parentesco com o afásico; quais suas maiores dificuldades no trato com o afásico; tipo de afasia da pessoa sob seus cuidados (e acometimentos associados). Foram analisadas tais variáveis a fim de verificar como elas influenciavam na sobrecarga e, além disso, verificou-se a rela o entre a pontua o geral do questionário e a quest o em que o próprio cuidador respondia como avaliava sua sobrecarga como cuidador. RESULTADOS: constatou-se que as variáveis "parentesco" e "dificuldades no trato com o afásico" est o relacionadas com a sobrecarga do cuidador, sendo que as maiores sobrecargas foram encontradas nos que cuidam de afásicos que apresentam maiores comprometimentos linguísticos e que se irritam facilmente quando n o s o compreendidos. Quanto ao grau de parentesco os pais de afásicos s o os que se sentem mais sobrecarregados, seguidos pelos c njuges, filhos e irm os. CONCLUS O: os resultados encontrados mostraram que o cuidador do afásico apresenta sobrecarga física e emocional, sendo de extrema importancia conhecer suas necessidades, para melhor assisti-los e orientá-los, buscando minimizar a sobrecarga e melhorando a qualidade de vida. PURPOSE: to value aphasics' caregivers quality of life using the "Caregiver Burden Questionnaire (Burden Interview - Zarit)". METHODS: thirty aphasics' caregivers, of both genders, answered twentytwo questions of the questionnaire, and were attended in a clinic-school at a Speech Therapy University located in the western part of S o Paulo state. Besides, the following details were collected: gender; age; school education; time working as caregivers; degree of relationship aphasic-caregiver; difficulties faced during the aphasics' treatment; the type of aphasia that the person under their cares has (and associated attacks). Such variables were analyzed in order to check how they were influencing the burden and, in addition to the relation between the general score of the questionnaire and the question answered by the caregivers valuing their own burden. RESULTS: we found that the variables "relationship" and "difficulties faced d
A colabora o na produ o de artigos dos professores do Programa de Pós-Gradua o em Ciência do Movimento Humano da ESEF, da UFRGS, entre 2007 e 2009: análise de rede social
Ivone Job,Karen Ribeiro de Freitas
Movimento , 2010,
Abstract: El investigador solitario es una figura distante de la contemporaneidad. El trabajo colaborativo en la comunidad científica se expandió enormemente en el siglo XX apoyado por la tecnología de la información. Para este cuadro contribuyeron la utilización de los recursos electrónicos y la agudización de la competitividad en el medio académico y en otras organizaciones. La colaboración en red fortalece lazos entre investigadores e instituciones, que, de esta forma, generan los recursos y las actividades interdisciplinarias de investigación y contribuyen al sustento mutuo en la construcción del saber científico. Este artículo busca contribuir a la identificación de las redes de colaboración de los profesores del Programa de Posgraduación en Ciencia del Movimiento Humano (PPGCMH) de la UFRGS, en el periodo de 2007 a 2009, referente al último trienio de evaluación de la Coordinación del Perfeccionamiento del Personal de Nivel Superior (CAPES, en su sigla en portugués). Fueron identificados 204 artículos y 280 autores en los artículos publicados. Los resultados apuntan en el sentido de una red colaborativa en construcción, con pocas conexiones entre los profesores y más entre los grupos de investigación. Este artículo pretende contribuir para estudios en el campo de la producción científica de la educación física, y como un instrumento a las actividades de investigación y de posibilidades de intercambio institucional.
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