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Impacto da terapia cognitivo-comportamental nos fatores neurobiológicos relacionados à resiliência
Norte, Carlos Eduardo;Souza, Gabriela Guerra Leal;Pedrozo, Ana Lucia;Mendona-de-Souza, Ana Carolina Ferraz;Figueira, Ivan;Volchan, Eliane;Ventura, Paula Rui;
Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-60832011000100009
Abstract: resilience, as an outcome variable, has been largely neglected in the field of therapeutics. our aim was to investigate the effects of cognitive behavioral therapy (cbt) on neurobiological markers of resilience in posttraumatic stress disorder (ptsd) patients. in this single-case experimental research, we assessed physiological (heart rate, respiratory rate, cardiac vagal tone, sympathetic balance and skin conductance) and neuroendocrine (cortisol and dehydroepiandrosterone - dhea) variables; and psychometric self-report measures (negative affect, resilience, ptsd symptoms, depression, anxiety and social support). physiological, neuroendocrine and psychometric responses at rest were measured before and after four months of cbt. the patient was a 45-year-old man who had suffered two armed robberies and failed to respond adequately to pharmacological treatment with paroxetine. cbt led to a reduction in heart rate, respiratory rate, sympathetic balance, skin conductance and cortisol. it also led to an increase in cardiac vagal tone and dhea. furthermore, cbt promoted reduction of ptsd symptoms, depression, anxiety and negative affect scores and enhancement of resilience and social support scores. cbt in this single case enhanced resilience-related factors such as dhea, vagal tone, self-reported resilience and social support suggesting that this therapeutic strategy not only contributed to 'anti' pathology effects but to 'pro' well-being. additionally, our results show the relevance of investigating the effects of psychological treatments in multiple neurobiological systems in the same ptsd patients to unveil the neurobiological underpinnings of resilience factors.
Marcadores neurobiológicos e psicométricos da eficácia da terapia cognitivo-comportamental no transtorno de estresse pós-traumático associado a sintomas dissociativos: relato de caso
Lages, Ana Cristina;Nórte, Carlos Eduardo;Pedrozo, Ana Lúcia;Gon?alves, Raquel Menezes;Marques-Portella, Carla;Souza, Gabriela Guerra Leal;Mendona-de-Souza, Ana Carolina;Ventura, Paula Rui;
Revista de Psiquiatria do Rio Grande do Sul , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81082011000100011
Abstract: introduction: post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) has been associated with dysregulation of many psychophysiological parameters and may present comorbidity with different psychopathologies, including dissociation, potentially affecting treatment outcome. the aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of cognitive behavioral therapy in a patient with ptsd and dissociative symptoms based on psychophysiological and psychometric measures at different time points throughout the course of treatment. case description: our patient is a 38-year old man diagnosed with ptsd, major depression, and dissociative symptoms, resistant to pharmacotherapy. psychological treatment lasted for 4 months and consisted of one weekly therapy session and three weekly coaching sessions. physiological (heart rate, vagal tone, sympathovagal balance, and cortisol) and psychometric measures (negative and positive affect, resilience, and post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and dissociative symptoms) were obtained before, during (once a month) and after treatment. comments: results showed a decrease in sympathovagal balance and an increase in heart rate, vagal tone and cortisol levels during the course of treatment. treatment also lead to a decrease in negative affect and in post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and dissociation symptoms, as well as to an increase in resilience, social support and positive affect scores. these results suggest that cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective treatment for ptsd patients with dissociative symptoms. moreover, the treatment seems to be able to normalize ptsd-related physiological parameters in the neuroendocrine and autonomic nervous systems.
