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The Association Among Lipoprotein-associated Phospholipase A2 Levels, Total Antioxidant Capacity and Arousal in Male Patients with OSA
Taha T. Bekci, Mehmet Kayrak, Aysel Kiyici, Emin Maden, Hatem Ari, Zeynettin Kaya, Turgut Teke, Hakan Akilli
International Journal of Medical Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Background: The mechanisms of the increased cardiac and vascular events in patients with OSA are not well understood. Arousal which is an important component of OSA was associated with increased sympathetic activation and electrocardiographic changes which prone to arrhythmias. We planned to examine the association among arousal, circulating Lp-PLA2 and total antioxidant capacity in male patients with OSA. Methods: Fifty male patients with newly diagnosed OSA were enrolled the study. A full-night polysomnography was performed and arousal index was obtained. Lp-PLA2 concentrations were measured in serum samples with the PLAC Test. Total antioxidant capacity in patients was determined with Antioxidant Assay Kit. Results: Arousal was positively correlated with LP-PLA2 levels (r=0.43, p=0.002) and was negatively correlated with total antioxidant capacity (r= -0.29, p=0.04). Elevated LP-PLA2 levels and decreased total antioxidant activities were found in the highest arousal quartile compared with the lowest and 2nd quartiles (p=0.02, p=0.05, respectively). LP-PLA2 was an independently predictor of arousal index in regression model (β=0.357, p=0.002) Conclusions: This study demonstrated a moderate linear relationship between arousal and LP-PLA2 levels. Also, total antioxidant capacities were decreased in the higher arousal index. Based on the study result, the patients with higher arousal index may be prone to vascular events.
P-wave Dispersion for Predicting Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation in Acute Ischemic Stroke
Umuttan Dogan, Ebru Apaydin Dogan, Mehmet Tekinalp, Osman Serhat Tokgoz, Alpay Aribas, Hakan Akilli, Kurtulus Ozdemir, Hasan Gok, Betigul Yuruten
International Journal of Medical Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Detection of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF) in acute ischemic stroke patients poses diagnostic challenge. The aim of this study was to predict the presence of PAF by means of 12-lead ECG in patients with acute ischemic stroke. Our hypothesis was that P-wave dispersion (Pd) might be a useful marker in predicting PAF in patients with acute ischemic stroke. Methods: 12-lead resting ECGs, 24-hour Holter recordings and echocardiograms of 400 patients were analyzed retrospectively. PAF was detected in 40 patients on 24-hour Holter monitoring. Forty out of 360 age and gender matched patients without PAF were randomly chosen and assigned as the control group. Demographics, P-wave characteristics and echocardiographic findings of the patients with and without PAF were compared. Results: Maximum P-wave duration (p=0.002), Pd (p<0.001) and left atrium diameter (p=0.04) were significantly higher in patients with PAF when compared to patients without PAF. However, in binary logistic regression analysis Pd was the only independent predictor of PAF. The cut-off value of Pd for the detection of PAF was 57.5 milliseconds (msc). Area under the curve was 0.80 (p<0.001). On a single 12-lead ECG, a value higher than 57.5 msc predicted the presence of PAF with a sensitivity of 80% and a specificity of 73%. Conclusion: Pd on a single 12-lead ECG obtained within 24 hours of an acute ischemic stroke might help to predict PAF and reduce the risk of recurrent strokes.
H. Serkan AKILLI
Journal of Nevsehir University Social Science Institute , 2012,
Abstract: Bu al mada Türkiye’deki on iki siyasal partinin tüzükleri, üyelik stratejileri ba lam nda incelenmi tir. Genel bir er evede siyasal partilerin rgütsel ve s ylemsel a lardan ge irdikleri d nü ümlere ve kartel parti modeline yer verildikten sonra, al maya dahil edilen partiler yap lan temel bile en analizinin sonu lar na g re ü ba l k alt nda grupland r lm t r. Bunlar disiplin partileri, hak partileri ve g rev partileri olarak isimlendirilmi tir. Tart ma b lümünde kartel parti modeli kapsam nda bir de erlendirme yap lm , var olan yasal er evenin üye stratejileri a s ndan geni bir e itlili e izin verdi i, ancak partilerin bu olanaklar parti i i demokratikle me y nünde kullanmakta isteksiz olduklar ne sürülmü tür. Türkiye’deki siyasi partilerin üye stratejileri ve rgütsel yap lar üzerine daha yo un al malar yap lmas gereklili i vurgulanmaktad r.
The Analysis of the Van-Ercis Earthquake, October 23, 2011 Turkey, for the Transportation Systems in the Region  [PDF]
Hakan Aslan
Open Journal of Earthquake Research (OJER) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojer.2013.24009

