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Annular pancreas producing duodenal obstruction: A case report  [PDF]
Abdesslam Bouassria, Hicham Elbouhaddouti, Ouadii Mouaqit, El Bachir Benjelloun, Abdelmalek Ousadden, Khalid Mazaz, Khalid Ait Taleb
Open Journal of Gastroenterology (OJGas) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojgas.2013.33032

Annular pancreas is a rare congenital anomaly characterized by the presence of ectopic pancreatic tissue surrounding the duodenum. This malformation is usually asymptomatic in adults, but can manifests as pancreatitis, duodenal stenosis, or duodenal or gastric ulceration. We report the case of a young patient of 18 years old hospitalized for epigastric pain and vomiting, in whom radiological investigations showed an annular pancreas. At operation, a complete obstruction of the duodenum between its first and second parts was found, caused by an annular pancreas. No other congenital anomaly of the intra abdominal organs was noted. A gastroenterostomy was performed. Both the rarity of this congenital abnormality and its successful correction by surgical means have prompted us to make the following presentation.

A solitary primary subcutaneous hydatid cyst in the abdominal wall of a 70-year-old woman: a case report
Abdelmalek Ousadden, Hicham Elbouhaddouti, Karim Ibnmajdoub, Khalid Mazaz, Khalid AitTaleb
Journal of Medical Case Reports , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1752-1947-5-270
Abstract: We report a case of a 70-year-old Caucasian woman who presented to our hospital with a subcutaneous mass in the para-umbilical area with a non-specific clinical presentation. The diagnosis of subcutaneous hydatid cyst was suspected on the basis of radiological findings. A complete surgical resection of the mass was performed and the patient had an uneventful post-operative recovery. The histopathology confirmed the suspected diagnosis.Hydatid cyst should be considered in the differential diagnosis of every subcutaneous cystic mass, especially in regions where the disease is endemic. The best treatment is the total excision of the cyst with an intact wall.Hydatid disease is a parasitic infestation that is caused by Echinococcus granulosis, the life cycle of which has been well described [1]. Endemic areas are countries of the temperate zones, where the common intermediate hosts, sheep, goats, and cattle, are raised, such as in North Africa, the Middle East, Central Europe, Australia, and South America [1,2]. The liver is the most frequently involved organ (75%), followed by the lung (15%) [2,3]. The solitary primary subcutaneous localization is extremely rare, and its incidence is unknown [2]. In our patient, the hydatid cyst was located in the abdomen anterior wall without any other involvement, which makes this an interesting case.A 70-year-old Moroccan Caucasian woman presented to our hospital with a subcutaneous cystic mass in the right para-umbilical abdominal wall which had been evolving for six months. Her physical examination revealed an abdominal parietal mass 6 cm in diameter that was palpated 5 cm to the right of the umbilicus. It was cystic, fluctuant, mobile, and painless. The overlying skin was normal. An abdominal ultrasound showed a rounded cystic mass that was limited within the right para-umbilical abdominal wall and measured 60 mm. No other abdominal cystic mass was found. The pre-operative examinations (chest radiograph, complete blood count, urin
Superior Mesenteric Arterial Embolism Associated with an Acute Limb Ischemia: A Case Report and Literature Review  [PDF]
Abdesslam Bouassria, Elbachir Benjelloun, Imane Kamaoui, Hicham Elbouhaddouti, Ouadii Mouaqit, Abdelmalek Ousadden, Khalid Mazaz, Khalid Ait Taleb, Laila Sedreddine, Mohammed El Abkari, SidiAdil Ibrahimi, Ihssane Mellouki
Open Journal of Gastroenterology (OJGas) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojgas.2014.44027
Abstract: Introduction: Acute mesenteric ischemia due to an embolism of the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) is associated with a high mortality rate. Over twenty per cent of acute mesenteric embolism cases consist of multiple emboli. Case Presentation: We present a rare case of a 62-year-old man admitted with acute abdominal pain and signs of intestinal occlusion related to an acute mesenteric ischemia due to superior mesenteric arterial embolism. It was associated with a synchronous acute bilateral lower limb ischemia due to embolic arterial occlusion. He underwent an emergency explorative laparotomy with proximal jejunal resection, and the patient made an excellent recovery. As for the acute limb ischemia, it was treated by efficient anticoagulation allowing limb salvage. Conclusion: When treating a superior mesenteric arterial embolism, the possibility of recurrent or multiple arterial thromboembolic events should be considered. A prompt diagnosis, aggressive surgical treatment and intensive care could improve the prognosis.
