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Using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) to Describe Children Referred to Special Care or Paediatric Dental Services
Denise Faulks, Johanna Norderyd, Gustavo Molina, Caoimhin Macgiolla Phadraig, Gabriela Scagnet, Caroline Eschevins, Martine Hennequin
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0061993
Abstract: Children in dentistry are traditionally described in terms of medical diagnosis and prevalence of oral disease. This approach gives little information regarding a child’s capacity to maintain oral health or regarding the social determinants of oral health. The biopsychosocial approach, embodied in the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health - Child and Youth version (ICF-CY) (WHO), provides a wider picture of a child’s real-life experience, but practical tools for the application of this model are lacking. This article describes the preliminary empirical study necessary for development of such a tool - an ICF-CY Core Set for Oral Health. An ICF-CY questionnaire was used to identify the medical, functional, social and environmental context of 218 children and adolescents referred to special care or paediatric dental services in France, Sweden, Argentina and Ireland (mean age 8 years ±3.6yrs). International Classification of Disease (ICD-10) diagnoses included disorders of the nervous system (26.1%), Down syndrome (22.0%), mental retardation (17.0%), autistic disorders (16.1%), and dental anxiety alone (11.0%). The most frequently impaired items in the ICF Body functions domain were ‘Intellectual functions’, ‘High-level cognitive functions’, and ‘Attention functions’. In the Activities and Participation domain, participation restriction was frequently reported for 25 items including ‘Handling stress’, ‘Caring for body parts’, ‘Looking after one’s health’ and ‘Speaking’. In the Environment domain, facilitating items included ‘Support of friends’, ‘Attitude of friends’ and ‘Support of immediate family’. One item was reported as an environmental barrier – ‘Societal attitudes’. The ICF-CY can be used to highlight common profiles of functioning, activities, participation and environment shared by children in relation to oral health, despite widely differing medical, social and geographical contexts. The results of this empirical study might be used to develop an ICF-CY Core Set for Oral Health - a holistic but practical tool for clinical and epidemiological use.
A free boundary problem describing the saturated-unsaturated flow in a porous medium. Part II. Existence of the free boundary in the 3D case
Gabriela Marinoschi
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2005, DOI: 10.1155/aaa.2005.813
Abstract: We present an extension of the results given in the first part ofthis paper (2004) referring to the existence in the 3D case ofa free boundary between the saturated and unsaturated domains thatmay be evidenced during the water flow into a porous medium.
A free boundary problem describing the saturated-unsaturated flow in a porous medium
Gabriela Marinoschi
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2004, DOI: 10.1155/s1085337504311127
Abstract: This paper presents a functional approach to a nonlinear model describing the complete physical process of water infiltration into an unsaturated soil, including the saturation occurrence and the advance of the wetting front. The model introduced in this paper involves a multivalued operator covering the simultaneous saturated and unsaturated flow behaviors and enhances the study of the displacement of the free boundary between these two flow regimes. The model resides in Richards' equation written in pressure form with an initial condition and boundary conditions which in this work express the inflow due to the rain on the soil surface on the one hand, and characterize a certain permeability corresponding to the underground boundary, on the other hand. Existence, uniqueness, and regularity results for the transformed model in diffusive form, that is, for the moisture of the soil, and the existence of the weak solution for the pressure form are proved in the 3D case. The main part of the paper focuses on the existence of the free boundary between the saturated and unsaturated parts of the soil, and this is proved, in the 1D case, for certain stronger assumptions on the initial data and boundary conditions.
Kernel convergence and biholomorphic mappings in several complex variables
Gabriela Kohr
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2003, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171203303321
Abstract: We deal with kernel convergence of domains in ℂn which are biholomorphically equivalent to the unit ball B. We also prove that there is an equivalence between the convergence on compact sets of biholomorphic mappings on B, which satisfy a growth theorem, and the kernel convergence. Moreover, we obtain certain consequences of this equivalence in the study of Loewner chains and of starlike and convex mappings on B.
Why Can Insulin Resistance Be a Natural Consequence of Thyroid Dysfunction?
