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A panel of oxidative stress assays does not provide supplementary diagnostic information in Behcet's disease patients
Yasemin D Akcay, Ferhan G Sagin, Kenan Aksu, Gokhan Keser, Emma Taylor, Iona Knight, Paul G Winyard, Eser Y Sozmen
Journal of Inflammation , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1476-9255-9-13
Abstract: We aimed to measure oxidative and inflammatory markers, along with the markers of reactive nitrogen species, S-nitrosothiols and 3-nitrotyrosine, in BD patients (n = 100) and healthy volunteers (n = 50). These markers were evaluated in regard to their role in the pathogenesis of BD as well as their relation to clinical presentation, disease activity and duration.Median values for erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), C-reactive protein, leukocyte count, and IL-18 levels, as well as myeloperoxidase (MPO) activity, were statistically higher in the patient group compared to controls. Some inflammation markers (ESR, neutrophil and leukocyte counts) were statistically higher (p < 0.05) in the active period. In contrast, oxidative stress-associated measures (erythrocyte lipid peroxidation, antioxidant enzymes and measures of serum antioxidant capacity), revealed no statistically significant differences between the median values in BD patients versus healthy control subjects (p > 0.05 in all statistical comparisons), nor was there any difference in median levels of these oxidative stress markers in active disease versus disease remission. S-nitrosothiols and 3-nitrotyrosine were undetectable in BD plasma.The application of oxidative stress-associated measures to BD blood samples offered no supplemental diagnostic or disease activity information to that provided by standard laboratory measures of inflammation. S-nitrosothiols and 3-nitrotyrosine appeared not to be markers for active BD; thus the search for biochemical markers that will indicate the active period should be continued with larger studies.Behcet's disease (BD) is a multisystem, chronic inflammatory, relapsing disorder that is characterized by oral and genital ulcerations and ocular, arthritic, vascular and neurological involvement. Its diagnosis is generally clinical with a higher endemic rate in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Korea and Japan. There is no biochemical parameter showing the active phase of the disease, othe
The Effects of Animation Technique on the 7th Grade Science and Technology Course  [PDF]
Gokhan Aksoy
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.33048
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of animation technique on academic achievement of students in the “Human and Environment” unit lectured as part of the Science and Technology course of the seventh grade in primary education. The sample of the study consists of 58 students attending to the 7th grade of Erzurum MEB Yildizkent IMKB primary school under two different classes during the 2011- 2012 academic year. While the lectures in the class designated as the animation group were given with animation technique, in the class designated as the control group Powerpoint presentations was utilized along with the traditional teaching methods. According to the findings, it was determined that animation technique is more effective than traditional teaching methods in terms of enhancing students’ achievement. It was also determined in the study that, the Powerpoint presentations used together with the traditional teaching methods provided to the control group significantly help the students to increase their academic achievement.
Kitap Tan t m ve De erlendirme: lg n Türkler K br s Kitab üzerine Ele tirel Bir Bak /// A Critical Review of the Book, lg n Türkler K br s
History Studies : International Journal of History , 2012,
K br s Türk Mücadele Tarihinde K br s Türk Kurumlar Federasyonu- Nacak birli i ve Ekonomik Kalk nma Gayretleri//// Federation of Cypriot Turkish Associations-Nacak Collaboration and its Economical Development Efforts in History Cypriot Turkish Struggle
History Studies : International Journal of History , 2012,
Abstract: Federation of Turkish Cypriot Associations (FTCA), founded in 1949, which has been really very effective fort he Turkish Cypriot people on the island up to 16th August 1960 in which Republic of Cyprus was established had got the opportunity to make use of the possibilities of the weekly newspaper named Nacak which was regarded to be the official pres of the above-mentioned federation so as to transfer its activities to the public in a wide-spread scale. Despite the fact that the newspaper named Nacak was taken into consideration to be the newspaper of Turkish Resistance Organization, it has had a remarkable function on the base of social, cultural, economic developments of Turkish Cypriots, and the development of the commercial life on the island and that of social life as well. The newspaper named Nacak has been in a remarkably harmonious cooperation and the solidarity with Federation and burdened a unique mission in Turkish Cypriot press and media history so far.
Turkish Studies , 2010,
Abstract: National Struggle has broken out in Anatolia in 1919–1922 period. Subsequent to 30th October 1918, the revolt, and the struggle are interwoven with the Greek invasion in 15th May 1919, and with British, French, Greek, and Italian military forces. In addition to the armed struggle, what is mostly and clearly observed is that Greek Church has had an important influence. Towards Megali Idea dreams, the daydreams of establishing the Great Greece/Hellenic Empire once more comes to the surface, and two men of the Greek Church lead the armed people in Anatolia, named Hrisostomos in zmir and Western Anatolia, and Hrisantos in Trabzon and in the Black Sea regions, provoking the people with all their might and main so as to realize Megali Idea. This study is prepared to focus on the activities and the actions of both men mentioned above. 1919–1922 süreci Anadolu’da Milli Mücadele’nin ya and bir d nemdir. 30 Ekim 1918 sonras nda ngiltere, Fransa, talya aras nda payla lmaya ba lan lan Anadolu topraklar nda 15 May s 1919 tarihinde ba layan Yunan i galiyle birlikte i gal, isyan ve mücadele i i e girer. Bu d nemde silahl mücadele yan nda zellikle Yunan kilisesinin etkili rolü de kendisini g stermeye ba lar. Megali dea dü üncesi do rultusunda Büyük Yunanistan kurma hayali bir kere daha canlan r ve Anadolu’nun iki farkl noktas nda olmak üzere Metropolit Hrisostomos zmir ve Bat Anadolu’da, Metropolit Hrisantos ise Trabzon ve Karadeniz b lgesinde i gal ve k y m hareketlerine ncülük eder, halk k k rt r ve Megali dea rüyas n n ger ekle mesi i in var gücüyle al r. Bu al ma her iki metropolitin zmir ve Trabzon b lgelerindeki faaliyetlerini ve ama birli i er evesinde yapt klar abalar ortaya koymak amac yla haz rlanm t r.
