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Os jogos de linguagem e a aquisi o de uma competência humorística em PLE
Margarida Mouta
Linguística : Revista de Estudos Linguísticos da Universidade do Porto , 2007,
Mutual funds withdraw shield: performance or agency costs driver?
Carlos Francisco Alves,Helena Mouta
Economics and Business Letters , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper, using a unique database, we compare the performance of a set of equity mutual funds to a set of equity savings funds, which are similar to equity mutual funds in all but one characteristic: the tax regime that strongly penalizes withdrawals from equity savings funds. We found evidence consistent with the hypothesis that mutual funds less subject to liquidity shocks exhibit higher performances.
Effect of aerobic training on EEG alpha asymmetry and depressive symptoms in the elderly: a 1-year follow-up study
Deslandes, A.C.;Moraes, H.;Alves, H.;Pompeu, F.A.M.S.;Silveira, H.;Mouta, R.;Arcoverde, C.;Ribeiro, P.;Cagy, M.;Piedade, R.A.M.;Laks, J.;Coutinho, E.S.F.;
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X2010007500041
Abstract: the effect of physical exercise on the treatment of depressive elderly adults has not been investigated thus far in terms of changes in cortical hemispheric activity. the objective of the present study was to identify changes in depressive symptoms, quality of life, and cortical asymmetry produced by aerobic activity. elderly subjects with a diagnosis of major depressive disorder (dsm-iv) were included. twenty patients (70% females, 71 ± 3 years) were divided into an exercise group (pharmacological treatment plus aerobic training) and a control group (undergoing pharmacological treatment) in a quasi-experimental design. pharmacological treatment was maintained stable throughout the study (antidepressants and anxiolytics). subjects were evaluated by depression scales (beck depression inventory, hamilton depression rating scale, montgomery-asberg depression rating scale) and the short form health survey-36, and electroencephalographic measurements (frontal and parietal alpha asymmetry) before and after 1 year of treatment. after 1 year, the control group showed a decrease in cortical activity on the right hemisphere (increase of alpha power), which was not observed in the exercise group. the exercise group showed a significant decrease of depressive symptoms, which was not observed in the control group. this result was also accompanied by improved treatment response and remission rate after 1 year of aerobic exercise associated with treatment. this study provides support for the effect of aerobic training on alpha activity and on depressive symptoms in elderly patients. exercise facilitates the treatment of depressive elderly adults, leading to clinical and physical improvement and protecting against a decrease in cortical activity.
Percep??o de velocidade do movimento biológico: mais resistente ao fen?meno de interferência?
Mouta, Sandra;Santos, Jorge de Almeida;
Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas) , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-166X2011000400008
Abstract: the human visual system is often referred to as being highly prepared to extract meaningful information from biological motion patterns. in the present study, the contrast effect on speed perception was analysed. participants performed a test of speed judgment in which two simultaneous point-light walkers were animated at different translational speeds and contrasts in relation to the background. standard translational biological motion was compared to rigid translational motion in experiment 1 and to inverted biological motion in experiment 2. higher error rates, reaction times and greater vulnerability to contrast effects on speed perception were found for translational biological motion when compared to rigid motion. no significant differences were found, however, between standard and inverted stimuli. experiment 3 was implemented in order to control the role of positional cues in speed judgment. the start and finish points of the trajectory were varied so that the faster and slower point-light walkers could finish the trial at a relatively more advanced or more withdrawn position. in spite of the variation of the start and finish points of the trajectories, the pattern of results was still consistent with the findings of experiments 1 and 2. participants seemed to perform factual speed judgments instead of using spatial cues as a form of reference or positional matching. since the perception of biological patterns was more sensitive to contrast effects and not affected by familiarity, it is suggested that perception of biological and rigid motion may follow the same computational rules, at least for tasks involving translational patterns and speed judgment.
