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Laryngotracheitis: reproducibility of the disease and comparison of diagnostic methods
Beltr?o, Nilzane;Furian, Thales Quedi;Souza, Guilherme Fonseca de;Macagnan, Marisa;Fallavena, Luiz César Bello;Canal, Claudio Wageck;
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-83822003000500024
Abstract: infectious laryngotracheitis virus (iltv) cause mild to severe respiratory disease in chickens, the purpose of our study being to use brazilian isolate of iltv to reproduce iltv disease in chickens by experimental infection and to compare three diagnostic methods (nested polymerase chain reaction (pcr), virus isolation, histopathology) for detection of iltv. forty-eight chickens intratracheally inoculated with iltv and a further 48 with pbs, showing mild respiratory signs 48 hours post infection (pi) but no signs of infection after day 10 pi. every 2 days pi, six birds were arbitrarily selected from the control and infected groups, sacrificed and the trachea collected. both the nested pcr and virus isolation detected the virus from day 2 until day 12 pi. however, at day 12 pi, pcr detected iltv dna in 100% of the samples while the virus isolation method detected iltv in only 33% of the samples. tracheal histopathology showed intranuclear inclusion bodies on days 8 and 10 pi. the results indicate that the field-isolate of iltv studied by us is of low pathogenicity and that our nested pcr protocol was able to detect positive samples over a longer infection period than many iltv diagnostic test already described.
Discursividade dialógico-polif nica na forma o de professores / Dialogical-polyphonic discursivity in teacher education
Maria de Fátima Fonseca Guilherme de Castro
Bakhtiniana: Revista de Estudos do Discurso , 2009,
Abstract: Resumo: Numa abordagem inter/transdisciplinar que abrange a Linguística Aplicada,a Análise do Discurso de linha francesa e a Análise Dialógica do Discurso, investigo, neste trabalho, as discursividades sobre competência oral-enunciativa em língua inglesa construídas por alguns sujeitos quando ocupam os distintos lugares discursivos licenciandos (primeira sincronia – 1997) e licenciados (segunda sincronia – 2005) em Letras. Na forma o social de onde enunciam, em cada sincronia, os sujeitos constroem discursividades de forma a se inscreverem em forma es discursivas que coexistem permeadas por rela es dialógico-polif nicas(ressonantes, consonantes, dissonantes e dissentaneas) que, por sua vez, deixam vir à tona sua referencialidade polif nica. ABSTRACT: In an inter/transdisciplinary approach that involves Applied Linguistics,French Discourse Analysis and Dialogical Discourse Analysis, I investigate, in this paper, the discursivities about oral-enunciative competence in English constructed by some subjects when occupying distinct discursive places – undergraduates (fi rst synchrony – 1997) and graduates (second synchrony – 2005) majoring in Foreign Languages. In the social formation from where they enunciate, in each synchrony,the participants construct discursivities in a way that they inscribe themselves in discursive formations that coexist by dialogical and polyphonic relations (resonant, consonant, dissonant and dissent) that reveal their polyphonic referentiality.
Uranium Metabolism Associated with Ontogenetic Growth of Birds—Case Studies with Broilers and Ducks  [PDF]
Joao Dias de Toledo Arruda-Neto, Guacyara Tenorio Cavalcante, Guilherme de Paula Nogueira, Tulio Eduardo Rodrigues, Luiz Eduardo Correa Fonseca, Mitiko Saiki, Godofredo Camara Genofre
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2014.59090

Cobb broilers and domestic ducks, both one-day-old, were treated using ration doped with 20 ppm of uranyl nitrate. Uranium concentrations in the tibia (μg-U/g-bone) were measured by neutron activation analysis as function of the animals’ age, from the neonatal period to maturity. Results show that Uranium and Calcium qualitatively follow the same metabolic pathway, and that adult ducks incorporate on average ten times more Uranium than broilers. Data interpretation shows that the Uranium clearance rate in broilers is substantially higher than that in ducks, suggesting that metabolic characteristics favoring Calcium retention in bone may hinder the elimination of Uranium in ducks. The need for further comparative biochemistry studies between Galliformes and Anseriformes is addressed.

