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SUI Wanmei CHEN Hong,

材料研究学报 , 1993,
Abstract: The mechanical and the thermal properties of BN-Sialon multiphase ceramicswith different BN contents were discussed and researched.The thermal shock resistance of theSialon ceramic is greatly enhanced by introducing BN particles and the high-temperature bend-ing strength of the BN-Sialon material is elevated than that of room temperatures.
Non-isothermal Crystallization Kinetics of Polyamide 6/Diamine-modified MWNTs Nanocomposite

Hong Meng,Guoxin Sui,Guangyou Xie andRui Yang,

材料科学技术学报 , 2009,
Abstract: The non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of polyamide 6/diamine-modified multi-walled carbon nanotube (PA6/D-MWNT) nanocomposite was investigated by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The modified Avrami equation, the Ozawa equation and the combined Avrami/Ozawa equation were employed to analyze the non-isothermal crystallization data. The crystallization activation energies were also evaluated by the Kissinger method. It was found that the combined Avrami/Ozawa equation could successfully describe the non-isothermal crystallization process. The results showed that D-MWNTs not only acted as effective heterogeneous nucleating agents for PA6 and noticeably increased the crystallization temperature of PA6, but also influenced the mechanism of nucleation and crystal growth of PA6 and then reduced the overall crystallization rate of the neat PA6 matrix. The crystallization activation energy for the nanocomposite sample was greater than that of the neat PA6, which indicated that the addition of D-MWNTs hindered the mobility of PA6 chain segments.
Anti-tumor Immunity of Newcastle Disease Virus HN Protein is Influenced by Differential Subcellular Targeting
Kaibing WANG,Hong SUI,Lejing LI,Xi LI
Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer , 2010,
Abstract: Background and objective Hemagglutinin-neuraminidase (HN) protein of newcastle disease virus is an important immunogen for oncolysis. We designed three different expression plasmids encoding the HN protein targeted to different subcellular compartments: cytoplasmic (Cy-HN), secreted (Sc-HN) and membrane-anchored (M-HN). On the basis of antitumor effect in vitro, the aim of this study is to investigate the anti-tumor immunity effect of HN protein in vivo. Methods In the present study, we developed a mouse model in order to evaluate the anti-tumor effect of the intratumorally injected modified HN proteins and the anti-tumor immunity by lymphocyte proliferative response and CTL activity test. Results Although all three DNA constructs elicited an immune response, tumor-bearing mice intratumorally injected with M-HN demonstrated a significantly better anti-tumor effect than those injected with Cy-HN or Sc-HN (Day 18: P=0.022; Day 21: P < 0.01). It also showed that this anti-tumor effect was mediated by higher lymphocyte proliferative response and CTL activity in mice intratumorally injected with M-HN [M-HN vs Cy-HN, P=0.019; M-HN vs Sc-HN, P=0.043; M-HN vs pcDNA3.1(+), P < 0.01]. Conclusion The anti-tumor immunity of Newcastle disease virus HN protein is influenced by differential subcellular targeting. The membrane-anchored form of the HN protein appears to be an ideal candidate to improve the specific cellular immunity.
Feeding Broodstocks Different Starfish Diets Affect Growth and Survival of Larvae of Trumpet Shell(Charonia lampas sauliae Reeve 1844) Feeding Broodstocks Different Starfish Diets Affect Growth and Survival of Larvae of Trumpet Shell(Charonia lampas sauliae Reeve 1844)
KANG Kyoungho,KIM Malhee,HONG Hyeran,CHA Guyong,SUI Zhenghong
- , 2016,
Abstract: Trumpet shell(Charonia lampas sauliae)(Mollusca, Heterogastropoda, Cymatidae) has extensive economic value. Studies on the artificial larval development of C. lampas sauliae for aquaculture utilization have become especially important due to the finite natural resources. In the present study, the growth and survival rate of the larvae of C. lampas sauliae broodstocks fed three types of starfish diets, Asterina pectinifera Müller & Troschel 1842, A. amurensis Lütken 1871 and their mixture were compared. The larval size increased gradually between day 10 and day 20 after hatching at 15℃ and 20℃. No difference was found in body size and specific growth rate(SGR)(two-way ANOVA; P > 0.05). However, during transition from trochophore to veliger stage 20 days after hatching, significant increases in larval survival and growth rates were observed. The maximum survival rate was observed on day 10. The mean survival rate was 0.463, 0.730 and 0.515 at 15℃, and 0.369, 0.713 and 0.444 at 20 when ℃ A. pectinifera, A. amurensis and their mixture were fed, respectively. The SGR and survival rate of the larvae were definitely influenced by the diets(P < 0.05), and the effect of A. amurensis alone was higher than that of A. pectinifera alone and their mixture
Modelling adsorption of phosphate by soils while the solution concentration decreased with sorption
Sui Hong-jian,Rao Ji-long,
Sui Hong-jian
,Rao Ji-long

