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The Speed of Light in a Novel Gravitational Environment  [PDF]
Gianni Donati
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2017.510164
Abstract: In this paper, a review of the experiments, developments and ideas which have been presented on this topic together with its natural extension to the description of gravity, the ultimate dominating mystery of the universe, was taken out. A parallel mechanism was proposed between the emission of light and of neutrino by quantum leaps of electrons between the fixed energy levels of atomic orbits. The analysis of the neutron-proton mix of existing nuclides provides a rule for the calculation of the neutrino flux from matter and suggests both a medium for the transmission of light and a solution to the problem of gravitation.
Conditions for the Upper Semicontinuous Representability of Preferences with Nontransitive Indifference  [PDF]
Gianni Bosi, Magali Zuanon
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2014.46048

We present different conditions for the existence of a pair of upper semicontinuous functions representing an interval order on a topological space without imposing any restrictive assumptions neither on the topological space nor on the representing functions. The particular case of second countable topological spaces, which is particularly interesting and frequent in economics, is carefully considered. Some final considerations concerning semiorders finish the paper.

Does the Homogeneous Ice Nucleation Initiate in the Bulk Volume or at the Surface of Super-Cooled Water Droplets? A Review  [PDF]
Gianni Santachiara, Franco Belosi
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2014.44058
Abstract: The formation of ice in clouds can occur through primary processes, either homogeneously or heterogeneously triggered by aerosol particles called ice nuclei, as well as through secondary processes. The homogeneous ice nucleation process involves only pure water or solution droplets. Homogeneous freezing is crucial for the microphysics in the formation of high-altitude cirrus and polar stratospheric clouds, and also in the glaciation of thunderclouds, at temperatures below about 235 K. Nucleation rates in supercooled water have been measured using different experimental techniques: expansion cloud chambers, water-in-oil emulsions, levitation methods, free falling droplets, supersonic nozzles, field measurements, and molecular dynamics simulations. An important question concerns the possibility that the nucleation process in supercooled water can occur not only in the interior volume of the droplet, but even at or close to its surface. Even if there is no conclusive evidence, the majority of experimental and theoretical results suggest that the contribution of surface nucleation increases with decreasing radius of the supercooled droplets, and the surface (or sub-surface) nucleation rate is prevalent for droplets with radius lower than about 5 μm. If homogeneous freezing initiates at the droplet surface, the freezing rate should depend on the droplet size, and even a slight contamination by molecules within the surface layer could hamper the rate of the nucleation process.
Urban Systems, Urbanization Dynamics and Land Use in Italy: Evidence from a Spatial Analysis  [PDF]
Gianni Guastella, Stefano Pareglio
Current Urban Studies (CUS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/cus.2014.23027
Abstract: Sustainability of agriculture is challenged by increasing sprawl in urban agglomerations. Under increasing agglomeration economies in large and even medium sized cities, more and more soil is being subtracted to agriculture, depriving agricultural activities of the main production factor. The extent to which the expanding urbanization threatens agricultural development depends on the urban spatial structure, however. In this work it is empirically investigated how the relationship between soil use and soil consumption is shaped by the compactness of a city. For the population of LAU1 (province) main cities in an Italian region (Lombardy), compactness is measured as the density gradient and estimated using Central Business District models. It is found that more compact cities exhibit relatively lower-than-expected soil consumption in the period 1999-2007. Results suggest that agglomeration economies are not enemies of agricultural activities per se. Nonetheless, urbanization needs to be accompanied by urban fringe containment.
