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Histone H1/MBP hydrolysing antibodies - novel potential marker in diagnosis of disease severity in systematic lupus erythematosus patients  [PDF]
Valentyna Chopyak, Yaroslav Tolstiak, Iryna Magoryvska, Rostyslav Bilyy, Rostyslav Bilyy, Natalya Korniy, Yuriy Kit, Rostyslav Stoika
Health (Health) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/health.2010.210177
Abstract: Recently we have shown the presence of catalytically active IgGs, capable to cleave histone H1 and bovine myelin basic protein (MBP), in blood serum of SLE patients. Here we present data that demonstrate the correlation between a) proteolytic activity towards histone H1 and MBP of IgG-antibodies from blood serum of SLE patients and b) disease severity level in these patients. IgGs were isolated from blood serum by chromatography on protein G-sepharose. Commercial preparations of bovine myelin basic proteins (MBP) and calf thymus histone H1 were used as substrates. Analysis of the proteolytic activity showed that 16 of 38 lgG-preparations (42,1%) obtained from blood serum of SLE patients were capable of cleaving both histone H1 and MBP with different efficiency. It was revealed that the presence in blood serum of lgGs possessing proteolytic activity towards both histone H1 and bMBP closely correlates with manifestation of the disease severity in SLE patients.
Prediction of Multiphase Alternative of Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis Course Development  [PDF]
Iryna Lobanova, Olena Myalovitska
World Journal of Neuroscience (WJNS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/wjns.2014.42011

Prediction of development of the multi-phase alternative for the course inherent to acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) is of great clinical importance, as it enables timely determination of the treatment tactics as well as volume of respective therapeutic interventions. This work is aimed at ascertaining the prognostic factors that determine the risk of development of the multi-phase course in disseminated encephalomyelitis. We have examined 101 patients with the diagnosis ADEM, namely: 28 men and 73 women in the age from 17 up to 53 years (average value 31.7 ± 1.01 years). To ascertain the prognostic meaning of clinic-paraclinic indices corresponding to patients with ADEM, we estimated the cumulative part of absence of relapses in the group of patients by using the Kaplan-Meyer method with estimating the Fisher criterion and using the most important clinic-paraclinic data. Development of the multiphase course in ADEM is reliably related to the following prognostic signs: changes in the neurologic status of patients with ADEM, degree of disability in accord with the EDSS scale as well as sizes of demyelination focuses determined using MRT. Criteria for congenial prediction in disease development with delayed appearance of ADEM relapses in the form of the multi-phase course are as follows: domination of motor impairments over coordinative impairments in neurological status, slight degree (in EDSS scale) of disability and small sizes (up to 4 mm) of demyelination focuses (MRT data). Our analysis of the main clinic-paraclinic indices obtained using the Kaplan-Meyer method indicates reliability of results and enables us to find a number of important prognostic criteria for appearance of the multiphase course in ADEM.

The peculiaryties and prerequisites origin conflicts in the region
Iryna Sivchuk
Socìal?no-ekonomì?nì Problemì ì Der?ava , 2010,
Abstract: Research of having the collective working discussion in the organization Ternopil region, it is defined their cores cause occurrence that methods overcoming of negative consequences.
From specialization to diversification
Shuran, Iryna
Socìal?no-ekonomì?nì Problemì ì Der?ava , 2012,
Abstract: The main types of corporate diversification strategy were considered. Strategic opportunities to diversify the company's were given. The main advantages and disadvantages of diversification strategies in related and unrelated fields of activity were identified. The examples of companies that have implemented the strategic approaches to diversification were given. The most common approach of this strategy in the domestic industrial market was identified.
Bibliographic Data Towards the Semantic Web: A Review of Key Issues and Recent Experiences = Bibliyografik Verilerin lenmesinde Yenilik i Yakla mlar: Semantik Web’e Do ru
Solodovnik, Iryna
Bilgi Dünyas? , 2012,
Abstract: This article intends to review the underlying concepts and technologies of the Semantic Web and the potential they provide for metadata management covering bibliographic resources. To get closer to a semantic web data space, different libraries are adhering to the initiatives making their traditional Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) operational on the web through SKOS techniques, as well as releasing bibliographic data under open licenses (open bibliographic data)and publishing it with Linked Data (LD) mechanisms. LD meaningful semantic connections createthe Web of Data, a global database representing the first practical step to the Semantic Web.Here interoperable data can be processed independently of application, platform or domain,providing rich retrieval results produced by powerful query languages. From a library perspective,a problem statement is a global promotion within the Library community of understandingand of adoption of Linked Open Data (LOD), of LODe-BD recommendations, as well as releasing bibliographic data as Linked Library Data (LLD). In this way, different bibliographic datasets could become full members of the Semantic Web making interoperable different knowledge datasets of heterogeneous web communities. / Son y llarda, verilerini Web üzerinden payla an global Web topluluklar nda, bibliyografik,bilimsel ve y netsel verilerin y netilmesi bak m ndan dijital bilgi sistemleri, yeni bilginin üretiminde merkezi bir rol oynamaya ba lam t r. Dijital materyallerin hacmi büyüdük e ve kullan mlar yayg nla t k a, dijital ge mi ve gelece imizin irtibatland r lmas nemli bir ba ar mücadelesi gerektirmektedir. Geleneksel Bilgiyi organize eden sistemler, dijital evrede veri yay nlanmas n n yeni ortaya kan y ntemleri, verileri serbest eri ime a ma ve ili kilendirerek “a k veri” haline getirme, farkl toplumlar n yenilik i yakla mlar n destekleyen i birli i al malar olu turma, bibliyografik veri taban y netimine zgü yeni yakla mlard r. Ayn ekilde, dijital i eri in düzenlenmesinde gittik e karma kla an ortamlara ihtiya duyulmas , metaveri modellemesinde yeni rlar a maktad r. Bu al man n temel amac , dijital enformasyon ve veri y netimindekiyeni kuramsal ve pratik kullan m olan paradigmalardan okuru haberdar etmek ve zellikle de Semantik Web kapsam ndaki bibliyografik verilere odaklanmakt r.
