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Use of camera-traps in natural trails and shelters for the mammalian survey in the Atlantic Forest
Melo, Geruza L.;Sponchiado, Jonas;Cáceres, Nilton C.;
Iheringia. Série Zoologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0073-47212012000100012
Abstract: in order to evaluate the efficiency of different mammalian survey methods, we compared traditional sampling techniques (use of camera-traps on roads and artificial trails, track censuses, and direct field visualization) with an alternative sampling design (camera-traps positioned in natural areas such as natural trails and shelters). we conducted the study in a deciduous atlantic-forest park in southern brazil, and additionally compared our results with a previous intensive study carried out in the same area. our considerably smaller sampling effort (example: 336 trap.day for our camera-traps versus 2,154 trap.day for the earlier study) registered the presence of 85% of the local known species, with camera-traps being 68% efficient. moreover, shelter camera-traps revealed a different species composition regarding most of other sampling methods. this sampling strategy involving natural forest sites was therefore able to effectively optimize the chances of evaluating species composition in a shorter period, especially with respect to lower-density and cryptic species, as well as to detect species that avoid open, disturbed sites such as roads and man-made forest trails.
First record of the invasive alien species Axis axis (Erxleben, 1777) (Artiodactyla: Cervidae) in Brazil
Sponchiado, Jonas;Melo, Geruza Leal;Cáceres, Nilton Carlos;
Biota Neotropica , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-06032011000300032
Abstract: the exotic alien species axis axis was introduced in the americas at the beginning of last century and since then has established itself, expanding its distribution. this is the first record of this species in brazil. in the extreme south of the country, an individual of a. axis was recorded with a camera trap in the espinilho state park. the area is close to the border of uruguay and argentina, countries where the species is established and from where this individual presumably originated. the pampas biome is strongly disturbed by human activity in brazil and since many native mammal species such as the pampas deer ozotoceros bezoarticus are threatened regionally. it is alarming that exotic populations can potentially rapidly expand their ranges in the region, as a. axis deer has done in uruguay and argentina. possible consequences for this invasion are discussed.
Os velhos-novos desafios do mundo do trabalho
Geruza Fatima Tomé Sabino
Revista Espa?o Acadêmico , 2009,
Abstract: Este artigo tem como objetivo apresentar algumas considera es críticas da ofensiva do capital sobre o operariado, que na indústria ou no campo produzem riqueza. A hipótese é a de que para obter controle objetivo e subjetivo sobre a classe trabalhadora operária e, conseqüentemente, desestruturar as bases que fortalecem sua identidade minando sua auto-organiza o, os representantes do capital elaboram estratégias eficazes como a que Frederick Taylor implementou na chamada “Administra o Científica”. O que possibilita a continuidade desta ofensiva ao trabalho é a nova dinamica mundial de reprodu o e acumula o do capital, pautada em tecnologias notadamente flexíveis, que neste estágio, coincide com um adequado modelo de gest o empresarial igualmente flexível: o toyotismo. Esta forma específica de gest o, que se apresenta como um aprimoramento do taylorismo-fordismo, revela que a organiza o para o trabalho e as rela es engendradas neste ambiente ainda s o entraves para a obten o de lucros extraordinários. Por isto, neste estágio, a ofensiva contra a classe trabalhadora é ainda mais intensa e cruel.
Estudo da demanda ambulatorial da clínica de odontologia da Universidade do Estado do Amazonas
Sponchiado Júnior,Emílio Carlos; Souza,Torricelly Barreto de;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232011000700031
Abstract: the objective of this study was to evaluate the demand of the clinic of dentistry of uea. one hundred patients who were being treated in the discipline of semiology answered a questionnaire that collected data on demographic and socio-economic profile. the clinical examination showed the nosologic profile, the blood pressure and dental losses profile. results showed that 52% of patients were female, aged between 20 and 29 years, 48.3% with the incomplete high school and 60.8% with monthly income greater than five minimum wages. as for dental loss, the teeth most affected were the first molars, while 29% have lost the top first molar and 45% the bottom. the prevalent nosologic profile was 31.3% for treatment in the area of restorative dentistry followed by 21% of periodontics and 19% of surgery. only one patient had hypertension. our conclusion is that most of the population that participated on this study was middle-class women with low average level of education and dental precarious table showing many dental losses and requiring more rehabilitation treatments than preventive. with a greater understanding of the reality of the users of the uea dental clinic it will be possible to improve the planning of care and actions to improve the promotion of health.
