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Anterior Choroidal Artery Territory Stroke in Young Patient  [PDF]
Denise Lopes, Helena Felgueiras, Pedro Carneiro
Case Reports in Clinical Medicine (CRCM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/crcm.2014.38109

Introduction: Stroke incidence in young patients is about 10 cases in 100.000, according to several European studies. In this age group arterial dissection is one of the main pathological mechanisms involved. The internal carotid’s artery (ICA) main supraclinoid branch is the anterior choroidal artery (AChA). The occurrence of infarction in its territory due to internal carotid dissection is considered to be a rare event and may have different clinical presentations due to anatomical variability. Clinical case: A 31-year-old male patient, without any known cardiovascular risk factors or chronic medication, presented with acute onset of stabbing right sided headache while practicing football. Visual disturbances and hemiparesis with hypesthesia of his left arm were also mentioned. On admission left homonymous hemianopsia, left hemiparesis and left extensor plantar reflex were present. Brain magnetic resonance showed hyperintensity of T2 and FLAIR signals and restricted diffusion pattern suggested acute/subacute infarctions in the thalamic and subcapsular area, corpus callosum, splenium and subcortical parietal right region. Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) of the brain showed reduction of the right ICA’s caliber, mainly of its supraclinoid segment in which a marked irregular stenosis was visualized, suggestive of arterial dissection. This stenotic segment included the origin of the AChA and of the posterior communicating cerebral artery with an exchange in their territories. Lumbar puncture results were normal as were analytical investigations which included CBC, sedimentation rate, syphilis serology and immunologic and prothrombotic screen. There were no phenotype characteristics suggestive of connective tissue disease. Conclusion: Trauma seems to be the most probable lesion mechanism for the occurrence of intracranial carotid’s dissection in this particular case, as the patient was practicing vigorous sports at time of onset. In view of great anatomic variability and multiple anatomical sites supplied by the AChA its occlusion will induce a wide range of clinical manifestations.

A história da educa??o na rela??o com os saberes histórico e pedagógico
Felgueiras, Margarida Louro;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-24782008000300006
Abstract: in the historiography of the history of education, different authors have emphasized the "in-between" position which the discipline occupies (nóvoa, 1994, p. 21; depaepe, 1993, p. 31). the discipline, a structuring element in the incipient science of education, developed historically only in the institutional field of the training of teachers, to which it became linked. based on this situation, we propose to analyze the question in a semi-retrospective manner, evoking memories of personal experience. based on these, we shall interrogate the past, taking portugal as our field of observation whilst at the same time taking a look at the situation of the history of education in other european countries. we intend to problematize the place of the history of education in the field of teacher training and the role which it represents there. starting with a systematization of some questions related to this theme, we intend to discuss the hybrid nature of the history of education, with the difficulties and opportunities inherent in it.
A história da educa o na rela o com os saberes histórico e pedagógico
Margarida Louro Felgueiras
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o , 2008,
Abstract: En la historiografía de la historia de la educación, varios autores han resaltado la posición "entre dos" que la diciplina ocupa (Nóvoa, 1994, p. 21; Depaepe, 1993, p. 31). Diciplina histórica, elemento estructural de la incipiente ciencia de la educación, sólo se desarrolla históricamente en el campo institucional de la formación de profesores, a la que quedó vinculada. A partir de esa situación nos proponemos analizar la cuestión de forma semi retrospectiva, evocando recordaciones de la experiencia personal. A partir de ellas, caminamos en la interrogación al pasado, tomando Portugal por campo de observación, al mismo tiempo que lanzamos una ojeada sobre la situación de la historia de la educación en otros países europeos. Pretendemos problematizar el lugar de la historia de la educación en el sistema de ense anza, comprender como se sedimentó la historia de la educación en el área de la formación de los docentes y que papel ahí representó. De la sistematización de algunas cuestiones en vuelta de esa problemática, pretendemos discutir el carácter híbrido de la historia de la educación, con las dificultades y oportunidades de ahí transcurridas.
Spatial Modeling of Soil Lime Requirements with Uncertainty Assessment Using Geostatistical Sequential Indicator Simulation  [PDF]
Jussara de Oliveira Ortiz, Carlos Alberto Felgueiras, Eduardo Celso Gerbi Camargo, Camilo Daleles Rennó, Manoel Jimenez Ortiz
Open Journal of Soil Science (OJSS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojss.2017.77011
Abstract: This work presents and analyses a geostatistical methodology for spatial modelling of Soil Lime Requirements (SLR) considering punctual samples of Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and Base Saturation (BS) soil properties. Geostatistical Sequential Indicator Simulation is used to draw realizations from the joint uncertainty distributions of the CEC and the BS input variables. The joint distributions are accomplished applying the Principal Component Analyses (PCA) approach. The Monte Carlo method for handling error propagations is used to obtain realization values of the SLR model which are considered to compute and store statistics from the output uncertainty model. From these statistics, it is obtained predictions and uncertainty maps that represent the spatial variation of the output variable and the propagated uncertainty respectively. Therefore, the prediction map of the output model is qualified with uncertainty information that should be used on decision making activities related to the planning and management of environmental phenomena. The proposed methodology for SLR modelling presented in this article is illustrated using CEC and BS input sample sets obtained in a farm located in Ponta Grossa city, Paraná state, Brazil.
Treino de modelagem e visualiza??o mental: avalia??o dos efeitos nas expectativas de auto-eficácia e desempenho de atletas de patinagem
Ramires,Ana; Carapeta,Carolina; Felgueiras,Filipa; Viana,Miguel Faro;
Análise Psicológica , 2001,
Abstract: the objective of this paper was to determine in what manner a training program of modelling and mental imagery (during two weeks) could affect the self-efficacy expectations and performance of an group of athletes from artistic skating. the subjects (19 girls) were distributed to one of three experimental conditions: control group (n=7), experimental group (n=6), with a training program of modelling; and a second experimental group (n=6) with a training program of modelling plus a program of mental imagery. the results showed that the experimental groups didn't improve the self-efficacy expectations and performance during the two weeks of study. however, despite the sample's dimension limitations and the short-length of the program (two weeks) it was possible to establish that: (a) the self-efficacy expectations showed to be better predictors of performance than the outcome expectations; (b) the past performance plays an important role in formation of self-efficacy; (c) the experimental programs improved the self-perception of athletes regarding the level of performance that could accomplish attending the motor and technical skills which they had in the beginning of the program.
?Isolated? granulomatous interstitial nephritis and renal failure: an unusual presentation of sarcoidosis
Farinha,Ana; Assun??o,José; Felgueiras,Joana; Vinhas,José;
Portuguese Journal of Nephrology & Hypertension , 2012,
Abstract: sarcoidosis is a multisystemic granulomatous disorder of unknown aetiology typically affecting the lungs and lymph nodes. less frequently, the kidneys may also be affected. postmortem analysis suggests that 20 percent of patients have histologic changes in the kidney. however, clinical involvement of the kidney is a relatively uncommon condition. renal failure may occur associated with hypercalcaemia, glomerular disease, or granulomatous interstitial nephritis. renal failure associated with isolated granulomatous interstitial nephritis is an extremely rare entity, with only 57 cases reported until 1990, and the clinical presentation may be misleading. we report a case of a 52-year-old man complaining of persistence of symptoms of lethargy and anorexia, admitted for hypercalcaemia and progressive renal failure. one year earlier, he presented to his primary care physician with a 3-month history of fatigue, anorexia and weight loss. at that time, laboratory findings showed renal failure with a raised serum creatinine of 2.8 mg/dl, and evidence of mesenteric lymphadenopathy on abdominal ct scan. however, as spontaneous regression of lymphadenopathy occurred, the clinical picture was attributed to a depression syndrome. during hospital stay, patient underwent a renal biopsy which showed a granulomatous interstitial nephritis with schaumann bodies and led to a diagnosis of sarcoidosis. he was treated with steroids with disappearance of constitutional symptoms and partial recovery of renal function. renal sarcoidosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of hypercalcaemia and renal failure. a raised serum angiotensin-converting enzyme may aid in making the diagnosis, but a renal biopsy is essential to confirm the diagnosis. timely diagnosis is critical to successful therapy, as the condition usually responds to early treatment with corticosteroids
Fall Detection on Ambient Assisted Living using a Wireless Sensor Network
ADCAIJ : Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal , 2013,
Abstract: In this work, a distributed system for fall detection is presented. The proposed system was designed to monitor activities of the daily living of elderly people and to inform the caregivers when a falls event occurs. This system uses a scalable wireless sensor networks to collect the data and transmit it to a control center. Also, an intelligent algorithm is used to process the data collected by the sensor networks and calculate if an event is, or not, a fall. A statistical method is used to improve this algorithm and to reduce false positives. The system presented has the capability to learn with past events and to adapt is behavior with new information collected from the monitored elders. The results obtained show that the system has an accuracy above 98%.
Apparent Solubility of Natural Products Extracted with Near-Critical Carbon Dioxide  [PDF]
Helena Sovová
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2012.312A127