This paper investigates the effect of the Van-Ercis, Turkey, (Mw: 7.2)earthquake occurring on 23rd of October, 2011 on the transportation networks in the region. The basic incentivefor this research is to conceptualise the reliability and performance of the networks after the earthquake through the operational and topological analysis of the system. The demand and composition of the traffic along with the behaviour of the pedestrians were taken into account to evaluate the performance of the networks. In addition, the general structure of the cities and towns, as far as planning is concerned, is also paid attention and regarded as one of the main elements for the appraisal. The outcomes obtained are thought very important to be guidance for the expected Istanbul earthquake in the near future.

Wireless Capsule Cystoscopy: How Near? How Far?  [PDF]
Hakan ?ztürk
Open Journal of Urology (OJU) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/oju.2014.44007

It is a fact that performing endoscopy using conventional methods requires substantial time and development of alternative diagnostic modalities. Replacement of rigid endoscopes with flexible and digital devices in time, faster performance of the procedures and reduced time for them to turn back to work brought about the expectancy. It was possible that easier and more reliable methods could exist. Idea of capsule endoscopy was born following examination of the gastrointestinal tract with an endoscope with shape of a capsule. Although idea of capsule endoscopy was suggested long years ago, it fell behind the advances in conventional step of the endoscopy, especially developmental speed of the flexible devices. Furthermore, three-dimensional (3D) organ views can be processed digitally by means of sophisticated software in the fields of computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Thus, virtual cystoscopy of high resolution and specificity is possible by means of both methods. Wireless capsule endoscopy is still in the experimental stage. “Steerable independent intracorporeal endoscope” with feature of consecutive instillation in addition to its diagnostic utility is not a dream.

Power System Analysis of an Aero-Engine  [PDF]
Onder Turan, Hakan Aydin
Journal of Power and Energy Engineering (JPEE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2015.34060

The aim of this study is analyzed in detail for better understanding of energy and power of an aero-engine. In this regard, this study presents energy equations were applied to the turbofan engine components. The engine has a thrust range of 82 to 109 kN. It consists of fan, axial low pressure compressor (LPC), axial high pressure compressor (HPC), an annular combustion chamber, high-pressure turbine (HPT) and low pressure turbine (LPT). The results show that power of the engine flow approaches a maximum value to be 82.85 MW in the combustor outlet, while minimum power is observed at LPC inlet with the value of 1.37 MW. Furthermore, important parameters of the engine are also analyzed from reverse-engineering method. It is expected that results of this study will be beneficial of power, cogeneration and aero-propulsive generation systems in similar environment.

