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The Massive Sulfide Deposit of Siirt Madenk?y, South-Eastern Turkey  [PDF]
Dicle Bal-Akkoca, Hüseyinelebi
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2018.62012
Abstract: The Siirt Madenköy massive sulfide ore deposit has been in operation since 2005. With its approx. 39 Mt reserves (2.40% Cu), it represents the largest Cu deposit and the largest mining operation in the country (1.5 Mt ore/year). The thickness of the adjacent rocks is composed of olivine-pyroxenite basalts pillow lava, which is spilite, interchangeable ore lenses of chalcopyrite and pyrite is about 170 m and reaches a depth of 350 m. The mid-Eocene aged porphyritic, strongly altered spilites are locally interspersed with diabase and covered by conglomerates. The ores appear massive, stock work and disseminated. Main ore minerals are idiomorphic pyrite, cataclastic chalcopyrite and fine-grained magnetite. The geochemical composition of the Cu ores of the Siirt-Madenköy deposit shows in places high levels of Cu, Fe and S, as important trace elements, As, Ba, Co and Ti are listed. In relation to Clarke values, Se, Bi, Cu, Mo and Co are strongly enriched, while Na, K and Ca as well as their coherent trace elements Rb, Sr and Cd are depleted due to hydrothermal alteration. The elemental distribution is characterized by log-normal distribution, proportionality effect, high Cu/Ni ratio and significantly positive correlation between the element pairs MgO-Ni, Cr-Ni and Co/FeO-Co. The dependence of Cu and SO3 contents and Cu/FeO, SO3/FeO ratios are to be interpreted as an indication of the common origin of Cu, Fe and S. In general, Cu, Zn, Pb and S content decrease with depth, whereas those of Fe3O4 increase. The variograms of the ore distributions are characterized by hole effect, trend and zonal anisotropy, which reflect alternation of ores with host rocks and changes in elemental contents. The Siirt Madenköy deposit is attributable to Cu and Zn ratios of the
Articulating Factors Defining RMS Delay Spread in LV PLC Networks
Sabih Güzelg?z,Hasan Basri ?elebi,Hüseyin Arslan
Journal of Computer Networks and Communications , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/802826
Abstract: Communication over the power line network (PLN) referred as power line communication (PLC) has a long history of narrowband applications. With the recent developments in the field of digital communications, current interest is to exploit this medium for wideband communications for several applications such as Internet access, home networking, and in-vehicle data communication. In line with this recently emerging interest which envisions the conversion of a power transmission network into a communication network, understanding the root-mean-squared (RMS) delay spread is essential for multipath PLC channels for the establishment of reliable communication systems. In this paper, factors that play a role on the RMS delay spread value of low voltage (LV) PLC channels are articulated. Among these factors, dependency of the RMS delay spread on attenuation, loading, and physical characteristics of the communication channel in the PLNs is investigated.
Tumour Lysis Syndrome Developing After Diagnostic Tonsillectomy
?. Ayd?n Erden,Seda B. Ak?nc?,Nalan ?elebi,Hüseyin C. Turgut
Turkish Journal of Medical and Surgical Intensive Care Medicine , 2011,
Abstract: Here we report a patient who developed tumour lysis syndrome following a diagnostic tonsillectomy for suspected lymphoma. Following anesthesia induction, the patient suffered cardiopulmonary arrest, which required cardiopulmonary resuscitation. After successful resuscitation, the operation ended and the patient was transported to the intensive care unit. The patient’s clinical course was diagnosed as tumor lysis syndrome due to documented clinical and laboratory parameters. This case report suggests that the development of tumour lysis syndrome is a consequence of several stressful conditions that are significantly associated with each other, and management should focus on prophylactic options, careful monitorization and treatment of clinical and laboratory abnormalities.
The relation between coronary lesion distribution and risk factors in young adults
Cem K?z,Hüseyinelebi,Mehmet Yoku?o?lu,Oben Baysan
Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: Objective: In this cross-sectional, case-controlled study, we aimed to evaluate classical and novel risk factors in young patients with coronary artery disease (CAD), and the relation between coronary risk factors and coronary lesion distribution.Methods: Fifty-three patients under age of 45 years with severe coronary artery stenosis on angiography (group A) and age matched sixty patients having normal or non-critical stenosis on coronary angiography (group B) comprised the study groups. Conventional (smoking, family history, diabetes, hypertension) and novel risk factors (lipoprotein (a), homocysteine) were compared between the groups. Moreover, the relation between risk factors, and coronary lesions distribution, including left main artery (LMA) or proximal or mid left anterior descending (LAD) artery and remaining coronary lesions was investigated. Logistic regression analysis was used to define confounding factors predicting severe CAD and coronary lesion distribution and ROC curve analysis was performed to determine the cut-off value of independent factors, which were assessed by logistic regression analysis.Results: Smoking was more prevalent in group A compared to group B. Lipoprotein (a) and homocysteine levels were also higher in group A than group B. For group A and B median (max-min) values of lipoprotein (a) were 34 (2-174) mg/dl and 38 (2-203) mg/dl (p=0.038), respectively and homocysteine levels were 12.3 (5-56.6) μmol/L and 9 (1.4-19) μmol/L (p=0.012), respectively. Smoking and homocysteine were independent predictors of severe CAD in young patients according to logistic regression analysis with an Odds ratio of 3.7 (95% CI=1.572-8.763; p=0.002) and 1.2 (95% CI=1.045-1.341; p=0.008), respectively. For predicting significant CAD the cut-off value of homocysteine was 11.6 μmol/L with a sensitivity and specificity of 53% and 77%, respectively (AUC=0.637; 95% CI=0.542-0.725; p=0.008). Within group analysis in group A patients revealed that only homocysteine was an independent predictor of LMA or proximal or mid-LAD lesion presence with an Odds ratio of 1.2 (95% CI=1.011-1.465; p=0.016). ROC curve analysis revealed a cut-off value of 12 μmol/L in predicting LMA or proximal or mid-LAD lesions with a sensitivity and specificity of 65% and 91%, respectively (AUC=0.735; 95% CI=0.594-0.850; p=0.002).Conclusion: In our study, we found that young patients with severe CAD had different risk profile with higher frequency of smoking and increased levels of lipoprotein (a) and homocysteine. While smoking status and homocysteine may be used for prediction
Detection of Changes on Temperature and Precipitation Features in Istanbul (Turkey)  [PDF]
Hüseyin Turo?lu
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2014.44050
Abstract: In this study, the changes in the data of Istanbul’s precipitation and temperature and the features of these changes were analyzed by different methods. In the analyses the daily precipitation and temperature data sets of Florya and Goztepe Meteorological Stations which have similar locational features were used. These sets were recorded between 1960 and 2013 (for 54 years). In order to emphasize the differentiations in the last 15 years the analyses were conducted comparatively both for the 15-year and for the 54-year periods and then the results were evaluated. The changes in the monthly, annual and seasonal quantity, type and frequency of the precipitation in the form of rain and the features of the temperature’s monthly, annual and seasonal changes, the De Martonne aridity index and the Thornthwaite climate classification were carried out. The results showed that during the years from 1999 to 2013 the climate type of Istanbul changed from semi-humid climate to arid and less-humid climate. Most notably the precipitation during the warm periods has decreased, but the frequency of the intense rain has increased and the majority of these episodes of intense rain coincided with the warm periods. Other determinations were the rise in the annual average temperature and the extension of the warm periods in a year. This differentiation of the temperature features can lead to the aggravation of the evaporation and it can be effective for a longer period during the year. Being aware of this differentiation in the features of precipitation and temperature and taking these data into consideration in all sorts of planning and managing strategies have a special importance for the 14 million or more people living in Istanbul.
The Study of Teachers’ General Cynicism Inclinations in Terms of Life Satisfaction and Other Variables  [PDF]
Hüseyin Aslan, Ercan Yilmaz
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.49084

