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The Threshold Effect of R and D Intensity on Enterprise Performance—Evidence from the GEM Listed Company  [PDF]
Yuequn Wei, Guiping Bao
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104534
This paper mainly adopts the panel data of listed company in GEM from 2012 to 2016, with the threshold panel model, Deeply studying the influence of R & D investment intensity on enterprise performance, and discovering that R&D intensity has a double threshold effect on enterprise performance. When the sustainable ability of research and development activities is lower than the first threshold value, R & D intensity has a significant negative impact on firm performance; when the sustainable capacity is between the first threshold value and the second threshold value, the intensity of R & D investment and enterprise financial performance was negatively correlated, and positively correlated with production performance; when the sustainable capacity of R & D activity exceeded second threshold value, R & D intensity has a significant positive impact on enterprise performance. Therefore, to improve the sustainability of R & D activities is an important way for enterprises to improve their performance.
Threshold Effects of R&D Intensity on Enterprise Performance from the Perspective of Scientific Research Achievements Transformation Ability  [PDF]
Yuequn Wei, Guiping Bao
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104667
Based on the listed company data of high-tech enterprise of manufacturing industry from year 2012 to 2016, this paper analyzed the no-linear effect of R&D intensity on firm performance with different ability of R&D achievements transformation. The empirical results show that the R&D input intensity has a double threshold effect on the capability of R&D achievement conversion. When the conversion ability of R&D achievement is lower than the first threshold value of 2.19%, the R&D input intensity significantly positively affects the enterprise performance; after more than 2.19%, the role of R&D input will decrease significantly and become less significant. When more than second threshold of 6.75%, R&D input intensity will significantly negatively affect enterprise performance; the relationship between R&D input intensity and firm performance has significant industry differences. Therefore, paying close attention to the nature of the industry and improving the transformation capability of scientific research achievements is an important measure for high-tech enterprises to improve their R&D effect, seize the market and improve their performance.
How premarital children and childbearing in current marriage influence divorce of Swedish women in their first marriages
Liu Guiping
Demographic Research , 2002,
Abstract: By using a Swedish register data set and applying hazard models with unobserved heterogeneity, this study demonstrates that the partners' childbearing history plays an important role in predicting the divorce risks of families with various combination of premarital children. Families with premarital children definitely have a higher risk of divorce than do those without premarital children. Producing a common child reduces the divorce risk, but as the youngest common child gets older, his or her role in maintaining family bond weakens. Families which the wife has premarital children by another man decidedly have a higher risk of divorce than do families with other combinations of premarital children. Other findings deviate from what has been reported in the literature.
Nonlinear dependence of anomalous resistivity on the reconnecting electric field in the Earth’s magnetotail
GuiPing Wu,DaoYu Zhang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-011-4902-4
Abstract: Based upon the observational data of the fast magnetic reconnection in the nearly collisionless magnetotail and the particle in cell (PIC) simulations on the electron acceleration in the reconnecting current sheet with guide magnetic field, we self consistently solved one dimension Vlasov equation with the magnetotail parameters and realistic mass ratio to explore the relationship between the anomalous resistivity and the induced electric field. As compared with theoretic formula for the current driven ion-acoustic and Buneman anomalous resistivity, the anomalous resistivity may result from the ion acoustic instability for small reconnecting electric field and the Buneman instability for large reconnecting electric field. The discrepancy between the theoretic results and numerical simulations may be caused by the high frequency instability that results from the deviation of electron distribution from Maxwellian one. These results are consistent with the early experimental results and favorable for the fast reconnection to take place.
Mesh Geometric Editing Approach Based on Gpu Texture
Guiping Qian,Yue Wang
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2012,
Abstract: This paper presents a novel interactive mesh editing approach based on GPU texture mapping. The main feature is that it copies 2D surface geometry information to GPU frame buffer. The planar mesh information is transformed into GPU texture and placed on apposite position of target mesh. 3D information is retrieved after stitching two mesh components from the primitive vertex coordinates. When running real-time mesh cloning operator, our mesh editing approach can copy arbitrary irregular geometric features from source mesh to target mesh. Experimental results indicate that our method can outperform previous related mesh editing techniques.
Demographic trends in Sweden
Andersson Gunnar,Liu Guiping
Demographic Research , 2001,
Abstract: In the present note, we display the main features of recent trends in family-demographic behavior in Sweden. We update previously published indexes of marriage, divorce, and childbearing risks by calendar year in order to cover the developments up to 1999-2000, adding another two and three years of observation to our series.
Does Divorce Risk in Sweden depend on Spouses' Relative Income? A Study of Marriages from 1981 to 1998
Vikat, Andres,Liu, Guiping
Canadian Studies in Population , 2007,
Abstract: English The relationship between increasing women's earnings and rising divorce rates frequently has been explained by the so-called independence effect: If a wife enjoys a higher earning than her husband does, she gains less from marriage. It has also been argued that in a society with egalitarian gender attitudes this effect is less important. In this paper, we test if the independence effect applies to Sweden, a country in which egalitarian gender views dominate and female labour-force participation and divorce rates are high. Our analysis is based on a large register data set and intensity regression models. We found support for the "independence effect": The relationship between the share of a wife's income and the divorce risk is positive regardless of the couple's total income and the wife's education level. French La relation entre l’augmentation des salaires des femmes et le taux de divorce asouvent été expliqué par le soi disant effet de revenu : Si une femme gagne un salaire plus élevé que celui de son mari, le marriage a du mérite. La relation entre la part de salaire dela femme et le risque de divorce est positive et cela, indépendément du salairetotal du couple ou du niveau d’éducation de la femme. lui apporte moinsd’avantages . Il a aussi été argumenté que cet effet est moins prononcé dans unesociété qui pr ne des attitudes égalitaires entre les sexes. Dans cet article, nousavons testé si l’effet de revenu s’applique à la Suède, un pays où l’égalité dessexes prédomine, où le nombre des femmes qui participent à la main d’oeuvre etle taux de divorce sont élevés. Notre analyse se base sur un grand registre dedonnées et sur des modèles de regression d’intensité. Nous avons trouvé que lathéorie de l’effet de revenu a du mérite. La relation entre la part de salaire dela femme et le risque de divorce est positive et cela, indépendément du salairetotal du couple ou du niveau d’éducation de la femme.
Fast Algorithm for Prediction of Airfoil Anti-icing Heat Load  [PDF]
Xueqin Bu, Rui Yang, Jia Yu, Xiaobin Shen, Guiping Lin
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2013.54B095

