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The Research of Methodology and Technique for the System Implementation of Hall for Workshop of Metasynthetic Engineering

HU Xiao-hui,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2002,
Abstract: Based on the research and the system implementation of Hall for Workshop of Metasynthetic Engineering(HWMSE), the author summarizes the effects, characteristics and the purpose of HWMSE. The key problems of the design and the implementation for HWSME are proposed. They are: (a) combination between qualitative and quantitative; (b) the discussion process and discussion templatas suitable for the combination of the wisdom of human beings with the data of computer; (c) rebuilding system models/modules according to new problems. Making use of the new computer techniques, the author also proposes the methodology about the system implementation of HWMSE.
Rhythm Structures of the Chinese Shi-Sentences

HU Xiao-hui,

浙江大学学报(人文社会科学版) , 2002,
Abstract: Most of the studies on the shi-sentences (sentences with the verb to be)have focused on their grammatical features rather than on their phonetic forms and functional meanings. This paper suggests that different rhythm structures of the shi-sentences carry distinctive functions and meanings. New rules governing the phonological segmentation of the shi-sentences are discovered through phonological experiments.
Effects of Natural Hybridization on Plant Species Survival and Evolution
YAN Xiao-hui,HU Shi-jun
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2012,
Abstract: "Natural hybridization is a common phenomenon, and the action of human being is accelerating the happenness of natural hybridization, non-natural hybridization caused by human disturbance has great negative effects on species survival and evolution. We summarize the progress of hybridization and introgression based on the papers issused in recent years in this article. Hybridization not only affects species survival and evolution, but also bring some challenges to theory and practice of plant conservation. Hybridization and introgression has the potential to improve the genetic diversity, and can provide materials for species evolution, improve valuable variation for adaptation, and even lead to the formation of new ecotype or new species. But, small populations have tendency to go extinction when they hybridize with another species in greater amount. Natural hybridization challenges the definition of species concept.Hybridization can blur species boundary and promote the formation of “difficult冶 taxa in taxonomic and phylogenetic studies. Natural hybridization can promote evolutionary divergence between taxa by reinforcement of reproductive isolation, it can also lead to the break down of reproductive isolation and species mergence, and hence decrease the species diversity. We conclude that we should focus on the studies of isolation mechanisms, mechanisms of introgression, and how to prevent the negative effects of hybridization and introgression in the background of high rate of species invasion and extinction."
Meng Zhang,Yong-hong Zhou,Li-hong Hu,Xiao-hui Yang
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2010, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536810049111
Abstract: In the title compound, C18H22N2, which possesses non-crystallographic inversion symmetry, the central piperazine ring adopts a chair conformation. The phenyl rings are not exactly parallel and make a dihedral angle of 1.3 (1)°. No significant intermolecular contacts are observed in the crystal.
Xiao-Hui Yang,Yong-Hong Zhou,Li-Hong Hu,Hong-Jun Liu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2010, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536810039127
Abstract: In the title compound, C20H17N3O3, the dihedral angles between the central pyridine ring and the two terminal rings are 15.07 (3) and 43.24 (3)°. The dihedral angle between the two terminal rings is 37.49 (4)° In the crystal, intermolecular amine N—H...Nnitrile hydrogen-bonding interactions form inversion dimers, which are linked into chains through amine N—H...Omethoxy hydrogen bonds.
Xiao-Hui Yang,Yong-Hong Zhou,Meng Zhang,Li-Hong Hu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2011, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536811002698
Abstract: In the title compound, C25H32O7, the 3-hydroxy-5,5-dimethylcyclohex-2-enone rings adopt slightly distorted envelope conformations with the two planes at the base of the envelope forming dihedral angles of 57.6 (4) and 53.9 (9)° with the benzene ring. There is an intramolecular hydroxy–ketone O—H...O interaction between the two substituted cyclohexane rings as well as a short intramolecular phenol–methoxy O—H...O interaction.
Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Population Genetic Diversity of Endangered Plant Euonymus chloranthoides Yang
HU Shi-jun,YAN Xiao-hui,HE Ping,ZHANG Chun-ping
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2013,
Abstract: Habitat fragmentation is the main threat to the survival of many species, species response to habitat fragmentation differently; the information of genetic diversity has great significance to protect species. Euonymus chloranthoides Yang is an endangered plant endemic to Chongqing. The population of this plant in Jinyun Mountain has been fragmented seriously because of the highway construction, tour development and so on. Some populations are small and isolated. Four populations in Jinyun maintain were selected to study the effects of habitat fragmentation on population genetic diversity of E. chloranthoides. The results of ISSR experiment show that the GST is 0.406 2 which means 59.38% of the genetic diversity exists within the population, and 40.62% of the genetic diversity exists among populations, the level of population differentiation is high due to long isolation, low dispersal distance of pollen and seed. The PPB of the population with highest genetic diversity is 64.58%, The genetic diversity of Banzigou population, the smallest one, is the lowest, and the PPB of this population is 29.17%, which means small population do harm to the maintenance of genetic diversity. The gene flow (Nm) is 0.730 9, which is difficult to counteract the differentiation caused by genetic drift. Cluster analysis show he nearest populations cluster first, which mean that the genetic differentiation is affected by spatial distance. In-situ conservation should be strengthened to protect the small populations, and gene flow among populations should be improved to prevent the further genetic loss of small populations.
catena-Poly[[[diaqua(1,3-benzimidazole-κN3)manganese(II)]-μ-benzene-1,3-dicarboxylato-κ3O1,O1′:O3] dihydrate]
Xiao-Hui Wang
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2011, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536811008555
Abstract: In the polymeric title complex, {[Mn(C8H4O4)(C7H6N2)(H2O)2]·2H2O}n, the MnII cation is coordinated by two benzenedicarboxylate anions, one benzimidazole ligand and two water molecules in a distorted MnNO5 octahedral geometry. In the crystal, each benzenedicarboxylate anion bridges adjacent MnII cations through the terminal carboxylate groups, forming a polymeric complex chain along the a axis. One Mn—Ocarboxylate bond is much longer than the others. In the crystal, π–π stacking is observed between nearly parallel [dihedral angle = 4.32 (6)°] benzimidazole aromatic ring systems of adjacent molecules, the centroid–centroid distance between the imidazole and benzene rings being 3.5421 (11) . Extensive intermolecular O—H...O and N—H...O hydrogen bonding is present in the crystal structure. The two lattice water molecules are located on twofold rotation axes.
External Chinese medical therapy for pain associated with hyperplastic disease of the breast: study protocol of a randomized, double-blind, multicenter, controlled trial
Xiao-hui Sun
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2012,
Analysis of Teacher Talk on the Basis of Relevance Theory
Xiao-hui XU
Canadian Social Science , 2010,
Abstract: Teacher talk is usually viewed as one of the decisive factors of success or failure in classroom teaching. Based on the basic principles of Relevance Theory, the present thesis has focused on the teacher-student interaction in form of question-answer in language classrooms and tried to analyze teacher talk under the framework of Relevance Theory to prove that Relevance Theory is able to provide an explanation for teacher talk. This thesis proposes some pedagogical implications for successful teacher talk and teacher-student interaction in EFL context. Keywords: teacher talk; teacher-student interaction; Relevance Theory Résumé: Le discours de l'enseignant est généralement considéré comme l'un des facteurs décisifs de succès ou d'échec dans l'enseignement en classe. Basée sur des principes élémentaires de théorie de la pertinence, la présente thèse a mis l'accent sur l'interaction enseignant-élève sous forme de question-réponse dans les cours de langue et tenté d'analyser les discours de l'enseignant dans le cadre de la théorie de la pertinence afin de prouver que la théorie de la pertinence est capable de fournir une explication pour le discours de l'enseignant. Cette thèse propose quelques implications pédagogiques pour les discours de l'enseignant et de l'interaction enseignant-élève réussis dans le contexte de EFL. Mots-clés: discours de l'enseignant; interaction enseignant-élève; théorie de la pertinence
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