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Creative Professional Position as an Education Quality Factor in the Institute of Arts  [PDF]
Inga E. Rakhimbayeva
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.25009
Abstract: The paper discusses the problem of the creative professional position which is considered in the context of art education quality. The author marks the elements of this position which is described as a personality self-fulfillment product.
An isolated perfused pig heart model for the development, validation and translation of novel cardiovascular magnetic resonance techniques
Andreas Schuster, Inga Grünwald, Amedeo Chiribiri, Richard Southworth, Masaki Ishida, Gunnar Hay, Nicole Neumann, Geraint Morton, Divaka Perera, Tobias Schaeffter, Eike Nagel
Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1532-429x-12-53
Abstract: 6 hearts were perfused outside of the MR environment to establish preparation stability. Coronary perfusion pressure (CPP), coronary blood flow (CBF), left ventricular pressure (LVP), arterial blood gas and electrolyte composition were monitored over 4 hours. Further hearts were perfused within 3T (n = 3) and 1.5T (n = 3) clinical MR scanners, and characterised using functional (CINE), perfusion and late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) imaging. Perfusion imaging was performed globally and selectively for the right (RCA) and left coronary artery (LCA). In one heart the RCA perfusion territory was determined and compared to infarct size after coronary occlusion.All physiological parameters measured remained stable and within normal ranges. The model proved amenable to CMR at both field strengths using typical clinical acquisitions. There was good agreement between the RCA perfusion territory measured by selective first pass perfusion and LGE after coronary occlusion (37% versus 36% of the LV respectively).This flexible model allows imaging of cardiac function in a controllable, beating, human-sized heart using clinical MR systems. It should aid further development, validation and clinical translation of novel CMR methodologies, and imaging sequences.Coronary artery disease (CAD) with subsequent myocardial infarction and heart failure constitutes a leading cause of death in the western world [1]. Myocardial ischaemia is the major pathophysiological mechanism underlying these cardiovascular diseases.Cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) is being used increasingly in the diagnosis and assessment of CAD as it has the unique capability of assessing myocardial function, viability and perfusion in one session [2]. It also compares favourably with other non-invasive methods [3-6]. This high-resolution technique has evolved rapidly over the past few years with the development of new hardware, contrast agents, acquisition sequences and new post-processing tools. These recent and
Conflicting results of prenatal FISH with different probes for Down's Syndrome critical regions associated with mosaicism for a de novo del(21)(q22) characterised by molecular karyotyping: Case report
Christel Eckmann-Scholz, Stefan Gesk, Inga Nagel, Andrea Haake, Susanne Bens, Simone Heidemann, Monika Kautza, Christian Timke, Reiner Siebert, Almuth Caliebe
Molecular Cytogenetics , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1755-8166-3-16
Abstract: Fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) on uncultured amniotic fluid cells is a widely used means for the rapid prenatal diagnosis of common aneuploidies. Different commercial suppliers provide FISH assays for the detection of trisomies involving the Down syndrome critical regions (DSCR) in 21q22 which have been extensively validated in single institution series [1,2] and multicenter trials [3]. Interpretation of FISH results may be difficult if unexpected results are detected which for example can be caused by structural aberrations or mosaicism. Here we present a case in which rapid FISH screening with different commercial probes for the Down's syndrome critical regions yielded conflicting results with regard to a partial monosomy 21q. Moreover, by extensive conventional and molecular karyotyping we show this diagnostic problem to be caused by a de novo del(21)(q22) as part of a mosaic karyotype. Deletion of 21q is a rare chromosome disorder. In a recent review of 23 patients of whom reliable mapping data are available the variable phenotype depending on the deleted region became obvious [4]. Intrauterine growth retardation which was the initial presentation of the proband seems to be a constant finding.A 35-year-old woman presented at 24+0 weeks of gestation of her fourth pregnancy. She had suffered two early pregnancy losses. The third pregnancy ended in the delivery of a healthy boy. Medical and family history of the proposita and her partner were unremarkable. First trimester-screening including ultrasound and maternal serum biochemistry had been normal (adjusted risks +21 = 1:1839; +18 = 1:610; +13 = 1:3515). In the 25th week, ultrasound revealed symmetric foetal retardation with cerebral ventriculomegaly, partial agenesis of the corpus callosum, short nasal bone and hyperechogenic bowel. Therefore, amniocentesis was performed and foetal karyotyping initiated. For rapid screening for aneuploidies, FISH was performed according to standard methods on uncultur
Unwanted Literal Translation: An Underdiscussed Problem in International Achievement Studies
Inga Arffman
Education Research International , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/503824
Abstract: In international achievement studies, a common test is typically used which is translated into the languages of the participating countries. For the test to be valid, all the translations and different-language test versions need to be equally difficult to read and answer. An underestimated and underdiscussed threat to this validity is unwanted literal translation. This paper discusses the problem of unwanted literal translation in international achievement studies. It defines what is meant by unwanted literal translation and explains why it is a threat to the validity of international achievement studies and why it is so difficult to avoid. It also discusses problems there have been when translating these tests which may have promoted unwanted literal translation and provides suggestions on how to improve the translation practices so as to ensure that the translations are in as natural and idiomatic language as possible.