The apparent solubility controls the initial stage of supercritical fluid extraction of natural products, which is most important for the process economics. Based on the literature, data on CO2 apparent solubility of volatile substances from different matrices as leaves, flowers, rhizomes and seeds were collected and compared with their thermodynamic solubility. The adsorption isotherm derived by del Valle and Urrego as a modification of the isotherm proposed by Perrut et al. is universal enough to interpret these data as well as the apparent solubility of vegetable oils from seeds, for which it was originally proposed. When the apparent solubility of minor extract components in CO2 is compared with their thermodynamic solubility, their fraction in the extracted mixture should be taken into account.

Modelagem de fertilidade do solo por simula??o estocástica com tratamento de incertezas
Ortiz, Jussara de Oliveira;Felgueiras, Carlos Alberto;Druck, Suzana;Monteiro, Antonio Miguel Vieira;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2004000400012
Abstract: this work described a methodology of fertility modeling that integrates chemical properties of the soil through the monte carlo method. the chemical attributes are spatialized, along with their estimation uncertainties, by a geostatistical procedure of random simulation. uncertainties of the chemical properties are propagated to the resulting fertility model allowing the generation of fertility maps conditioned to preset risk levels. the method presented here is illustrated by a case study of fertility for soy culture, at the state of santa catarina, brazil, considering the following chemical properties of the soil: exchangeable aluminum, potassium and cation exchange capacity.
Modelagem de fertilidade do solo por simula o estocástica com tratamento de incertezas
Ortiz Jussara de Oliveira,Felgueiras Carlos Alberto,Druck Suzana,Monteiro Antonio Miguel Vieira
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2004,
Abstract: O objetivo deste trabalho foi descrever um procedimento de modelagem de fertilidade do solo que integra propriedades químicas do solo utilizando-se do método de Monte Carlo. A espacializa o das propriedades químicas foi obtida por procedimento geoestatístico de simula o estocástica, com modelagem das incertezas associadas às estimativas. As incertezas das propriedades químicas foram propagadas para o modelo de fertilidade resultante, possibilitando a gera o de mapas de fertilidade condicionados a níveis de risco prédefinidos. O método aqui apresentado é ilustrado por um estudo de caso de fertilidade para cultura de soja, no Estado de Santa Catarina, considerando as seguintes propriedades químicas do solo: alumínio trocável, potássio e capacidade de troca cati nica.
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