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Dyslipidaemia in HIV-infected women on antiretroviral therapy. Analysis of 922 patients from the Spanish VACH cohort
Vicente Estrada, Paloma Geijo, Manuel Fuentes-Ferrer, María Alcalde, María Rodrigo, María Galindo, Agustín Mu?oz, Pere Domingo, Esteve Ribera, Jaime Cosín, Pompeyo Viciana, Fernando Lozano, Alberto Terrón, Antonio Vergara, Ramón Teira, Josefa Mu?oz-Sánchez, Bernardino Roca, Trinitario Sánchez, José López-Aldeguer, Elisabeth Deig, Francisco Vidal, Enric Pedrol, Manuel Casta?o-Carracedo, Teresa Puig, Myriam Garrido, Ignacio Suárez-Lozano
BMC Women's Health , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6874-11-36
Abstract: Observational, multicentre, cross-sectional study from the Spanish VACH Cohort. 922 women on stable ART without lipid-lowering treatment were included.Median age was 42 years, median CD4 lymphocyte count was 544 cells/mm3, and 85.6% presented undetectable HIV-1 viral load. Median total cholesterol (TC) was 189 mg/dL (interquartile range, IQR, 165-221), HDL cholesterol 53 mg/dL (IQR, 44-64), LDL cholesterol 108 mg/dL (IQR, 86-134), and triglycerides 116 mg/dL (IQR, 85-163). Mean accumulated time on ART was 116 months; 47.4% were on NNRTI-based regimes, 44.7% on PI, and 6.7% on only-NRTI therapy. 43.8% were also hepatitis C (HCV) coinfected. Patients on PI treatment presented higher TC/HDL ratio than those on NNRTI (p < 0.001). Significantly higher HDL values were observed in NNRTI-treated patients. HCV-coinfected patients presented lower TC/HDL ratio than the non HCV-coinfected. In multivariate analysis, factors independently associated with TC/HDL ratio were age, triglyceride levels and HCV co-infection. PI treatment presented a non-significant association with higher TC/HDL ratio.In HIV-infected women, the NNRTI-based ART is associated with a better lipid profile than the PI-based. Factors unrelated to ART selection may also exert an independent, significant influence on lipids; in particular, age, and triglyceride levels are associated with an increased TC/HDL ratio while HCV co-infection is associated with a reduced TC/HDL ratio.The increase in cardiovascular risk (CVR) observed in HIV-infected patients is a cause for concern. Most clinical studies have detected a relationship between cardiovascular disease and traditional risk factors, among which age, male gender, smoking, hypertension and diabetes are the most important. There is far less information concerning CVR in HIV-infected female patients. For years, some inequalities in female participation in clinical studies have been observed. In HIV infection, women have been under-represented as participants as t
Comportamiento de la temperatura y el oxígeno disuelto en la presa Picachos, Sinaloa, México
Beltrán-álvarez, Rigoberto;Ramírez-Lozano, Juan Pedro;Sánchez-Palacios, Jesús;
Hidrobiológica , 2012,
Abstract: the picachos reservoir was completed in 2009 impounding the presidio river, in the southern part of the state of sinaloa, mexico, and is located at a height of 75 m above msnmm. he began filling in july of the same year. a limnological study performed with monthly visits to the reservoir between september 2009 and august 2010 showed that it behaves like a warm monomíctic lake, with complete mixing between december and february and thermal stratification during the rest of the year, and with an anoxic hipolimnion during thermal stratification.
Comportamiento de la temperatura y el oxígeno disuelto en la presa Picachos, Sinaloa, México Temperate and dissolved oxygen of the Picachos reservoir, Sinaloa, Mexico
Rigoberto Beltrán-álvarez,Juan Pedro Ramírez-Lozano,Jesús Sánchez-Palacios
Hidrobiológica , 2012,
Abstract: La presa Picachos se localiza en la región sur de Sinaloa, México, se terminó de construir en 2009 sobre el cauce del río Presidio, a una altura de 75 msnm, e inició su llenado en julio del mismo a o. Entre septiembre de 2009 y agosto de 2010 se registraron, con frecuencia mensual en tres sitios del embalse y en toda la columna de agua, datos de temperatura del agua y oxígeno disuelto. El embalse registró una mezcla completa entre los meses de diciembre a febrero, y una estratificación térmica el resto del a o. La variación de la temperatura del agua indicó que este cuerpo de agua se comporta como un lago cálido monomíctico. La anóxia del hipolimnio coincidió con el periodo de estratificación térmica. The Picachos reservoir was completed in 2009 impounding the Presidio river, in the southern part of the state of Sinaloa, Mexico, and is located at a height of 75 m above msnmm. He began filling in July of the same year. A limnological study performed with monthly visits to the reservoir between September 2009 and August 2010 showed that it behaves like a warm monomíctic lake, with complete mixing between December and February and thermal stratification during the rest of the year, and with an anoxic hipolimnion during thermal stratification.