An Application of Kalman Filtering and Artificial Neural Network with K-NN Position Detection Technique  [PDF]
Hakan Koyuncu, Baki Koyuncu
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/wsn.2017.98013
Abstract: RFID technology is one of the important technologies to determine the object locations. Distances are calculated with respect to calibration curves of RSSI amplitudes. The aim of this study is to determine the 2D position of mobile objects in the indoor environment. The importance of the work is to show that localization by using Artificial Neural Network plus Kalman Filtering is more accurate than using classical KNN method. An indoor wireless sensing network is established with strategically stationed RFID transmitter nodes and a mobile object with a RFID receiver node. A fingerprint map is generated and K-Nearest Neighbourhood algorithm (KNN) is deployed to calculate the object locations. Fingerprint coordinates and RSS values received at these coordinates are deployed to set up an Artificial Neural Network (ANN). This network is used to determine the unknown object locations by using RSS values received at these locations. The accuracy of object localization is found to be better with ANN technique than KNN technique. Object coordinates, determined with ANN technique, are subjected to Kalman filtering. The results show that localization accuracies are improved and localization error distances are reduced by 46% with the deployment of ANN + Kalman Filtering.
The epidemiology and factors associated with nocturnal enuresis among boarding and daytime school children in southeast of Turkey: a cross sectional study
Ali Gunes, Gulsen Gunes, Yasemin Acik, Adem Akilli
BMC Public Health , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-9-357
Abstract: This was a cross-sectional survey. A total of 562 self-administered questionnaires were distrubuted to parents from two different types of schools. One of them was a day-time school and the other was a boarding school. To describe enuresis the ICD-10 definition of at least one wet night per month for three consecutive months was used. Chi-square test and a logistic regression model was used to identify significant predictive factors for enuresis.The overall prevalence of nocturnal enuresis was 14.9%. The prevalence of nocturnal enuresis declined with age. Of the 6 year old children 33.3% still wetted their beds, while the ratio was 2.6% for 15 years-olds. There was no significant difference in prevalence of nocturnal enuresis between boys and girls (14.3% versus 16. 8%). Enuresis was reported as 18.5% among children attending day time school and among those 11.5% attending boarding school (p < 0.05). Prevalence of enuresis was increased in children living in villages, with low income and with positive family history (p < 0.05). After multivariate analysis, history of urinary tract infection (OR = 2.02), age (OR = 1.28), low monthly income (OR = 2.86) and family history of enuresis (OR = 3.64) were factors associated with enuresis. 46.4% of parents and 57.1% of enuretic children were significantly concerned about the impact of enuresis.Enuresis was more frequent among children attending daytime school when compared to boarding school. Our findings suggest that nocturnal enuresis is a common problem among school children, especially with low income, smaller age, family history of enuresis and history of urinary tract infection. Enuresis is a pediatric public health problem and efforts at all levels should be made such as preventive, etiological and curative.Nocturnal enuresis can be defined as the involuntary passage of urine during sleep beyond the age of anticipated nightime bladder control, after 4-6 y of age [1,2]. It is well known that nocturnal enuresis is a com
Experimental Flow Results in a Non-circular Duct with Heat Transfer Augmenting Obstacles
Azize Akcayoglu,Besir Sahin,Cetin Canpolat,Huseyin Akilli
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2010,
Flow control behind a circular cylinder via a porous cylinder in deep water
Gozmen B.,F?rat E.,Akilli H.,Sahin B.
EPJ Web of Conferences , 2013, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20134501035
Abstract: In this present work, the effects of surrounding outer porous cylinder on vortex structure downstream of a circular inner cylinder are investigated experimentally in deep water flow. The porosity of outer cylinder were selected as β = 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.65, 0.7, 0.75, 0.8 and 0.85. Porosity is defined as the ratio of the gap area on the body to the whole body surface area. The ratio of outer cylinder diameter to inner cylinder diameter, Do/Di was selected as 2.0, i.e. the inner cylinder diameter is Di = 30 mm where the outer cylinder diameter is Do = 60 mm. All experiments were carried out above a platform. The water height between the base of the platform and the free surface was adjusted as 340 mm. Free stream velocity is U = 156 mm/s, which corresponds to the Reynolds number of Rei = 5,000 based on the inner cylinder diameter. It has been observed that the outer porous cylinders have influence on the attenuation of vortex shedding in the wake region for all porosities. The turbulent intensity of the flow is reduced at least 45% by the presence of outer porous cylinder compared to the bare cylinder case. The porosities β = 0.4 and 0.5 are most suitable cases to control the flow downstream of the circular cylinder.
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