Responsabilidade civil do radiologista no diagnóstico do cancer de mama através do exame de mamografia
Oliveira, Frederico Guilherme Fonseca Torres de;Fonseca, Lea Mirian Barbosa da;Koch, Hilton Augusto;
Radiologia Brasileira , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-39842011000300012
Abstract: the present study was aimed at analyzing civil liability for medical errors specifically for a radiologist's errors in the mammographic diagnosis of breast cancer. as examples, court decisions were analyzed with the aim of showing the understanding of the brazilian courts of law, among them the supreme federal court that is responsible for reviewing, on appeal, judicial decisions affronting the brazilian constitution, as well as the superior court of justice, that is competent to judge on appeals against decisions violating federal laws. the reviewed material demonstrates the courts' view on the subject discussed on the present article, describing the consequences of radiologists' and radiological centers' errors in the sphere of the civil law that establishes monetary indemnity as a consequence of the existence of civil liability. that is to say that the duty to indemnify arises from the testifying of the existence of civil liability. thus, once the civil liability is removed, the duty to indemnify comes to an end. indemnity should not be confused with civil liability; the latter is the foundation of the former.
Linear-Time Approximation Algorithms for Geometric Intersection Graphs
Guilherme D. da Fonseca,Vinícius G. Pereira de,Celina M. H. de Figueiredo
Computer Science , 2014, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-18263-6_12
Abstract: Numerous approximation algorithms for problems on geometric intersection graphs have been proposed in the literature, exhibiting a sharp trade-off between running times and approximation ratios. We introduce a method to obtain linear-time constant-factor approximation algorithms for such problems. To illustrate its applicability, we obtain results for three well-known optimization problems on two classes of geometric intersection graphs. Among such results, our method yields linear-time (4+eps)-approximations for the maximum-weight independent set and the minimum dominating set of unit disk graphs, thus bringing significant performance improvements when compared to previous algorithms that achieve the same approximation ratios.
Laserterapia de baixa intensidade na express?o de colágeno após les?o muscular cirúrgica
Moreira, Flávia Fonseca;Oliveira, Eustáquio Luiz Paiva de;Barbosa, Fabiano Sousa;Silva, Julio Guilherme;
Fisioterapia e Pesquisa , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-29502011000100007
Abstract: the laser therapy is a procedure utilized at long scale in the musculoskeletal injuries, due its anti-inflammatory and reparatory proprieties and others. besides, there are differents types of laser equipments. despites with the many experimental models at literature, there is no consensus about the range of application as well as the type of laser that promove of the best repair in muscular tissue. the aim of this study is to analyze the effects of the low level laser therapy in the expression of collagen after muscular injury. mice swiss albinos (n=18) were subjected to the muscular surgical injury and separated in two groups, control (c) and test (t). the animals were submitted a daily radiation of 5 j/cm2 for the lasers asgaal 830 nm and asga 904 nm and, in different times of sacrifice (7 and 14 days). the results didn't demonstrate significant statistical difference in the expression of collagen in both analyzed groups. however, the data appear that the dose of 5 j/cm2 of the laser asga 904 nm promoted larger deposition of fibers collagens after 14 days of treatment, suggesting that the therapy is effective in the synthesis of collagen. others studies will be proposed at humans to bigger inferences about the results of laser in the treatment muscular injury.
