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Assessment of Retreatment Tuberculosis Cases amongst All Tuberculosis Cases Notification in District Swat 2015-2017: A Retrospective Cohort Review  [PDF]
Zahir Shah, Maqsood Ali Khan, Hina Najmi, Razia Fatima, Aashifa Yaqoob, Abdul Ghafoor, Ahmed Wali, Amjad Khan, Shah Hasan Khan, Ghulam Mustafa Halepota
Journal of Tuberculosis Research (JTR) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jtr.2019.71002
Abstract: Retreatment Tuberculosis (TB) has long been a neglected area in global TB control. To determine the notification of re-treatment Tuberculosis TB cases among all enrolled TB patients, we conducted a retrospective cohort review of routine program data from 2015-2017. A total of 8663 tuberculosis cases (all new and old forms) were registered at the study site. Of these, 1916 (22%) were pulmonary bacteriological confirmed; 3498 (40.37%) were pulmonary clinical diagnosed and 3396 (39.20%) were clinically or bacteriological confirmed extra-pulmonary tuberculosis cases. Retreatment cases trend was found to be increased from 1% in 2015 to 1.6% in 2017. Majority of re-treatment cases were in the age group 18 - 43 years and only 7 patients were under the age of 15 years. This concludes that notification of re-treatment cases is very low among all enrolled TB patients and this could be possibly due to the fact that most of the re-treatment cases were registered as new cases or misdiagnosed. There is need and space to increase retreatment cases. Most of the re-treatment cases were usually converted to MDR-TB (Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis) as noted in PMDT (Programmatic management of Drugs resistant tuberculosis) site. Therefore, proper history and diagnosis should be encouraged at the time of case notification.
Corrosion Behavior of Mild Steel and SS 304L in Presence of Dissolved Copper  [PDF]
M. Mobin, Hina Shabnam
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2010.912081
Abstract: The failure of steel components in multistage flash (MSF) desalination or power plants as a result of the deposition of carryover heavy metals/oxides is a common problem and reported by many authors. The present investigation was undertaken to study the corrosion behavior of mild steel and AISI 304L SS in presence of dissolved Cu ions under different experimental conditions. The experimental conditions include: variation in aqueous medium, Cu ion concentration, pH and flow condition. The corrosion rate of mild steel and SS 304L in presence of different concentration of Cu was determined by weight loss measurements and solvent analysis of iron ions into the test solution after completion of immersion. The amount of Cu ions present in the test solution after completion of immersion was also estimated using Atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The pH of the test solution was monitored during the entire period of immersion. Electrochemical techniques like free corrosion potential measurements and potentiodynamic polarization measurements were carried to find out the role of Cu ions on the corrosion behavior of mild steel and SS 304L. The effect of Cu on corrosion rate of mild steel is quite pronounced and follows interesting trend. However, SS 304L is not affected either in distilled water or artificial seawater and do not show any significant variation in corrosion rates in presence of Cu ions.
