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Physicochemical interaction and its influence on deep bed filtration process
GUO Jin-long,MENG Jun,LI GUI-ping,LUAN Zhao-kun,TANG Hong-xiao,
GUO Jin-long
,MENG Jun,LI GUI-ping,LUAN Zhao-kun,TANG Hong-xiao

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2004,
Abstract: The capillary model was used to analyze the hydraulic conditions in the deep bed filtration process. The physicochemical interaction forces between the filter media and suspended particles and their influence on deep bed filtration process were also studied theoretically. Through the comparison of the hydraulic and physicochemical forces, the key influencing factors on the filtration process were proposed and investigated. Pilot study of the micro-flocculation deep bed filtration was carried out in the No. 9 Potable Water Treatment Plant of Beijing, and the experimental results of hydraulic head loss, particle distribution and entrapment were presented. The theoretical prediction was reasonably consistent with the experimental results under different conditions, which indicated that the regulation and control of micro-flocculation and deep bed filtration could be realized by the evaluation of the physicochemical interactions. Further theoretical and experimental research should be carried out to investigate the interaction mechanism and its application in the deep bed filtration and other cases.
Species analysis methods for hydrolysis polymerization of aluminum
Feng Li,Luan Zhao kun,Tang Hong xiao Research Center for Eco Environmental Sciences,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing,China,
Feng Li
,Luan Zhao kun,Tang Hong-xiao

环境科学学报(英文版) , 1998,
Abstract: Al Ferron timed complex colorimetric method (AFM) and 27 Al NMR spectroscopy method(ANM) were discussed. For the former, the different colorimetric reagent preparation methods' results indicate that there are some differences beteween them, and the combined method can be used as a simplified procedure. For the latter, the small tube method is more accurate. Eventually, the Al 13 (ANM) was compared to the Al b (AFM).
Preparation of Ag Nanowire Array Electrode by Transplantation and its Electrochemical Activities
Chao Kong, Zhong-ai Hu, Hong-xiao Zhao, Yu-ying Yang, Xiu-li Shang, Li-jun Ren, Yan-peng Wang
International Journal of Electrochemical Science , 2007,
Abstract: Ordered Ag nanowire array electrodes were prepared by transplantation, in which Ag nanowire array embedded in anodic aluminium oxide (AAO) template was transplanted onto the surface of kryptol electrode. Its morphology was observed by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and the electrochemical behaviors for methylene blue were investigated by means of cyclic voltammertry. The experimental results show that the array electrode exhibits high electrocatalytic activities of methylene blue on the Ag nanowire array electrode.
Sediment quality criteria for heavy metal pollution in the Le An River with triad approach
Liu Wen-xin,Tang Hong-xiao
环境科学学报(英文版) , 1998,
Abstract: SedimentqualitycriteriaforheavymetalpolutionintheLeAnRiverwithtriadapproachLiuWenxin,TangHongxiaoSKLEAC,ResearchCenterforEc...
Preparation and characterization of organic polymer modified composite polyaluminum chloride
SHI Bao-you,TANG Hong-xiao,
SHI Bao-you
,TANG Hong-xiao

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2006,
Abstract: Compared with traditional aluminum salts, polyaluminum chloride(PACl) has better coagulation-flocculation performance in turbidity removal. However, i t is still inferior to organic polymers in terms of bridging function. In order to improve the aggregating property of PACl, different composite PACl flocculant s were prepared with various organic polymers. The effect of organic polymer on the distribution of Al(III) species in composite flocculants was studied using 2 7Al NMR and Al-ferron complexation methods. The charge neutralization and surfac e adsorption characteristics of composite flocculants were also investigated. Ja r tests were conducted to evaluate the turbidity removal efficacy of organic pol ymer modified composite flocculants. The study shows that cationic polymer and a nionic polymer have significant influences on the coagulation-flocculation behav iors of PACl. Both cationic and anionic polymers can improve the turbidity remov al performance of PACl but the mechanisms are much different: cationic organic p olymer mainly increases the charge neutralization ability, but anionic polymer m ainly enhances the bridging function.
Coagulation of micro-polluted Pearl River water with IPF-PACls
XU Yi,SUN Wei,WANG Dong-sheng,TANG Hong-xiao,
,SUN Wei,WANG Dong-sheng,TANG Hong-xiao

