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Morbimortalidad del traumatismo de recto extraperitoneal
Barillaro, Guillermo;Gatica, Sandra;Escudero, Ezequiel;Jimenez, Lorena;Martini, Mariano;
ABCD. Arquivos Brasileiros de Cirurgia Digestiva (S?o Paulo) , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-67202008000100002
Abstract: background: extraperitoneal rectal injuries represent 3 to 5% of all traumatisms and abdominal injuries, and they are highlighted by their high morbidity/mortality presented if not early and appropriately diagnosed and treated. nowadays there is not a consensus related to an optimal surgical management. aim: to relate the experience in treating this disease, evaluating factors that influence mortality and morbidity. methods: it consisted in a descriptive retrospective study where it was reviewed handbooks of all extraperitoneal rectal trauma patients operated between january 1998 and december 2007. the abdominal trauma rate, the interval between trauma and surgery and the initial surgery's type were related to infectious complications and mortality. results: there were evaluated 13 patients: 5 injured by firearms, 5 autoimpalament and 3 by closed trauma. the abdominal trauma mean rate of infected and dead was more than 25. 61% of patients (n=8) underwent surgery before 8 hours. the infection rate was 61.5% and 90% of infected patients required additional surgeries. the series' mortality was 38.5% (5 patients). in patients operated after 8 hours there was perirectal infection in 80% of them, and 80% of mortality regardless of surgery performed type. conclusions: the delay over 8 hours in treating and the abdominal trauma rate over 25 were the main factors associated with perirectal infection and mortality in this series. absence of presacral drainage and distal rectal wash were correlated with increased incidence of perirectal infection.
Crisis de esclerodermia renal.: Rol de la vasculopatía esclerodérmica en la inducción de fibrosis cutáneo-visceral en dos casos
Cuchacovich T,Miguel; Holuigue R,Gloria; Gatica R,Héctor; Alvo A,Miriam; Murray T,Guillermo;
Revista médica de Chile , 2000, DOI: 10.4067/S0034-98872000000100012
Abstract: although fibrosis and vasculopathy coexist in most patients with progressive systemic sclerosis, it is not clear if these events are the result of an unique etiologic factor or if one is consequence of the other. we report two cases of progressive systemic sclerosis that evolved to a renal scleroderma crisis. a 36 years old female presented with a sj?gren syndrome and painful subcutaneous nodules whose biopsy showed perivascular lymphocytic infiltration, perivascular thickening and normal skin. the esr was 100 mm/h. she developed an hypertensive crisis and progressive renal failure, followed by a rapidly evolving progressive systemic sclerosis. the patient died in the course of this crisis. a 32 years old female with a progressive systemic sclerosis refractory to d-penicillamine treatment, receiving cyclosporin, presented a renal scleroderma crisis, that was successfully treated, with complete recovery of renal function. we highlight the different evolution of these cases, probably due to an early diagnosis and a better experience in the management of this condition. (rev méd chile 2000; 128: 86-92)
Características clínicas y respuesta al tratamiento sistémico de la epiescleritis y escleritis primarias y secundarias, refractarias al tratamiento local
Cuchacovich T,Miguel; Pacheco B,Patricio; Merino B,Guillermo; Gallardo V,Patricia; Gatica R,Héctor; Valenzuela H,Hernán; Verdaguer D,Juan; Verdaguer T,Juan;
Revista médica de Chile , 2000, DOI: 10.4067/S0034-98872000001100004
Abstract: background: scleritis and episcleritis may extend to adjacent ocular tissues with blinding consequences and may be associated with potentially lethal systemic disorders. aim: to evaluate the ocular complications and systemic disease associations of the different types of scleritis and episcleritis. patients and methods: forty six patients with refractory scleritis and episcleritis were studied and treated during the period 1991 to 1998. results: necrotizing type was the most common and severe category in the scleritis group of patients. a decrease in vision occurred in 58.3% of patients with scleritis v/s a 23.5% of patients with epiescleritis (p<0,05). uveitis was present in 35.4% of patients with scleritis and scleromalacia was present in 33.3% (p<0,05). a specific disease association was uncovered in 51% of scleritis and in 38% of episcleritis patients. rheumatoid arthritis, primary systemic vasculitic disease and sj?gren syndrome with vasculitis were the most common associated systemic diseases. three patients with scleritis had tuberculosis. conclusions: scleritis is more severe than episcleritis, and necrotizing scleritis is the most severe type of scleritis. classification of scleritis and episcleritis provides valuable prognostic information. a meticulous approach for the detection of a specific associated disease must be undertaken. scleritis associated with vasculitis has a worse ocular prognosis than other non infectious diseases. cyclophosphamide is the most effective inmunosuppresive treatment to control severe ocular involvement (rev méd chile 2000; 128: 1205-14)