Estimation of hospital emergency room data using otc pharmaceutical sales and least mean square filters
AH Najmi, SF Magruder
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making , 2004, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6947-4-5
Abstract: The OTC data are grouped into a few categories and we estimate the clinical data using each individual category, as well as using a multichannel filter that encompasses all the OTC categories. The estimation (in the least mean square sense) is performed using an FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter and the normalized LMS algorithm.We show all estimation results and present a table of effectiveness of each OTC category, as well as the effectiveness of the combined filtering operation. Individual group results clearly show the effectiveness of each particular group in estimating the clinical hospital data and serve as a guide as to which groups have sustained correlations with the clinical data.Our results indicate that Multichannle adaptive FIR least squares filtering is a viable means of estimating public health conditions from OTC sales, and provide quantitative measures of time dependent correlations between the clinical data and the OTC data channels.Surveillance of Over-the-Counter (OTC) pharmaceutical sales as a potential early indicator of developing public health conditions has been suggested in the literature [1]. OTC sales offer several advantages as possible early indicators of public health. They are, first of all, very widely used. According to a recent health survey [2], 77% of the U. S. population said they have used non-prescription medications to treat a health condition at least once in a 6-month period. This compares to 43% who said they consulted a physician in the same time period, and 38% who said they used prescription medications.A second advantage of OTCs is that reliable and detailed electronic records are made at the time of sale. These records are aggregated regionally for commercial purposes. The only additional burden for health surveillance purposes is to communicate this data to the appropriate public health organizations. The OTC data contain significant information, e.g. sales volume of each of several hundred possible products, and
Origin of hump in lateral distribution of Cherenkov photon density generated by gamma cosmic ray and study of its characteristics
G Rastegarzadeh,M Najmi
Iranian Journal of Physics Research , 2010,
Abstract: Energetic secondary particles in gamma and hadron initiated showers can generate Cherenkov photons. Using CORSIKA code and simulation data, different characteristics of lateral distribution of Cherenkov photon density are studied. In particular, physical origin of these differences and also dependence of this distribution on primary energy and altitude of observation level are discussed. It is shown that the existence of a hump in lateral distribution of Cherenkov photon density in gamma initiated showers is a useful tool for separating gamma-hadron and rejecting hadron background in gamma ray astronomy.
Providing hierarchical approach for measuring supply chain performance using AHP and DEMATEL methodologies
Ali Najmi,Ahmad Makui
International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations , 2010,
Abstract: Measuring the performance of a supply chain is normally of a function of various parameters. Such a problem often involves in a multiple criteria decision making (MCMD) problem where different criteria need to be defined and calculated, properly. During the past two decades, Analytical hierarchy procedure (AHP) and DEMATEL have been some of the most popular MCDM approaches for prioritizing various attributes. The study of this paper uses a new methodology which is a combination of AHP and DEMATEL to rank various parameters affecting the performance of the supply chain. The DEMATEL is used for understanding the relationship between comparison metrics and AHP is used for the integration to provide a value for the overall performance.
Second Order Calibration: A Simple Way to Get Approximate Posteriors
Omkar Muralidharan,Amir Najmi
Statistics , 2015,
Abstract: Many large-scale machine learning problems involve estimating an unknown parameter $\theta_{i}$ for each of many items. For example, a key problem in sponsored search is to estimate the click through rate (CTR) of each of billions of query-ad pairs. Most common methods, though, only give a point estimate of each $\theta_{i}$. A posterior distribution for each $\theta_{i}$ is usually more useful but harder to get. We present a simple post-processing technique that takes point estimates or scores $t_{i}$ (from any method) and estimates an approximate posterior for each $\theta_{i}$. We build on the idea of calibration, a common post-processing technique that estimates $\mathrm{E}\left(\theta_{i}\!\!\bigm|\!\! t_{i}\right)$. Our method, second order calibration, uses empirical Bayes methods to estimate the distribution of $\theta_{i}\!\!\bigm|\!\! t_{i}$ and uses the estimated distribution as an approximation to the posterior distribution of $\theta_{i}$. We show that this can yield improved point estimates and useful accuracy estimates. The method scales to large problems - our motivating example is a CTR estimation problem involving tens of billions of query-ad pairs.
Antioxidant Potential of Dried Enicostemma littorale
Hina Akhtar
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Not available
The Professional Medical Journal , 2005,
Abstract: Objectives: 1). To study the genotypic differences, if any, betweenPakistani children suffering from Wilson’s disease from those in the west and to correlate phenotype with genotype. 2).To find out the most frequent mutations present in our patients and screen out asymptomatic siblings of the index cases.Setting: Department of Pediatrics, Allied Hospital, Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad. Duration: May 1997 to June2005. Materials and methods: 41 patients ranging from 5-18 years were diagnosed based on clinical and laboratorydata. 13 patients and 6 asymptomatic siblings along with their parents were subjected to mutation analysis. at Universityof Vienna, Austria. Results: None of the patients had His1069Gln, the commonest European mutation. R969Q andI1102T detected in our patients have previously been described. Four novel mutations were found. Asymptomaticsiblings screened were either heterozygote or normal. R969Q appears to be associated with sub-acute liver diseasewith hepatosplenomegaly. I1102T was seen in children with chronic liver disease and L1071W, C1079Y and E583R-fs(insA) with early onset of neurological disease. Conclusion: Our Patients are phenotypicaly as well as genotypicalydifferent. Different genotype could be responsible for the phenotype. Further studies are needed with a larger samplesize so that molecular genetic tests be devised for early diagnosis and family screening.