Neivair Sponchiado Pastore,Salah Mahmud Hasan,Denize Aparecida Zempulski
Engevista , 2011,
Abstract: The aim of this work was the production of citric acid by submerged fermentation in a syntheticmedium enriched with sucrose using the fungus Aspergillus niger under different nitrogen resources likeammonium sulfate, urea and peptone. The fermentation was carried out in Erlenmeyer flasks and inbacteriological incubator. It was observed the production of citric acid in all the fermented mediums. Theuse of peptone associated to the utilization of ammonium sulfate in the Prescott & Dunn synthetic mediumshowed higher production (62.9 g/L.day of citric acid) under the studied conditions. It was also concludedthat the fermentation time of 24h was ideal for the higher process productivity.
Tunneling as a classical escape rate induced by the vacuum zero-point radiation
A. J. Faria,H. M. Franca,R. C. Sponchiado
Physics , 2004,
Abstract: We make a brief review of the Kramers escape rate theory for the probabilistic motion of a particle in a potential well U(x), and under the influence of classical fluctuation forces. The Kramers theory is extended in order to take into account the action of the thermal and zero-point random electromagnetic fields on a charged particle. The result is physically relevant because we get a non null escape rate over the potential barrier at low temperatures (T -> 0). It is found that, even if the mean energy is much smaller than the barrier height, the classical particle can escape from the potential well due to the action of the zero-point fluctuating fields. These stochastic effects can be used to give a classical interpretation to some quantum tunneling phenomena. Relevant experimental data are used to illustrate the theoretical results.
Trocas gasosas intrapulmonares sob respira??o em ar ambiente em pacientes hipercapneicos
Ribeiro-Silva, Alfredo;Silva, Geruza Alves da;
Revista da Associa??o Médica Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-42302004000100031
Abstract: introduction: the alveolar-capillary oxygen difference, p(a-a)o2 , is important in the study of gas exchange disorders, however does not give us reliable results when applied to hypercapneic patients. on the other hand the venous admixture calculation, seems to be able to diagnose alveolar-capillary gas exchange difficulty of any kind. objective: checking the reliability of the alveolar-capillary oxygen difference to diagnose the alveolar-capillary disorder in face of alveolar hypoventilation, by using the venous admixture calculation as standard. methods: 83 blood gas analysis from patients with hypercapnia were submitted to venous admixture and p(a-a)o2 determination with the measured paco2 and a fixed paco2 of 40 mmhg. the results where compared by correlation test. results: the mean partial pressure of arterial oxygen and carbon dioxide were respectively, 50.8±10,4 and 51.7±6,4 mmhg; the mean value of p(a-a)o2, amended p(a-a)o2 and venous admixture were respectively 26.6±10.2 mmhg; 40.4±10.8 mmhg and 37±15.2 %. the correlation coefficient between the venous admixture versus p(a-a)o2 was 0.61 p<0.00001 and the venous admixture versus ''amended'' p(a-a)o2 was 0.89 p<0.00001. conclusion: the use of the oxygen alveolar-capillary gradient in chronically hypercapneic patient does not reach the diagnosis of alveolar-capillary gas exchange disorder which usually comes together with alveolar hypoventilation.
A estimula o russa no fortalecimento da musculatura abdominal Russian stimulation in strengthening abdominal muscle
Evelyne Patrícia Fernandes Lima,Geruza Baima de Oliveira Rodrigues
ABCD. Arquivos Brasileiros de Cirurgia Digestiva (S?o Paulo) , 2012,
Abstract: INTRODU O - A flacidez muscular surge com maior frequência nas mulheres, o que causa fator ruim para a estética corporal. OBJETIVO - Analisar os resultados da corrente russa no fortalecimento da musculatura abdominal. MéTODOS - Revis o bibliográfica com base nas publica es acessíveis pelas seguintes bases de dados: Medline/Pubmed, Scielo, Lilacs com cruzamento dos descritores corrente russa, flacidez, abd men. O uso da eletroestimula o age tanto sobre as fibras brancas, que respondem pela velocidade, como também sobre as fibras vermelhas dado à sua sustenta o, e ainda sobre as fibras intermediárias. CONCLUS O - Os dados publicados mostram a satisfa o e êxito do tratamento, enfatizando que a corrente russa favorece o aumento da hipertrofia e for a muscular. INTRODUCTION - Muscle weakness appears most often in women, the factor that causes bad esthetics. OBJECTIVE - To analyze the results of the Russian current strengthening the abdominal muscles. METHODS - Literature review based on publications available in the following databases: Medline / Pubmed, Scielo, Lilacs with crossing headings Russian current, sagging, abdomen. The use of electrical stimulation acts both on the white fibers, which account for the speed, but also on the red fibers given their support, and on intermediate fibers. CONCLUSION - The data published show the satisfaction and success of treatment, emphasizing that the Russian current promotes increase of muscle strength and hypertrophy.
