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Complex Bilding Behavior of 2 ((4-Methyl-5-Nitro-6- (Pyrolidine-1-yl)Pyrimidine-2-yl)Amino)Propionic Acid in Aqueous Solution  [PDF]
S. A. A. Sajadi, G. Bagherzadeh, M. Kermane, M. Khaleghian
Open Journal of Inorganic Non-metallic Materials (OJINM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojinm.2013.31002

The acidity constants of MNPPAP1 were determined by potentiometric pH titration. The stability constants of the 1:1 complexes formed between M2+: Ca2+, Mg2+, Mn2+, Co2+, Ni2+, Cu2+ or Zn2+ and MNPPAP2-, were determined by potentiometric pH titration in aqueous solution (I =0.1 M, NaNO3, 25). The order of the stability constants was reported. It is shown that the stability of the binary M(MNPPAP) complexes is determined by the basicity of the carboxyl or amino group. All the stability constants reported in this work show the usual trend. The obtained order is Ca2+ < Mg2+ > Mn2+ < Co2+ < Ni2+ < Cu2+ > Zn2+. The observed stability order for MNPPAP follows approximately the Irving-Williams sequence. It is shown that regarding to M ion-binding properties vital differences on complex bilding were considered. It is demonstrated, that in M-MNPPAP complexes, M ion is coordinated to the carboxyl group, M ion is also able to bild macrochelate over pyrimidine group. The up mentioned results demonstrate that for M-MNPPAP complex the stability constants is also largely determined by the affinity of M2+ for carboxyl group. It is shown that MNPPAP can exert a direct influence on reaction mechanism through different kinds of metal ions and donor groups of MNPPAP.

Ali Bagherzadeh
UTMS Journal of Economics , 2012,
Abstract: According to the importance of environmental resources in preserving natural ecosystems and human life, preserving these resources and preventing their destruction is necessary. National Park of Urmia Lake in West Azarbayjan province of Iran is the settlement of rare species for different animals and herbs. Every year a lot of internal and foreign passengers and tourists visit this national Park, so the purpose of this study is recreation demand function derivation in National Park of Urmia Lake and determining social and economic factors on demand function. So we used travel cost pattern within the frame work of family production function. Optimal sample volume was 75 tourists and data is related to 2010 summer. Results showed recreation demand function has positive relation with tourists income, quality of National Park and visitor`s education, also it has negative relation with recreation shadow price that is according to theoretical expectations. So, quality improvement of National Park as an effective key factor on recreation demand and using suitable pricing policy are recommended.
Study of Effective Factors on Income Inequality Decrease in Rural Areas of Iran
Ali Bagherzadeh
International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development , 2012,
Abstract: According to the Ahlowalia hypothesis (1995), the growth oftotal factor productivity (TFP) beside infrastructure investmentsof government lead to income inequality decrease in ruralareas of countries. The main objective of this study is toinvestigate the effects of public investments such as agriculturalR&E, road, education and irrigation on income inequality inrural areas of Iran. In order to get results, we used ARDLmethod and time series data of 1980 to 2008. However, thisresearch attempts to survey the direction of causality betweenthe income inequality and total factor productivity (TFP) inIran. Empirical results show there is a negative relation betweenincome inequality and agricultural TFP in rural areas of Iran.Hence, additional investments on rural education and agriculturalR&E have significance and different impacts on income inequality.Findings showed Ahlowalia hypothesis developed forthe relation among income inequality, TFP and investment inelectricity is not rejected in case of Iran`s rural areas.
The Analysis of the Effects of Domestic and Foreign Investment in R&D on Agricultural TFP in Iran
Ali Bagherzadeh
International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development , 2012,
Abstract: Nowadays, agricultural R&D provides new and developedtechnologies to create modern agricultural producingmethods. During recent years, improving agricultural productivityis affected by not only domestic R&D investments but alsoforeign countries R&D investments. Nowadays, according tonew growth models, R&D is the base of productivity. Recenteconomics theories consider agricultural research and it`s spillovers as important factors for technological change and economicgrowth. This paper investigates the amount of agricultural totalfactor productivity in Iran and analyzes the relationship betweenTFP, domestic agricultural research, and foreign agriculturalR&D during 1979 – 2008. In this study Iran`s partners are 20Asian, European and South American countries. The Solowresidual index approach is applied for the measurement of totalfactor productivity in agricultural sector of Iran. ARDL modelinvolving different lag length specifications were estimatedtaking TFP as a dependent variable. The results indicate thatagricultural researches (both domestic and foreign R&D) havepositive and significant impact on agricultural TFP. But theimpact of foreign R&D on agricultural productivity is strongerthan the effect of domestic R&D. According to gained resultsconsiderable portion of national product should be allocated toR&D costs and research budget of agricultural sector should beincreased to standard level. Also government should pay attentionto it`s partner countries because agricultural R&D spill over ofdeveloped countries is more than developing countries.
