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Amino acid reduction in broiler diets supplemented with phytase and elaborated according to different nutritional plans
Oliveira, Jeferson Eder Ferreira;Rodrigues, Paulo Borges;Alvarenga, Renata Ribeiro;Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto;Lima, Gustavo Freire Resende;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542012000200012
Abstract: the need for suitable diets in chickens, considering the ideal protein concept associated with phytase, is important in order to improve the productivity of birds. the aim of this study was to assess the need for the correction of amino acid levels in the diets of broilers, by using different combinations of crude protein (cp) supplemented with phytase. for performance, eight days old cobb 875 broiler chicks, with initial body weights of 155 ± 1.4g were used. the birds were distributed in a completely randomised design with seven treatments (nutritional plans) and five replicates of 25 birds. for the metabolism trial, 300 birds were selected which were also distributed using the same design, but with five, four and three birds per experimental stage: 8-21 days, 22-35 days and 36- 42 days. the nutritional plans consisted of different combinations of cp in diets with reduced calcium and phosphorus, supplemented with phytase and amino acids. the reduction of amino acids in diets with reduced levels of cp resulted in an increased intake, feed conversion and abdominal fat level, and decreased the yield of thigh + drumstick. the inclusion of phytase reduced the excretion of calcium and phosphorus, but increased nitrogen excretion when the cp was not reduced. as a result, this study concluded that the reduction of amino acids to 3.5%, supplemented with phytase and prepared according to a nutritional plan does not improve the performance and carcass characteristics of broilers, although it may reduce the emission of polluting elements by excreta.
Levels of available phosphorus and calcium for broilers from 8 to 35 days of age fed rations containing phytase
Cardoso Júnior, Adimar;Rodrigues, Paulo Borges;Bertechini, Ant?nio Gilberto;Freitas, Rilke Tadeu Fonseca de;Lima, Renato Ribeiro de;Lima, Gustavo Freire Resende;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982010000600011
Abstract: two experiments using cobb broiler chicks from 8 to 35 days of age were carried out to evaluate the effect of reducing levels of calcium and available phosphorus in diets supplemented with 500 ftu phytase/kg on the performance of the birds, the content of ashes in the tibia, the metabolizable energy of the diet, and the metabolizability of the dry matter and crude protein. it was used 1,404 broiler chicks in the experiment 1 to evaluate feed intake, weight gain, food conversion and percentage of the ashes in the tibia. in the experiment 2, simultaneously carried out with experiment 1, a total of 390 birds were transferred to a metabolism room to determine the metabolizable energy and metabolizability of the dry matter and crude protein. it was used in the two experiments, a complete random design in a 3 × 4 + 1 factorial scheme with three levels of available phosphorus (0.375; 0.325; and 0.275%) and four levels of calcium (0.85; 0.75; 0.65 and 0.55%) in the diets, supplemented with phytase. it was also used a control diet without phytase, based on corn and soybean bran, formulated with 0.425% of available phosphorus and 0.85% of calcium. in the experiment 1, the reduction of levels of calcium and phosphorus did not cause a significant difference on the performance and percentage of bone ashes. the levels of calcium and available phosphorus used in the experiment 2 can be reduced down to 0.65 and 0.325%, respectively, because the effects are similar to those obtained with the currently suggested levels.
Energy and protein levels in diets containing phytase for broilers from 22 to 42 days of age: performance and nutrient excretion
Nagata, Adriano Kaneo;Rodrigues, Paulo Borges;Alvarenga, Renata Ribeiro;Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto;Rodrigues, Kênia Ferreira;Lima, Gustavo Freire Resende;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982011000800014
Abstract: this study was conducted in order to evaluate the influence of different levels of metabolizable energy and crude protein in diets formulated according to the ideal protein concept with phytase supplementation on performance and nutrient excretion of broilers from 22 to 42 days age. it was used 1,500 coob lineage broilers at 22 days of age and with initial weight of 833 ± 7g, distributed in completely randomized design in a 3 × 3 + 1 factorial scheme composed of three levels of correct apparent metabolizable energy (2,950; 3,100 and 3,250 kcal/kg), three levels of crude protein (14, 16 and 18%) and a control treatment, totaling ten treatments with six repetitions of 25 birds each. all diets, with the exception of the control, were supplemented with phytase. for determination of excretion of pollutants, it was used 180 broilers from the same lineage at 35 days of age,placed in metabolic cages, with ten treatments each one with six repetitions and three birds per experimental unit. the protein and energy levels in diets containing phytase influenced feed intake, weight gain, feed conversion and excretion of nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, copper and zinc by the birds. the corrected apparent metabolizable energy level in the diets for broilers in the studied period must be increased up to 3,250 kcal/kg of metabolizable energy and the levels of crude protein, calcium and phosphorus must be reduced down to 18, 0.70 and 0.31%, respectively, provided that supplemented with amino acids and phytase to improve the performance and to reduce excretion of pollutants by birds.
