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The Interface between BCR-ABL-Dependent and -Independent Resistance Signaling Pathways in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Gabriela Nestal de Moraes,Paloma Silva Souza,Fernanda Casal de Faria Costas,Flavia Cunha Vasconcelos,Flaviana Ruade Souza Reis,Raquel Ciuvalschi Maia
Leukemia Research and Treatment , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/671702
Abstract: Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is a clonal hematopoietic disorder characterized by the presence of the Philadelphia chromosome which resulted from the reciprocal translocation between chromosomes 9 and 22. The pathogenesis of CML involves the constitutive activation of the BCR-ABL tyrosine kinase, which governs malignant disease by activating multiple signal transduction pathways. The BCR-ABL kinase inhibitor, imatinib, is the front-line treatment for CML, but the emergence of imatinib resistance and other tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) has called attention for additional resistance mechanisms and has led to the search for alternative drug treatments. In this paper, we discuss our current understanding of mechanisms, related or unrelated to BCR-ABL, which have been shown to account for chemoresistance and treatment failure. We focus on the potential role of the influx and efflux transporters, the inhibitor of apoptosis proteins, and transcription factor-mediated signals as feasible molecular targets to overcome the development of TKIs resistance in CML. 1. Introduction Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is a myeloproliferative disorder that results from the reciprocal translocation of the ABL1 oncogene on chromosome 9 with the breakpoint cluster region (BCR) gene on chromosome 22 [t(9; 22)], leading to the formation of the BCR-ABL oncoprotein. The shortened chromosome 22 formed by this translocation is the Philadelphia (Ph) chromosome. The BCR-ABL fusion oncogene, which is responsible for the pathogenesis of CML, has greatly enhanced ABL1 tyrosine kinase constitutive activity [1]. CML is characterized by a biphasic evolutive course. Most patients are diagnosed in the chronic phase (CML-CP), which is characterized by the absence of symptoms in half of the patients. However, a prominent leukocytosis is frequently observed by routine testing. In the other half of patients, symptoms are common and include splenomegaly, weight loss, lethargy, and anemia [2]. The disease may progress either directly to blast phase (BP) or through an intermediate accelerated phase (AP). The time course for progression to BP is variable and the molecular mechanisms underlying disease progression are extremely complex. BCR-ABL-dependent pathways to blast transformation include an increase in genomic instability, telomere shortening, loss of tumor-suppressor function, and inhibition of tumor suppressors with cell regulatory functions [2, 3]. In order to identify prognostic factors for CML patients, many clinical and biological characteristics have been analyzed. Sokal risk score
Cidadania, trabalho e cria??o: exercitando um olhar sobre projetos sociais
Fernandes, ?ngela Maria Dias;Moura, Andréia Maia Accioly;Fernandes, Diana Jaqueira;Rocha, Gabriela Fernandes;Luna, Greta Cataline de Vasconcelos;Barbosa, Tereza Lidiane de Oliveira;
Revista do Departamento de Psicologia. UFF , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-80232006000200010
Abstract: this text intent to bring any questions about the themes "citizenship", "work" and "creation" and the forms how go through the social projects that use the art like educative activity's mediation, in great jo?o pessoa. therefore, leave from analise about philosophycs and educatives principles that guide this investigation's field and from category of "social risk" used, frequently, in the discourses applied to population's poor classes. from survey on of eleven social projects that perform with art, the focus was applied to one of those projects - the piollin school. the research, delineated while qualitative investigation, identify the existence of a tension in constituition of practices and discourses. this investigative trajectory focus in the discourses of social actors (projects' director, educator and students), looking for reveal any ways in the art's teaching, applied to children, adolescents and youth of popular classes.
