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Doctors Perception of Nursing Care in Lubumbashi City Public Hospitals  [PDF]
Ndayi Kabamba Julie, Ilunga Musaya Pierrot, Nyembo Shimba André, Kabange Umba Irène, Mwinkeu Kasongo Narcisse, Ilunga Kandolo Simon, Omanyondo Ohambe Marie Claire, Malonga Kaj Francoise
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105579
Introduction: Teamwork is an issue that hospitals must encourage. But the fact is that many hospitals do not promote mutual knowledge of different professions for complementarity in order to meet the needs of patients or the population. Our study pursued a three-fold objective: to explore physicians’ perceptions of nursing care, to describe physicians’ perceptions of the role of nurses, and to identify some characteristics of physician-nurse collaboration. Method: We conducted a cross-sectional descriptive study with 14 doctors at Lubumbashi General Reference Hospitals (Sendwe, South Gecamines and University teaching hospital). Data collection took three months, from May 1 to July 31, 2018. Of the exhaustive sample of a population of 25 physicians, only 14 physicians freely consented and participated in the study and constituted the final size of our study sample. The data has been processed with Excel 2013 and Epi-info 7 software version Results: At the end of our study, we found that no doctor has been able to define either the term nurse or nursing. In addition, 21.5% of the doctors thought that the role of the nurse is to execute the decisions of the doctor. Although 78.6% and 64.3% respectively strongly agreed on the nurse’s consideration as a collaborator and staff needing to clarify a medical prescription; 71.4% reported that the nurse did not have an independent role, 100% had no knowledge of the nursing approach, and 100% found that respect for the role of physicians is one of the elements of their collaboration. In the end, all these results showed the ignorance of the term nurse, nursing care and the nursing approach by the doctors of the public hospitals of the city of Lubumbashi. Conclusion: At the end of our research, we found a negative perception of the nurse and nursing care by the physicians participating in our survey. Awareness within the multidisciplinary team about recognizing the role and limitations of the nurse’s skills becomes a necessity. The quality of the doctor and nurse relationship will certainly improve the quality of patient care.
Preliminary Study on Counterfeiting of Artemether and Artesunate Marketed in Lubumbashi  [PDF]
Pierrot Mwamba Tshilumba, Elie Rongorongo Kagoha, Valentin Bashige Chiribagula, Glauber Mbayo Kalubandika, Vianney Ntabaza Ndage, Trésor Sumbu Nzuzi, Evodie Numbi Wa Ilunga, Pierre Duez, Jean Baptiste Kalonji Ndoumba
Pharmacology & Pharmacy (PP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/pp.2016.75024
Abstract: Pharmaceutical counterfeiting is a health scourge responsible for several cases of morbidity and mortality. Counterfeit medicines cause therapeutic failure, emergence of resistance in the treatment of infections. This study was conducted in order to identify counterfeit and authentic medicines in circulation in Lubumbashi. The study included artemether and artesunate for oral administration. A careful visual inspection of medicine, investigation of authenticity of pharmaceutical products from manufacturers and pharmaceutical regulatory authorities and determination of content were used as study parameters. 52 samples: 37 artemether and 15 of artésunate were collected. 7 samples (13%) have proven to be counterfeit. Artemether was the most counterfeit (71%) and 29% for artesunate. 6 (12%) samples were substandard according to the international pharmacopoeia in terms of content of active ingredient. Sixty-seven percent of non-compliance concerned counterfeit medicines. The proportion of non-compliance is highest among counterfeit medicines (71.43% vs 2.22%; p = 0.000004). It is obvious that strengthening the capacity of the drug regulatory authority of the DRC reduces the influx of counterfeit drug and substandard.
Infilling annual rainfall data using feedforward back-propagation Artificial Neural Networks (ANN): application of the standard and generalised back-propagation techniques
M Ilunga
Journal of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering , 2010,
Abstract: Water resource planning and management require long time series of hydrological data (e.g. rainfall, river flow). However, sometimes hydrological time series have missing values or are incomplete. This paper describes feedforward artificial neural network (ANN) techniques used to infill rainfall data, specifically annual total rainfall data. The standard back-propagation (BP) technique and the generalised BP technique were both used and evaluated. The root mean square error of predictions (RMSEp) was used to evaluate the performance of these techniques. A preliminary case study in South Africa was done using the Bleskop rainfall station as the control and the Luckhoff-Pol rainfall station as the target. It was shown that the generalised BP technique generally performed slightly better than the standard BP technique when applied to annual total rainfall data. It was also observed that the RMSEp increased with the proportion of missing values in both techniques. The results were similar when other rainfall stations were used. It is recommended for further study that these techniques be applied to other rainfall data (e.g. annual maximum series, etc) and to rainfall data from other climatic regions.