Trocas gasosas intrapulmonares sob respira o em ar ambiente em pacientes hipercapneicos
Ribeiro-Silva Alfredo,Silva Geruza Alves da
Revista da Associa??o Médica Brasileira , 2004,
Abstract: A diferen a alvéolo-arterial de oxigênio ou P(A-a)O2 é importante no estudo de disfun es nas trocas gasosas alvéolo-capilares, entretanto n o fornece resultados confiáveis em pacientes hipercapneicos, ao contrário do cálculo da mistura venosa que, embora pouco prático, é potencialmente capaz de diagnosticar a existência de distúrbio de trocas alvélo-capilares de qualquer natureza. OBJETIVO: Conferir o grau de confiabilidade da diferen a alvéolo-arterial de oxigênio para avaliar distúrbio das trocas alvéolo-capilares na presen a de hipoventila o alveolar, utilizando o cálculo da mistura venosa como padr o. MéTODOS: Oitenta e três gasometrias de pacientes hipercapneicos foram submetidas ao cálculo da mistura venosa e da diferen a P(A-a)O2 obtida com a PaCO2 medida e com a PaCO2 fixada em 40 mmHg. Os resultados foram comparados por teste de correla o simples. RESULTADOS: A press o parcial de oxigênio e de gás carb nico arterial média foi de 50,8±10,4 e 51,7±6,4 mmHg, respectivamente. As médias da P(A-a)O2, da P(A-a)O2 ''corrigida'' e da mistura venosa foram respectivamente 26,6±10,2 mmHg; 40,4±10,8 mmHg e 37±15,2 %. O coeficiente de correla o entre a mistura venosa e a P(A-a)O2 foi de 0,61 (p<0,00001) e mistura venosa e P(A-a)O2 ''corrigida'' foi de 0,89 (p<0,00001). CONCLUS O: A utiliza o do cálculo da diferen a alvéolo-arterial de oxigênio em pacientes cronicamente hipercapneicos tem alcance clínico limitado, porque ele deixa de expressar o diagnóstico de distúrbio das trocas alvéolo-capilares que freqüentemente está associado à hipoventila o alveolar.
Avalia??o do uso do Self Etching Primer na colagem de braquetes ortod?nticos metálicos
Sponchiado, Adriane Regina;Wunderlich Júnior, Afonso E.;Galletta, Paulo Sérgio;Rosa, Murilo;
Revista Dental Press de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-54192005000300008
Abstract: this research evaluated the shear bond strength of metallic brackets bonded to bovine teeth, using conventional adhesive system consisting of phosphoric acid + primer + adhesive resin, and a system sep (self-etching primer) that combines acid and primer in one solution. the sep system was evaluated in either dry and moist (water) environments. forty-eight lower bovine incisors teeth were divided in three groups of sixteen units each one, prepared as following: group 1(control) phosphoric acid 37% + primer + transbond xt resin; group 2 transbond plus self etching primer in dry environment + transbond xt resin, and group 3 the transbond plus self etching primer applied in moist environment + transbond xt.after bonding, the mechanical test was performed with an instron machine (crosshead speed of 1mm/min). the shear bond strength were: 9,29 mpa for group 1;10,57 mpa for group 2 and 7,45 mpa for group 3.all groups showed clinical acceptable resistance. there wasn't significant difference between conventional system and the sep in dry environment, neither in moist environment. however, there was a significant reduction in the shear bond strength for the sep in moist environment when compared with sep in dry environment. it was concluded that transbond + self etching primer showed shear bond strength to enamel similar to phosphoric acid 37% + primer, therefore it is indicated to clinically bond orthodontic brackets.
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