Chromosome 17 abnormalities and mutation of the TP53 gene: correlation between cytogenetics, flow cytometry and molecular analysis in three cases of chronic myeloid leukemia
Otero, Luize;Cavalcanti Júnior, Geraldo Barroso;Klumb, Claudete Esteves;Scheiner, Marcos Antonio Mauricio;Magluta, Eliane Pereira Sim?es;Fernandez, Teresa de Souza;Silva, Maria Luiza Macedo;Pires, Virgínia;Andrade, Gabriela Vasconcelos;Maia, Raquel Ciuvalschi;Tabak, Daniel;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572005000100007
Abstract: chronic myeloid leukemia (cml) have been described. this chromosomal region contains the tumor suppressor gene tp53 that may be an important factor in the evolution of this disease. in this study, we used flow cytometry and western blotting to assess p53 protein expression and single stranded conformational polymorphism to examine tp53 gene alterations in three patients with cml who showed alterations in 17p. only the case with del(17)(p11) had p53 expression positive by flow cytometry and an abnormal migration pattern by sscp analysis. the importance of the correlation between the results obtained with these techniques, as well as the clinical course of the patients, are discussed.
Detection of IgG1 and IgG4 subtypes reactive against potato apyrase in schistosomiasis patients
Faria-Pinto, Priscila de;Mendes, Rita Gabriela Pedrosa Ribeiro;Carvalho-Campos, Cristiane de;Maia, Ana Carolina Ribeiro Gomes;Oliveira, áureo Almeida;Coelho, Paulo Marcos Zech;Vasconcelos, Eveline Gomes;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762010000400004
Abstract: in this paper, we showed for the first time that the conserved domains within schistosoma mansoni atp diphosphohydrolase isoforms, shared with potato apyrase, possess epitopes for the igg1 and igg4 subtypes, as 24 (80%) of the 30 schistosomiasis patients were seropositive for this vegetable protein. the analyses for each patient cured (n = 14) after treatment (at) with praziquantel revealed variable igg1 and igg4 reactivity against potato apyrase. different antigenic epitopes shared between the vegetable and parasite proteins could be involved in susceptibility or resistance to s. mansoni at with praziquantel and these possibilities should be explored.
Plant regulators for rooting of hardwood cuttings of blackberry plants cv. Xavante/ Reguladores vegetais no enraizamento de estacas lenhosas da amoreira-preta cv. Xavante
Aline José Maia,Renato Vasconcelos Botelho
Semina : Ciências Agrárias , 2008,
Abstract: Aiming to evaluate the use of plant regulators for rooting of hardwood cuttings of blackberry cv. Xavante, two experiments were carried out in a greenhouse. In the first one the concentrations of indolil butyric acid varied in 0, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 mg L-1. And in the second one, the plant regulator that was used was paclobutrazol at the concentrations of 0, 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 mg L-1. For each experiment the base of the cuttings were dipped in the solutions for ten seconds. After that, the cuttings were planted in rigid plastic vases with sand and kept under intermittent misty system. The following variables were evaluated, 71 days after planting: percentage of rooted cuttings, percentage of callus presence, average length of roots, number of roots, fresh weight of roots, percentage of sprouting. The treatment of hardwood cuttings with 2000 mg L-1 IBA had the greatest percentage of rooting (60%). Nevertheless, the treatment with 1000 mg L-1 IBA attained already high rooting percentage (56%), with 96% of sprouted cuttings and 17.6 roots per cutting. Cuttings treated with PBZ presented greater callus presence but they did not root, thus it is not possible to recommend this product for rooting of blackberry plants cv. Xavante among the tested concentrations. Com o objetivo de avaliar o emprego de reguladores vegetais no enraizamento de estacas lenhosas da amora-preta cv. Xavante dois experimentos foram conduzidos em casa-de-vegeta o. No primeiro, empregou-se o ácido indol butírico (AIB) nas concentra es de 0, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 mg L-1. No segundo, o regulador utilizado foi o paclobutrazol (PBZ) nas concentra es de 0, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 mg L-1. Em ambos os experimentos as estacas