Gabriela Brenta
Journal of Thyroid Research , 2011, DOI: 10.4061/2011/152850
Abstract: Evidence for a relationship between T4 and T3 and glucose metabolism appeared over 100 years ago when the influence of thyroid hormone excess in the deterioration of glucose metabolism was first noticed. Since then, it has been known that hyperthyroidism is associated with insulin resistance. More recently, hypothyroidism has also been linked to decreased insulin sensitivity. The explanation to this apparent paradox may lie in the differential effects of thyroid hormones at the liver and peripheral tissues level. The purpose of this paper is to explore the effects of thyroid hormones in glucose metabolism and analyze the mechanisms whereby alterations of thyroid hormones lead to insulin resistance. 1. Introduction The effects of T4 and T3 have a large impact on glucose homeostasis. This concept was acknowledged by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Bernardo Alberto Houssay in his lecture in 1947 “The blood sugar and the production and consumption of glucose are kept within normal bounds, therefore there is an equilibrium between the glands of internal secretions which reduce the blood sugar (pancreas) and those which raise it (anterohypophysis, adrenals, thyroid, etc.)”. Thyroid hormones exert both insulin agonistic and antagonistic actions in different organs. However, this occurs in a fine balance necessary for normal glucose metabolism. Deficit or excess of thyroid hormones can break this equilibrium leading to alterations of carbohydrate metabolism. Overt hyperthyroidism has been related to glucose intolerance and even ketoacidosis. With regards to hypothyroidism, cases of hypoglycemia have been reported in the literature despite the fact that peripheral insulin resistance may be present. In the century that has elapsed, since the first observations of uncontrolled glucose metabolism in thyrotoxic diabetic patients [1], new pathways involved in the regulation of glucose homeostasis by thyroid hormones have been unveiled. Novel findings include the stimulation of hepatic glucose production by thyroid hormones acting via a sympathetic pathway from the hypothalamus [2] and the discovery of transcriptional regulators of metabolic and mitochondrial genes that, influenced by intracellular T3 levels, may contribute to the development of insulin resistance [3]. The calorigenic-thermogenic activity of T3 long ascribed solely to uncoupling of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation has recently been related to T3-induced gating of mitochondrial permeability transition pore (PTP) of the inner mitochondrial membrane where the whole T3 transduction pathway integrates
Breast cancer stem cell markers – the rocky road to clinical applications
Gabriela Dontu
Breast Cancer Research , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/bcr2130
Abstract: The cancer stem cell model, a concept initially proposed more than a century ago, has been revisited with increasing enthusiasm in the past decade. This model proposes that tumors, like normal tissues, are organized in a cellular hierarchy, in which 'cancer stem cells' are the only cells with unlimited proliferation potential and therefore capable of driving tumor growth and metastasis. The 'differentiated' cancer cells that account for the majority of the tumor population may have high proliferation potential, but it is not unlimited. It follows that eliminating these differentiated progenies while sparing the cancer stem cells will ultimately result in relapse. The other component of the stem cell model of carcinogenesis holds that stem and progenitor cells are the cells susceptible to transformation, owing to their long life and high proliferative capacity.A paradigm-shifting hypothesis, the cancer stem cell model could potentially be the foundation for new preventive and therapeutic strategies in cancer. However, concerns regarding the validity of this model have been expressed, mostly regarding its experimental validation. It has been brought to attention that xenografting cancer cells in immunosupressed animals, the gold standard for testing cancer stem cell properties in vivo, may select for cells adaptable to the animal host, therefore introducing an unavoidable bias. Experts in the field cautioned against oversimplified views that do not take into account the genetic variability and clonal evolution of cancer cells, including those of cancer stem cells.The efforts of numerous recent studies focused on testing the validity and universality of this model across tumor types of various tissues, and on exploring its clinical implications. In line with these directions, the recent study by Honeth and colleagues [1] aims to identify possible correlations between the representation of tumor-initiating cells and classic molecular and histoclinical parameters that cl
Cooperativas, crédito estatal y desarrollo rural: Una primera aproximación a su estudio en el caso de Córdoba (1940- 1960)
Mundo agrario , 2006,
Abstract: en este artículo se ponen en relación los resultados del estudio sobre los incentivos materiales del accionar cooperativo con las tendencias de la economía agraria y familiar, en córdoba, desde la década de 1940 a 1960.los nuevos mecanismos de comercialización colectiva, en donde participaba la entidad de segundo grado faca (federación argentina de cooperativas argentinas) y a la cual estaban asociadas las cooperativas primarias adheridas a la federación agraria argentina y, el estado - a través del instituto argentino de promoción al intercambio- aumentaban el poder de negociación de los productores rurales. por otro lado, las políticas crediticias provinciales fueron -ya desde el inicio del período considerado- favorables al sector agrario y cooperativo. ambos factores -planteamos- actuaron como incentivos materiales al fortalecimiento de la economía familiar. para analizar la economía agraria de los productores familiares trabajamos con datos censales a nivel micro-regional (departamento tercero arriba) y contextualizamos este estudio con resultados de otras investigaciones sobre las regiones pampeanas cordobesa y nacional. trabajamos también las prácticas cooperativas con memorias, balances y actas de las entidades de la micro-región y, realizamos una primera aproximación a las políticas crediticias provinciales a las cooperativas, a través de fuentes producidas y existentes en el banco provincia de córdoba.
Agroindustria láctea, regulación estatal y cooperativismo, 1930-1955
Mundo agrario , 2011,
Abstract: we present the results of ongoing research into the strategies deployed by the dairy cooperative sector and the interference of these in the design of sectoral policies. we believe a diverse portfolio of sources: legislation, diagnoses, edit and unpublished reports produced by the state and by various actors in the dairy cooperative. in the treatment of this subject discussed the issue of corporate logic state actors and cooperative. we consider also the process of aggregation of interests in public space that came from the discussions and experiences of action, organization and partnerships between dairy cooperative entities.
Aristóteles y la lluvia, una vez más
Rossi, Gabriela;
Diánoia , 2010,
Abstract: the text of physics 2.8 has been recently interpreted so as to restore the reading that aristotle holds an external, and even an anthropocentric, natural teleology. this reading has been defended by d. furley, and especially by d. sedley. in this paper i present several arguments against this interpretation of the text. thus, i will argue that aristotle does not claim, in this chapter, that it rains for the sake of the growing of the crop, against an opinion which is currently somewhat extended among interpreters.
Tierra del Fuego: construcción científico-política de la exclusión y contraimagen del ideal citadino
Dynamis , 2012, DOI: 10.4321/S0211-95362012000100004
Abstract: due to its late incorporation into the national state, the social, economic and political setting of the argentine province tierra del fuego differed from that of the rest of the national territory. in the construction of dependent otherness, objectifications and representations were imposed by state-related and non-state-related institutions, among other agencies. in this context, the salesian mission of la candelaria and ushuaia's jail for recidivists stand out as spaces in which biopolitics was concretised. the native population and criminals in tierra del fuego were those to be subjugated. the thesis of the extinction of the indian and the simultaneous exaltation of the criminal as the subject of progress identified the scientific and political mechanisms by which the exclusion of certain social groups (tierra del fuego's indigenous population) and the inclusion of others (criminals) were regulated.
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