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Difficulties in College Algebra of Freshmen Students at the University of Eastern Philippines: Basis for Modular Construction  [PDF]
Olga D. G. Unay, Ida E. Esquierdo, May Jane B. Calpa, Danilo C. Basista, Emilia Vanessa Selena B. Pinca, Fel B. Muncada Jr.
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1102597
Abstract: A strong grasp in mathematics is a key factor in ensuring success in mathematics education. This study tried to identify the difficulties in College Algebra of freshmen students in the University of Eastern Philippines during the school year 2013-2014 as basis for modular construction. The performance level was determined by giving a teacher made test to find out the skill areas students were deficient. The causes of their deficiencies were traced as basis for constructing modules. In this study, the descriptive normative method of research was used where the College of Science freshmen students were the respondents. The performance level of the students in College Algebra based on teacher made test given by the researchers was very low, the overall total score of total score of the given items answered correctly by the students was 324, the average was 77.16 and the mean performance was 26.34. The result showed that the mean performance was 26.34. The result showed that the mean performance was very low without mastery. The students had almost no background on the seven areas which resulted to their very low performance. They lacked knowledge, competency and skills in answering questions especially in solving the application of word problems which obtained a mean score of 2.99, followed by special product and factoring, equations and radicals. The result of the study showed that the students were deficient in the application of word problems, special product and factoring, equations and radicals.
Beyond Trial Registration: A Global Trial Bank for Clinical Trial Reporting
Ida Sim ,Don E Detmer
PLOS Medicine , 2005, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pmed.0020365
Beyond trial registration: a global trial bank for clinical trial reporting.
Sim Ida,Detmer Don E
PLOS Medicine , 2005,
Pre-Service Teachers: An Analysis of Reading Instruction in High Needs Districts Dual Language Classrooms
Michael Whitacre,Zulmaris Diaz,Joy Esquierdo
International Journal of Instruction , 2013,
Abstract: Pre-service teachers need opportunities to apply theory and connect to best practices as they teach in classroom settings be it, whole or small group. For many pre-service teachers often times their experience is limited to simply watching instruction or working with small groups of students (Pryor & Kuhn, 2004). The student teaching experience is a critical component of the teacher preparation program. Through the use of the English Language Learner Classroom Observation Instrument (ELLCOI), and researcher observation the hope is that these will aid in bringing to light the instructional activities used by pre-service teachers during reading instruction with ELLs. This study explores how pre-service bilingual teachers connect theory into practice by examining their instruction in the following categories: Instructional Practices, Interactive Teaching, English-Language Development, and Content Specific to Reading as listed in The English Language Learner Classroom Observation Instrument (ELLCOI) developed by Haager, Gersten, Baker, and Graves (2003). To capture these instructional events video tape recordings of eight South Texas pre-service teachers were taken during a reading language arts lesson in order to observe instruction in high need districts’ dual language/bilingual classrooms. Data were compiled to capture the nature and quality of instruction on key essential elements, as well as reading instructional practices specific to the teaching/learning process in the dual language classroom. The findings portray the results of the ELLCOI with bilingual/ESL pre- service teachers and how they make sense of their instructional practices as a means to instruction in one-way dual language public school classrooms.