ficaram imersas por 10 segundos nas respectivas solu es. Posteriormente foram plantados em vasos de plástico rígido contendo areia, sendo mantidas em casade- vegeta o sob nebuliza o intermitente. Após 71 dias do plantio, foram avaliadas as seguintes variáveis: porcentagem de estacas enraizadas, comprimento médio das raízes, número de raízes, massa fresca de raízes, porcentagem de estacas com brota es e número de folhas. O tratamento de estacas lenhosas a 2000 mg L-1 AIB obteve a maior porcentagem de enraizamento (60%). No entanto, o tratamento a 1000 mg L-1 AIB já atingiu enraizamento elevado (56%), com 96% de estacas brotadas e 17,6 raízes por estaca. As Estacas tratadas com PBZ apresentaram maior presen a de calo e n o enraizaram n o sendo possível recomendar este produto para o enraizamento da amoreira-preta cv. Xavante nas concentra
Immunostimulatory property of a synthetic peptide belonging to the soluble ATP diphosphohydro-lase isoform (SmATPDase 2) and immunolocalisation of this protein in the Schistosoma mansoni egg
Mendes, Rita Gabriela Pedrosa Ribeiro;Gusm?o, Michélia Ant?nia do Nascimento;Maia, Ana Carolina Ribeiro Gomes;Detoni, Michelle de Lima;Porcino, Gabriane Nascimento;Soares, Thais Vieira;Juliano, Maria Aparecida;Juliano, Luiz;Coelho, Paulo Marcos Zech;Lenzi, Henrique Leonel;Faria-Pinto, Priscila;Vasconcelos, Eveline Gomes;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762011000700005
Abstract: a peptide (smb2lj; r175-194) that belongs to a conserved domain from schistosoma mansoni smatpdase 2 and is shared with potato apyrase, as predicted by in silico analysis as antigenic, was synthesised and its immunostimulatory property was analysed. when inoculated in balb/c mice, this peptide induced high levels of smb2lj-specific igg1 and igg2a subtypes, as detected by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay. in addition, dot blots were found to be positive for immune sera against potato apyrase and smb2lj. these results suggest that the conserved domain r175-194 from the s. mansoni smatpdase 2 is antigenic. western blots were performed and the anti-smb2lj antibody recognised in adult worm (soluble worm antigen preparation) or soluble egg antigen antigenic preparations two bands of approximately 63 and 55 kda, molecular masses similar to those predicted for adult worm smatpdase 2. this finding strongly suggests the expression of this same isoform in s. mansoni eggs. to assess localisation of smatpdase 2, confocal fluorescence microscopy was performed using cryostat sections of infected mouse liver and polyclonal antiserum against smb2lj. positive reactions were identified on the external surface from the miracidium in von lichtenberg's envelope and, in the outer side of the egg-shell, showing that this soluble isoform is secreted from the s. mansoni eggs.
Water deficiency at different developmental stages of Glycine max can improve drought tolerance
Kron, Alan Panaia;Souza, Gustavo Maia;Ribeiro, Rafael Vasconcelos;
Bragantia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87052008000100005
Abstract: developmental windows are specific periods of sensitivity during normal plant development in which a perturbation may be adaptively integrated. in these periods, sub-lethal environmental perturbations may improve the capacity to grow at lethal conditions. the aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that previous non-lethal water deficit applied in different developmental stages in soybean plants could enables them to improve the tolerance to environmental perturbations. in order to test this hypothesis we carried out an experiment with soybean plants submitted to water deficit in different stages of plant development, evaluating yield and physiological aspects. our results indicated that water deficit experienced on v4 stage (vegetative) induces more suitable response, enabling plants to develop a process of tolerance improvement to a further water shortage period, probably through a reduction of growth, which maintains a conservative strategy of energy use. on the other hand, water deficit in r1 stage (reproductive), increased the plant susceptibility to posterior water withholding. this " strategy" was the opposite of the one employed by plants on v4 stage, i.e., to maintain growth rate probably at the expense of a higher energetic cost.