Las características anatomofuncionales del suelo pélvico y la calidad de vida de mujeres con incontinencia urinaria de esfuerzo sometidas a ejercicios perineales
Carneiro,E.F.; Araujo,N. dos S.; Beuttenmüll,L.; Vieira,P.C.; Cader,S.A.; Rett,M.; Oliveira,S.F. de; Mouta Oliveira,M. do S.; Dantas,E.H.M.;
Actas Urológicas Espa?olas , 2010, DOI: 10.4321/S0210-48062010000900007
Abstract: objective: to determine the effects of exercise in anatomic abnormalities of the pelvic floor (sp) and the quality of life (qol) of women with stress urinary incontinence (sui). method: an experimental study with 50 women with sui, distributed randomly into two groups, experimental (ge, 49.24±7.37 years) and control group (cg; 45.25±5.60 years). the groups performed ultrasound evaluation of the sp, evidence of pelvic floor muscle strength by palpation bidigital, surface emg motor activity and replied to the cv before and after treatment. the ge had 16 sessions of pelvic floor exercises twice a week for 30min. results: comparison between the ge and gc revealed significant differences in favor of ge, namely: mobility of the bladder neck (r=-0.79mm, p=0.00), thickness of pelvic floor muscle (r=-0.04mm, p=0.00), emg (r=0.05μv, p=0.00), muscle strength by the afa (r=0.05 level, p=0.00), domi1 (r%=5.67%, p=0.00), domi2 (r%=18.00%, p=0.00), domi3 (r%=18.22%, p=0.00), domi4 (r%=4.45%, p=0.00), domi5 (r%=0.22%, p=0.00), domi6 (r%=2.00%, p=0.00), domi7 (r%=3.78%, p=0, 00), domi8 (r%=6.33%, p=0.00), domi9 (r%=4.03%, p=0.00). conclusion: it was modified and improved anatomic features of the pelvic floor of women from ge through perineal exercises, which will positively influence the cv of these women.
Copper adsorption as a function of solution parameters of variable charge soils
Mouta, Ernesto R.;Soares, Marcio R.;Casagrande, José C.;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532008000500027
Abstract: effects of ph and ionic strength (i) on copper (cu) adsorption and the driving force of the reaction in variable charge soils were evaluated from batch studies. experimental results of cu adsorption fitted langmuir model. according to adsorption isotherms, cu affinity (kl) was greater in the subsoil (0.061-0.468 l kg-1) than in the topsoil samples (0.169-0.359 l kg-1). maximum adsorption (adsmax) ranged from 1114-2422 mg kg-1 (topsoil) to 1002-1334 mg kg-1 (subsoil). strong dependence of cu adsorption on the ph was observed in subsoil samples. adsorption edges showed sharply increase of cu adsorption (20-90%) in the 4.0-5.0 ph range. copper adsorption changed with increase in i and indicated different metal retention mechanisms (outer- and inner-spheres). adsorption reaction was favorable and spontaneous, as indicated by negative values of the free energy variation (δg) and the separation factor kr < 1. soil-solution interface and cu adsorption were also thermodynamically described by a theoretical approach.
Nickel adsorption by variable charge soils: effect of pH and ionic strength
Soares, Marcio Roberto;Casagrande, José Carlos;Mouta, Ernesto Rinaldi;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132011000100025
Abstract: the effects of ph and ionic strength (i) on ni adsorption in variable charge soils were evaluated by laboratory batch experiments. experimental results fitted the langmuir model. maximum adsorption (adsmax) ranged from 260-2818 mg kg-1 (topsoil) to 532-1541 mg kg-1 (subsoil). nickel affinity (kl) was higher in the subsoil samples (0.022-0.236 l kg-1) than in topsoil (0.003-0.049 l kg-1). adsorption envelopes showed sharp increase in ni adsorption (20-90%) in the 4.0-6.0 ph range. nickel adsorption was affected by i and specific adsorption predominated in the 3.0-5.0 ph range, while above ph 5.0, it was adsorbed by electrostatic mechanisms. negative values of free energy variation (δg) and the separation factor kr<1 indicated that ni adsorption reaction was favorable and occurred spontaneously, especially when ph increase. chemical and mineralogical soil attributes should be considered as criteria for selecting the areas for disposal of residues containing ni to minimize the impact on the environment.