Effects of Feed Restriction and Exercise on Glucose Tolerance in Sheep
P Yuwono,E Teleni,Ida Haryoko
Journal of Animal Production , 2003,
Abstract: Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui kecepatan penggunaan glukosa dalam darah pada ternak domba yang diberi pakan terbatas dan berjalan diatas treadmill. Delapan belas ekor domba merino kastrasi berumur 8-9 bulan dikelompokkan berdasarkan bobot badan yang selanjutnya secara random dialokasikan ke dalam tiga perlakuan. Selama Periode I (45 hari) domba dalam Perlakuan I mengalami pembatasan pakan dan jalan di atas treadmill selama 2,5 jam sehari. Domba dalam Perlakuan II mengalami pembatasan pakan tetapi tidak berjalan (not-exercise). Domba dalam Perlakuan III diberi pakan ad libitum dan tidak berjalan di atas treadmill. Selama Periode II semua ternak diberi pakan ad libitum dan tidak berjalan di atas treadmill. Analisis ragam menunjukkan bahwa exercise meningkatkan kecepatan penggunaan glukosa darah pada ternak yang mengalami pembatasan pakan. Namun demikian pembatasan pakan baik disertai dengan exercise maupun tidak, menurunkan toleransi terhadap glukosa. Pemberian pakan kembali secara ad libitum menormalkan toleransi terhadap glukosa. Disimpulkan bahwa pembatasan pakan dapat menurunkan kecepatan penggunaan glukosa dalam darah sehingga kadar glukosa darah tidak terus mengalami penurunan dan homeostasis dipertahankan. (Animal Production 5(2): 63-68 (2003) Kata Kunci : Domba, Pembatasan Pakan, Glukosa, Homeostasis
Merging Criteria for Giant Impacts of Protoplanets
H. Genda,E. Kokubo,S. Ida
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/744/2/137
Abstract: At the final stage of terrestrial planet formation, known as the giant impact stage, a few tens of Mars-sized protoplanets collide with one another to form terrestrial planets. Almost all previous studies on the orbital and accretional evolution of protoplanets in this stage have been based on the assumption of perfect accretion, where two colliding protoplanets always merge. However, recent impact simulations have shown that collisions among protoplanets are not always merging events, that is, two colliding protoplanets sometimes move apart after the collision (hit-and-run collision). As a first step towards studying the effects of such imperfect accretion of protoplanets on terrestrial planet formation, we investigated the merging criteria for collisions of rocky protoplanets. Using the smoothed particle hydrodynamic (SPH) method, we performed more than 1000 simulations of giant impacts with various parameter sets, such as the mass ratio of protoplanets, $\gamma$, the total mass of two protoplanets, $M_{\rm T}$, the impact angle, $\theta$, and the impact velocity, $v_{\rm imp}$. We investigated the critical impact velocity, $v_{\rm cr}$, at the transition between merging and hit-and-run collisions. We found that the normalized critical impact velocity, $v_{\rm cr}/v_{\rm esc}$, depends on $\gamma$ and $\theta$, but does not depend on $M_{\rm T}$, where $v_{\rm esc}$ is the two-body escape velocity. We derived a simple formula for $v_{\rm cr}/v_{\rm esc}$ as a function of $\gamma$ and $\theta$, and applied it to the giant impact events obtained by \textit{N}-body calculations in the previous studies. We found that 40% of these events should not be merging events.
A dynamical study on the habitability of terrestrial exoplanets II: The super Earth HD 40307 g
R. Brasser,S. Ida,E. Kokubo
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1093/mnras/stu555
Abstract: HARPS and it Kepler results indicate that half of solar-type stars host planets with periods P<100 d and masses M < 30 M_E. These super Earth systems are compact and dynamically cold. Here we investigate the stability of the super Earth system around the K-dwarf HD40307. It could host up to six planets, with one in the habitable zone. We analyse the system's stability using numerical simulations from initial conditions within the observational uncertainties. The most stable solution deviates 3.1 sigma from the published value, with planets e and f not in resonance and planets b and c apsidally aligned. We study the habitability of the outer planet through the yearly-averaged insolation and black-body temperature at the pole. Both undergo large variations because of its high eccentricity and are much more intense than on Earth. The insolation variations are precession dominated with periods of 40 kyr and 102 kyr for precession and obliquity if the rotation period is 3 d. A rotation period of about 1.5 d could cause extreme obliquity variations because of capture in a Cassini state. For faster rotation rates the periods converge to 10 kyr and 20 kyr. The large uncertainty in the precession period does not change the overall outcome.
