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NonOperative Management of Blunt Solid Abdominal Organ Injury in Calabar, Nigeria  [PDF]
Asuquo Maurice, Bassey Okon, Etiuma Anietimfon, Ngim Ogbu, Ugare Gabriel, Anthonia Ikpeme
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2010.11006
Abstract: Background: Over the past several years, nonoperative management has been increasingly recommended for the care of selected blunt abdominal trauma patients with solid organ injuries. Objective: To evaluate the pattern and outcome of blunt abdominal trauma using haemodynamic stability and ultrasonography in the selection of patients for nonoperative management in a facility without computed tomogram. Methods: Patients admitted with blunt abdominal trauma between February 2005 and January 2010 were prospectively studied. Haemodynamic stability and sonography formed the basis for selecting patients for nonoperative management. Results: In total, 58 patients suffered blunt abdominal trauma and 19(33%) patients were successfully managed nonoperatively suffered blunt solid abdominal organ injuries. Road traffic accidents inflicted 17(89%) patients while 2(11%) patients sustained sports injury (football). The spleen was the commonest solid organ injured 12(60%), while the liver and kidney were injured in 6(30%) and 2(10%) respectively. Associated injuries were fractured left femur recorded in 3(16%) patients and fractured rib in a patient (5%). Conclusion: Nonoperative treatment is a safe and effective method in the management of haemodynamically stable patient with blunt solid abdominal organ injury. This translated to a reduction in hospital stay, absence of the risk of blood transfusion as well as attendant morbidity and mortality associated with laparotomy. Establishment of trauma system, provision of diagnostic and monitoring facilities, good roads, and education on road safety is recommended for improved outcome.
Penetrating Abdominal Trauma: Experience in A Teaching Hospital, Calabar, Southern Nigeria  [PDF]
Maurice Asuquo, Mark Umoh, Victor Nwagbara, Gabriel Ugare, Cyril Agbor, Emmanuel Japhet
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2012.35079
Abstract: Background: Penetrating abdominal trauma (PAT) typically involves the violation of the abdominal cavity by a gun-shot wound (GSW) or stab wound Recently several studies have favored a more conservative approach as opposed to mandatory exploratory laparotomy. Methods: Patients admitted in the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH), Calabar, with PAT from January 2008 to December 2010 were prospectively studied based on a questionnaire. The total number of patients with PAT was compared with total number of emergencies, traumatic injuries and abdominal trauma seen during the same period. Results: A total of 48 patients presented with abdominal trauma: PAT 29 (60%) and blunt abdominal trauma (BAT) 19 (40%). The ages of the patients (28 male, 1 female) ranged from 3 - 62 years (mean 28.1 years). Gunshot wound (GSW) 11 (38%) patients, stab wound 8 (27.6%) patients and machete cut 4 (13.8%) patients ranked first, second and third respectively as causes of PAT. The commonest organ injury was perforation of the small intestine. Four (13.8%) patients were managed conservatively while 25 (86.2%) patients had laparotomy. The duration of admission ranged from 2 - 19 days (mean 10.5 days). Morbidity [surgical site infection (SSI)] and mortality were recorded in 2 (6.9%) and 3 (10.3%) patients respectively. Conclusion: Key areas that require attention have been highlighted. Revamping the ailing economy and gainful employment for youths are paramount areas that require prompt, dedicated and sustained intervention for reduction in violent crimes.
Blunt Abdominal Trauma in a Teaching Hospital, Calabar, Nigeria  [PDF]
Maurice Asuquo, Victor Nwagbara, Mark Umoh, Gabriel Ugare, Cyril Agbor, Emmanuel Japhet, Anthonia Ikpeme
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2012.37124

Background: Road traffic injury remains a major source of blunt abdominal trauma (BAT). Road traffic injury and other forms of trauma have become a major health problem throughout the world especially in low and middle-income countries. In a previous study (2005-2007), abdominal trauma constituted 79 (4.8%) of trauma cases; BAT, 40 (53%) and penetrating abdominal trauma (PAT), 39 (47%). Effective policies on road safety should be developed based on local research and not on adapted models. We present this study to highlight the possible effect of legislation on the ban of the use of motorcycles on blunt abdominal trauma. Methods: Patients that presented to the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar with BAT from 2008-2010 were prospectively studied based on a questionnaire following the legislation prohibiting the use of motorcycles. Results: A total of 12,083 patients presented during the study period, trauma patients totaled 4942 (41%), of this, 48 (1%) suffered abdominal trauma: BAT 19 (40%), penetrating abdominal trauma (PAT) 29 (60%). The age range of the patients was from 5 to 48 years (mean 26.6 years) with a M:F = 5.3:1. Road traffic accident (RTA) 17 (90%) [Motorvehicle 7 (37%), motorcycles 10 (53%)] was the commonest cause of trauma. The spleen was the commonest injured organ 14 (74%). Conclusion: Road traffic injury constitutes a public health challenge and the hallmark is prevention. Legislation prohibiting the use of motorcycles may have been responsible for the reduction in BAT.