Das Spiel als der Wille der Schrift in der Erz lung Eliza Eliza von Ilse Aichinger | aidimas kaip ra to valia Ilz s Aichinger apsakyme Eliza Eliza
Inga Bartkuvien?
Literatura , 2007,
Abstract: Straipsnyje analizuojama ra to koncepcijos sklaida austr ra ytojos Ilz s Aichinger apsakyme Eliza Eliza. Straipsnio i eities ta kas yra ra to esm s s saja su aidimo principu, metodologinis pagrindas – Jacques’o Derrida sceni ko tarsi aidimas, ra to samprata. Ra t apsakyme Eliza Eliza kūnija v duokl s vaizdinys, ir ra tas tampa sceni kas. Veik j paveiksluose velgiami aktori , marione i , re isieriaus vaidmenys. Besipl tojantis novel s veiksmas prilygsta spektakliui. Ir ra t , ir j fiksuojan i v duokl veikia sceniniai estetikos d sniai – tampos tarp prie ingybi augimas ir slūgimas. Novel je eksplikuojamas netik tumas“ i judina i anksto numatyt racionali tvark . Ra tas – vaidinimas funkcionuoja kaip nes moningas ir nesibaigiantis aidimas. aidimo principas novel je perteikiamas v duokl s klos i bangavimu. Svarbiausia v duokl s savyb – pasl pti ir atskleisti – pritaikoma ra tui, byloja apie enkli k od i materialum , atsiverian ias bei u siskleid ian ias reik mes. Klos i figūra alina subjekt – jo viet u ima santyki visuma. Santykiai suvoktini kaip (ra to) sferos, kurios ribos yra, bet negali būti nusakomos, sluoksniai. Klos i aism , v duokl s aukso spalv “ reik t suprasti kaip atvirk iai atspindin ius, tai apibūdina ra to funkcionavim , atveria refleksijos arba autorefleksijos galimyb . Veidrod io figūros rastis teikia retrospektyvos galimyb . Atminties aktualinimas, apsakyme figūruojantys ra to atspaudai ant smilkini “ ir irdyje“, remiantis Derrida poezijos s vokos ai kinimu, leid ia daryti i vad apie ra to kūno“ atsiradim ir to kūno lugim poetin s kalbos katastrofoje“.
Размышления о божественной литургии: границы театральности в творчестве Н. В. Гоголя | Dievi kosios liturgijos apm stymai: teatrali kumas Nikolajaus Gogolio kūryboje | Meditations on the divine liturgy: boundaries of the theatricality in the creative work of Nikolay Gogol
Inga Vidugiryt?
Literatura , 2004,
Abstract: Meditatons on the divine liturgy: boundaries of the theatricality in the creative work of Nikolay GogolInga Vidugiryt Summary The purpose of the present article is to demonstrate the theatricality of Gogol’s Meditations on the Divine Liturgy. Theatricality is “the language of theatre as art”, as Jurij Lotman has stated. Phillis Hartnoll points out three aspects, viz. an actor, a dialogue, and a spectator, that separate theatre from its origins – the ritual. The birth of the spectator seems to Lotman and to Boris Uspenskij to be the decisive factor to establish a situation of the performance. The visuality of the performance is the main feature of theatre as art.There are three presumptions Gogol has about liturgy: (1) liturgy is a dramatic form of the evangelical plot, (2) the forms of worship in liturgy are so perfect that watching them is enough to understand the meaning of the ritual, (3) in liturgy, it is possible to achieve the unity of souls and feelings of all participants of the ritual. Gogol presents liturgy as performance. The narrative is based on separate scenes with clearly marked beginnings and ends. Gogol even renders intonations of dialogues between a priest and a deacon. The motif of performing distinguishes Gogol’s work from his predecessors.The only point of view in the text is from the outside. The narrator is one of the spectators of liturgical performance. On the other hand, the narrator is also a participator of the worship. Gogol shows the effect the performance makes on people and also renders their praying. Taking the sacrament is described as catharsis and in the same terms as Aristotle has done, viz. the horror and the purging. So even at this moment the theatrical nature of liturgy is retained.In the context of the Gogol’s discourse of theatre, liturgy seems to be the ideal performance. One can presuppose that the writer’s wish to explain the role of the theatre has ended with describing the most spectacular performance of the orthodox ritual. In doing this the writer was most likely influenced by the Ukrainian baroque tradition which shaped Gogol’s artistic imagination. The theatricality of the baroque aesthetics found its place in the visual nature of Gogol’s texts.In his search for new creative forms Gogol was not alone. In 1842–1843 Adam Mickiewicz pointed to the Greek tragedy and to the mysteries of the Middle Ages as possible examples to follow in the future Slavonic theatre. By demonstrating the theatrical possibilities of the Christian ritual Gogol was close to these ideas.
Entwürfe der Subjektivit t in der Lyrik Paul Celans (Sprachgitter). Subjektyvumo projektai Paulio Celano eil ra iuose
Inga Bartkuvien?
