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Febre maculosa: isolamento de Rickettsia em amostra de biópsia de pele
Melles, Heloisa Helana B.;Colombo, Silvia;Silva, Marcos Vinícius da;
Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de S?o Paulo , 1992, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-46651992000100007
Abstract: a 2 years old child living in an area of the state of s?o paulo, known in the past as endemic for rickettsiosis developed clinical evidences of spotted fever after a tick bite. rickettsiae were isolated from guinea pigs inoculated with a skin homogenate. in sera tested by indirect immunofluorescence with rickettsia rickettsii standard antigen, igg specific antibody titers raised from 1:512 in the first sample to 1:2048 in the third one; igm specific antibody titer was 1:128 in the three samples. also positive were sera obtained from the inoculated guinea pigs. in the last 20 years no other case of rickettsial spotted fever has been confirmed by isolation of the agent in brasil. to our knowlwdge, there are no previous reports of isolation of rickettsiae through inoculation of skin biopsy homogenates.
Isolamento de Rickettsia em cultura de células vero
Melles, Heloisa Helena Barbosa;Colombo, Silvia;Lemos, Elba Regina Sampaio de;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86821999000500001
Abstract: the diagnosis of spotted fever is based on characteristic signs and symptoms but requires laboratorial confirmation because of the possible differencial diagnosis from other diseases like leptospirosis, enterovirosis, meningococcemia and tiphoid fever. laboratorial confirmation may be done by detection of specific antibodies which is possible only 5-10 days after the onset of the symptoms or by the isolation of rickettsiae from blood and/or skin biopsy and from ticks collected in the patient or in the animal reservoir. the isolation of rickettsiae from blood or skin biopsy results in an early diagnosis of spotted fever since in the rickettsiemic phase of the disease there is no detectable level of antibodies in the serum. with the purpose of facilitating the diagnosis of spotted fever we have standardized the isolation of rickettsiae in cell culture by a method that is less time consuming and that reduces the biological risks than isolation in guinea pigs. vero cell cultures were inoculated with the sheyla smith strain of rickettsia rickettsii provided by cdc (atlanta-usa). the identification was performed by indirect immunofluorescence technique. the presence of green fluorescent organisms characterized the growth of the agent. ulterior confirmation of the methodology was done by isolation of the spotted fever agent from skin biopsy of a patient from an endemic area and from amblyomma ticks that are the reservoir and vector of the brazilian spotted fever.
Avalia??o de parametros para o diagnóstico laboratorial de infec??o genital feminina pela Chlamydia trachomatis
Melles, Heloisa Helena Barbosa;Colombo, Silvia;Linhares, Iara Moreno;Siqueira, Luiz Fernando de Góez;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822000000400004
Abstract: in order to evaluate the occurrence of chlamydia trachomatis, we have examined samples of cervical swabs from 189 women (166 of which were symptomatic and the remaining 23 were asymptomatic with regard to chlamydial infection. two specimens from the endocervical channel were collected and examined by immunofluorescent assay (dif) and chlamydia isolation. detection of igg and iga antibodies specific to c. trachomatis was also effected by indirect immunofluorescent assay (iif), in a cervical secretion sample. we succeeded in isolating chlamydia in 14 (8.4%) symptomatic and 3 (13%) asymptomatic women. the observation that the 152 symptomatic patients with negative results from chlamydia culture presented similar symptoms of disease, indicating that there is no specific symptom for genital infection caused by chlamydia (p > 0.05). all the 13 (76.5%) positive endocervical specimens, as determined by cell culture and dif reaction, presented more than 5 epithelial cells in the smears. these cells may represent an interference factor to the positivity of cell culture (p < 0.001). antibodies of the igg and/or iga classes were detected in 11 (64.7%) out of 17 women with positive chlamydia culture, considering as positive the iif titre of 3 8. consequently, this method can not be used as an alternative means of diagnosis, particularly in the earlier stages of chlamydial genital infections, since the presence of the antibodies depends on the phase of the infection and on the individual humoral immune response.