La recuperación urbana y residencial del centro de Santiago: Nuevos habitantes, cambios socioespaciales significativos
Contreras Gatica,Yasna;
EURE (Santiago) , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0250-71612011000300005
Abstract: parallel to the process of suburban expansion in the latin american cities and especially in santiago of chile a centrifugal residential and spatial movement is observed. this movement values the attributes of location of central spaces, thus raising the thesis of the return of the consolidated city. this movement begins in the nineties, when the municipality of santiago carries out a repopulation plan that was oriented to the generation of a supply of new housing in of deteriorated zones and in consolidated and well connected districts. works of road and urban improvement, the arrival of cultural and commercial supply and the arrival of new urban inhabitants --specifically young and adult professionals and technicians, who positioned and consolidated the downtown area as one of the more dynamic residential spaces-were added.
Análisis talla-estructurado de los cambios de abundancia en Merluccius gayi gayi entre 1992 y 2000
Gatica,Claudio; Cubillos,Luis;
Investigaciones marinas , 2004, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-71782004000100006
Abstract: the present situation of the chilean hake (merluccius gayi gayi) is analyzed for the period between 1992 and 2000 through a length-based stock assessment model. the advantages and disadvantages of the model are analyzed, which consist of a general model of population dynamics structured by age and sex, models for the observations of total annual catches, fishery and survey length composition, and abundance from hydroacoustic surveys. the estimation processs allow a simultaneouly estimation of the parameters through log-likelihood functions, penalties, constraints, and a priori information for some parameters. the stock indicators show a population in a period of high abundance and biomass, after a growing trend in the adult abundance of the stock from 1993 to 1998. this situation has been a consequence of higher recruitments occurring between 1993 and 1997. in 1998 and 1999 the recruitment was less abundant, ranging from 358 to 430 millions of individuals, while in 2000 it increases until 816 millions of recruits. this series of good recruitments in addition with moderates and lower exploitation rates would have generated the favorable increment in the total biomass of chilean hake during the 1990s. under this scenario, is opportune to know how we can improve the knowledge of the resource and their populational dynamics, by detecting sources of uncertainties and variability for the abundance and by examining processes that should be incorporated in the assessment tool. this model can be seen as an alternative tool that besides quantifying the abundance and biomass among other indicators, would allow to work on hypothesis of populational dynamics
Análisis de las tasas de captura de jurel (Trachurus symmetricus) en la zona centro-sur de Chile (1987-1999)
Gatica,Claudio; Cubillos,Luis;
Investigaciones marinas , 2002, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-71782002000200004
Abstract: catch per unit effort (cpue) data from the jack mackerel fishery operating in central-south chile and covering the period 1987-1999 are analyzed in order to detect changes in relative abundance. two units for fishing effort were used to compute the catch rate: number of days outside port and the number of trips with capture. the fleet was classified in four homogeneous strata by using a principal component analysis (pca) based on the correlation matrix of technical-operational variables of the purse-seine fleet. the first component explained 87.8% of the variation because the highly correlationed variables. the four homogeneous strata were used as categorical variables to standardize cpue through a general linear model (mlg), previous log-transformation of cpue data. the first model, based on catch per days outside port, explained more than 64% of the observed variability. in this model, the stratum explains an important fraction of the total variability (24.6%). similarly, in the case of the cpue based on trips with capture, a model explained (42.6%) of the total variability and particularly the stratum. however, the two time series of cpue indicate different tendencies in the annual coefficients for the 1987-1993 period. from 1994 to 1997, the two series exhibit a negative tendency in the annual coefficients. the analysis of catch rate can be improved when a multivariate approach is applied to a heterogeneous fleet, but spatial component should be take into account in future studies. furthermore, the fishing effort unit can impact remarkably the tendencies of standardized cpue, particularly if this is considered as a relative index of abundance