Análise de fauna e flutua??o populacional de Carabidae e Staphylinidae (Coleoptera) em sistemas de plantio direto e convencional
Martins, Ivan Carlos Fernandes;Cividanes, Francisco Jorge;Barbosa, José Carlos;Araújo, Edileusa de Souza;Haddad, Gianni Queiroz;
Revista Brasileira de Entomologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0085-56262009000300019
Abstract: the objective of this study was to analyze carabid and staphylinid fauna through several faunistic indexes and to obtain the population fluctuation of the dominant species in forest fragment and soybean-corn crop in no-tillage and conventional cropping system. the samplings of the coleopteran were carried out from november/2004 to april/2007, in guaíra, s?o paulo, being biweekly during the crop period and monthly in the off-season crop. for obtaining the samples it was used pitfall traps, distributed in two transects of 200 m long being 100 m in the culture and 100 m in the fragment. the fauna was characterized by indexes of diversity, equitability, and abundance. in no-tillage system the larger number of carabid and staphylinid species and the equitability and diversity indexes indicated that the community of those beetles shows a better structure when compared with the conventional cropping system. among the carabid species abaris basistriatus stood out for having been characterized as dominant in crop and forest fragment of the two experimental areas. the species scarites sp. 4 and a. basistriatus generally presented population peaks when the crop soybean counted less than 30 days of the implantation, the other species presented population peaks that were observed in varied times of the crops. pluvial precipitation was the meteorological variable that obtained the largest number of positive correlations followed by minimum temperature.
Hobbes et Gassendi: la psychologie dans le projet mécaniste
Paganini, Gianni;
Kriterion: Revista de Filosofia , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-512X2002000200003
Abstract: hobbes' and gassendi's friendship and intellectual affinity constitute a tight thread hard to be untied. beyond clearly defined convergent views such as the common aversion to cartesian dualism and innatism and clear divergences in their specific philosophical orientations, the meaning of their often similar trajectories must be precisely clarified. the privileged context for a comparison between them is doubtless the construction of a psychology deeply influenced by empirical premises and whose aim is to establish a close relation between the processes of perception, desire (appetitus) and will on the one hand and their mechanical and material causes on the other. one can claim that gassendi's works written in the beginning of the 1640s introduce a number of new hypothesis on the bases of which emerge a certain convergence with hobbes' views developed in the same occasion. the texts written during the years 1640-41 where gassendi inquires on the nature of light are emblematic. a number of aspects of gassendi's inquiry can be easily confronted with hobbes' writings: his explanation of the behavior of luminous bodies in terms of systole and diastole; his interpretation of the propagation of light, which is inspired-in a explicit and open polemical fashion against descartes's thesis in his dioptics about luminosity as nothing but inclination to movement-by the plain cinematic actuality; his belief in the existence of the void, which is peculiar to gassendi, making possible the explanation of the phenomena of expansion and contraction of luminous sources (a view which was not at the occasion excluded by hobbes); and finally, the material and mechanical representation of the phenomena of irradiation.
Pierre Bayle et le statut de l'athéisme sceptique
Paganini, Gianni;
Kriterion: Revista de Filosofia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-512X2009000200008
Abstract: quelle place occupe la figure de l'? athée sceptique ? dans le schéma baylien qui prend à contre-pied tant les apologistes ? latitudinaires ? (à la garasse) que les théologiens plus ? rigoureux ? (à la voetius) ? bayle affirme d'une part une ? latitude ? de l'athéisme ? spéculatif ? beaucoup plus large que voetius ne l'aurait accepté, mais d'autre part il fait valoir un concept précis de divinité que des apologistes comme garasse auraient sans doute jugé trop restrictif. en outre, il est bien conscient de la différence qui sépare toute forme d'athéisme ? dogmatique ? ou ? affirmatif ? de l'athéisme ? sceptique ?. mais il est important de remarquer que même les sceptiques sont considérés par bayle comme des athées ? positifs ? ou des ? athéistes de spéculation ? car, pour ? être non théiste, ou athéiste ?, il n'est pas nécessaire ? d'afirmer que le théisme est faux ; il sufit de le regarder comme un problême ?. tout cela cadre bien avec sa conviction que, comme pour le théisme, ? il y a différents dégrez d'athéisme ?.