A dynamical study on the habitability of terrestrial exoplanets I: Tidally evolved planet-satellite pairs
R. Brasser,S. Ida,E. Kokubo
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1093/mnras/sts151
Abstract: We investigate the obliquity and spin period of Earth-Moon like systems after 4.5 Gyr of tidal evolution with various satellite masses and initial planetary obliquity and discuss their relations to the habitability of the planet. We find three possible outcomes: either i) the system is still evolving, ii) the system is double synchronous or iii) the satellite has collided with the planet. The transition between case i) and ii) is abrupt and occurs at slightly larger satellite mass ($m_s \sim 0.02m_p$) than the lunar mass. We suggest that cases ii) and iii) are less habitable than case i). Using results from models of giant impacts and satellite accretion, we found that the systems that mimic our own with rotation period $12 < P_p < 48$ h and current planetary obliquity $\varepsilon_p < 40^\circ$ or $\varepsilon_p > 140^\circ$ only represent 14% of the possible outcomes. Elser et al. (2011) conclude that the probability of a terrestrial planet having a heavy satellite is 13%. Combining these results suggests that the probability of ending up with a system such as our own is of the order of 2%.
Yeast Modulation of Human Dendritic Cell Cytokine Secretion: An In Vitro Study
Ida M. Smith, Jeffrey E. Christensen, Nils Arneborg, Lene Jespersen
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0096595
Abstract: Probiotics are live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host. The concept of individual microorganisms influencing the makeup of T cell subsets via interactions with intestinal dendritic cells (DCs) appears to constitute the foundation for immunoregulatory effects of probiotics, and several studies have reported probiotic strains resulting in reduction of intestinal inflammation through modulation of DC function. Consequent to a focus on Saccharomyces boulardii as the fundamental probiotic yeast, very little is known about hundreds of non-Saccharomyces yeasts in terms of their interaction with the human gastrointestinal immune system. The aim of the present study was to evaluate 170 yeast strains representing 75 diverse species for modulation of inflammatory cytokine secretion by human DCs in vitro, as compared to cytokine responses induced by a S. boulardii reference strain with probiotic properties documented in clinical trials. Furthermore, we investigated whether cytokine inducing interactions between yeasts and human DCs are dependent upon yeast viability or rather a product of membrane interactions regardless of yeast metabolic function. We demonstrate high diversity in yeast induced cytokine profiles and employ multivariate data analysis to reveal distinct clustering of yeasts inducing similar cytokine profiles in DCs, highlighting clear species distinction within specific yeast genera. The observed differences in induced DC cytokine profiles add to the currently very limited knowledge of the cross-talk between yeasts and human immune cells and provide a foundation for selecting yeast strains for further characterization and development toward potentially novel yeast probiotics. Additionally, we present data to support a hypothesis that the interaction between yeasts and human DCs does not solely depend on yeast viability, a concept which may suggest a need for further classifications beyond the current definition of a probiotic.
Boric Acid Inhibits Germination and Colonization of Saprolegnia Spores In Vitro and In Vivo
Shimaa E. Ali, Even Thoen, ?ystein Evensen, Ida Skaar
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0091878
Abstract: Saprolegnia infections cause severe economic losses among freshwater fish and their eggs. The banning of malachite green increased the demand for finding effective alternative treatments to control the disease. In the present study, we investigated the ability of boric acid to control saprolegniosis in salmon eggs and yolk sac fry. Under in vitro conditions, boric acid was able to decrease Saprolegnia spore activity and mycelial growth in all tested concentrations above 0.2 g/L, while complete inhibition of germination and growth was observed at a concentration of 0.8 g/L. In in vivo experiments using Atlantic salmon eyed eggs, saprolegniosis was controlled by boric acid at concentrations ranging from 0.2–1.4 g/L during continuous exposure, and at 1.0–4.0 g/L during intermittent exposure. The same effect was observed on salmon yolk sac fry exposed continuously to 0.5 g/L boric acid during the natural outbreak of saprolegniosis. During the experiments no negative impact with regard to hatchability and viability was observed in either eggs or fry, which indicate safety of use at all tested concentrations. The high hatchability and survival rates recorded following the in vivo testing suggest that boric acid is a candidate for prophylaxis and control of saprolegniosis.
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