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Study on Occupational Health and Safety Impact of Surfactant-Grafted Polyacrylamide Used in Oilfields  [PDF]
Tingting Jiang, Baohui Wang, Aijun Wang, Hongjing Han, Hongjun Wu
Occupational Diseases and Environmental Medicine (ODEM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/odem.2015.33006
Abstract: Surfactant-grafted Polyacrylamide (S-PAM) serves as a novel oil displacement agent in oilfield. Its toxicity and the impact on the occupational safety are unclear. The analysis on composition and chemical structure of S-PAM shows that due to its instability the harmful ammonia gas may be generated during the operation of S-PAM or high temperature. The toxicity and safety evaluation of the S-PAM were analyzed, and suggestions on the protection were proposed. It can provide a safe and healthy working environment for the operators with enormous social and economic benefits.
Effective Exon Skipping and Dystrophin Restoration by 2′-O-Methoxyethyl Antisense Oligonucleotide in Dystrophin-Deficient Mice
Lu Yang, Hongjing Niu, Xianjun Gao, Qingsong Wang, Gang Han, Limin Cao, Chunquan Cai, Jan Weiler, Haifang Yin
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0061584
Abstract: Antisense oligonucleotide (AO)–mediated exon-skipping therapy is one of the most promising therapeutic strategies for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and several AO chemistries have been rigorously investigated. In this report, we focused on the effect of 2′-O-methoxyethyl oligonucleotides (MOE) on exon skipping in cultured mdx myoblasts and mice. Efficient dose-dependent skipping of targeted exon 23 was achieved in myoblasts with MOE AOs of different lengths and backbone chemistries. Furthermore, we established that 25-mer MOE phosphorothioate (PS) AOs provided the greatest exon-skipping efficacy. When compared with 2′O methyl phosphorothioate (2′OmePS) AOs, 25-mer MOE (PS) AOs also showed higher exon-skipping activity in vitro and in mdx mice after intramuscular injections. Characterization of uptake in vitro corroborated with exon-skipping results, suggesting that increased uptake of 25-mer MOE PS AOs might partly contribute to the difference in exon-skipping activity observed in vitro and in mdx mice. Our findings demonstrate the substantial potential for MOE PS AOs as an alternative option for the treatment of DMD.
On the Inter-Subjectivity in Translation: Viewed from “Triangulation” Model
Yushan ZHAO,Hongjing ZHU
Studies in Literature and Language , 2013, DOI: 10.3968/j.sll.1923156320130602.3246
Abstract: Most studies of inter-subjectivity are about the translators’ subjectivity, which pay less attention to the subjectivity of writers and readers. Some papers center on binary dialogue among translation subjects, and place one subject in the center. Based on Davidson’s triangulation model, the paper provides a clearer ternary dialogue for inter-subjectivity. Davidson adopts “triangulation” to express the person-person-world interaction in the language communication. Translation, as the cross-cultural communication involving many subjects, is the result of the triangulation among the subjects. Triangulation in translation should be: a writer, a source text and a translator; a translator, a target text and a target reader. Based on triangulation, the paper creates distance and width among a writer, a source text and a translator; a translator, a target text and a target reader to discuss the inter-subjectivity. Adjusting the distance and width to approach the optimized triangle is to explore how to achieve the best translation. Based on these two three-dimensional multi-directional interactions with triangulation, the paper achieves the fusion of visual realms among the translation subjects.
On the Existence of Positive Solutions for Some Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems II
Hongjing Pan,Ruixiang Xing
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We study a class of boundary value problems with $\varphi$-Laplacian (e.g., the prescribed mean curvature equation, in which $\varphi(s)=\frac{s}{\sqrt{1+s^2}}$) \begin{center} $-\left(\varphi(u')\right)'=\lambda f(u)\; \text{ on }(-L, L),\quad u(-L)=u(L)=0,$ \end{center} where $\lambda$ and $L$ are positive parameters. For convex $f$ with $f(0)=0$, we establish various results on the exact number of positive solutions as well as global bifurcation diagrams. Some new bifurcation patterns are shown. This paper is a continuation of Pan and Xing [13], where the case $f(0)>0$ has been investigated.
