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Trends in Biodiversity Research — A Bibliometric Assessment  [PDF]
Hendrik Stork, Jonas J. Astrin
Open Journal of Ecology (OJE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/oje.2014.47033

Research on biodiversity has grown considerably during the last decades. The present study applies bibliometric methods to evaluate efforts in this field of study. We retrieved roughly 69,000 bibliographic records from the Web of Science database that matched the word biodiversity (and derivatives) in keywords, title or abstract. Article contributions and number of involved authors and journals increased exceptionally fast since the 1980s, when the term biodiversity was coined. But since the year 2008, a decelerated growth rate leads to an average rate of knowledge generation. Using the frequency of terms extracted from publication titles, we inferred that the community-level focus has increased in biodiversity studies, while molecular biodiversity is still not strongly represented. Climate-related topics are rapidly gaining importance in biodiversity research. The geographical imbalance between allocation of research efforts and distribution of biological diversity is apparent.

Alferes Gamboa e a Sociedade Comemorativa da Independência do Império, 1869-1889
Kraay, Hendrik;
Revista Brasileira de História , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-01882011000100002
Abstract: the celebrations of brazilian independence promoted by the society for the commemoration of the empire's independence in rio de janeiro reveal a significant popular engagement with the imperial state. the control of these celebrations by members of the brazilian capital's povo (common people) gradually came to preoccupy both members of the elite, disconcerted at the control of national symbols like the equestrian statue of emperor pedro i by popular patriots, and republicans who rejected the monarchy, since the popular patriots demonstrated a disturbing monarchism. after the death of the society's founder and driving force in 1886, a group of men closely associated with the conservative government took over the society and sought to impose their vision of appropriate, disciplined celebrations.
Em outra coisa n?o falavam os pardos, cabras, e crioulos: o "recrutamento" de escravos na guerra da Independência na Bahia
Kraay, Hendrik;
Revista Brasileira de História , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-01882002000100007
Abstract: this article examines the recruitment of slaves for the patriot forces during the brazilian independence war in bahia (1822 - 1823), distinguishing between the frequently conflated enlistment of slaves and that of free or freed people of color. the slave recruitment that took place during this conflict was an ad hoc expedient by the brazilian commander, and no formal promises of liberty were tendered to the slaves. after the conflict, the brazilian government arranged to free those slaves who had served, granting compensation to their owners. at the same time, authorities had to deal with the large number of men of color enlisted during the war, a sharp contrast to the mostly white late-colonial regulars. the participation of former slave soldiers in the periquitos rebellion of 1824 provided the occasion for the deportation of freed and non-white soldiers from the bahian garrison. in this way, authorities restored the demarcation between slave and soldier, unacceptably blurred during the conflict.
VATS-Lobektomie versus Standard-Lobektomie bei nicht-kleinzelligem Lungenkarzinom: Kontra VATS-Lobektomie
Dienemann, Hendrik
GMS Thoracic Surgical Science , 2009,
Abstract: Die Versuchung, die VATS (videoassistierte Thorakoskopie)-Lobektomie anstelle der offenen OP zu preisen und zu offerieren ist unter dem Aspekt der Patientenakquise offenbar verlockend. Das Ergebnis der Operation sollte in beiden F llen ein Lobektomiepr parat einschlie lich der Lymphknotenpakete aller erreichbaren Kompartimente sein. Wird nun ein neues Verfahren, im konkreten Fall ein neues Zugangsverfahren implementiert, so sollte mindestens Gleichwertigkeit, wenn nicht sogar überlegenheit zum herk mmlichen Verfahren untersucht bzw. belegt sein. Es wurden zwar die Machbarkeit und Sicherheit der VATS-Lobektomie an ausgew hlten Kollektiven dargestellt, unter Evidenzansprüchen bleiben die Erwartungen jedoch unerfüllt. Darüber hinaus stellen einige Beobachtungsstudien zur VATS-Lobektomie einen Vergleich zu Operationen mit posterolateralem Zugang und ohne Einsatz moderner Schmerztherapie dar. Am wenigsten überzeugen jedoch die Ergebnisse der Lymphknotendissektion anl sslich von VATS-Resektionen. Onkologische Operationen mit der Chance einer Kuration dulden keine Kompromisse. Bedenkt man, dass die Protagonisten der VATS-Lobektomie jedem Operateur noch eine Lernkurve in der Ausübung der VATS zugestehen, so tut sich ein Widerspruch zum Prinzip der onkologischen Operation auf. Im Einzelfall mag die VATS-Lobektomie ihre Berechtigung haben, als Routineverfahren für das nicht-kleinzellige Lungenkarzinom im Frühstadium ist sie derzeit noch abzulehnen.