Ruminal digestion and chemical composition of new genotypes of buffelgrass (Cenchrus ciliaris L.) under irrigation and fertilization
García-Dessommes,Guillermo Juan; Ramírez-Lozano,Roque Gonzalo; Morales-Rodríguez,Rocío; García-Díaz,Graciela;
Interciencia , 2007,
Abstract: the study was conducted with the aim of evaluating and comparing the total dry matter production (tdmp), chemical composition and effective degradability of dry matter (eddm), crude protein (edcp) and neutral detergent fiber (edndf) of the nueces hybrid and five new genotypes (pi 1, pi 2, pi 3, pi 4, pi 5) of buffelgrass. grasses were irrigated and fertilized with 100kg·ha-1 of urea-n, and hand harvested on june 5, 2001 at nuevo leon, mexico. all grasses were established on a completely randomized design with three replicates. the tdmp was significantly different among genotypes. the crude protein content and cell wall components (cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin) were significantly different among grasses. moreover, eddm, edcp, and edndf were significantly different among genotypes. the p, na, cu and zn contents, in all grasses, were insufficient to meet growth requirements of beef cattle. data of dry matter production and nutritional dynamics suggest that the new genotypes pi 3 and pi 4 could be considered good sources of nutrients for grazing ruminants in northeastern mexico.
Seasonal dynamics of ruminal crude protein digestion of browse species from baja california sur, mexico
Ramírez-Ordu?a,Rafael; Ramírez-Lozano,Roque G.; Gómez-Meza,Marco V.; Armenta-Quintana,Juan A.; Ramírez-Ordu?a,Juan M.; Cepeda-Palacios,Ramón; ávila-Sandoval,Juan M.;
Interciencia , 2003,
Abstract: ten native browse species from baja california sur, mexico, were nutritionally evaluated in each season of three consecutive years measuring crude protein (cp), protein fraction in neutral detergent fiber (ndip) and in acid detergent fiber (adip), and rate and extent of crude protein degradability. five legumes and five non-legumes were collected from 16 linear 30m transects. all plants in each transect were identified and measured to estimate shannon?s diversity index, species richness, aerial cover and relative frequency, dominance, density and importance. medicago sativa l. hay was used as reference forage with high nutritional quality. to estimate the effective degradability of crude protein (edcp), duplicate nylon bags (10x15cm; 50μm pore size) containing 4g of each plant species from each season and year were incubated in the ventral part of the rumen in four cannulated beef steers. in general, cp content, ndip, adip and edcp were significantly higher in legumes. neutral detergent soluble cp was higher in non-legumes during spring and summer, and cp and edcp were higher in autumn. legume edcp was significantly lower in summer, possibly due to reduction of available cell wall protein. only shrubs such as opuntia cholla, prosopis sp. and cercidium floridium had edcp values comparable to or higher than alfalfa hay. cyrtocarpa edulis had the lowest edcp. legume cp was more degraded in the rumen than that of non-legumes. a high quality forage period in autumn and winter, and a low quality one in spring and summer, could be distinguished.
Functional Relevance of the Switch of VEGF Receptors/Co-Receptors during Peritoneal Dialysis-Induced Mesothelial to Mesenchymal Transition
María Luisa Pérez-Lozano, Pilar Sandoval, ángela Rynne-Vidal, Abelardo Aguilera, José Antonio Jiménez-Heffernan, Patricia Albar-Vizcaíno, Pedro L. Majano, José Antonio Sánchez-Tomero, Rafael Selgas, Manuel López-Cabrera
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0060776
Abstract: Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is up-regulated during mesothelial to mesenchymal transition (MMT) and has been associated with peritoneal membrane dysfunction in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients. It has been shown that normal and malignant mesothelial cells (MCs) express VEGF receptors (VEGFRs) and co-receptors and that VEGF is an autocrine growth factor for mesothelioma. Hence, we evaluated the expression patterns and the functional relevance of the VEGF/VEGFRs/co-receptors axis during the mesenchymal conversion of MCs induced by peritoneal dialysis. Omentum-derived MCs treated with TGF-β1 plus IL-1β (in vitro MMT) and PD effluent-derived MCs with non-epithelioid phenotype (ex vivo MMT) showed down-regulated expression of the two main receptors Flt-1/VEGFR-1 and KDR/VEGFR-2, whereas the co-receptor neuropilin-1 (Nrp-1) was up-regulated. The expression of the Nrp-1 ligand semaphorin-3A (Sema-3A), a functional VEGF competitor, was repressed throughout the MMT process. These expression pattern changes were accompanied by a reduction of the proliferation capacity and by a parallel induction of the invasive capacity of MCs that had undergone an in vitro or ex vivo MMT. Treatment with neutralizing anti-VEGF or anti-Nrp-1 antibodies showed that these molecules played a relevant role in cellular proliferation only in na?ve omentum-derived MCs. Conversely, treatment with these blocking antibodies, as well as with recombinant Sema-3A, indicated that the switched VEGF/VEGFRs/co-receptors axis drove the enhanced invasion capacity of MCs undergoing MMT. In conclusion, the expression patterns of VEGFRs and co-receptors change in MCs during MMT, which in turn would determine their behaviour in terms of proliferation and invasion in response to VEGF.