A giant peritoneal simple mesothelial cyst: a case report
Abdelmalek Ousadden, Hicham Elbouhaddouti, Karim Ibnmajdoub, Taoufiq Harmouch, Khalid Mazaz, Khalid AitTaleb
Journal of Medical Case Reports , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1752-1947-5-361
Abstract: A 21-year-old Caucasian Moroccan woman with vague abdominal discomfort and associated distention, during the previous 2 years, without other symptoms, presented to our hospital. Her past medical history was unremarkable. On physical examination, a mobile, painless and relatively hard abdominal mass was palpated. The laboratory examination and abdominal radiograph were unremarkable. Abdominal radiologic imaging showed a cystic mass of 35 × 20 × 10 cm that occupied the entire anterior and right abdominal cavity. Radical excision of the cyst was performed by midline laparotomy without any damage to the adjacent abdominal organs. The histopathological diagnosis was simple mesothelial cyst. The postoperative course was uneventful with no recurrence.A peritoneal simple mesothelial cyst is a quite rare abdominal tumor, that must always be considered in differential diagnosis of pelvic cystic lesions and other mesenteric cysts. The treatment of choice is the complete surgical excision of the cyst.According to Perrot classification, the peritoneal simple mesothelial cyst (PSMC), benign cystic mesothelioma and malignant cystic mesothelioma are mesenteric cysts (MC) of mesothelial origin [1]. The other MC types are non-pancreatic pseudocysts, dermoid cysts and cysts of lymphatic, enteric or urogenital origin [1]. PSMC is very rare, with only about 900 reported MC cases in the literature [2,3]. The cyst size ranges from a few centimeters to 40 cm [2,4,5]. The PSMC is usually asymptomatic, but occasionally presents with various, non-specific symptoms. The lack of specific symptoms and the rarity of PSMC, makes correct pre-operative diagnosis difficult.We present the case of a woman with a giant PSMC that was successfully managed by complete surgical excision, which is the treatment of choice of this lesion.A 21-year-old Caucasian Moroccan woman with vague abdominal discomfort and associated distention, during the previous two years, without other symptoms was admitted to our hos
Nordic Container Port Sustainability Performance—A Conceptual Intelligent Framework  [PDF]
Moulay Hicham Hakam
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2015.81002
Abstract: There is a lack of both integrative frameworks for container ports and dedicated ones to the Nordic region as observed in the literature. The purpose of this paper is to fill that gap by proposing a conceptual intelligent sustainability performance management framework for Nordic container ports. First a description of such framework is given where the application of artificial intelligence is vital. Then, scanning the literature for performance measurement, features of ports in the Nordic region and port sustainability is undertaken. A dedicated list of key performance indicators is suggested. Finally, a prototype based on hypothetical data is developed for demonstration purposes.
Existence of Solution for Nonlinear Elliptic Equations with Unbounded Coefficients and Data
Hicham Redwane
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2009, DOI: 10.1155/2009/219586
Abstract: An existence result of a renormalized solution for a class of nonlinear elliptic equations is established. The diffusion functions (,,?) may not be in (1loc(Ω)) for a finite value of the unknown and the data belong to 1(Ω).
About stock markets predictability
Hicham Benjelloun
Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies , 2011,
Abstract: We argue that the financial markets have a predetermined outcome. They behave deterministically but appear to follow random patterns. Stock prices have nothing to do with future expectations; they are a reflection of previous convictions coming from the confident investors. A financial crisis is the result of the lack of confidence that characterizes a market moments before the crisis. Stocks returns are perfectly correlated to each other and it is possible to obtain high gains consistently. Finally we provide a different way of assessing risk and suggest a method to sense future performances.
Structural Controllability of Switching Linear Systems
Hicham Hihi
Journal of Computers , 2009, DOI: 10.4304/jcp.4.12.1286-1293
Abstract: This paper investigates the structural controllability problem for controlled switching linear systems. Causal manipulations on the bond graph models are carried out in order to determine graphically the controllable state subspaces. Graphical conditions for structural controllability are derived by using these controllable state subspaces.
Cell-Free Nucleic Acids As Noninvasive Biomarkers For Colorectal Cancer Detection
Hicham Mansour
Frontiers in Genetics , 2014, DOI: 10.3389/fgene.2014.00182
Abstract: Cell-free nucleic acids (CFNA) have been reported by several authors in blood, stool and urine of patients with colorectal cancer (CRC). These genetic biomarkers can be an indication of neoplastic colorectal epithelial cells, so they can potentially be used as noninvasive tests for the detection of the disease in CRC patients and monitor their staging, without the need to use heavier and invasive tools. In a number of test-trials, these genetic tests have shown the advantage of non-invasiveness, making them well accepted by most of the patients, without major side effects. They have also shown a promising sensitivity and specificity in the detection of malignant and premalignant neoplasms. Moreover, costs for performing such tests can be very low. Several studies reported and confirmed the proof of the principle for these genetic tests for screening, diagnosis and prognosis; the main challenge of translating this approach from research to clinical laboratory is the validation in large and long-term randomized trials to prove sustainable high sensitivity and specificity. In this paper, we present a review on the noninvasive genetics biomarkers for CRC detection described in the literature and the challenges that can be encountered for validation processes.
Lorentzian Flat Lie Groups Admitting a Timelike Left-Invariant Killing Vector Field
Hicham Lebzioui
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We call a connected Lie group endowed with a left-invariant Lorentzian flat metric Lorentzian flat Lie group. In this Note, we determine all Lorentzian flat Lie groups admitting a timelike left-invariant Killing vector field. We show that these Lie groups are 2-solvable and unimodular and hence geodesically complete. Moreover, we show that a Lorentzian flat Lie group $(\mathrm{G},\mu)$ admits a timelike left-invariant Killing vector field if and only if $\mathrm{G}$ admits a left-invariant Riemannian metric which has the same Levi-Civita connection of $\mu$. Finally, we give an useful characterization of left-invariant pseudo-Riemannian flat metrics on Lie groups $\mathrm{G}$ satisfying the property: for any couple of left invariant vector fields $X$ and $Y$ their Lie bracket $[X,Y]$ is a linear combination of $X$ and $Y$.
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