Architectures de la petite industrie urbaine : l’exemple des Lilas (Seine-Saint-Denis)
Nicolas Pierrot
In Situ : Revue de Patrimoines , 2007, DOI: 10.4000/insitu.3254
Abstract: Les usines et les ateliers artisanaux repérés sur le territoire de la commune des Lilas ont été construits au cours du XXe siècle. A la différence de La Plaine-Saint-Denis, de ses industries lourdes, notamment chimiques et métallurgiques, à fortes emprises et génératrices d'emplois exigeant peu de qualification, Les Lilas accueillent à partir de la seconde moitié du XIXe siècle, à l'image des autres communes bordant Paris à l’est, des activités diversifiées recourant souvent à une main-d' uvre qualifiée. Les entreprises, installées en grand nombre, sont ici disséminées en ateliers discrets : l'activité de production s'affirme peu, aux Lilas, par le décor. L’étude morphologique et architecturale permet de suivre l’évolution des ateliers et des usines, au fond des cours, le long des sentes, parfois sur la rue, et de comprendre les modalités de leur inscription dans le tissu urbain. The factories and artisans’ workshops surveyed in the suburban town of Les Lilas were built essentially during the XXth century. Unlike the town of La Plaine-Saint-Denis, whose heavy industry - namely chemical and metallurgical - generated a large unskilled workforce, Les Lilas attracted, from the second half of the XIXth century onward, numerous and varied industries that hired skilled workers. These companies were disseminated throughout the town in discreet workshops : ornate factories are not a "Lilasian" tradition. A morphological and architectural study allows us to follow the evolution of the workshops and factories found in back courtyards, along alleys or sometimes more visibly located, and to understand the different ways they wove themselves into the urban fabric of Les Lilas.
Students’ Beliefs about their Interactions with Lecturers: Case of the National Institute of Youth, Physical Education and Sport (INJEPS)  [PDF]
Koffi Pierrot Edoh, Alassane Biga Boukary
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2019.105043
Abstract: At the National Institute of Youth, Physical Education and Sport (INJEPS), there is a belief circulating in some circles of students that lecturers develop subjective interactions with female students and those from their religions. The present study aims at evaluating the effect of the “gender” and “religion” on the academic achievements of INJEPS students in order to access these students’ belief about the interactions their lecturers develop with them. To achieve that goal, the academic results of eight hundred and eighty-one (881) undergraduate and Master’ students (671 males and 210 females), of various religions (698 Christian, 125 Muslims and 58 Animists) have been computed using the Generalised Linear Model (GLM) in R (3.0.2) Data Analysis Software. On the gender basis, the study revealed that, female students normally do better than male students (p < 0.05) on one hand. On the other hand, student’s religion had no significant influences on their academic results whether they are male or female (p > 0.05). Conclusively, there is no tangible evidence to confirm the suspicions diffused among students since previous researches have shown that female students perform better than their counterpart male due to their assiduity and devotion to work.
