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Determination of N and O-Atoms, of N2(A) and N2(X, v > 13) Metastable Molecules and N2+ Ion Densities in the Afterglows of Ar-N2 Microwave Discharges  [PDF]
Andre Ricard, Hayat Zerrouki, Jean-Philippe Sarrette
Journal of Analytical Sciences, Methods and Instrumentation (JASMI) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jasmi.2015.54007
Abstract: Early afterglows of Ar-N2 flowing microwave discharges are characterized by optical emission spectroscopy. The N and O atoms, the N2(A) and N2(X, v > 13) metastable molecules and N2+ ion densities are determined by optical emission spectroscopy after calibration by NO titration for N and O-atoms and measurements of NO and N2 band intensities. For an Ar-xN2 gas mixture with × increasing from 2 to 100% at 4 Torr, 100 Watt and an afterglow time of 3 × 10- 3 s at the 5 liter reactor inlet, it is found densities in the ranges of (2 - 6) × 1014 cm- 3 for N-atoms, one order of magnitude lower for N2(X, v > 13) and for O-atoms (coming from air impurity), of 1010 - 1011 cm- 3 for N2(A) and of 108 - 109 cm- 3 for N2+.
A Note on the 4D Antisymmetric Tensor Field Model in Curved Space-Time
H. Zerrouki
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: Using the BRS techniques, we prove the existence of a local and nonlinear symmetry of the gauge fixed action of the antisymmetric tensor field model in curved background.
Superdiffeomorphisms of the Topological Yang-Mills and Renormalization
H. Zerrouki
Physics , 1995, DOI: 10.1142/S0217732395002416
Abstract: We give the superdiffeomorphisms transformations of the four-dimensional topological Yang-Mills theory in curved manifold and we discuss the ultraviolet renormalization of the model. The explicit expression of the most general counterterm is given.
Ultraviolet and Infrared Finiteness in Two Dimensional Curved Space-Time
H. Zerrouki
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: Different models of field theories in two dimensions can be described by the action $Tr\int \vf F$. In the presence of a curved background, we construct a local supersymmetry-like transformations under which the action is invariant. Furthermore, by analysing the cohomology of the theory we show the absence of anomalies. Also the ultraviolet as well as the infrared finiteness of the theory are proven to all orders of perturbation theory.
Parallelization of Memetic Algorithms and ElectromagnetismMetaheuristics for the Problem of Scheduling in the productionSystems of HFS type
Kadda Zerrouki,Khaled Belkadi
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2013,
Abstract: The metaheuristics are approximation methods which deal with difficult optimization problems. The Work that we present in this paper has primarily as an objective the adaptation and the implementation of two advanced metaheuristics which are the Memetic Algorithms (MA) and the Electromagnetism Metaheuristic (EM) applied in the production systems of Hybrid Flow Shop (HFS) type for the problem of scheduling. The Memetic Algorithms or hybrid genetic algorithms are advanced metaheuristic ones introduced by Moscato in 1989. Electromagnetism Metaheuristic (EM) draws its inspiration in the electromagnetic law of Coulomb on the particles charged. We will propose an adaptation of two methods to the discrete case on the problems of scheduling with the production systems (HFS). We present then a comparison between the Memetic Algorithms (MA), the Parallel Memetic Algorithms with Migration (PMA_MIG) and then we present a comparison between Electromagnetism Metaheuristic (EM) and Parallel Electromagnetism Metaheuristic with migration (PEM_MIG). Finally we give the results obtained by its algorithms applied to HFSs (HFS4: FH3 (P4, P2, P3) | | Cmax and HFS4: FH2 (P3, P2) | | Cmax) for the two problems: scheduling and assignment.
Sideritis breavibracteata improve memory and learn-ing: An experimental study in mice.