Diagnóstico tardío de la infección por el virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana en la Cohorte VACH (1997-2002)
Teira Cobo,Ramón; Suárez Lozano,Ignacio; Santamaría Jáuregui,Juan Miguel; Terrón Pernía,Alberto; Domingo Pedrol,Pere; González García,Juan; Cosín Ochaita,Jaime; Ribera Pascuet,Esteban; Sánchez,Trinitario; Roca Villanueva,Bernardino; Viciana Fernández,Pompeyo; García Alcalde,María Luisa; Geijo Martínez,Paloma; Galindo Puerto,Pepa; Vergara Campos,Antonio; León Naranjo,Fernando Lozano de; Mu?oz Sánchez,Agustín; Tebas,Pablo;
Gaceta Sanitaria , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0213-91112007000100012
Abstract: objective: to study the prevalence of delayed diagnosis of hiv infection and associated factors. methods: a cross sectional study of patients included in the spanish vach cohort who had been diagnosed with hiv infection between 1997 and 2002 was performed. delayed diagnosis was defined as patients diagnosed with hiv infection and aids simultaneously or within the first month after the first positive serologic test, or those with a first cd4+ cell count below 200/ml. the epidemiological characteristics of these patients were compared with those of the remaining patients. results: of 2,820 new cases of hiv infection, delayed diagnosis was found in 506 (18%). these patients differed from the remaining patients in their lower mean age and higher hiv viral load, as well as in their distribution by sex (higher proportion of males), occupational status, history of incarceration in prison, and hiv-risk transmission group. the median survival during follow-up was significantly lower among aids patients with a delayed diagnosis. conclusions: delayed diagnosis remains a cause for concern in our environment, due to its magnitude and its association with mortality. some epidemiological characteristics provide clues to guide future programs directed at increasing information and improving prevention.
Sostenibilidad fiscal en Colombia: una mirada hacia el mediano plazo
Ignacio Lozano,Carolina Ramírez,Alexander Guarín
Perfil de Coyuntura Económica , 2007,
Abstract: en este documento se evalúan los factores que determinaron la evolución del coeficiente de deuda pública a PIB en Colombia desde 1994 y se hacen pronósticos sobre su evolución en el mediano plazo (a 2011). El análisis se fundamenta en el principio de la Restricción Presupuestaria Intertemporal RPI para el gobierno general, el cual también se utiliza para hacer ejercicios de sensibilidad. Los resultados sobre las prospectivas indican que, bajo un escenario básico, la tendencia decreciente del coeficiente de deuda pública a PIB registrada en los últimos a os se puede revertir a partir de 2008, hasta ascender a 51% en 2011. De otro lado, los ejercicios de vulnerabilidad indican que un aumento de 80 puntos básicos en la tasa de interés, sobre el escenario básico, aumenta el coeficiente de deuda en 2 puntos del producto al final del período. Una caída de 1,3% sobre las proyecciones del crecimiento real, eleva el coeficiente en 9 puntos del producto; un incremento de 6% sobre los pronósticos de devaluación nominal incrementa el coeficiente en 5 puntos y un deterioro del balance primario en 0,8% del PIB, la eleva en 4 puntos del producto al final del período.
Displasia campomélica. Descripción de un caso
Baltaxe,Erik; Suárez,Fernando; Zarante,Ignacio;
Colombia Médica , 2005,
Abstract: campomelic dysplasia is an alteration of bone development which is manifested as an autosomal dominant disease. it is characterized by femoral and tibial bowing, along with other items such as orofacial, cardiopulmonary and neurological alterations. the karyotyope results can show sex reversal. mutations in the gene sox9 are responsible in most of the cases for the skeletal and genital anomalies. a case of campomelic dysplasia with typical long bone bowing, identified in eclamc (estudio colaborativo latinoamericano de malformaciones congénitas) is here presented and its molecular physiopathology is reviewed
Polémicas wagnerianas en el siglo XIX en Espa a
Suárez García, José Ignacio
Anuario Musical , 2011,
Abstract: Spanish musical criticism raises in the 1860s an objection on the validity in two systems considered exclusive: Italian opera and Wagnerian music drama. In the next decade this antagonism will result the emergence of controversies that address, among other issues, the role that in the lyric drama must play text, music, singer, orchestra, melody and harmony. Although with the aesthetic debate forever as a backdrop, the controversies are motivated and are catalysts for publishing interests, nationalist clashes, personal quarrels and generation clashes. In this article we review diachronically these discussions, in which the controversial German composer’s personality is a determinant factor negatively. En la década de 1860 la crítica musical espa ola plantea una oposición sobre la validez estética de dos sistemas considerados excluyentes: la ópera italiana y el drama musical wagneriano. Este antagonismo provocará en la década posterior la aparición de polémicas que abordan, entre otros temas, el papel que en el drama lírico deben desempe ar texto, música, cantante, orquesta, melodía y armonía. Aunque con el debate estético siempre como telón de fondo, las querellas están motivadas y son catalizadoras de intereses editoriales, enfrentamientos nacionalistas, rencillas personales y choques generacionales. En el presente trabajo hacemos un repaso diacrónico de estas discusiones, en las que la controvertida personalidad del compositor alemán es un factor negativamente determinante.
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