Isolamento de Rickettsia em cultura de células vero
Melles Heloisa Helena Barbosa,Colombo Silvia,Lemos Elba Regina Sampaio de
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 1999,
Abstract: Embora o diagnóstico da febre maculosa baseie-se em sinais e sintomas característicos, o mesmo requer confirma o laboratorial, pois existem alguns diagnósticos diferenciais possíveis como meningococcemia, leptospirose, infec o por enterovírus e febre tifóide. A confirma o laboratorial pode ser feita através da pesquisa de anticorpos específicos, possível somente alguns dias após o aparecimento da doen a, através do isolamento do agente em amostras de sangue e/ou biópsia de pele, e ainda, de amostras de carrapatos coletados do paciente ou de animais reservatório. O isolamento a partir de sangue ou biópsia de pele resulta em diagnóstico precoce da doen a, pois na fase de rickettsemia ainda n o há anticorpos detectáveis no sangue. Assim, com o objetivo de facilitar o diagnóstico precoce da febre maculosa, estabelecemos um método de isolamento de rickettsia em cultura de células vero. Para a padroniza o foi inoculada amostra padr o de Rickettsia rickettsii, cepa Sheyla Smith, cedida pelo CDC. A identifica o foi feita através da rea o de imunofluorescência indireta. A presen a de microrganismos verdes fluorescentes visualizados no interior do citoplasma das células caracterizou o crescimento do agente. Posteriormente, a metodologia foi confirmada pelo isolamento do agente da febre maculosa em amostras de biópsia de pele de paciente proveniente de área endêmica no Estado de S o Paulo, bem como, de amostras de carrapato do gênero Amblyomma, considerado o reservatório e transmissor da doen a no Brasil.
Avalia o de parametros para o diagnóstico laboratorial de infec o genital feminina pela Chlamydia trachomatis
Melles Heloisa Helena Barbosa,Colombo Silvia,Linhares Iara Moreno,Siqueira Luiz Fernando de Góez
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2000,
Abstract: Foram examinadas prospectivamente189 amostras cervicais de mulheres sintomáticas e assintomáticas. Foram colhidas 2 amostras do canal endocervical, das quais uma foi examinada pela rea o de imunofluorescência direta (IFD) com anticorpo monoclonal (MicroTrak), para verifica o da adequa o das amostras. A segunda amostra foi inoculada em cultura de células McCoy. Uma terceira amostra foi coletada para pesquisa de anticorpos das classes IgG e IgA. A Chlamydia trachomatis foi isolada de 14/166 (8,4%) das mulheres com sintomas e de 3/23 (13%) daquelas sem sintomas. Observamos que as 152 mulheres do grupo sintomático, com cultura negativa, possuiam sintomas equivalentes. Em rela o ao número de células epiteliais, verificou-se que 13 das 17 (76,5%) amostras endocervicais positivas pela cultura e pela IFD, todas apresentavam mais de 5 células. Tomando-se como critério de positividade títulos superscript three 1:8, foram detectados anticorpos das classes IgG e/ou IgA específicos para C. trachomatis em 11/189 (64,7%) das 17 mulheres com cultura positiva. Conclus es: a) n o existe sintoma que seja específico de infec o por clamídia (p > 0,05); b) a quantidade de células epiteliais representariam fator de interferência na positividade da cultura, sendo, portanto, variáveis dependentes (p < 0,001); c) a pesquisa de anticorpos na cérvice n o poderia ser utilizada como diagnóstico alternativo, pois a sua detec o depende da fase evolutiva da infec o e da resposta imunitária individual.
Policy Research in a Complex Context  [PDF]
Alessandro Colombo
Intelligent Information Management (IIM) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/iim.2010.211071
Abstract: Today’s world is characterized by uncertainty and complexity. While examining the importance of research in such a context, the paper attempts to outline a first definition of the role and potential of policy research. The policy process itself has become increasingly complex and non linear, as has its relationship with research. Consequently, policy researchers’ contributions to policymakers may not have a direct, punctual and immediate influence on single issues, but rather a more pervasive, interactive, deliberative effect. Focusing on the theoretical definition of the risk, uncertainty and complexity of the policy process today, the paper outlines some questions and puts forward possible answers which offer a starting point for further analysis. It explores a new role for policy research and underlines the opportunities offered by argumentative, deliberative and multidisciplinary approaches which can positively impact democracy.
Understanding Organizational Barriers Influencing Local Electronic Government Adoption and Implementation: The Electronic Government Implementation Framework
Nurdin,Nurdin; Stockdale,Rosemary; Scheepers,Helana;
Journal of theoretical and applied electronic commerce research , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-18762011000300003
Abstract: researches in electronic government have indicated a number of organizational barriers that hinder the adoption and implementation of electronic government. this paper proposes a research framework for analysing how organizational barriers influence the adoption and implementation of e-government at local levels. the framework is constructed based on four organizational dimensions; adaptability, involvement, mission, and bureaucracy drawn from organizational theories and e-government literature. we found that organizational barriers which are identified in major e-government literature link to the dimensions of organizational culture and effectiveness. our conclusion is that the framework is relevant to understand organizational barriers influencing adoption and implementation of local e-government. the limitation of this study is that the framework has been developed based on the application of a theoretical lens on the e-government literature. it is now necessary to test this model in different contexts.