Associa o entre a classifica o CEAP e altera es no Eco-doppler venoso dos membros inferiores Association between the CEAP classification and Duplex-scan findings
Miguel Maia,Joana Ferreira,Sandrina Braga,Jo?o Vasconcelos
Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular , 2010,
Abstract: Objectivos: Correlacionar as manifesta es clínicas da classifica o CEAP com as altera es no Eco-Doppler venoso dos membros inferiores. Material e métodos: Foram avaliados 806 membros (403 doentes consecutivos), submetidos a Eco-Doppler venoso dos membros inferiores no decurso da investiga o de insuficiência venosa crónica. Resultados: Média de idades de 46,8 anos, 360 mulheres e 43 homens. Constatou-se uma diferen a entre o número de doentes sintomáticos conforme o género, 62,5% mulheres versus 44,2% homens (p<0,001). Doentes com idade =60 anos também foram mais frequentemente classificados como sintomáticos (p<0,001). A atribui o de uma classe C sintomática correlacionou-se com insuficiência da veia grande safena e de perfurantes mediais da perna (p<0,001). Membros classificados como assintomáticos, C1a e C2a, apresentaram insuficiência de perfurantes mediais da perna em apenas 36,4%, enquanto que a mesma foi identificada em 64,9% nos membros C0s, C1s e C2s, em 76% dos membros C3s e C4s e em 100% dos membros C5s e C6s (p<0,001). Os membros classificados como C3s apresentaram insuficiência venosa profunda em 20,5% dos casos, contrastando com apenas 5,2% nos restantes membros (p<0.001;OR:4,686). Conclus es: Os doentes classificados como sintomáticos foram mais frequentemente mulheres com idade =60 anos. A presen a de insuficiência da veia grande safena e de perfurantes mediais da perna correlacionou-se com a presen a de sintomas. Verificou-se uma associa o entre insuficiência de perfurantes mediais da perna e gravidade das manifesta es clínicas da classifica o CEAP. A presen a de insuficiência venosa profunda foi mais frequente em membros classificados como C3s. Objective: The aim of our study was to correlate the clinical manifestations of the CEAP classification with insufficiency at lower extremity venous ultrasound examination. Methods: Eight hundred and six extremities (corresponding to 403 consecutive patients) were evaluated by vascular ultrasonography during the investigation of chronic venous insufficiency. Results: Mean age of 46,8 years-old, 360 women and 43 men. There was a statistically significant difference between symptomatic patients according to gender, 62,5% women versus 44,2% men (p <0,001). Patients with =60 years-old were also more frequently classified as symptomatic (p <0,001) A symptomatic C class was more often attributed to limbs with great saphenous vein and medial leg perforators insufficiency. The extremities classified as asymptomatic, C1a and 2a, presented medial leg perforators insufficiency in only 36,4%, opposin
Principais queixas dolorosas em pacientes que procuram clínica de Fisioterapia
Batista, Ana Gabriela de Lima;Vasconcelos, Luciana Auxiliadora de Paula;
Revista Dor , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-00132011000200009
Abstract: background and objectives: pain is one of the major complaints leading people to look for physical therapy. when uncontrolled, pain negatively influences quality of life. this study aimed at measuring pain intensity and quality of patients of the clinic school of physical therapy, catholic university of minas gerais, po?os de caldas campus. method: participated in this study 102 patients of both genders, evaluated before the first physical therapy session by the mini exam of mental status, numeric visual scale, brief pain inventory, mcgill pain questionnaire, beck's inventory of depression and who's abbreviated quality of life scale. results: pain was referred by 65.5% of patients, with mean intensity of 6.4 for the worst pain in the last 24 hours. major characteristics were: in sting (58.8%), tiresome (57.4%) and uncomfortable. pain was located in lower limbs for 23% of patients, and for 25% pain would worsen with maintained postures. there were no signs of depression, however pain has interfered with daily life activities, such as work and ability to enjoy life. conclusion: there has been prevalence of musculoskeletal pain in lower limbs for most patients, which has substantially interfered with their professional activities, since movements and maintained postures were major pain worsening factors. pain intensity was higher in people not believing in god and, with regard to quality of life, pain has significantly interfered with daily activities, emotional and social conditions, and with the ability to enjoy life.
Velhice, institui??o e subjetividade
Maia, Gabriela Felten da;Londero, Susane;Henz, Alexandre de Oliveira;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832008000100005
Abstract: this essay refers to the route achieved and to some theoretical-practical tools produced for a clinic with old people. the sharing of some concepts that permeate the boundaries between old age and suffering become a very important tool for this clinic, demanding other interventions facing the other ones traditionally achieved, mainly in situation of institutionalization. the proposition of a clinic with old people started from an interest related to this stage of life, more specifically, in relation to the presence of a moral discourse and ways of hegemonic subjectivation that qualify it as a rotten band of life.
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