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2004,
Abstract: IntroductionThewaterqualityofnaturalriverisverycomplex,includingvariouskindsoforganic ,inorganicandbiologicalmatters,suchasthesolublemolecules,polymericmatters,colloids ,andsuspendedparticlessuchaslivebacteria ,algaeandalsoprotozoan (Tang,2 0 0 0 ) .Generally ,aquaticparticulatesaredispersivelysuspended ,ordepositintodiversesedimentsthroughadsorption ,aggregationandsedimentation.Furthermore ,theycanberesuspended ,transferredandconvertedundervariouswaterfluidconditions.Clearlydocumentedhistori…
Spectroscopic study on variations in illite surface properties after acid-base titration
LIU Wen-xin,COVENEY RM,TANG Hong-xiao,
LIU Wen-xin
,COVENEY R. M.,TANG Hong-xiao

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2003,
Surface reaction of Bacillus cereus biomass and its biosorption for lead and copper ions
PAN Jian-hu,LIU Rui-xia,TANG Hong-xiao,
PAN Jian-hu
,LIU Rui-xi,TANG Hong-xiao

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2007,
Abstract: In this study, the Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) analytical technique identified the surface chemical functional groups of Bacillus cereus biomass. B. Cereus cells mainly contained carboxyl, hydroxyl, phosphate, amino, and amide functional groups. In order to explain the surface acid-base properties of aqueous B. Cereus biomass, the potentiometric titration was conducted . The computer program FITEQL 4.0 was used to perform the model calculations. The optimization results indicated that three sites-three pKas model, which assumed the cell surface to have three distinct types of surface organic functional groups based on IR analysis results, simulated the experimental results very well. Moreover, batch adsorption experiments were performed to investigate biosorption behavior of Cu (Ⅱ) and Pb (Ⅱ) ions onto the biomass. Obviously, the adsorption equilibrium data for the two ions were reasonably described by typical Langmuir isotherm.
Phosphorus fractionation and bio-availability in Taihu Lake(China) sediments
ZHOU Ai-min,WANG Dong-sheng,TANG Hong-xiao,
ZHOU Ai-min
,WANG Dong-sheng,TANG Hong-xiao

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2005,
Abstract: Typical sediments from Taihu Lake, a meso-to-hypereutrophic lake, were collected and examined on the basis of P-fractionation by sequential extraction scheme. Sedimentary inorganic phosphorus were fractioned into four forms and the rank order according to the mean concentration of P-fractions in Taihu Lake was NaOH-P>BD-P>HCl-P>NH_4Cl-P. The concentrations of BD-P were linearly correlated with the content of active Fe(R2=0.96). Also, the linear relationship between the sum of BD-P and NaOH-P and the sum of active Fe and active Al content was observed within the six sediments investigated(R2=0.96). Moreover, the bio-available phosphorus(BAP) content was estimated by the sum of NH_4Cl-P, BD-P, and NaOH-P, viz. BAP=NH_4Cl-P NaOH-P BD-P. In Taihu Lake, the BAP contents are ranging from 0.10 mg/g dw to 1.25 mg/g dw, and average 0.40 mg/g dw for all sediment samples. The relative contributions of BAP to total sedimentary phosphorus(TP) and inorganic sedimentary phosphorus(IP) range from 18.67% to 50.79%(33.61% on average) and from 52.82% to 82.09%(67.81% on average), respectively.
Developing sediment quality criteria for heavy metal pollution in the Le An River with equilibrium partitioning approach
Tang Hong-xiao,
Liu Wen xin
,Tang Hong xiao

环境科学学报(英文版) , 1998,
Abstract: Equilibrium partitioning(EqP) approach was selected to establish the sediment quality criteria(SQC) in the Le An River near Dexing Copper Mine. Both freshwater quality criteria (WQC) for some heavy metals regulated by USEPA and national quality standards of surface water recommended by CNEPA were used as protective levels of aquatic organisms in this study. Meanwhile, the partitioning coefficients were derived directly from measured data. Comparison between SQC in this region and concentrations of contaminants in situ clearly indicated the distribution characteristics of metal contamination along the river. And the results also illustrated that measures of some metals exceeded their SQC levels in different degree, especially Cu.
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