Vivek Ugare,Nikhil Bhave,Sandeep Lutade
International Journal of Research in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering , 2013,
Abstract: The present study investigates the effect of magnetic field on the performance of Single Cylinder Four Stroke Spark Ignition engine. The study concentrates on the effect of magnetic field the engine performance parameters such as fuel consumption, break thermal efficiency and exhaust emissions and on fuel properties like density and calorific value. The magnetic field is applied along the fuel line immediately beforecarburetor. The magnetic field is applied with the help of strong permanent magnets of strength 5000 gauss. The experiments are conducted at different engine loading conditions. The exhaust gas emissions such as CO, CO2, HC and NOX are measured by using an exhaust gas analyser. With the application of magnetic field the percentage reduction in fuel consumption is about 12 %, the percentage reduction in HC and CO is about27% and 11 % respectively. The NOx level in engine increases with the application of magnetic field. The percentage increase in NOx is about 19%. The effect of magnetic field on percentage increase of CO2 emissions from SI engine is about 7 %.
Analysis of Gleason grade and scores in 90 Nigerian Africans with prostate cancer during the period 1994 to 2004
UG Ugare, IE Bassey, PG Jibrin, IA Ekanem
African Health Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Objectives: To determine the relative frequency of prostate cancer among surgical specimens, and among prostate specimens received at the pathology department ,University Hospital Calabar. Methods: Histology records were reviewed for the following: total number of histology specimens received; total number of prostate specimens; total number of prostate cancer; and the total number of cancers in males during the study period. Histology sections 4-5microns thick were cut from paraffin blocks and stained by Haematoxylin and Eosin (H&E). Histopathologic specimens were classified using the grading system of tumour differentiation described by Gleason and associates. Results: One hundred and twenty three cancers of the prostate were received, constituting 2% of the total surgical specimens and 31% of prostate specimens. Thirty three cases (27%) could not be analyzed; therefore the study is based on 90 prostate cancer specimens. Eighty nine (99%) cases were epithelial tumours (adenocarcinoma.) There was a single mesenchymal tumour (rhabdomyosarcoma) (1%). The commonest grade in this study was the high grade (Gleason grade IV). Conclusions: We observed that prostate cancer is a common among males (all sites) diagnosed at the University Hospital Calabar, with a peak incidence between the ages of 61 – 70 years (seventh decade).
Gunshot injuries in Calabar, Nigeria: an indication of increasing societal violence and police brutality
AM Udosen, AU Etiuma, GA Ugare, OO Bassey
African Health Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: Background: Gunshot injuries were rare in Calabar before the Nigerian civil war. This has changed in subsequent years and has reached a near epidemic proportion in the last three years. These are caused by civil violence, police brutality and armed robberies. Objective: To evaluate the incidence, pattern and causes of gunshot injuries in this region and draw the attention of Nigerians and the Government to the above problems for a possible solution. Methodology: Records of patients admitted into the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH) with gunshot wounds between April 2002 and May 2004 were extracted. Parameters analyzed included patients' biodata, sources of injury, anatomical site (s) of injury, modalities of treatment and the outcome. Result: There were 51 injuries in 49 patients as follows: The lower limbs 25 (51%), upper limbs 6 (12.4%), upper limbs/ chest 2 (4.1%), chest 4 (8.2%), abdomen 7(14.1%) and head/neck 5(10.2%). Male/female ratio was 48:1. Twenty-four (49%) sustained their injuries from either accidental discharge or deliberate shooting by the police while armed robbers wounded 10 (20.4%) and cultists, 2 (4.1%). Two patients had amputations and mortality was 8.2%. Conclusion/recommendations: The police should be cautious with guns; they and the Government should be alert to the menace of robbery, political violence, cultism and communal clashes. Good Governance, creation of employment, eradication of corruption and political violence may help. African Health Sciences Vol. 6(3) 2006: 170-172
Epidemiology of death in the emergency department of a tertiary health centre south-south of Nigeria
GU Ugare, W Ndifon, LAE Bassey, AE Oyo-Ita, RN Egba, M Asuquo, AM Udosen
