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Fruiting Body Production and Aroma Profile Analysis of Agrocybe aegerita Cultivated on Different Substrates  [PDF]
Vanessa Kleofas, Laura Sommer, Marco A. Fraatz, Holger Zorn, Martin Rühl
Natural Resources (NR) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/nr.2014.56022

The industrial cultivated basidiomycete Agrocybe aegerita, also known as “Pioppino” in Italy or “Samthaube” in Germany, is a high quality mushroom with a delicious aroma. Cultivation of A. aegerita on wheat straw supplemented with different residues of the food industry showed the highest yields in fruiting body production with a biological efficiency of 36% when black tea pomace was added. The addition of other substrates resulted in biological efficiencies of 23% to 33%. Besides the mushroom yields, the number and size of fruiting bodies harvested on the different substrates were determined. A comparison of the aroma profiles of A. aegerita grown on wheat straw and on wheat straw supplemented with black tea by means of GC/MS/MS/O is presented.

à la recherche du 1 % : que nous apprennent les travaux d’Atkinson, Piketty et Saez sur la concentration des hauts revenus ?
Nicolas Zorn
Interventions économiques , 2012,
Abstract: Les inégalités de revenu se font croissantes dans la plupart des pays avancés et la richesse se concentre davantage au sommet de la pyramide sociale. Les deux principaux courants de pensée, l’école institutionnaliste et l’école du marché, peinent à expliquer pourquoi la hausse des inégalités de revenus se concentre principalement dans le centile le plus fortuné. Partant de ce constat, un nouveau courant de pensée s’est plut t concentré, à l’instigation entre autres d’Atkinson, Piketty et Saez, sur les statistiques fiscales des très hauts revenus, fortement sous-estimés dans les enquêtes par sondage. Cet article présente une synthèse critique de leurs hypothèses, de leur méthodologie et de leurs résultats. Income inequalities are increasing in most advanced countries and most of the wealth has become concentrated at the top of the social pyramid. Institutionalist and market-based theories, the two main schools of thought on the subject, struggle to explain why the rise in income inequality is mainly concentrated in the most fortunate percentile. Based on this observation, Atkinson, Piketty and Saez have opened a new field of study specifically on top incomes (severely underestimated in surveys), based on tax statistics. This article presents a critical overview of their assumptions, their methodology and results.
Stress Mediators and Immune Dysfunction in Patients with Acute Cerebrovascular Diseases
Arthur Liesz, Holger Rüger, Jan Purrucker, Markus Zorn, Alexander Dalpke, Markus M?hlenbruch, Stefan Englert, Peter P. Nawroth, Roland Veltkamp
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0074839
Abstract: Background Post-stroke immune depression contributes to the development of infections which are major complications after stroke. Previous experimental and clinical studies suggested that humoral stress mediators induce immune dysfunction. However, prospective clinical studies testing this concept are missing and no data exists for other cerebrovascular diseases including intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) and TIA. Methods We performed a prospective clinical study investigating 166 patients with TIA, ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. We measured a broad panel of stress mediators, leukocyte subpopulations, cytokines and infection markers from hospital admission to day 7 and on follow-up after 2–3 months. Multivariate regression analyses detected independent predictors of immune dysfunction and bacterial infections. ROC curves were used to test the diagnostic value of these parameters. Results Only severe ischemic strokes and ICH increased some catecholamine metabolites, ACTH and cortisol levels. Immunodysfunction was eminent already on hospital admission after large brain lesions with lymphocytopenia as a key feature. None of the stress mediators was an independent predictor of lymphocytopenia or infections. However, lymphocytopenia on hospital admission was detected as an independent explanatory variable of later infections. NIHSSS and lymphocytopenia on admission were excellent predictors of infection. Conclusions Our results question the present pathophysiological concept of stress-hormone mediated immunodysfunction after stroke. Early lymphocytopenia was identified as an early independent predictor of post-stroke infections. Absence of lymphocytopenia may serve as a negative predictive marker for stratification for early antibiotic treatment.
Large sets of consecutive Maass forms and fluctuations in the Weyl remainder
Holger Then
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We explore an algorithm which systematically finds all discrete eigenvalues of an analytic eigenvalue problem. The algorithm is more simple and elementary as could be expected before. It consists of Hejhal's identity, linearisation, and Turing bounds. Using the algorithm, we compute more than one hundredsixty thousand consecutive eigenvalues of the Laplacian on the modular surface, and investigate the asymptotic and statistic properties of the fluctuations in the Weyl remainder. We summarize the findings in two conjectures. One is on the maximum size of the Weyl remainder, and the other is on the distribution of a suitably scaled version of the Weyl remainder.
Revue Roumaine de Géographie , 2009,
Abstract: Zur Zeit, gibt es ungef hr 6,600 aufgezeichnete Erdrutschungen (ungef. 0,4 pro km2) in Slowenien, aber man nimmt an dass es rund 10,000 aktive Erdrutschungen (ungef. 0,5 pro km2) gebe. Allerdings, kaum ein Viertel dieser Erdrutschungen stellen eine Gefahr für die Infrastruktur und Geb ude dar. Erdrutschungen sind natürliche Prozesse die schwer aufzuhalten sind. Daher, geeignete Anpassung ist oft der gr te begrenzende Faktor für st dtische und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung. Im Durchschnitt, betragen die Sch den, die mit natürlichen Katastrophen in Slowenien zusammenh ngen, j hrlich zwei oder drei Prozente des slowenischen BIP, aber sie k nnen im Falle von individuellen gro en natürlichen Ph nomenen viel h her sein. Wohlüberlegte Sicherheitsma nahmen würden h chstwahrscheinlich die Kosten der Wiederstabilisierung senken, aber es gibt noch keine gemeinsame Strategie und Regelungen um diese Ereignisse anzugehen. Naturgefahrenkarten stellen einen der wichtigsten Schritte gegen eine effektive Strategie dar, die Erdrutschungen sowie andere Massenbewegungen zu kontrollieren. Daher, haben wir drei Rutschungsgefahrenkarten für das Gebiet der Republik Slowenien angefertigt mit der Hilfe eines deterministischen Modells und zweier statistischer Modelle. Ein paar Vergleiche von Methoden und deren Ergebnissen werden in der Arbeit besprochen.