红外 , 2001,
Abstract: 本文介绍了本公司已经研制成功的两台第二代热成像仪的设计,它们是分别用于NH90战术运输直升机(NH90 TTH)的导航前视红外仪和意大利ATR42海军巡逻飞机(ATR42 MPA)的电光监视与跟踪系统的.这两项计划的设计目标都是尺寸小、重量轻和功耗低.特别是,NH90-TTH热成像仪是一台工作于8 μm-12 μm波段的带单个宽视场(30°×40°)的紧凑型摄像机(6kg).为ATR42 MPA巡逻机研制的那台热成像仪具有一个特点,即它装有一个配备衍射光具的可遥控切换三种视场的物镜.介绍了这两台热成像仪的性能目标、创新性设计情况以及测试结果.
Islam in Italian Publishing: from 2000 to 2007 L'Islam nell'editoria italiana. Anni 2000-2007
Gianni Galleri
Between , 2011,
Abstract: The evolution of books published about Islam and the Arab-Islamic world after 9/11 provides interesting cues for evaluating the strong relationship between “the East” and the reader’s mental image of it. This analysis shows how the geo-editorial areas of supply, the languages from which the books are translated, the main publishers, and the most prolific authors, are largely inclined towards a particular cultural disposition. Statistics demonstrate that the relationship between “our” West and “that” East – that is Islam – still bear certain aspects in obscurity. The unchecked growth of the number of books and authors does not seem to have led to a greater awareness within the reader. As we still lack sustained cultural activities and series of books with an clear raison d'être, a good slice of production is often based on rapid improvisation and the production of “instant books”. Finally the most recent trend – determined by the employment of journalists as experts of a given subject, combined with the power games of distribution – is gradually emptying universities and academies of their rights to share information, and is giving the reader an image of the East created with almost no input from intellectuals. L'evoluzione della produzione libraria sull'Islam e sul Mondo arabo-islamico in Italia dopo l'11 Settembre 2001 presenta degli interessanti spunti di valutazione per quanto riguarda lo stretto rapporto fra Oriente e l'immagine che il lettore ha dell'Oriente. Dallo studio in questione emerge come, le aree geoeditoriali di approvvigionamento, le lingue dalle quali sono tradotti i testi, le principali case editrici e gli autori più prolifici siano orientati in gran parte verso una ben precisa direzione culturale. Le evidenze statistiche dimostrano come il rapporto fra il nostro Occidente e quel particolare Oriente che è l'Islam, presenta ancora degli evidenti punti oscuri. L'aumento quasi incontrollato del numero di titoli e del numero di autori sembra non aver portato alla nascita di una consapevolezza differente nel lettore. Scarseggiano le iniziative programmate nel tempo e le colanne con una vita e una ragion d'essere ben precisa. L'improvvisazione e gli istant book rappresentano dei casi piuttosto frequenti. L'assunzione di figure giornalistiche a veri e propri cultori della materia, combinata con i giochi di potere della distribuzione, disegna infine l'ultima tendenza, che svuota le università e le accademie di gran parte del proprio diritto a divulgare, per donare al lettore una visione dell'Oriente creata quasi dal nulla dall'intellettuale
Los países ricos y los ni os que trabajan: la paradoja occidental
Gianni Paone
Laboreal , 2007,
Abstract: In Europe child labour is not thoroughly studied or reported. The popular view is that child labour has been eradicated in Western societies. This is not the case, however, and it would be instructive to look more closely at the forms it takes in economically advanced countries. Understanding and identifying the similarities and differences between how the different regions approach the condition of childhood and adolescence will help lay the foundations for future strategies, policies and action plans to erase social inequalities. Child labour is also a big issue across a very wide range of sectors in industrialised countries. Child labour fills the interstices of a fragmented labour market, and is especially prevalent in various sectors of informal economy. In European countries, a large number of children work in seasonal, remunerated jobs, street trading and domestic work, for instance. The transition of some Eastern European countries to a market economy has also brought a resurgence of child labour in Central and Eastern Europe. Despite that, in some cases, children also in part work voluntarily for pocket money.
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