Hina Ayesha
The Professional Medical Journal , 2002,
Abstract: OBJECTIVES: To study clinical and diagnostic laboratory features of tuberculous meningitis (TBM) inchildren. STUDY DESIGN: Prospective cohort study. PATIENTS & METHODS: Children diagnosedas TBM in Paediatric ward Allied Hospital, Punjab Medical College Faisalabad were included in the study.Complete history and clinical examination was recorded. Complete blood count, ESR, Chest X Ray, Mantouxtest were done. CSF was subjected to biochemical and microscopic examination. CT scan (computerized axialtomogram) of brain, plain and contrast was done in all patients. RESULTS: One hundred children wereincluded in the study. 67% were below five years of age. 78% belonged to lower socioeconomic status. 82% weremalnourished. 26% were vaccinated while 74% were unvaccinated. History of contact with a tuberculous patientwas found in 48% of patients. 69% were in stage III TBM, 31% in stage II. 74% had focal neurological deficitwith hemiplegia being the commonest one. 73% had convulsions. Most patients presented quite late, 29% werecomatose for more than two weeks before coming to the hospital . 28% were in decerebrate or decorticate posture.Atypical clinical findings were also noticed. 43% had high grade fever from the onset of illness, 14% had anabrupt onset with symptoms developing in less than one week. 39% had encephalitic TBM. 31% had extrapyramidal signs. Mantoux test was >10 mm in 17% cases, suggestive chest X-Ray in 80% and typical CSFfindings in 46%. 37% had normal CSF glucose, 8% had predominant polymorphs in CSF. Abnormal CT scanwas found in 85% cases with hydrocephalus as commonest CT abnormality observed. CONCLUSIONS: Ahigh index of suspicion is needed to diagnosis TBM in children. A combination of epidemiological , clinical andlaboratory data should be used to make an early diagnosis.
The Professional Medical Journal , 2006,
Abstract: Introduction: Celiac disease is an autoimmune inflammatory disorder ofsmall intestine precipitated by ingestion of gluten. Clinical and histological improvement occurs on withdrawal of glutenfrom the diet. Objectives: The present study were to identify the trace mineral deficiency in newly diagnosed celiacchildren and to assess how far these deficiencies are corrected after strict gluten free diet. The study also assessedthe nutritional status of celiac children compared to the healthy controls before and after Gluten Free Diet. Setting:Department of Pediatrics Punjab Medical College Faisalabad. Duration: January 2004 to March 2005. Study Design:Interventional case control study. Patients and Methods: 22 children aged 2 to 14 years diagnosed as Celiac diseaseon the basis of typical intestinal biopsy findings were included. 15 healthy children served as controls. Anthropometricmeasurements and serum Zinc Copper Magnesium and Iron along with albumin were done for both patients andcontrols initially and repeated after 6 months while patients were receiving strict GFD and controls receiving normaldiet. The general linear model was used for the analysis of variance using SPSS (2004). Results: Serum Zinc wasbelow the reference range in 68%. Serum copper and Magnesium in 31%, Iron in 95%and albumin in 59% of thepatients. There was a statistically significant increase in serum zinc, iron and magnesium levels (p value, < 0 05) whileserum copper and albumin did not show any significant rise after Gluten free diet. Control group did not show any significant change in their trace mineral levels .Celiac patients gained more weight (mean 4.47 versus 2.91 cm) andheight (3.34cm versus 1.022 cm) as compared to the control group. Conclusion: Celiac children receiving strict Glutenfree diet and showing good clinical response probably do not need mineral supplementation.
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