Resilience in migraine brains: decrease of coherence after photic stimulation
Mayara Mendona-de-Souza,Belmira L. S. A. Costa,Marcelo C. A. Rodrigues
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience , 2012, DOI: 10.3389/fnhum.2012.00207
Abstract: Background: During migraine attacks, patients generally have photophobia and phonophobia and seek for environments with less sensorial stimulation. Present work aimed to quantify cortical partial directed coherence (PDC) of electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings from migraine patients and controls in occipital, parietal, and frontal areas with or without photic stimulation. Our hypothesis is that migraine patients with visual aura might have neuronal networks with higher coherence than controls even in interictal periods due to a predisposition in sensory cortical processing. Methods: Eleven adult women with migraine with visual aura (at least 48 h without previous attacks) and seven healthy adult woman were submitted to EEG recording in basal state and during photic stimulation. Results: When compared to healthy volunteers, migraine patients show different coherence profiles. Migraine patients had greater coherence than controls during the basal period (without photic stimulation), showing predisposition for sensory processing in many frequency ranges. After photic stimulation, patients showed a decrease in cortical coherence while controls had an increase. Conclusions: When compared to healty subjects, migraineurs show increased cortical coherence before photic stimulation, but a decrease when stimulation starts. This may be the expression of a resilience mechanism that allows migraineurs the interictal period. The PDC analysis permits to address a patient coherence profile, or “coherence map,” that can be utilized for management of the headache disorder or following up treatments.
Efeitos do uso de órteses na Doen?a de Charcot-Marie-Tooth: atualiza??o da literatura
Pereira, Rouse Barbosa;Orsini, Marco;Ferreira, Arthur de Sá;Silva, Júlio Guilherme;Corrêa, Clynton Louren?o;Freitas, Marcos RG De;Coelho, Valéria Marques;Goulart, Mario Cézar;Kagohara, Nelson;Souza, Gabriela Guerra Leal;Menezes, Sara Lúcia de;
Fisioterapia e Pesquisa , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-29502012000400016
Abstract: charcot-marie-tooth (cmt) disease is the most common hereditary peripheral neuropathy in humans, presenting incidence of 1:2.500 people. the distal crural weakness of the cmt causes numerous gait impairment changes, for example, velocity, length, width and cadence of the steps. several rehabilitation resources have been proposed to manage the walking problems, among them, the use of orthoses is highlighted. the objective of this study was to present and discuss the results of studies on the effects of orthotic uses in cmt gait patterns. in this study it was used to literature update through major national/international databases (scielo, lilacs and medline), published between the years 2006-2012. the cmt treatment consisted of physical therapy and using of assistive equipment, since there are no drugs or gene therapy able to attenuate the clinical and functional damages. this association seeks to maximize the function and improve life quality of these patients in an attempt to prevent additional injuries related to physical disability. from literature update it is possible to conclude that there is a consensus on the use of lower limb orthoses to promote the stabilization of the ankle articulation and a more functional pattern of walking, avoiding inadequate synergy of movement and reducing the risk of falls.
Cohalogenation of alkenes with DMF: an easy vicinal haloformyloxylation reaction
Souza, Adriana V. A. de;Mendona, Gabriela F.;Bernini, Rafael B.;Mattos, Marcio C. S. de;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532007000800020
Abstract: the reaction of alkenes with trichloroisocyanuric acid or n-bromosaccharin or i2 / fe2(so4)3 in the presence of dmf followed by aqueous work-up led to the corresponding b-haloformate in high regio- and stereoselectivity.
Características físicas, químicas e organolépticas de quipá (Tacinga inamoena, Cactaceae)
Souza, Andréa Carla Mendona de;Gamarra-Rojas, Guillermo;Andrade, Samara Alvachian Cardoso;Guerra, Nonete Barbosa;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452007000200020
Abstract: provided that the opuntia fícus-indica is the main producer of fruit and forages, it has been the object of extensive research. besides, another species tacinga inamoena, native plant, which its fruit has been used as an alternative food source can also be found in the semi-arid northeastern region of brazil. however, this native plant had not been the object of any research yet. the aim of this work is to evaluate its industrial and nutritional potential through the organoleptic, physical, chemical characteristics, nutritional content and mineral composition. the quípa shows organoleptic characteristics similar to other fruit of the same gender. its edible portion, pulp and fleshy pericarp, corresponds to 62, 8% of the total fruit weight. as regard to chemical composition, the pulp differs significantly from the fleshy pericarp, the latter showing higher content of minerals among them calcium, magnesium and potassium with values of 587,04mg, 257,02mg and 318,01mg, respectively. the results showed that quípa is appropriate for consumption in natura and shows industrial potential.