Literatura , 2010,
Abstract: Straipsnyje aptariami subjektyvumo projektai Paulio Celano eil ra iuose Heimkehr (Gr imas namo) ir Stimmen (Balsai) i rinkinio Sprachgitter (Kalbos grotos). Remiantis modernizmo ir postmodernizmo teorijose pl totomis subjekto koncepcijomis, su-bjektas suprantamas ne kaip vykusi tapatyb , o kaip viena i galim perspektyv ir kaip determinuotas kalbos. Teigiama, kad kiekviename eil ra tyje su-bjektas steigiasi i naujo, yra vis kitoks, reikalaujan-tis i skaitytojo nuolatin s savo vilgsnio per iūros. Eil ra ius leid ia gretinti balso, nebylumo, atmin-ties, ra to refleksijose aptinkami subjekto ir kalbos sanklotos ir atskirties atvejai. Tekstus sieja impli-kuojamos tapatyb s ir skirtumo, savasties ir kityb s problemos. Eil ra tyje Heimkehr atsiveria subjekto esaties–nesaties paradigma, kurioje artikuliuotas, ta- iau nebylumu ir marumu pa enklintas a “ gali būti perskaitytas kaip sau kitas. Eil ra tyje Stimmen bal-s figūromis kuriama nesubstancialaus, spektri ko, figūratyvaus subjektyvumo suvokimo galimyb .
Verortung des Dichtens in Der Erz hlung Meine Sprache und ich von Ilse Aichinger. Kūrybos rai kos vieta Ilz s Aichinger apsakyme Mano kalba ir A
Inga Bartkuvien?
Literatura , 2008,
Abstract: Straipsnyje analizuojamas kūrybos lokalizacijos klausimas objektu pasirinkus Ilz s Aichinger apsa-kym Mano kalba ir a . Susitelkta ties kalbos rai -kos enklais autoreferentiniame Aichinger ra yme. Siekis – atskleisti, kaip tekste i sid sto, kaip veikia ir kokias reik mes gauna kalba, ra antysis, ra ymas, ra tas. Teorines prieigas teikia Martino Heideggerio kalbos filosofija bei Jacques Derrida gramatologija“.Straipsnio dalyje Riba kaip kalbos sritis“ apta-riamos kalbos sklaidos kūryboje bei kūrybos kalboje aktualizacijos. Kalba Aichinger tekste steigiasi opo-zicini savybi sava / svetima sandūroje. Analiz pa-rodo, jog i opozicij eliminuoja besiple iantis kity-b s atver i laukas. Personifikuotos kalbos sienos kirtimas“, apsistojimas prie jūros“ erdvi kai ymi ribin situacij , kuri yra kalbos būties s lyga.Dalyje Kūryba ra te“ gvildenami veikian i figūr implikuojami balso ir ra to santykiai: balsas yra kalban iojo subjekto savyb , antropomorfin pa-vidal apsakyme gijusi kalba prabilti atsisako. Jos būties būdas yra spektri kas, daugialypis, ra ti kas. Susting s ra ale“ ra antysis praranda subjektyvyb ir i lieka tik kaip signatūros statusas, o sustingusi ra ale kalba“ gr inama ra to būties namus“.
Alergia pokarmowa u dzieci - trudno ci diagnostyczne
Inga Adamska
Pediatria Wspó?czesna , 2011,
Abstract: Diagnostyka alergii pokarmowej jest procesem trudnym i wieloetapowym. Niew a ciwa diagnoza mo e narazi pacjenta na niepotrzebne leczenie, m.in. diet eliminacyjn . Podstaw rozpoznania alergii pokarmowej jest szczegó owo przeprowadzone badanie lekarskie oraz próby eliminacji i prowokacji. Podejrzenie alergii IgE-zale nej u cz ci pacjentów mo na potwierdzi testami skórnymi i oznaczeniem swoistych antygenowo przeciwcia klasy IgE. Ze wzgl du na ryzyko wyst pienia powik ań podczas prób prowokacyjnych i niedoborów ywieniowych w czasie stosowania diet eliminacyjnych, opieka lekarska nad dzie mi z alergi pokarmow wymaga znacznej wiedzy i do wiadczenia.
Petraviciute, Inga
Knygotyra , 2006,
Abstract: Over recent years there has been an increased awareness on the part of state archives of the EU Member States of the needs of preserving electronic records. This has manifested itself in the significant amount of activity, especially in the formulation of regulations and recommendations concerning the treatment of electronic records in government agencies, and their transferral to the state archives. However, there still appears to be potential for greater synergy and cooperation in these matters in the various state archives of the EU Member States. The legal situation across Europe with regard to the archiving of public records generated by government agencies, and public access to such records, remains diverse. Differences exist not only in terms of the legal requirements, but also to the extent to which these are interpreted and enacted. Most of the activities on preserving electronic records and providing access to such recordshave been concentrated in the north-western States of the EU, and it is only within this region that specialised facilities within state archives for the preservation of electronic records have beenestablished. Much of the activity and developments with regard to the treatment and access of electronic records has been concentrated within state archives and central state government agencies.
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