Eficácia e seguran?a do cateter "Pronto" para aspira??o manual de trombo durante angioplastia primária no infarto agudo do miocárdio com eleva??o do segmento ST
Santos, Márcio Ant?nio dos;Fonseca, Carlos Guilherme B.;Godoy, Moacir Fernandes de;
Revista Brasileira de Cardiologia Invasiva , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S2179-83972007000200009
Abstract: objectives: the aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the pronto? extraction catheter to aspirate thrombus during percutaneous coronary intervention (pci) in patients presenting with st-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction (stemi) methods: twenty-eight unselected patients (60% male, age 60.5 ± 11.7 years) were treated with pci with manual thrombus aspiration using the pronto? catheter. all the patients had acute myocardial infarction with st-elevation (stemi), and presented up to 12 hours after the onset of clinical symptoms. were analyzed myocardial blush grade (mbg), reduction grade of epicardical distal flow (timi), distal embolization, st resolution and procedure time. results: the patients select treated with thrombectomy during primary angioplasty for acute myocardial infarction did not show distal or side branch occlusion, slow flow or no-reflow and had evidence of microvascular reperfusion. conclusion: the use of pronto? thrombectomy catheter is feasible and safe, without significant increase the procedural time. the use of this device was associated with indirect signs of successful reperfusion at microvascular level.
Associa??o timoma e estrongiloidíase intestinal grave
Godoy, Pérsio;Campos, Christian Marcellus Camargos;Costa, Guilherme;Castro, Lúcia Porto Fonseca de;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86821998000500009
Abstract: a 59-years-old man with thymoma and severe intestinal strongyloidiasis is reported. the authors pointed out a possible influence of immunological response related with thymoma in the development of hyperinfection by strongyloides stercoralis.
Influência do Nível de Consumo sobre a Degradabilidade das Partículas e Características ligadas à Cinética Ruminal, em Novilhos Pastejando Capim- Elefante
Fontes Carlos Augusto de Alencar,Alves Guilherme Ribeiro,Paulino Mário Fonseca,Erbesdobler Eleonora D'Avila
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2001,
Abstract: Estudou-se a influência do nível de ingest o de pasto sobre a degradabilidade das partículas de capim-elefante nas se es do trato gastrintestinal (TGI) e sobre aspectos ligados à cinética ruminal de bovinos. O delineamento experimental foi o inteiramente casualizado, em parcelas subdivididas, com doze tratamentos nas parcelas (fatorial 2x6, sendo dois níveis de ingest o de pasto: alimenta o restrita - NA1 e alimenta o irrestrita - NA2 e seis épocas de abate) e as cinco se es do TGI nas subparcelas. Foram usados 36 novilhos, mantidos em regime exclusivo de pasto de capim-elefante. Ao início do experimento e a cada 35 dias, foram abatidos três animais de cada nível alimentar, pesando-se e amostrando-se as digestas das várias se es do TGI. Utilizou-se o peneiramento seco das digestas na determina o do tamanho médio de partículas (TMP) e o módulo de finura (MF). O TMP e o MF da digesta do rúmen-retículo (RR) foram maiores que das demais se es. O nível alimentar n o influenciou o TMP. Verificou-se, entretanto, maior MF na digesta do RR, para animais do tratamento NA2. Houve evidência de que partículas menores que 1,19 mm atravessam preferencialmente o orifício retículo-omasal. N o se verificou influência do nível alimentar sobre as taxas de desaparecimento da MS, FDN e FDN digestível no RR, bem como sobre as taxas de passagem da FDN no RR, estimadas em 3,65 e 3,75%/hora, e suas taxas de degrada o, estimadas em 2,46 e 3,12%/hora, para os tratamentos NA1 e NA2, respectivamente.
Associa o timoma e estrongiloidíase intestinal grave
Godoy Pérsio,Campos Christian Marcellus Camargos,Costa Guilherme,Castro Lúcia Porto Fonseca de
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 1998,
Abstract: Os autores relatam o caso de um homem de 59 anos de idade com timoma e estrongiloidíase intestinal grave. S o revistos aspectos da resposta imunitária relacionados ao tumor e, possivelmente, implicados no desenvolvimento da hiperinfec o pelo Strongyloides stercoralis.
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