Sera of Chagasic patients react with antigens from the tomato parasite Phytomonas serpens
Viviane K Gra?a-de Souza,Viviane Monteiro-Góes,Patrício Manque,Tatiana A.C.B Souza
Biological Research , 2010,
Abstract: The genus Phytomonas comprises trypanosomatids that can parasitize a broad range of plant species. These fagellates can cause diseases in some plant families with a wide geographic distribution, which can result in great economic losses. We have demonstrated previously that Phytomonas serpens 15T, a tomato trypanosomatid, shares antigens with Trypanosoma cruzi, the agent of human Chagas disease. Herein, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE) and mass spectrometry (MS) were used to identify proteins of P. serpens 15T that are recognized by sera from patients with Chagas disease. After 2D-electrophoresis of whole-cell lysates, 31 peptides were selected and analyzed by tandem mass spectrometry. Twenty-eight polypeptides were identifed, resulting in 22 different putative proteins. The identifed proteins were classifed into 8 groups according to biological process, most of which were clustered into a cellular metabolic process category. These results generated a collection of proteins that can provide a starting point to obtain insights into antigenic cross reactivity among trypanosomatids and to explore P. serpens antigens as candidates for vaccine and immunologic diagnosis studies.
Interleukin-6 c.-174G>C Polymorphism and Periodontitis in a Brazilian Population
Fernanda Gabriela Teixeira,Samir Andrade Mendona,Kamilla Menezes Oliveira,Djanilson Barbosa dos Santos,Lucas Miranda Marques,Maise Mendona Amorim,Raquel de Souza Gestinari
Molecular Biology International , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/490308
Abstract: Aim. Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease that affects the teeth supporting structures, triggered by periodontal pathogens, and is influenced by environmental and genetic factors. Genes encoding molecules related to the immune response, such as cytokine, are the main candidates for polymorphisms analysis and may be possibly associated with this pathology. A G/C promoter polymorphism on the IL6 gene has been shown to affect basal IL-6 levels. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between the IL6 c.-174G>C polymorphism and periodontitis in individuals from Vitória da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil. Material and Methods. Three hundred and thirty individuals (134 cases, 196 controls) were genotyped for the IL6 c.-174G>C by MS-PCR technique. Concentrations of salivary IL-6 were determined by ELISA method. Results. The IL6 c.-174G>C polymorphism was associated with periodontitis when comparing the distribution of genotypes between patients with periodontitis and control subjects. The GC genotype appeared as a protective factor for periodontitis. Results showed increased levels of salivary IL-6 in periodontitis patients. Nevertheless, there was no relationship between the concentrations of IL-6 and genotypes when comparing the case and control groups. Conclusions. Our data indicate an association between IL6 c.-174G>C polymorphism and periodontitis and showed that IL-6 may be considered an important marker for periodontitis. 1. Introduction Periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition brought about by the interaction between microorganisms that compose supragingival and subgingival biofilms and the host inflammatory response [1]. Some of these microorganisms have been shown to be responsible for the periodontal disease initiation and progression, and the red complex, which includes Porphyromonas gingivalis, Treponema denticola, and Tannerella forsythia, is considered the most important pathogens in periodontal disease [2, 3]. The inflammation progression induces the production of persistent inflammatory signals by the cells of periodontal tissues. Such persistent signals, represented by the proinflammatory cytokines, for example, interleukin-1 (IL-1), interleukin-2 (IL-2), and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α), stimulate the production of secondary mediators which in turn amplify the inflammatory cascade. This continuing amplification process results in the increased production of proteases and osteoclastic signals that lead to connective tissue and bone destruction [4, 5]. Although the host immune response is caused by bacterial
Governan a de tecnologia da informa o: um estudo do processo decisório em organiza es públicas e privadas Gobierno de la tecnología de la información: estudio de la toma de decisiones en las organizaciones públicas y privadas Governance of information technology: a study of decision making in public and private organizations