?Por qué el distanciamiento ideológico disminuye la provisión de bienes públicos?; una explicación basada en el empleo clientelar
Gatica Arreola,Leonardo A;
Estudios de economía , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-52862012000100002
Abstract: this paper presents a model of political competition to explore the effect that the ideological distance between two political parties has over the provision of public goods. the main result argues that the ideological distance between parties and citizens has a negative relationship with the provision of public goods. in contrast with other models, the result is explained, neither by cooperation problems nor conflict between polarized groups, but because of the political profitability of clientelistic employment.
Burocracia y eficiencia en la provisión de bienes públicos: un modelo espacial de competencia política
Gatica,Leonardo; Soto,Georgina;
Lecturas de Economía , 2010,
Abstract: this paper presents a spatial model of political competition exploring the effects of political competition on government performance, in the context of efficiency on the provision of public goods and the size of bureaucracy. in contrast with other arguments that sustain that there is a positive relationship between political competition and efficiency, this study's main result shows that in any political-economic equilibrium political competition provides incentives for an excess of bureaucratic employment and an inefficient provision of public goods.
Vitrificación como técnica de crioconservación de embriones bovinos
Archivos de medicina veterinaria , 2002, DOI: 10.4067/S0301-732X2002000200002
Abstract: over the last 40 years cells and embryos of mammals have been preserved, at room temperature, refrigeration temperature and by different cryoconservation methods. these techniques have evolved into more simple, practical and less expensive freezing procedures. one of these is vitrification, a process of solidification that uses a highly concentrated solution which does not crystallize during freezing; its viscosity increases with the descent of the temperature until the formation of an amorphous solid state similar to glass. for this reason, exposure and freezing rates should be quick enough to avoid toxicity and the formation of intracellular ice, which can cause embryonic damage. in order for the embryos to support the osmotic shock, they should be equilibriated with a less concentrated crioprotectant solution before being exposed to the vitrificant solution for their later freezing. several vitrification procedures have been published about embryo preservation, using different crioprotectants, concentration, volume, addition method, temperatures, exposition time, freezing rate, thawing procedure and dilution, to maintain the function, normal structure and viability of the embryo. these techniques have also been experimented with in vitro and in vivo produced embryos, at different developmental stages. this paper aims to review the present bovine embryo cryopreservation methods, particulary vitrification, as well as to mention the latest procedures and progress so that new researchers may have an updated literature review to start their works.
Veliz Gatica,Héctor;
Revista chilena de literatura , 2009, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-22952009000200009
Abstract: the present work proposes to demonstrate the existence of an intertextuality between the poem " vocales para hilda " of gonzalo rojas and the sonnets " voyelles " and "el dolor de las cinco vocales " of arthur rimbaud and césar vallejo respectively. to achieve this purpose a bibliographic recollection and a critical review of the texts has been done, and a register of the intertextual data present in the poem (phonic, grammatical, and semantic level) was also establihed. the results demostrated the presence ofthe above mentioned intertextual relationship, that is why it may be assumed that gonzalo rojas' text is not only a love poem; it also establishes a dialogue with the already mentioned rimbaud and vallejo, which means thispoem has a much wider potential meaning.
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