A cost-effectiveness analysis of different therapies in patients with chronic hepatitis B in Italy
Giorgio L Colombo, Giovanni B Gaeta, Mauro Viganò, et al
ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research , 2011, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/CEOR.S16655
Abstract: cost-effectiveness analysis of different therapies in patients with chronic hepatitis B in Italy Review (5139) Total Article Views Authors: Giorgio L Colombo, Giovanni B Gaeta, Mauro Viganò, et al Published Date February 2011 Volume 2011:3 Pages 37 - 46 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/CEOR.S16655 Giorgio L Colombo1,2, Giovanni B Gaeta3, Mauro Viganò4, Sergio Di Matteo2 1University of Pavia, School of Pharmacy, Italy; 2S.A.V.E. Studi Analisi Valutazioni Economiche, Milan, Italy; 3Viral Hepatitis Unit, Second University, Naples, Italy; 4Liver Unit, Ospedale San Giuseppe, Università degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy Introduction: Chronic hepatitis B (CHB) is a prevalent disease associated with high morbidity, mortality, and impact on health care costs. Antiviral therapy is aimed at reducing hepatitis B virus replication in order to limit progressive liver disease and improve the natural history of the disease. This study estimates the cost-effectiveness of lamivudine, adefovir, telbivudine, entecavir, tenofovir, and pegylated interferon in patients with CHB. Methods: A Markov model was developed to evaluate the costs and benefits of antivirals in a cohort of patients with CHB (hepatitis B e antigen [HBeAg]-positive and HBeAg-negative) and cirrhosis over a period of 10 years. Different rescue therapies were considered, according to current guidelines. Data on efficacy and changes in quality of life were derived from clinical trials and epidemiological Italian data. Direct costs were assessed from the perspective of the Italian National Health Service. Results: Tenofovir was associated with lower costs and higher efficacy compared with entecavir, telbivudine, and adefovir, as shown by their incremental cost-effectiveness ratios (ICER) per quality-adjusted life-year (QALY) gained: tenofovir €30,959, entecavir €45,971, telbivudine €62,051, and adefovir €82,824. Even following 1 year of pegylated interferon therapy, tenofovir had a more favourable ICER per QALY gained compared with the other rescue options. The analysis of patients with cirrhosis confirms the results obtained with the CHB cohort though with higher ICERs. Sensitivity analyses on the main variables confirm the results of the base case scenario. Conclusion: Within the Italian health care system, in patients with CHB, tenofovir is a cost-effective strategy compared with other available therapies. Public health care authorities would benefit from mathematical models designed to estimate the future burden of CHB infection together with the impact of treatment and drug resistance.
Delineation of burnt mountain forest areas by high-resolution satellite images
De Matteo E,Colombo R,Meroni M,Comini B
Forest@ , 2007,
Abstract: In this paper we present a remote sensing technique, based on very high spatial resolution Quickbird satellite data, aimed to map burnt forested areas located in alpine environment hit by winter fires occurred in Lombardia Region in the 2005 year. Quickbird satellite images have a spatial resolution of 2.5 m and are characterized by 4 spectral bands covering the regions of blue, green, red and near infrared. Burnt areas were automatically extracted by using an object oriented classification combined with a connectivity algorithm developed with the aim to join burnt isolates pixel with the main body of the area hit by fire. The proposed algorithm is based on the exploitation of a Gaussian function that produces a degree of membership to be burnt for every pixel not classified as burnt by means of the preliminary automatic classification. The membership function is established on the base of the spatial distance and it decrease according the full width at half maximum of the Gaussian function. The produced maps have been compared with the burnt area boundaries obtained by means of field survey based on GPS measurements; this allowed us to estimate the goodness of the proposed method. The comparison between the results produced by the connectivity algorithm and the reference measured in ground showed high degrees of accuracy with errors ranging from 3 to 20%.
Amphibia, Anura, Cycloramphidae, Proceratophrys bigibbosa (Peters, 1872) and Proceratophrys brauni Kwet and Faivovich, 2001: Distribution extension and new state record
Santos, R. R.,Colombo, P.,Leonardi, S. B.,Zank, C.
Check List , 2009,
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