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Does Evolution matter?: a case study in Brazil of the effects of an evolutionary-thinking academic atmosphere in postgraduate students' belief in God/religious belief
Dias, Ivan A.;Willemart, Rodrigo H.;Marques, Antonio C.;
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0001-37652012005000023
Abstract: although the theory of evolution is more than 150 years old, a substantial proportion of the world population does not mention it when explaining the origin of human beings. the usual alternative conception is offered by creationism, one of the main obstacles to full acceptance of evolution in many countries. national polls have demonstrated that schooling and religiosity are negatively correlated, with scientists being one of the least religious professionals. herein we analyzed both (1) the profile of 1st semester undergraduate students and (2), thesis and dissertations, concerning religious and evolutionary thoughts from biology and veterinary schools at the largest university of south america. we have shown that students of biology are biased towards evolution before they enter university and also that the presence of an evolutionary-thinking academic atmosphere influences the deism/religiosity beliefs of postgraduate students.
A quarta dimens?o no manuscrito
Willemart, Philippe;
Estudos Avan?ados , 1991, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-40141991000100003
Abstract: a detail observed in the carnet zero of gustave flaubert, an umbrella surrounded with fringes, emblem of the king antipas i 's coinage, which permits to read the tale story hérodias and to widen the comprehension of the creative act in the scripture. to work out again the concept of repetitun of ricoeur and defining it as the notification of a being's possibility already established and not as an opening of this multiple possibilities, this article describes a memory of the scripture based on the genesis 's unconscious. then verifying that the cornet's information arrives after the john batist 's beheading, tale 's motive, we suspect the intervention of the fouth dimension in the constituion of the scripture 's memory and the discovery of an original mechanism.
A crítica genética hoje
Willemart, Philippe;
Alea : Estudos Neolatinos , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-106X2008000100010
Abstract: this article reviews the literature to provide the current state of the genetic critic in brazil. it lists the currently available books and periodicals, annals of congresses or symposia published by members of the association of researchers in genetic critic (apcg), showing the tendencies that guide the research in the endless universe of human creation. it also highlights the object of study of the genetic critic, which is not necessarily the one that precedes the word but the processes of creation. finally, it shows the essential role of genetic critic even in the computer era, since the hard disk maintains all the changes made in the text by obliterations and substitutions if the adequate software is installed.
Regulatory Role of Free Fatty Acids (FFAs)—Palmitoylation and Myristoylation  [PDF]
Chung S. Kim, Ivan A. Ross
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2013.49A1028

Multicellular organisms use chemical messengers to transmit signals among organelles and to other cells. Relatively small hydrophobic molecules such as lipids are excellent candidates for this signaling purpose. In most proteins, palmitic acid and other saturated and some unsaturated fatty acids are esterified to the free thiol of cysteines and to the N-amide terminal. This palmitoylation process enhances the surface hydrophobicity and membrane affinity of protein substrates and plays important roles in modulating proteins trafficking, stability, and sorting etc. Protein palmitoylation has been involved in numerous cellular processes, including signaling, apoptosis, and neuronal transmission. The palmitoylation process is involved in multiple diseases such as Huntington’s disease, various cardiovascular and T-cell mediated immune disorders, as well as cancer. Protein palmitoylation through the thioester (S-acylation) is unique in that it is the only reversible lipid modification. Our study on lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and deoxynivalenol (DON) treatment to rats provides some insights to the complex role of protein palmitoylation in chemical and microbial toxicity. In contrast, myrisoylated proteins contain the 14-carbon fatty acid myristate attached via amide linkage to the N-terminal glycine residue of protein, and occur cotranslationally. The bacterial outer membrane enzyme lipid A palmitoyltransferase (PagP) confers resistance to host immune defenses by transferring a palmitate chain from a phospholipid to the lipid A component of LPS. PagP is sensitive to cationic antimicrobial peptides (CAMP) which are included among the products of the Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) signal transduction pathway. This modification of lipid A with a palmitate appears to both and protects the pathogenic bacteria from host immune defenses and attenuates the activation of those same defenses through the TLR4 signal transduction pathway.

The Influence of Feed Intake and Conditioned Reflex on Exocrine Pancreatic Function in Broiler Chicks  [PDF]
Vladimir G. Vertiprakhov, Ivan A. Egorov
Open Journal of Animal Sciences (OJAS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojas.2016.64034
Abstract: The data of an experimental study of the influence of feeding and the conditional stimulus on digestive function in birds is presented. It is stated that feed consumption is a powerful stimulator of pancreatic secretion in broiler chicks. The secretory response of the pancreas was the highest in the morning when secretion of pancreatic juice was 1.8 times higher, amylase activity 3.2 times, proteases activity 3.3 times, lipase activity 2.1 times higher than before feeding (basal levels). The regulation of pancreatic activity is known to be complex-reflex with conditioned-reflex component being very important since it provides 25% higher juice secretion and 42% - 74% higher enzyme secretion compared to the basal levels during few minutes after the conditional signal.