Experience of Offering HIV Rapid Testing to At-Risk Patients in Community Health Centers in Eight Chinese Cities
Dapeng Zhang, Sining Meng, Peng Xu, Hongyan Lu, Minghua Zhuang, Guohui Wu, Yanling Liu, Xiaohong Pan, Hongjing Yan, Xi Chen, Lirui Fan, Chengmei Li, Xiaojing Fu, Jinlei Qi, Lei Han, Fuchang Ma, Fan Lv, Jiangping Sun
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0086609
Abstract: Objective To explore the feasibility of offering HIV counseling and testing in community health centers (CHCs) and to provide evidence for the HIV/AIDS response in China. Methods Forty-two CHCs were selected from the eight cities that participated in the study. Rapid testing was mainly provided to: clients seeking HIV testing and counseling (HTC); outpatients with high-risk behavior of contracting HIV; inpatients and outpatients of key departments. Aggregate administrative data were collected in CHCs and general hospitals and differences between the two categories were compared. Results There were 23,609 patients who underwent HIV testing, accounting for 0.37% of all estimated clinic visits at the 42 sites (0.03%–4.35% by site). Overall, positive screening prevalence was 0.41% (95% confidence interval [CI] 0.33%–0.49%, range 0.00%–0.98%), which is higher than in general hospitals (0.17%). The identification efficiency was 0.22% (95% CI: 0.16%–0.27%) in pilot CHCs, 3.5 times higher than in general hospitals (0.06%) (Chi square test = 95.196, p<0.001). The percentage of those receiving confirmatory tests among those who screened positive was slightly lower in CHCs (73.7%) than in general hospitals (80.1%) (Chi-square test = 17.472, p<0.001). Composition of clients mobilized for testing was consistent with the usage of basic public health and medical services in CHCs. The rate of patients testing HIV positive was higher among patients from key CHC departments (0.68%) than among high-risk Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) clients (0.56%), those participating in outreach activities (0.41%), pregnant women (0.05%), and surgical patients (0.00%). Conclusion This project demonstrates that providing HIV testing services for patients who exhibit high risk behavior has a high HIV case detection rate and that CHCs have the capacity to integrate HTC into routine work. It provides concrete evidence supporting the involvement of CHCs in the expansion of HIV/AIDS testing and case finding.
Identification and Characterization of a Novel HIV-1 Circulating Recombinant Form (CRF59_01B) Identified among Men-Who-Have-Sex-with-Men in China
Weiqing Zhang, Xiaoxu Han, Minghui An, Bin Zhao, Qinghai Hu, Zhenxing Chu, Jiancheng Xu, Weiping Cai, Xi Chen, Jihua Fu, Zhe Wang, Jianjun Wu, Lin Lu, Minghua Zhuang, Hao Wu, Hongjing Yan, Christina Liao, Yutaka Takebe, Hong Shang
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099693
Abstract: The HIV-1 epidemic among men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) continues to expand in China. A large-scale national survey we conducted on HIV-1 strains among MSM in 11 provinces in China from 2008 to 2013 (n = 920) identified a novel transmission cluster consisting of six strains (0.7%) that belonged to a new circulating recombinant form (designated CRF59_01B). CRF59_01B contains two subtype B segments of U.S.-European origin (in the pol and vpu-env regions) in a CRF01_AE backbone. CRF59_01B is the second CRF (after CRF55_01B) circulating primarily among MSM in China. CRF59_01B occurs at a low frequency (less than 1%), but it was detected in four different provinces/regions in China: Liaoning (northeast China) (n = 3); Hunan (central China) (n = 1); Guangdong (south China) (n = 1); Yunnan (southwest China) (n = 1). One additional recombinant strain was detected in a heterosexual individual in Liaoning province but is not the focus of this paper. Bayesian molecular clock analyses indicate that CRF59_01B emerged as a result of recombination between CRF01_AE and subtype B around the year 2001. The emergence of multiple forms of recombinants and CRFs reflects the ever-increasing contribution of homosexual transmission in China's HIV epidemic and indicates an active HIV transmission network among MSM in China.