Rockwall retreat on badlands in Slovene Istria
Matija Zorn,Matja? Miko?
Geologija , 2008,
Abstract: Steep bare rocky slopes that are badlands at the same time, are a morphogenetic particularity of the flyschpart of the Istrian Peninsula. On them, microrelief forms are of a short life cycle, since erosion processes are fast. On the basis of measurements of sediment production in flysch rocks on fourerosion plots in the Rokava watershed situated south of the village of Marezige, we show in this paper how fast these processes are. The annual sedimentproduction in flysch rocks is on average around 80kg/m2, which means that the slope retreat rate is about 35 mm/year.Further more, weekly measurements of sediment production in flysch rockf or the period of 15 months(from February 2005 till April 2006) are shown, as well as weekly and seasonal averages. Linear statistical correlations between sediment production in flysch rocks and weather conditions are also presented.
Soil erosion in Slovene Istria
Matija Zorn,Matja? Miko?
Geologija , 2009,
Abstract: From the end of nineties of the 20th century, intense hydrologic and geomorphologic research is taking place in the Slovene Istria. As a part of this research also studies on soil erosion were undertaken in the period from 2005 to 2008. The field measurements were under taken onclosed 1m2 large erosion plots under three different land uses (on bare soils in an olive grove, on an overgrown meadow, in a forest), placed south of the Marezige village in the Rokava River basin.We show weekly measurements of surface erosion (interrill erosion) for the period of 13 months (the end of March 2005 – the end of April 2006), as well as monthly and seasonal averages together with selected linear statistical correlations between soil erosion and weather parameters.From May 2005 to April 2006 the interrill erosion on bare soils in an olive grove with an inclination of 5.5° amounted to 9013 g/m2 (90 t/ha) that corresponds to surface lowering rate of 8.5 mm/yr; on an overgrown meadow with an inclination of 9.4° it amounted to 168 g/m2 (1,68 t/ha) that corresponds to surface lowering rate of 0.16 mm//yr; and in a forest with an inclination of 7.8° it amounted to 391 g/m2 (3,91 t/ha) and in a forest with an inclination of 21.4° it amounted to 415 g/m2 (4,15 t/ha), respectively, that corresponds to surface lowering rate of 0.4 mm/yr.
The Mediating Role of Corporate Entrepreneurship in the Organizational Support–Performance Relationship: An Empirical Examination
Bostjan Antoncic,Otmar Zorn
Managing Global Transitions , 2004,
Abstract: Corporate entrepreneurship has been recognized as an important element in organizational performance. Organizational support in terms of training and trusting individuals within the firm to detect opportunities and in terms of resource availability has been proposed to positively influence a firm’s entrepreneurial activities. Despite the recognition of the organizational support–corporate entrepreneurship– performance linkage, this relationship has been approached in different ways from the theoretical and empirical perspective. Some unsolved mediation issues of past research are addressed in this study by testing three alternative hypotheses. The research design was a cross-sectional, mailed questionnaire. The findings indicate that corporate entrepreneurship (new firm formation, product/service and process innovation) can be considered a potent mediator in the organizational support–performance relationship.
Geomorphology and spatial planning
Matija Zorn,Bla? Komac
Urbani Izziv , 2006,
Abstract: Applicability of geomorphological knowledge for prevention against some natural disasters, also known as geomorphological disasters, is presented. Some home and foreign experience of applicability of this knowledge are introduced. It is known that the ratio between means put into sanitation of, for example, landslides and savings with prevention measures, are from 1:10 to 1:2.000. The use of geomorpholgical knowledge and corresponding cartographic works in Slovene spatial planning legislation is defined, but it is not carried out consistently. We recommend municipalities and spatial planners that they should also take in account geomorphic processes and characteristic of the relief.
Geomorfologija in prostorsko planiranje
Matija Zorn,Bla? Komac
Urbani Izziv , 2006,
Abstract: V lanku predstavljamo uporabnost geomorfolo kega znanja za preventivo pred nekaterimi naravnimi nesre ami, ki jih imenujemo tudi geomorfolo ke nesre e. Opisujemo doma e in tuje izku nje pri aplikaciji tovrstnega geomorfolo kega znanja. Znano je, da razmerje med sredstvi, vlo enimi v sanacijo zemeljskih plazov, in prihranki zaradi preventive ponekod zna a od 1:10 do celo 1:2000. Uporaba geomorfolo kega znanja in ustreznih kartografskih podlag pri prostorskem planiranju je v Sloveniji sicer opredeljena v zakonodaji, a se ne izvaja dosledno. Naro nikom (ob inam) in izvajalcem (izdelovalcem planov) v prispevku predlagamo, da pri na rtovanju razvoja prostora bolj upo tevajo geomorfne procese in zna ilnosti reliefa.
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