Many flight and icing conditions should be considered in order to design an efficient ice protection system to prevent ice accretion on the aircraft surface. The anti-icing heat load is the basic knowledge for the design of a thermal anti-icing system. In order to help the design of the thermal anti-icing system and save the design time, a fast and efficiency method for prediction the anti-icing heat load is investigated. The computation fluid dynamics (CFD) solver and the Messinger model are applied to obtain the snapshots. Examples for the calculation of the anti-icing heat load using the proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) method are presented and compared with the CFD simulation results. It is shown that the heat loads predicted by POD method are in agreement with the CFD computation results. Moreover, it is obviously to see that the POD method is time-saving and can meet the requirement of real-time prediction.

A Study on Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Development of Economic Underdevelopment Areas—An Example from Kanas Nature Reserve, Xingjiang Province, Northwest China  [PDF]
Jianxiong Qin, Pei Zhang, Guiping Deng, Lu Chen
Smart Grid and Renewable Energy (SGRE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/sgre.2014.57016
Abstract: Based on the assessment of eco-tourism resource and its location advantage, the paper has discussed the principle, projects, and facilities of eco-tourism, in the Kanas Nature Reserve in Xinjiang as well as the direction of related industries. To solve the problems occurred at present in the Kanas Nature Reserve, strategic counter measures of sustainable development of eco-tourism have also been put forward, including: 1) The establishment of eco-tourism planning legislative system of eco-tourism; 2) The establishment of environmental protection planning system of eco-tourism; 3) The establishment of environmental audit system of eco-tourism; 4) The establishment environmental legislation and law enforcement system of eco-tourism; 5) The establishment ethic education and management system of eco-tourism.

Zou Guiping,

力学学报 , 1997,
Abstract: Based on the Reissner plate theory, and by modifying the mixed variational principle, the Hamilton type generalized variational principle is established, and the Hamilton canonical equations and the analytical symplectic solution are also presented.

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