Greece, the Immigrants, Military Violations, and POW Issue in Turkey during WWII Period
Journal of International Social Research , 2010,
Abstract: Turkey, even if it seemed to be actually out of the war, has experienced, and suffered the difficulties of Second World War such as economic problems mostly and closely. Turkey was the only and single country which tried to help and did its best for Greece at all cost, and Turkish humanitarian assistance to Greece which was firstly invaded by Italy, and then by German military forces, the economical hardships in Turkey as well as the the efforts of imperial countries to involve Turkey in the war all cause the country to get a hard period. In addition to all these above-mentioned, the problems such as the dwelling and the nutrition of the refugees being both military personnel and civilian people from the warring countries, helping the foreign POWs, POW change are between those Turkey has carried out during WWII period. The fact that Turkey has had such a responsibility to be an envoy for the POW change programs led the warring parties to appreciate Turkey a lot.
Magnetic Moment of Photon  [PDF]
Ziya Saglam, Gokhan Sahin
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2015.67098
Abstract: We have calculated the intrinsic magnetic moment of a photon through the intrinsic magnetic moment of a gamma photon created as a result of the electron-positron annihilation with the angular frequency ω. We show that a photon propagating in z direction with an angular frequency ω carries a magnetic moment of μz = ±(ec/ω) along the propagation direction. Here, the (+) and (-) signs stand for the right hand and left circular helicity respectively. Because of these two symmetric values of the magnetic moment, we expect a splitting of the photon beam into two symmetric subbeams in a Stern-Gerlach experiment. The splitting is expected to be more prominent for low energy photons. We believe that the present result will be helpful for understanding the recent attempts on the Stern-Gerlach experiment with slow light and the behavior of the dark polaritons and also the atomic spinor polaritons.
Voluntary versus Enforced Team Effort
Claudia Keser,Claude Montmarquette
Games , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/g2030277
Abstract: We present a model where each of two players chooses between remuneration based on either private or team effort. Although at least one of the players has the equilibrium strategy to choose private remuneration, we frequently observe both players to choose team remuneration in a series of laboratory experiments. This allows for high cooperation payoffs but also provides individual free-riding incentives. Due to significant cooperation, we observe that, in team remuneration, participants make higher profits than in private remuneration. We also observe that, when participants are not given the option of private remuneration, they cooperate significantly less.
Effect of different dietary crude protein levels on performance, N digestibility and some blood parameters in Kivircik lambs
Keser Onur,Bilal T.
Acta Veterinaria , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/avb0806487k
Abstract: In this study, 45 weaned Kivircik male lambs with an average initial body weight BW1 of 26.23 kg were randomly assigned to five experimental groups (G10, G12, G14, G16, G18) fed 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 % crude protein (CP), respectively. It was observed that G16 had higher BW than the first three groups (p<0.05), but there were no significant differences between G16 and G18. G16 had higher daily body weight gain BWG1 than other groups. During the study, when compared with first three groups, G16 had significantly higher BWG (p<0.05), but no significant difference was observed between G16 and G18. The lowest DMI was observed in G10 (p<0.05), however, there were no differences between G14, G16 and G18. The best and the lowest feed efficiency were observed in G16 and G10, respectively. When the analysis results of faeces samples were compared, the lowest nitrogen (N) excretion was detected in G10 and G12, and the highest N excretion was detected in G18 (p<0.05). However, there were no significant differences between G14 and G16. Percentages of N digestibility's of G16 and G18 were higher than those of other groups (p<0.05). There were no significant differences between G16 and G18, and between G10, G12 and G14. The analysis results of serum samples obtained from experimental groups showed that, except for serum urea and albumin levels, there were no significant differences between the level of other metabolites. G10 had lowest serum albumin level (p<0.05), and there were no significant differences between the other groups. Serum urea levels of G14, G16, G18 were similar and higher than those of G10 and G12 (p<0.05). The lowest serum urea level was determined in G10 (p<0.05). Consequently, when it was considered that feeding Kivircik lambs with higher protein level than 16 % had no advantage for performance and would be cause of economic loss, it can be said that 16 % CP was optimal.
Immunizing Antigens and Constituents of Vaccines
Melike Keser,Nevin Hatipoglu
Cocuk Enfeksiyon Dergisi , 2008,
Abstract: The need to develop safe and efficacious vaccines ranks amongst the most important challenges for human medicine. Throughout history, most vaccines have been developed using live attenuated organisms, killed whole organisms or inactivated toxins (referred to as toxoids). Recent efforts have focused on utilizing technologies such as recombinant DNA methods to develop DNA and subunit vaccines, as well as conjugate vaccines. The extensive knowledge of immunological mechanisms and host pathogen interactions can contribute to the design of effective vaccines. Vaccines are essential factors in active immunization, performing this activity mainly via immunizing antigens, and they may contain several added substances. Vaccine preservatives and adjuvants are the leading ones, while all ingredients have substantial roles and must have a licence together with the vaccine product. Adjuvants constitute the most studied components of vaccine additives, enhancing and moderating the immune response. The introduction of new adjuvants and concomitant new vaccine formulations for protection from HIV, hepatitis C, malaria and other “difficult” diseases, as well as the development of therapeutic vaccines for chronic diseases and cancer will be required in the near future.
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