Review of Handbook of Physics in Medicine and Biology, edited by Robert Splinter
Ivan A Dotsinsky
BioMedical Engineering OnLine , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1475-925x-9-53
Abstract: I quickly read over the entire book, then read parts of it in detail. My deep impression is this is an excellent work by a highly competent team. The book chapters follow logically from the properties of the cell membrane through sensors and electroreception, biomechanics and fluid dynamics to the recording of bioelectrical signals, bioelectric impedance analysis, X-ray and computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, ultrasonic and thermographic imaging. I am less familiar with some of the microscopy and optical techniques as well as the lab-on-a-chip and the biophysics of regenerative medicine, which covers a breadth material that can hardly be learned by any single person. Therefore, I will confine my comments to the book's presentation of techniques that I have used in the last decades, keeping in mind the impossibility of achieving a perfect balance between providing foundations of the subjects for students and advanced discussion of the topics for professionals.The Handbook's discussion of fundamental properties of the cell membrane is well organized. However, I missed some applied topics of interest to bioengineers such as electrochemotherapy - a modern method of treating tumors that uses short but intense pulses of electric fields to permeabilize (electroporate) cell membranes to enhance the administration of cytotoxic drugs.The Handbook also provides methodical, perspicuous and very useful discussions of action potential transmission and volume conduction. This is true also for the chapter devoted to the physics of reception which gives profound information about the different senses: taste, smell, touch, pain, as well as hearing and vision. I was particularly interested in a short chapter dealing with biomedical engineering contributions to medical decision making. The progress in electronics, computer science and biomedical technologies has created higher expectances of enhanced technical contributions to medical decision making. In
Abuso sexual na infancia: compreens?o a partir da Epidemiologia e dos Direitos Humanos
Fran?a Junior, Ivan;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832003000100003
Abstract: this article examines the possibilities and limits of the epidemiological and human rights approaches to child sexual abuse (csa). to this end, it examines epidemiological literature as to prevalence and risk factors and concludes that csa occurs on a large scale, primarily affecting youths, especially girls; it is not occasional or isolated in the life of people and communities and its determinants are largely unknown. the article discusses the problems of this production and indicates possible reasons for its limitations. analysis from the human rights standpoint included an examination of the intersubjective nature of the law and of the nature of the legal sphere (private or public) and the powers that determine the compliance of individuals with a given legal rule. from this angle, one concludes that the right to grow and to live free of sexual molestation during childhood is a right pertaining to freedom and integrity (private autonomy). there are explicit mechanisms in brazil's laws forbidding such behavior, but they have little efficacy and do not effectively cover most of the population. the operating conditions of brazilian law cause children to become socially vulnerable to csa. the conclusions are that these approaches, although distinct, can complement each other, so as to foster intersectorial activity for the eradication of csa.
Imagem no judaísmo: aspectos do "aniconismo" identitário
Rocha, Ivan Esperan?a;
História (S?o Paulo) , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-90742007000100009
Abstract: the visual sources acquire a wider space among the humanities. in the historiography its capacity to represent the social imaginary and to evidence the collective mentalities have been considered, enriching or filling out spaces left by the written documentation. in the jewish culture, however, the image had a very special treatment, becoming a distinctive element of its identity. what initially had as intention to guarantee the javistic monotheism ended for defining a certain aniconism that only very recently was overcome.
Dominadores e dominados na Palestina do século I
Rocha, Ivan Esperan?a;
História (S?o Paulo) , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-90742004000200012
Abstract: the relationship between dominators and dominated in palestine of the first century emerges in an indirect way in a document produced with the objective of telling the testimony of the author, flavius josephus, about the war among jews and romans. more than a war against the romans, what one sees is a deep inner crisis involving different interests of jewish groups aligned or distant of the " enemy's " power.
Lumini?a Ivan
Jurnalul de Chirurgie , 2008,
Abstract: Aims: Despite their importance, prognostic factors in gastric cancer are not well known. Material and methods: The study included surgical specimens from 40 patients with gastric carcinoma. All specimens were fixed in 10% buffered neutral pH formaldehyde and paraffin embedded. Histological sections were stained using current techniques: haematoxylin-eosin, trichromic van Gieson, and Alcian blue. Laurén histological classification with two main types of gastric carcinoma: intestinal and diffuse was used to classify the specimens. We assessed the proliferative activity by determining the percentage of immunoreactive cells for Ki67 antigen (AM297 antibody Biogenex) and comparing the Ki67 index with histological type. Results: Immunoreactivity was positive for ki-67 in all cases: 12 cases of gastric carcinoma intestinal type – low to moderate index, 26 cases of gastric carcinoma diffuse type – moderate to high index and 2 cases of mixed gastric carcinomas – low to moderate index. Conclusions: The positive rates for Ki67 along with histologic differentiation give us useful information regarding the evolution and the prognosis of gastric cancer. These observations prove that a high proliferative activity is a prognostic factor for a highly malignant phenotype of the tumor.
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