Cláudio Márcio Campos de Mendona,Lenin Cavalcanti Brito Guerra,Manoel Veras de Souza Neto,Afranio Galdino de Araújo
Revista de Administra??o Pública , 2013,
Abstract: A pesquisa teve como objetivo avaliar a participa o dos gestores de tecnologia da informa o (TI) de organiza es públicas e privadas no processo de alinhamento de TI e tomada de decis es estratégicas organizacionais com base na Matriz de Arranjo de Governan a de TI (Weill e Ross, 2006). Foi desenvolvida uma pesquisa tipo survey descritiva com 44 gestores da área de TI da cidade do Natal, sendo 18 de organiza es públicas e 26 de organiza es privadas. Os resultados sugerem que os gestores de TI s o os principais atores do processo decisório tanto nas organiza es públicas quanto privadas, sobretudo para as decis es-chave que envolvem os princípios, arquitetura e estratégias de infraestrutura de TI. Finalmente, também se conclui que os padr es de tomada de decis o s o muito próximos entre as organiza es públicas e privadas, porém os resultados obtidos nas organiza es públicas s o mais próximos ao padr o obtido na pesquisa de Weill e Ross (2006). Esta investigación tuvo como objetivo evaluar la participación de los gerentes de organizaciones públicas y privadas en la alineación de tecnologia de la información (TI) y toma de decisiones estratégicas tomando como base la Matriz de Disposición de Gobernanza de TI (Weill, Ross, 2006). Se desarrolló un estudio survey descriptivo con 44 gerentes de TI de la ciudad de Natal (Brasil), con 18 organizaciones públicas y 26 privadas. Los resultados sugieren que los gerentes de TI son los actores principales en el proceso de toma de decisiones en las organizaciones públicas y privadas, sobretodo para las decisiones clave que involucran los principios, la arquitectura y las estrategias de infraestructura de TI. Por último, también parece que los patrones de toma de decisiones están muy cerca entre las organizaciones públicas y privadas, pero los resultados obtenidos en las organizaciones públicas están más cerca del patrón obtenido en la investigación de Weill y Ross (2006). The research aimed to evaluate the participation of managers of public and private organizations in information technology (IT) aligning and in the process of strategic decision making based on Matrix Arrangement IT Governance (Weill and Ross, 2006). A survey research was performed with 44 IT managers of Natal (Brazil), 18 managers of public organization and 26 managers of private organizations. The results suggest that IT managers are the main actors in the process of decision making in both organizations (public and private), especially for key decisions involving the principles, architecture and IT infrastructure strategies. Finally, it also
Efeito da hidrata??o e do condicionamento osmótico em sementes de pau-formiga
Mendona, Andrea Vita Reis;Coelho, Erneida de Araújo;Souza, Nadia Aparecida de;Balbinot, Ernando;Silva, Roberto Ferreira da;Barroso, Deborah Guerra;
Revista Brasileira de Sementes , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-31222005000200016
Abstract: two experiments were carried out to evaluate the effect of osmotic conditioning on the germination of triplaris americana seeds, under nondormant and stress conditions. the first experiment was set up in a completaly randomized design with four replications of 50 seeds and the following treatments: t1: water (7 days at 25oc), t2: - 1,5mpa (nacl) , t3: -1,5mpa (nacl) + 25mg.l-1 -giberellic acid (ga), t4: - 0,25mpa - polyethylem glycol (peg), t5: - 0,25mpa (peg) + 25mg.l-1 (ga) and t6: control. the second experiment was a completaly randomized design with four replications of 25 seeds, in a 2x4 factorial design, with two stress conditions and 4 conditionings. the stress conditions were accelerated aging (72 hours in germination chamber (bod type), at 42oc and germination at 20oc. the following treatments were compared: water; -1,5mpa (nacl), - 0,25mpa (peg), without conditioning (control). it was confirmed that in seeds not subjected to stress, the osmotic conditioning did not increase the germination percentage and dry mass of triplaris americana ("ant-wood"), but conditioning in water and in peg + ga provided higher germination speed. in conditions of simulated stress, the osmotic conditioning, mainly in - 0,25 mpa (peg), acted positively in aspects related to triplaris americana germination and conditioning in water presented similar potential.
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