A índia emergente: oportunidades e desafios do gigante asiático
Meridiano 47 : Boletim de Análise de Conjuntura em Rela??es Internacionais , 2009,
Abstract: O artigo procura abordar os principais elementos da ascens o indiana ao status de potência do século XXI,bem com os seus desafios.
Free Trade Under Fire
Meridiano 47 : Boletim de Análise de Conjuntura em Rela??es Internacionais , 2009,
Parceria em consolida o ou distancia n o percorrida: o relacionamento contemporaneo entre índia e Brasil
Meridiano 47 : Boletim de Análise de Conjuntura em Rela??es Internacionais , 2009,
Abstract: O artigo busca analisar a história e o estado atual das rela es bilaterais entre Brasil e índia. Abstract:
Níveis de fósforo disponível e cálcio em ra??es suplementadas com fitase para frangos de corte nas fases de crescimento e final
Santos, Luziane Moreira dos;Rodrigues, Paulo Borges;Alvarenga, Renata Ribeiro;Naves, Luciana de Paula;Hespanhol, Renato;Lima, Gustavo Freire Resende;Lara, Maria Cecília Coelho;Silva, Leonardo Rafael da;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982011001100029
Abstract: calcium and available phosphorus (ap) levels in diets with phytase for cobb broilers in the growing (22 to 35 days) and finishing phases (36 to 42 days of age) were evaluated. a 3 × 4 + 1 factorial scheme, with three ap levels (0.36, 0.31, 0.26% in the growing phase and 0.33, 0.28, 0.23% in the finishing phase), four calcium levels (0.82, 0.72, 0.62, 0.52% in the growing phase and 0.76, 0.66, 0.56, 0.46% in the finishing phase), and one level of supplementation of phytase (500 ftu/kg) was used. control diets were not supplemented with phytase and they contained, respectively, the following levels of ap and calcium: 0.41 and 0.82% (growing phase) and 0.38 and 0.76 (finishing phase). in the performance assays, at 35 and 42 days of age, feed intake, weight gain, feed conversion and the ash content in the tibia were evaluated. in the metabolic assays, the energy values of diets (amen) and dry matter digestibility coefficients (dmdc) were determined. in the growing phase, the reduction of the calcium and ap to 0.52 and 0.26%, respectively, did not compromise performance, bone ash, amen or mcdm. in the finishing phase, the reduction of the calcium and ap to 0.56 and 0.28%, respectively, did not compromise performance, amen or mcdm; in addition to improving bone ash. the levels of calcium and ap of diet can be reduced to 0.52 and 0.26% in the growing phase, and to 0.56 and 0.28% in the finishing phase, provided that this reduction is combined with supplementation of fitase at 500 ftu/kg of the diet.
Construindo um hipertexto com o usuário
Freire, Gustavo Henrique;
Ciência da Informa??o , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-19652000000300010
Abstract: the research was carried on as part of the project "information socialization: development of methodologies. applied study to the areas of information science and health". it aimed at constructing, with the participation of the users, "a text and its structure" for transfering information in the field of health with the purpose of "facilitating information communication for those who need it". the "tool" was constructed in the form of a hypertext and the methodology adopted for its construction was that of "participant research". the users ? teachers and students of the escola politécnica de saúde joaquim venancio, of funda??o oswaldo cruz ? were involved throughout the entire process of information production.
Ciência da informa??o: temática, histórias e fundamentos
Freire, Gustavo Henrique;
Perspectivas em Ciência da Informa??o , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-99362006000100002
Abstract: this article handles the historical and theoretical foundations of the scientific field of information. it starts from the hypothesis that the information science basis were generated from the emergency of the scientific knowledge paradigm - sustained by the invention of the press - that was established with the first scientific associations, and that the information science expansion is linked to the science expansion throughout all the segments of the contemporary society. the article approaches the historical roots of this scientific field from the planetary utopia by otlet and la fontaine, the social and technological visions in the information science, the present ways and future perspectives. the author defends that the information science study subject - information - is a phenomenon related to the scientific knowledge fields as a whole, fitting their interests. the article presents a model of the information science interest areas and their interrelationship and possibilities of intervention in society. finally, the author defends that, to overcome conceptual difficulties originated by the multiple faces inherent to the study object, the information science should build a conceptual network, woven from within the view of the various disciplines which this scientific area is related to.
Luiz Gustavo Lima Freire
História da Educa??o , 2011,
Abstract: This article aims to reflect on the colonial education, specifically during the eighteenth century, held in Brazil in the province of Pernambuco. To meet this objective we will use some documents from “Arquivo Histórico Ultramarino” looking for to understand how they can representing the ideas that prevailed during that period. It is intended that context, to understand what were the proposed guidelines for teaching in some indian villages in Pernambuco and how were consistent with the policy of the marquis of Pombal and the foundations of the Enlightenment.
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