Zinc adsorption in highly weathered soils
Casagrande, José Carlos;Soares, Marcio Roberto;Mouta, Ernesto Rinaldi;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2008000100017
Abstract: the objective of this work was to assess the effects of ph and ionic strength upon zinc adsorption, in three highly weathered variable charge soils. adsorption isotherms were elaborated from batch adsorption experiments, with increasing zn concentrations (0-80 mg l-1), and adsorption envelopes were constructed through soil samples reactions with 0.01, 0.1 and 1 mol l-1 ca(no3)2 solutions containing 5 mg l-1 of zn, with an increasing ph value from 3 to 8. driving force of reaction was quantified by gibbs free energy and separation factor. isotherms were c-, h- and l-type and experimental results were fitted to nonlinear langmuir model. maximum adsorption ranged from 59-810 mg kg-1, and zn affinity was greater in subsoil (0.13-0.81 l kg-1) than in the topsoil samples (0.01-0.34 l kg-1). zinc adsorption was favorable and spontaneous, and showed sharply increase (20-90%) in the 4-6 ph range. no effect of ionic strength was observed at ph values below 5, because specific adsorption mechanisms predominated in the 3-5 ph range. above ph 5, and in subsoil samples, zn was adsorbed by electrostatic mechanisms, since ionic strength effect was observed. despite depth and ionic strength effects, zn adsorption depends mainly on the ph.
Adapta??o dos instrumentos de avalia??o de eventos adversos para uso em hospitais brasileiros
Mendes, Walter;Travassos, Claudia;Martins, M?nica;Marques, Priscilla Mouta;
Revista Brasileira de Epidemiologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-790X2008000100005
Abstract: objective: to adapt assessment forms and triggers of the canadian adverse events study (caes), aiming at the assessment of adverse events (aes) in brazilian hospitals. method: adjustment followed a four-step process: (i) translation from portuguese into english; (ii) expert' panel to judge triggers in the context of brazilian hospitals and translation of the assessment form (iii) pre-test and (iv) back-translation. results: the expert panel changed the definition of aes in portuguese by introducing the terms harm and dysfunction in "unintended harm or injury resulting in death, temporary or permanent disability or dysfunction, and/or prolonged hospital stay resulting from health care management". the panel also modified the list of triggers in the caes form. pre-test results detected problems in the quality of assessment in the tracking phase. the frequency of potential aes obtained by a senior physician was similar to the one obtained by caes. this indicates that information available in medical records was adequate for using retrospective record review methods, but that nurse reviewers needed to be retrained. conclusions: adapted caes tools and triggers are feasible to be used in hospitals in brazil. retrospective chart review requires a well structured training process and assessment of reviewers' performance previously to their acceptance as reviewers.
Estratégias de luta das enfermeiras da Maternidade Leila Diniz para implanta??o de um modelo humanizado de assistência ao parto
Mouta, Ricardo José Oliveira;Progianti, Jane Márcia;
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-07072009000400015
Abstract: this a historical-social qualitative study which aimed to identify the strategies of symbolic fight of nurses in leila diniz maternity to implant a humanized model of delivery assistance and analyze the effects of this fight. the primary sources were written documents and oral testimonials from semi-structure interviews with the head nurses and the nursing staff. the analysis method included the ordination, classification, and triangulation of data. for analysis, the concepts of field, habitus, symbolic power, and capital, according to pierre bourdieu, were used. the strategies founded were: the search for specialization, the implementation of the delivery assistance project by obstetric nurses, the popularization of that capital/knowledge in the scientific context, and participation in the prenatal care group. we concluded the fight strategies adopted by agents contributed so that obstetric nurses would achieve a better hierarchical position in this field regarding the development of obstetric practices of the humanized model.
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