Human Body in the Society: The View through the Prism of Literary Corporality
Iryna Galutskikh
International Journal of Social Science and Humanity , 2013, DOI: 10.7763/ijssh.2013.v3.235
Abstract: The article focuses on the research of the impact of social factors on human body through the prism literary texts of modernist period. The material of the analysis is the corpus of literary prose by Virginia Woolf. By means of linguistic (semantic and conceptual) analysis of the literary text the vision of corporality characteristic of the modernist period is revealed as well as specific features of interaction of human being and society that found bodily reflection in the imagery space of V. Woolf’s prose.
I metadati nelle biblioteche digitali: concetti chiave e prospettive Metadata issues in Digital Libraries: key concepts and perspectives
Iryna Solodovnik
JLIS.it , 2011, DOI: 10.4403/jlis.it-4663
Abstract: L'articolo si propone di esaminare il significato, il ruolo e le implicazioni di alcuni approcci utilizzati nella gestione della biblioteca digitale. L'innovazione nella gestione delle risorse online e il miglioramento della loro interoperabilità si può ottenere con una normalizzazione degli schemi di metadati attraverso l'uso di standard interoperabili e vocabolari internazionali e condivisi, e con l'arricchimento dato da ontologie e linked data, che sono alla base delle riflessioni sul web semantico e sulla costruzione di livelli semantici sulle descrizioni dei metadati. Attraverso l'esame di alcune metodologie innovative di rappresentazione dell'informazione (LODe-BD, SWAP), l'articolo mostra alcune modalità di creazione della conoscenza in ambiente digitale, con particolare riferimento ai dati bibliografici. The article sets out to investigate the meaning, role and implications of some information management approaches used in Digital Library practice. A greater focus on innovation in managing online resources and on improving their interoperability can be achieved by normalizing metadata schemas through interoperable standards, world-wide accepted controlled vocabularies as well as by their enrichment through qualitatively constructed ontologies and linked data, which are key to the expansion of the semantic reasoning on the web through building and connection of additional semantic layers on top of metadata descriptions. Reviewing some innovative methods of information representation (LODe-BD, SWAP), the paper tries to lead the reader to discover some new ways of knowledge creation in digital information environment, in particular what concerns digital bibliographic records.
The Features of IPO Operations by Ukrainian Companies on International Stock Markets
Iryna Fyshchuk
European Researcher , 2012,
Abstract: In this article the features of Initial Public Offerings (IPO) of the Ukrainian companies are considered in the conditions of globalization of stock market, which show up through intercommunication of advantages and disadvantages of the use of alternative funding processes of capitalization the capital
Discrete time approximation of coalescing stochastic flows on the real line
Iryna Nishchenko
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: In this paper we have constructed an approximation for the Harris flow and the Arratia flow using a sequence of independent stationary Gaussian processes as a perturbation. We have established what should be the relationship between the step of approximation and smoothness of the covariance of the perturbing processes in order to have convergence of the approximating functions to the Arratia flow.
Iryna Protsyk
Language: Classic – Modern – Postmodern , 2018, DOI: 10.18523/lcmp2522-92812018156156
Abstract: Background. In Ukrainian football discourse in the first half of the 20th century, along with the names which were becoming the norm to football usage, there were lexemes that in modern social linguistics are called slang. Football slang was an “everyday live” component of football language of that time, which was actively developing during the researched period. Purpose. The aim of the article is description of slang vocabulary in Ukrainian football discourse in Halychyna in the first half of the 20th century. Methods. Basic methods of investigation are linguistic observation and lexicographic analysis of slang words in football area. Results. Analysis of football slang vocabulary which allows us to state that it consisted of common names with expanded meanings and names that had been borrowed from the city language, Lviv dialect in particular. To confirm this, we refer to the monography by Oleksa Horbach “Argo in Ukraine”, which analyzes many football slang words; furthermore, they have also been included in catalogues of lexicographic studies dedicated to the description of the city dialect in Halychyna and Bukovyna. The most numerous in terms of slang words of football area are the following thematic groups: names of actions and processes, names of people, names of results of actions, outfitted actions, names of signs. In this article, the author pays special attention to the detailed analysis of lexemes within the thematic group of names of football actions and processes that contains such nominations as betonuvaty vorota, dribliuvaty, drobyty miach, zrobyty vorotaria, kibitsuvaty, kyvaty / kivaty / skyvaty / vykivaty / kyvatysia, kiksuvaty, muruvaty / zamuruvaty, naparyty protyvnyka, spukhnuty, strilyty, shvartsuvatysia, yty na maidan “na shvarts”. Discussion. Among slang lexemes which functioned in football language of Halychyna, there were common names that had been semantically transformed (first of all, expansion of meaning as a result of metaphorization) and also a lot of words from Lviv city dialect. The article reveals that football slang words of the first half of the 20th century are the result of semantic derivation, adaptation of foreign loanwords (Germanisms), and formation of hybrid names.
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