This research aims to examine teachers’ general cynicism inclinations in respect to some variables and life satisfaction level and the relevance of these inclinations with gender, relationship status and membership of a union. Research is carried out using relational inquiry module and the study group of it constituted of 395 primary school teachers who are working in Ankara during academic year of 2012-2013 and selected with the help of modeling of inordinate set. The data are collected with “The Scale of Life Satisfaction” and tested by making use of multiple regression technique. Whether the differentiation levels of teachers’ general cynicism inclinations are related with their genders, relationship status and their membership of a union are analyzed using T test. As a result, male teachers have higher degree of cynicism in cognitive dimension than female teachers. Moreover, these general cynicism inclinations in cognitive, affective and behavioral dimensions do not differ greatly according to teachers’ membership of a union and relationship status. It is observed that the cognitive and affective dimensions of general cynicism inclinations have negative-sided relation with teachers’ life satisfaction rates.

Application of Ant Colony Optimization for the Solution of 3 Dimensional Cuboid Structures  [PDF]
Hüseyin Eldem, Erkan ülker
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2014.24014

Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is one of the most widely studied real world problems of finding the shortest (minimum cost) possible route that visits each node in a given set of nodes (cities) once and then returns to origin city. The optimization of cuboid areas has potential samples that can be adapted to real world. Cuboid surfaces of buildings, rooms, furniture etc. can be given as examples. Many optimization algorithms have been used in solution of optimization problems at present. Among them, meta-heuristic algorithms come first. In this study, ant colony optimization, one of meta-heuristic methods, is applied to solve Euclidian TSP consisting of nine different sized sets of nodes randomly placed on a cuboid surface. The performance of this method is shown in tests.

Application of the Hybrid Differential Transform Method to the Nonlinear Equations  [PDF]
Inci ?ilingir Süngü, Hüseyin Demir
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/am.2012.33039
Abstract: In this paper, a hybrid method is introduced briefly to predict the behavior of the non-linear partial differential equations. The method is hybrid in the sense that different numerical methods, differential transform and finite differences, are used in different subdomains. Our aim of this approach is to combine the flexibility of differential transform and the efficiency of finite differences. An explicit hybrid method for the transient response of inhomogeneous nonlinear partial differential equations is presented; applying finite difference scheme on the fixed grid size is used to approximate the space discretisation, whereas the differential transform method is used for time operator. Comparison of the efficiency of the different approaches is a very important aspect of this study. In our test cases, the hybrid approach is faster than the corresponding highly optimized finite difference method in two dimensional computations. We compared our hybrid approach’s results with the exact and/or numerical solutions of PDE which obtained from Adomian Decomposition Method. Results show that the hybrid approach may be an important tool to reduce the execution time and memory requirements for large scale computations and get remarkable results in predicting the solutions of nonlinear initial value problems.
Quasimonotone and Almost Increasing Sequences and Their New Applications
Hüseyin Bor
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/793548
Abstract: Recently, we have proved a main theorem dealing with the absolute Nörlund summability factors of infinite series by using -quasimonotone sequences. In this paper, we prove that result under weaker conditions. A new result has also been obtained.
Power Increasing Sequences and Their Some New Applications
Hüseyin Bor
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/436094
Abstract: In the work of Bor (2008), we have proved a result dealingwith summability factors by using a quasi--power increasing sequence. In this paper, we prove that result under less and more weaker conditions. Some new resultshave also been obtained.
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