Noureddine Djebli , Khayra Zerrouki
Journal of Pharmacy and Phytotherapeutics , 2007,
High Throughput of WiMAX MIMO OFDM Including Adaptive Modulation and Coding
Hadj Zerrouki,Mohamed Feham
Computer Science , 2010,
Abstract: WiMAX technology is based on the IEEE 802.16 specification of which IEEE 802.16-2004 and 802.16e amendment are Physical (PHY) layer specifications. IEEE 802.16-2004 currently supports several multiple-antenna options including Space-Time Codes (STC), Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) antenna systems and Adaptive Antenna Systems (AAS). The most recent WiMAX standard (802.16e) supports broadband applications to mobile terminals and laptops. Using Adaptive Modulation and Coding (AMC) we analyze the performance of OFDM physical layer in WiMAX based on the simulation results of Bit Error Rate (BER), and data throughput. The performance analysis of OFDM PHY is done. In this paper, an extension to the basic SISO mode, a number of 2 by 2 MIMO extensions are analysed under different combinations of digital modulation (QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM) and Convolutional Code (CC) with half, two-third and three quarter rated codes. The intent of this paper is to provide an idea of the benefits of multiple antenna systems over single antenna systems in WiMAX type deployments.
Fiction ou réalité : Les biographies de Constance Fenimore Woolson Fiction or Non-Fiction? Constance Fenimore Woolson’s Biographies
Jeannine Hayat
Revue LISA / LISA e-journal , 2005, DOI: 10.4000/lisa.619
Abstract: Constance Fenimore Woolson (1840-1894) was an American novelist, famous toward the end of the 19th century. She was educated in the Great Lakes region, and her familiarity with the frontier gave her many subjects for her first stories published, among others, in Harper’s New Monthly Magazine and in the Atlantic Monthly. In 1873 she moved to Florida and began to feel inspired by the South, the Reconstruction after the war and the racial problem. She discovered Europe in 1880 and she met with Henry James in Florence. A strange friendship between the Master and the popular woman writer was to last until 1894. Leon Edel, Henry James’s biographer, supposed she felt an unrequited love for him. New feminist studies assert she was, on the contrary, independent and never asked literary figures for their help. Did she commit suicide or fall from a window by accident? Nobody knows. Contemporary novelists like David Lodge, Colm Toibin or Emma Tennant are puzzled by her relationship with Henry James.
The Relationship between Weight as Well as the Kind of Prostate Hypertrophy and the Response to Tamsulosine, a Specific ?-Blocker
Hayat Mombini
Urology Journal , 2004,
Abstract: Purpose: To study the effects of Tamsulosine (Flowmax) as a specific ?-blocker in patients with prostate weighted less than 40 g and lacked median lobe and to compare them to patients with prostate weighted more than 40 g with median lobe. Materials and Methods: Forty outpatients with BPH were referred to clinic and intentionally enrolled in this study. Patients were divided into 2 groups of 20 patients. Tamsulosine was daily administered for all of them for 6 weeks. Routine tests were performed for all patients, all of which were normal. The probability of prostate cancer was ruled out. The size of prostate and type of hypertrophy were determined by one radiologist via DRE, suprapubic ultrasonography and TRUS-P. Patients were divided into A and B groups according to the size of prostate and the lack of median lobe or its presence. Prostate size was less than 40 mg in group A and all patients lacked median lobe; whereas, prostate size was more than 40 mg (between 40-60 mg) in group B and patients had some median lobe. Results: An increase of 30% in base line Q Max and a decrease of 25% in base line IPSS was seen in 16 patients (80%) of group A, while these were observed only 9 patients (45%) of group B. Conclusion: Determination of prostate size and the type of hypertrophy seems to be essential before any Tamsulosine administration. The weight of prostate is determined by protoscan.
Lytton Strachey : l’historien intime de deux reines Lytton Strachey’s Intimate Biographies of Two Queens
Jeannine Hayat
Revue LISA / LISA e-journal , 2007, DOI: 10.4000/lisa.646
Abstract: The British writer Lytton Strachey (1880-1932) wrote biographies of the two most eminent Queens of England: Queen Victoria (1921) and Elizabeth and Essex (1928). The two books made him a very famous historian. However, he would personally have preferred to be admired for his poetry or his plays, for he was a very gifted literary author. Nevertheless many of Strachey’s readers have appreciated his conception of biography, as a means of personal confession while studying the destiny of a public figure. Indeed the Stracheyan way of life, free from Victorian moral standards and guided by the rules of the Bloomsbury group, inspired his story of Victoria and Elizabeth. Both Queens at the end of their lives and at the height of their power carried on strange love affairs: Victoria with her Scottish gillie and Elizabeth with the Earl of Essex, thirty years her younger. In fact, both romances subtly reflect Strachey’s own love affairs. He was himself engaged in a kind of common life with Dora Carrington— the painter, thirteen years younger than him, with whom he was not sexually involved— while he engaged in numerous homosexual love affairs.
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