Infilling streamflow data using feed-forward back-propagation (BP) artificial neural networks: Application of standard BP and pseudo Mac Laurin power series BP techniques
M Ilunga, D Stephenson
Water SA , 2005,
Abstract: Hydrological data (e.g. rainfall, river flow data) are used in water resource planning and management. Sometimes hydrological time series have gaps or are incomplete, or are not of good quality or are not of sufficient length. This problem seems to be more prevalent in developing countries than in developed countries. In this paper, feed-forward artificial neural networks (ANNs) techniques are used for streamflow data infilling. The standard back-propagation (BP) technique with a sigmoid activation function is used. Besides this technique, the BP technique with an approximation of the sigmoid function by pseudo Mac Laurin power series Order 1 and Order 2 derivatives, as introduced in this paper, is also used. Empirical comparisons of the predictive accuracy, in terms of root mean square error of predictions (RMSEp), are then made. A preliminary case study in South Africa (i.e. using the Diepkloof (control) gauge on the Wonderboomspruit River and the Molteno (target) gauge on Stormbergspruit River in the River summer rainfall catchment) was then done. Generally, this demonstrated that the standard BP technique performed just slightly better than the pseudo BP Mac Laurin Orders 1 and 2 techniques when using mean values of seasonal data. However, the pseudo Mac Laurin approximation power series of the sigmoid function did not show any substantial impact on the accuracy of the estimated missing values at the Molteno gauge. Thus, all three the standard BP and pseudo BP Mac Laurin orders 1 and 2 techniques could be used to fill in the missing values at the Molteno gauge. It was also observed that a linear regression could describe a strong relationship between the gap size (0 to 30 %) and the expected RMSEp (thus accuracy) for the three techniques used here. Recommendations for further work on these techniques include their application to other flow regimes (e.g. 4-month seasons, mean annual extreme, etc) and to streamflow series of a winter rainfall region. Water SA Vol. 31 (2) 2005: pp.171-176
Knowledge, Attitude, Practice of the Kamina City Population in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Voluntary Screening of HIV/Aids  [PDF]
Ilunga Masuku Anany
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104479
HIV/AIDS infection, although of particular gravity in developing countries, today affects all countries of the world. Among the means used to combat this pathology is voluntary testing, which is both an effective and economical strategy for facilitating behavior change. This study allowed us to contribute to the improvement of the knowledge, attitude and practice of the population on voluntary HIV/AIDS testing. This is a cross-sectional study of the knowledge, attitude and practice of the Kamina population on voluntary testing for HIV infection. A total of 384 people from 82 Ward in Kamina was interviewed using a pre-established questionnaire. Ninety-six respondents (25%) said they knew about voluntary testing; Of these, 79% or 82.3% thought knowing their HIV status was the only benefit of voluntary testing. The level of knowledge about voluntary testing appears to be low among the population studied; there are still misunderstandings about the benefits of voluntary testing and the means of prevention. This result could be used as reference data in the revitalization of a voluntary testing center and the protection of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) in our environment.
Anne Herschberg Pierrot
Flaubert : Revue Critique et Génétique , 2009,
Abstract: Ce premier dossier de la revue Flaubert. Revue Critique et Génétique réunit des recherches récentes de la génétique flaubertienne et de la critique sur Flaubert. à partir de la première Tentation de saint Antoine, mais surtout de Salammb à Bouvard et Pécuchet, Flaubert inaugure un travail d’écrivain-chercheur, puisant dans les sources antiques et contemporaines non de simples renseignements, mais un ensemble de discours, sur l’antiquité et sur le monde moderne, qui servent de tremplin à l’im...
Le discours des Comices : un discours modèle
Anne Herschberg Pierrot
Flaubert : Revue Critique et Génétique , 2009,
Abstract: Dans un discours officiel, publié par le Journal de Rouen du 22 juillet 1853, Flaubert trouve une phrase du discours des Comices qu’il avait écrite la veille. Cet article présente et reproduit les discours cités par le Journal de Rouen. In an official speech, published in the Journal de Rouen on July 22nd 1853, Flaubert found a sentence from the Agricultural association ( Comices agricoles ) speeches that he had actually written himself the previous evening. This article presents and reprints the speeches quoted by the Journal de Rouen.
Bouvard et Pécuchet et le désir amoureux
Anne Herschberg Pierrot
Flaubert : Revue Critique et Génétique , 2010,
Abstract: L’article propose une étude de genèse du chapitre 7 de Bouvard et Pécuchet, consacré à l’amour, qui forme une étape encyclopédique a priori un peu surprenante. Flaubert s’amuse à écrire ces aventures de Bouvard et Pécuchet, dans un pays qui n’est pas si tendre. L’étude de genèse porte sur le travail de l’écriture de plusieurs temps forts du chapitre (dans l’incipit, et les scènes de duos, notamment la scène entre Mme Castillon et Gorgu). Elle permet de montrer l’effacement de détails érotiques, mais aussi du politique et de l’histoire, qui se trouvent condensés dans le texte final. Elle révèle aussi le r le concerté de ce chapitre dans la construction du roman et l’itinéraire des personnages. Anodin en apparence, ce chapitre est emblématique d’une poétique fondée sur l’ellipse, et qui mêle le jeu et le sérieux. This article presents a textual genetics study of Bouvard et Pécuchet’s 7th chapter, about love, which appears to be a surprising encyclopedic stage of the novel. Flaubert has fun writing these adventures in a not so tender country. This genetics study focuses on the writing of several key moments of the chapter (in the beginning and the duo scenes, such as the one between Mme Castillon and Gorgu). It reveals the erasure of erotic details, as well as politics and history, which end up condensed in the final text. It also shows this chapter’s concerted role in the construction of the novel and the characters’ development. Apparently minor, this chapter is emblematic of a poetics founded on the ellipsis, mingling play and seriousness.
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