环境科学学报(英文版) , 1998,
Abstract: --A mechanistic model developed by Barrow (1986) was
Cometabolic microbial degradation of trichloroethylene in the presence of toluene
SUI Hong,LI Xin gang,XU Shi min,
SUI Hong
,LI Xin gang,XU Shi min

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2004,
Abstract: Trichloroethylene (TCE), a common groundwater pollutant, was cometabolized by microorganisms in the presence of toluene as a growth substrate. The effect of concentrations of toluene and TCE and temperature on biodegradation was discussed. Acclimated microorganisms degraded TCE after a lag period of 5 to 22 h depending on toluene concentrations. Approximately 60%, 90% and 64% of TCE were degraded at toluene to TCE concentration ratios of 23:1, 115:1 and 230:1, respectively. At a TCE concentration of 1.46 microg/ml, 80% of TCE and 98.4% of toluene were removed. But less degradation of TCE and toluene was observed when TCE concentration was above 48.8 microg/ml. The lag time of TCE decreased and the TCE biodegradation rates increased with the increase of temperature.
Synergistic effects of non-thermal plasma-assisted catalyst and ultrasound on toluene removal
Yongli Sun,Libo Zhou,Luhong Zhang,Hong Sui,
Yongli Sun
,Libo Zhou,Luhong Zhang,Hong Sui

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2012,
Abstract: A wire-mesh catalyst coated by La0.8Sr0.2MnO3 was combined with a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) reactor for toluene removal at atmospheric pressure. It was found that toluene removal efficiency and carbon dioxide selectivity were enhanced in the catalytic packed-bed reactor. In addition, ozone and nitrogen monoxide from the gas effluent byproducts decreased. This is the first time that ultrasound combined with plasma has been used for toluene removal. A synergistic effect on toluene removal was observed in the plasma-assisted ultrasound system. At the same time, the system increased toluene conversion and reduced ozone emission.
Literature Analysis of Innovation Diffusion  [PDF]
Ying Li, Mengqing Sui
Technology and Investment (TI) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ti.2011.23016
Abstract: The theory of innovation diffusion has become increasingly complex and multifaceted in recent years. It has been used in consumer durables, services, pharmaceutical industry and other industry research. In this paper, we use literature analysis to study the development of innovation diffusion theory, searching related literatures from Elsevier, EBSCO, Emerald, Scopus and ISI databases published between 1990 and 2010. From these literatures, we analyze the number of literatures, journal distribution, core authors, as well as the main research directions. Then, we get many conclusions which are useful for the future research of innovation diffusion.
One Sound and Complete R-Calculus with Pseudo-Subtheory Minimal Change Property  [PDF]
Wei Li, Yuefei Sui
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2013.15004

The AGM axiom system is for the belief revision (revision by a single belief), and the DP axiom system is for the iterated revision (revision by a finite sequence of beliefs). Li [1] gave an R-calculus for R-configurations Δ|Γ, where Δ is a set of atomic formulas or the negations of atomic formulas, and Γ is a finite set of formulas. In propositional logic programs, one R-calculus N will be given in this paper, such that N is sound and complete with respect to operator s(Δ,t), where s(Δ,t)is a pseudo-theory minimal change of t by Δ.

The Sound and Complete R-Calculi with Respect to Pseudo-Revision and Pre-Revision  [PDF]
Wei Li, Yuefei Sui
International Journal of Intelligence Science (IJIS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijis.2013.32012
Abstract: The AGM postulates ([1]) are for the belief revision (revision by a single belief), and the DP postulates ([2]) are for the iterated revision (revision by a finite sequence of beliefs). Li [3] gave an R-calculus for R-configurations |Γ, where Δ is a set of literals, and Γ is a finite set of formulas. We shall give two R-calculi such that for any consistent set Γ and finite consistent set of formulas in the propositional logic, in one calculus, there is a pseudo-revision Θ of Γ by Δ such that \"\" is provable and \"\" and in another calculus, there is a pre-revision Ξ
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