African Health Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Background: The emergency department (E.D) of any hospital is an important entry point of critically ill patients. The initial management of these patients is often challenging, and for valuable lives to be saved, the in fracture and manpower should be up to date. Objective: To analyze the epidemiology of death in our Emergency Department within 72hours after admission, the death rate, and to establish any contributory factors. Method: Demographic data, time of arrival at the ED ,physical finding, the Glasgow coma scale(GCS),the injury severity score(ISS),the diagnosis, investigations done, treatment offered ,the time of death and the autopsy report, were entered into a Proforma. These data was analyzed using EPI-Info statistical programme version 3.4.3 of 2007. Results: Four thousand and eleven (4,011) patients were seen in the E.D during the period. A total of three hundred and fifty five (355) mortalities were recorded. Their ages ranged from 4-87years, with an average of 34.5years.The male: female ratio was 2.1:1. The overall mortality in the hospital during the period was 859: the E.D mortality figure representing 41.3%. Fifteen patients were brought in dead. The 355 deaths fell into two categories: trauma and non-trauma. One hundred and forty-seven (41.4%) persons died from trauma; road traffic accidents (RTAs) accounting for 118 (80.3%). Two hundred and eight (58.6%) persons died from nontrauma related causes, with chronic cardiovascular disorders been the most frequent cause of death 52[25.0]. Majority of the mortalities were between 26-50 years age range. 86.2% of the mortalities presented late, greater than 6hours after the incidence. Within the 72 hours period, only 129(36.3%) were able to do the requested tests. Out of the 355 deaths, only 4[1.1%] were autopsied. An in-hospital 72hours death rate of 8.6 was recorded. Conclusion: Road traffic accidents and cardiovascular disorders are the common causes of emergency death in UCTH.A recorded death rate of 8.6% is high, suspected contributory factors include systemic deficiencies such as the lack of a trauma system, prehospital care; late presentation, the role of chemist operators, traditional healers, and delayed referral systems.
The Mind-Body Problem Today  [PDF]
Gabriel Vacariu
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2011.11005
Abstract: An old philosophical problem, the mind-body problem, has not been yet solved by philosophers or scientists. Even if in cognitive neuroscience has been a stunning development in the last 20 years, the mind-body problem remained unsolved. Even if the majority of researchers in this domain accept the identity theory from an ontological viewpoint, many of them reject this position from an epistemological viewpoint. In this context, I consider that it is quite possible the framework of this problem to be wrong and this is the main reason the problem could not be solved. I offer an alternative, the epistemologically different worlds perspective, that replace the world or the universe. In this new context, the mind-body problem becomes a pseudo-problem.
Analysis of Dynamics Fields in Noninertial Systems  [PDF]
Gabriel Barceló
World Journal of Mechanics (WJM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/wjm.2012.23021
Abstract: In this paper, I present evidence that there exists an unstructured area in the present general assumptions of classical mechanics, especially in case of rigid bodies exposed to simultaneous noncoaxial rotations. To address this, I propose dynamics hypotheses that lead to interesting results and numerous noteworthy scientific and technological applications. I constructed a new mathematical model in rotational field dynamics, and through this model, results based on a rational interpretation of the superposition of motions caused by torques were obtained. For this purpose, I analyze velocity and acceleration fields that are generated in an object with intrinsic angular momentum, and assessed new criteria for coupling velocities. In this context, I will discuss reactions and inertial fields that cannot be explained by classical mechanics. The experiments have been analyzed and explained in a video accompanying this text. I am not aware of any concurrent study on the subject and conclusions evidenced in this paper, preventing us from making additional theoretical com- parisons or indicate to the reader other sources to compare criteria.
Proposal of New Criteria for Celestial Mechanics  [PDF]
Gabriel Barceló
International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IJAA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijaa.2013.34044

Based on a new interpretation on the behavior of rigid bodies exposed to simultaneous non-coaxial rotations, we have developed a hypothesis: the Theory of Dynamics Interactions, which can be applied to understand celestial mechanics. We have analyzed the velocity and acceleration fields generated in a rigid body with intrinsic angular momentum, when exposed to successive torques, to assess new criteria for this speeds coupling. In this context, reactions and inertial fields take place, which cannot be justified by means of classical mechanics. We believe that the results obtained after the analysis of dynamics fields systems accelerated by rotation will allow us to conceive a new perspective in celestial dynamics, astrometry, stellar dynamics and galactic astronomy, unknown up to date. After carrying out ample research, we have come to the conclusion that there still exists an unstructured scientific area under the present general assumptions and, more specifically, in the area of dynamic systems submitted to rotational accelerations. The aim of this paper is to present information of the surprising results obtained, and to attract the interest towards the investigation of this new area of knowledge in rotational non-inertial dynamics, and its multiple and remarkable scientific applications.

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