A Note on Parabolic Liouville Theorems and Blow-Up Rates for a Higher-Order Semilinear Parabolic System
Guocai Cai,Hongjing Pan,Ruixiang Xing
International Journal of Differential Equations , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/896427
Abstract: We improve some results of Pan and Xing (2008) and extend the exponent range in Liouville-type theorems for some parabolic systems of inequalities with the time variable on ?. As an immediate application of the parabolic Liouville-type theorems, the range of the exponent in blow-up rates for the corresponding systems is also improved.
Signature Movements Lead to Efficient Search for Threatening Actions
Jeroen J. A. van Boxtel, Hongjing Lu
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0037085
Abstract: The ability to find and evade fighting persons in a crowd is potentially life-saving. To investigate how the visual system processes threatening actions, we employed a visual search paradigm with threatening boxer targets among emotionally-neutral walker distractors, and vice versa. We found that a boxer popped out for both intact and scrambled actions, whereas walkers did not. A reverse correlation analysis revealed that observers' responses clustered around the time of the “punch", a signature movement of boxing actions, but not around specific movements of the walker. These findings support the existence of a detector for signature movements in action perception. This detector helps in rapidly detecting aggressive behavior in a crowd, potentially through an expedited (sub)cortical threat-detection mechanism.
Enhanced Microwave Absorption Properties of α-Fe2O3-Filled Ordered Mesoporous Carbon Nanorods
Yiming Wang,Liuding Wang,Hongjing Wu
Materials , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/ma6041520
Abstract: A novel kind of α-Fe 2O 3-filled ordered mesoporous carbon nanorods has been synthesized by a facial hydrothermal method. Compared with dendritic α-Fe 2O 3 micropines, both a broader effective absorption range—from 10.5 GHz to 16.5 GHz with reflection loss (RL) less than ?10 dB—and a thinner matching thickness of 2.0 mm have been achieved in the frequency range 2–18 GHz. The enhanced microwave absorption properties evaluated by the RL are attributed to the enhanced dielectric loss resulting from the intrinsic physical properties and special structures.
Removing ballistocardiogram (BCG) artifact from full-scalp EEG acquired inside the MR scanner with Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (OMP)
Hongjing Xia,Dan Ruan,Mark S. Cohen
Frontiers in Neuroscience , 2014, DOI: 10.3389/fnins.2014.00218
Abstract: Ballistocardiogram (BCG) artifact remains a major challenge that renders electroencephalographic (EEG) signals hard to interpret in simultaneous EEG and functional MRI (fMRI) data acquisition. Here, we propose an integrated learning and inference approach that takes advantage of a commercial high-density EEG cap, to estimate the BCG contribution in noisy EEG recordings from inside the MR scanner. To estimate reliably the full-scalp BCG artifacts, a near-optimal subset (20 out of 256) of channels first was identified using a modified recording setup. In subsequent recordings inside the MR scanner, BCG-only signal from this subset of channels was used to generate continuous estimates of the full-scalp BCG artifacts via inference, from which the intended EEG signal was recovered. The reconstruction of the EEG was performed with both a direct subtraction and an optimization scheme. We evaluated the performance on both synthetic and real contaminated recordings, and compared it to the benchmark Optimal Basis Set (OBS) method. In the challenging non-event-related-potential (non-ERP) EEG studies, our reconstruction can yield more than fourteen-fold improvement in reducing the normalized RMS error of EEG signals, compared to OBS.
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