Em outra coisa n o falavam os pardos, cabras, e crioulos: o "recrutamento" de escravos na guerra da Independência na Bahia
Kraay Hendrik
Revista Brasileira de História , 2002,
Abstract: Este artigo analisa o recrutamento de escravos para as for as patriotas durante a guerra pela independência brasileira na Bahia (1822 a 1823) e faz uma distin o entre os recrutamentos de escravos e de homens livres e libertos de cor, freqüentemente confundidos. O alistamento de escravos durante esse conflito foi uma medida improvisada pelo comandante brasileiro, e n o havia promessas de liberdade para os escravos. Depois do conflito, o governo brasileiro mandou alforriar os escravos que serviram, compensando seus donos. Ao mesmo tempo, autoridades lidaram com a grande quantidade de homens de cor alistados durante a guerra, contraste marcante à fileira principalmente branca do final da época colonial. A participa o de soldados libertos no Levante dos Periquitos de 1824 serviu de pretexto para deportá-los, e também soldados n o-brancos, da guarni o baiana. Dessa maneira, autoridades restauraram a demarca o entre escravo e soldado, obscurecida de forma inaceitável durante a guerra.
Knowing other-wise: a discussion of alterity and the limits of philosophy
Hendrik Hart
Koers : Bulletin for Christian Scholarship , 1994, DOI: 10.4102/koers.v59i3&4.707
Abstract: Hendrik Stoker and Herman Dooyeweerd discussed the relation between philosophy’s universality and the independence of the individually real That issue is currently discussed by postmodern philosophers exploring the limits of philosophy related to contemporary concern for inclusivity and alterity. I take up this issue by arguing that philosophy has limits. If these are not observed, philosophy contributes to exclusion or oppression of whatever transcends these limits. If, for example, philosophy imperiously sets the tone for our total relation to the real, its limits shrink our relation to the real. For if philosophy is limited by a focus on what is same, such imperious tonesetting will exclude the different from our attention. Calling attention to the inclusion and liberation of 'dijferents’ is a contribution of postmodernity. Rut I ask: can such calling attention remain philosophical without philosophy remaining imperial? Possibly our knowing of the different must be a knowing that differs from knowing the same. In my view, knowing what is ‘otherwise than being', is knowing otherwise than knowing philosophically. Such knowing will be otherwise by being wise to the other, in trust. It will not be a grasping of the other in and by a concept that is the same.
Constructing ancient slavery as socio-historic context of the New Testament
Hendrik Goede
HTS Theological Studies/Teologiese Studies , 2013, DOI: 10.4102/hts.v69i1.1297
Abstract: Considering the vast scope of material on slavery in antiquity, this article aimed to design a search filter that delimits the scope of socio-historical aspects specifically relevant to the New Testament passages dealing with slavery. The term ‘search filter’ was borrowed from Information Technology, denoting defined search terms aimed at more efficient and effective searches of vast amounts of data. The search filter designed in this article made use of the following search terms: the period under investigation; the geographical region under investigation; various definitions of slavery; ancient terminology for slavery; and aspects arising from the New Testament passages themselves. Each of these criteria were considered in turn, and the results were used to define the search filter. Finally, the search filter was represented schematically.
’n Bybelskool in boekvorm
Hendrik Goede
In die Skriflig , 2013, DOI: 10.4102/ids.v47i1.714
Some metrical results on the approximation by continued fractions
Hendrik Jager
Uniform Distribution Theory , 2011,
Abstract: Let $x$ be a real irrational number and $p_n/q_n, n=1,2,\ldots$ its sequence of continued fraction convergents. Define $d_n=q_{n+1}|q_nx-p_n|.$ For almost all $x$ the distribution functions of the sequences $|d_n-d_{n+1}|$ and $d_n+d_{n+1}$ are determined.
Urban Image Construction in Macau in the First Decade after the “Handover”, 1999-2008 Zur Konstruktion des Stadtbildes von Macau im ersten Jahrzehnt nach der "übergabe" (1999-2008)
Hendrik Tieben
Journal of Current Chinese Affairs , 2009,
Abstract: This paper describes the transformation of Macau’s urban image in the first decade after the “handover” of the Portuguese enclave to the People’s Republic of China (PRC). In the pre-handover years and the first years of the newly established Macau Special Administrative Region (MSAR), urban interventions created an image thought to assure the continuity of Macau’s Eurasian identity along with future financial stability. In 2002, with the governmental decision not to renew the local gambling monopoly, Macau’s urban image was radically transformed. The liberalization of the gambling industry after Macau’s return to the PRC was combined with the deregulation of building heights, developer-friendly land sales, a growing number of migrant workers, and the liberalization of travel restrictions for mainland visitors. These deregulations were based on decisions by the MSAR and the PRC governments, respectively, and led to the exponential growth of Macau’s GDP within only six years. This paper describes how, through these decisions, Macau’s urban image and space have been transformed. Der Beitrag beschreibt die Transformation des Stadtbildes von Macau nach der "übergabe" der portugiesischen Enklave an die Volksrepublik China.
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