Analysis of the Effects of Agricultural Inputs Price Liberalization on the Production of Sunflower in Khoy Zone
Ali Bagherzadeh,Fatemeh kazemzadeh
International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development , 2012,
Abstract: Sunflower is one of four main annual oil plants that cultivatedin oil and nut varieties. This plant as an important and industrialfood product and because of nutritional features andthe potential for earning exchange has become a valuableproduct in foreign and inner markets and has a special positionin agricultural sector. Khoy, by producing 40 percent ofsunflower productions of country annually, is the greatest sunflowerproducer in Iran. The main purpose of this study is theanalysis of the effects of inputs price liberalization on productionof sunflower producers in this city. This study is according toa field research and cross-sectional data of 2009 have beenused for it. Results show input price liberalization policy byincreasing inputs prices and decreasing demand amounts ofinputs, increases the production costs and decreases the productionand totally it`s harmful for sunflower producers. Forpreventing negative effects of liberalization on production,adopting necessary policies such as merging small farms andmaking big ones to profit by economies of scale and increasingproduction and productivity with the resulted incomes fromliberalization and spending them in scientific researches toproduce with low costs are suggested.
Separation of Some Lanthanide (III) Ions by using 18-Crowns-6 Derivatives from Acidic Solution
Fariborz Riahi,Mojtaba Bagherzadeh
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: The aim of this study is investigation of extraction ability of some lanthanide (III) ions; La3+, Ce3+, Pr3+, Eu3+ and Er3+, by using 18C-6, DB18C-6, DCH18C-6, DBP18C-6 as extractant in presence of trichloroacetic acid, from acidic solutions, in DMSO/water system. In this regard influence of trichloroacetic acid concentrations on stability and selectivity of extraction were studied. Experimental results showed that separation efficiency of mentioned ions with 18C6 and DCH18C6 in the presence of trichloroacetic acid, as counter anion, was improved and showed that is far more efficient than with DB18C6 and DBP18C6 or when nitric or acetic acid is used instead of trichloroacetic acid. Effective concentration of trichloroacetic acid was optimized and order of separation factors as 18C6 > DCH18C6 > DB18C6 > DBP18C6, were found for each lanthanide ions. Also, obtained distribution coefficient values of lanthanide ions decreased with increasing atomic number of ions. The experimental conditions are presented and chemically structure effect of derivative crowns on separation efficiency will be discussed. Determination of lanthanide (III) ions were performed with ion chromatography techniques.
Dynamic Analysis of Esfahan Metro Tunnels
A. Bagherzadeh,B. Ferdowsi
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: This study discusses the modeling of Esfahan metro tunnels subjected to earthquake and interaction of tunnels. In critical structures like subway tunnels, performing a time history dynamic analysis is the only acceptable method for determining the seismic-induced forces. For sites with no recorded earthquake ground motion, artificially generated accelerograms to represent the real earthquake records has been suggested by many experts. This study addressed the modeling of metro tunnels subjected to earthquake with finite difference numerical model. FDM model is developed to estimate the long-term support system. The numerical results of obtained in this research were compared with the analytical solutions. The analytical procedure in this study is limited in scope; it appears to be useful for a preliminary design of tunnel linings to estimate the seismic effect.
Analysis of Breast Parenchymal Density and Some Factors Affecting that on Mammograms in 1000 Women in Mashhad Qaem Hospital from April 2003 to April 2004.
Sabouri,M.H. Bagherzadeh
Iranian Journal of Radiology , 2007,
Abstract: Background and Objective: The main purpose of this study was determination of the frequency and distri-bution of dense mammograms among the diverse age groups of women who underwent mammography effect and other clinical characteristics such as parity, age at first conception, use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and family history of breast carci-noma on breast density. Materials and Methods: We considered 1000 women between 25 and 79 years old consecutively undergo-ing mammography in Mashhad Qaem hospital from April 2003 to April 2004 were grouped in 5-year age cohorts. Breast density, breast size and presence of benign calcifications were analyzed. Clinical data such as age, parity, age at first conception, use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and family his-tory of breast carcinoma were recorded. Results: Radiological parenchymal density on mam-mograms was found to correlate with age (decreased progressively in patient cohorts 25-29 years old through 75-79 years old, P<0.0001). Increased paren-chymal density was more common in women who underwent HRT (P<0.0001), had smaller breast (P<0.0001) and had less than two pregnancies (P<0.0001). Prevalence of benign calcifications in-creased with age. Conclusion: This study confirms the effect of age and HRT on radiological breast density suggesting a pos-sible reduction of sensitivity and efficacy of mam-mography for detecting malignancy in women who undergo HRT. Such a hypothesis still needs validation by means of a prospective analysis of the correlation between HRT and the frequency of interval cancer occurrence (the best indicator of sensitivity). Never-theless a significant percentage (38%) of women who were 25-39 years old had predominantly fatty breast tissue that should not impede selective mammo-graghic screening or diagnostic efforts in this age group.
MDCT in the Evaluation of Shoulder Trauma: Principles, Protocols, and Clinical Applications
Sabouri,M.H. Bagherzadeh
Iranian Journal of Radiology , 2007,
Abstract: Detecting and classifying complex changes of shoul-der joint trauma is a diagnostic challenge. MDCT has improved our ability to image skeletal trauma. The chief advantages of this technology include rapid scan time and the ability to produce very-high-quality multiplanar reformations (MPR) and 3D images. CT of bony structures requires high spatial resolution. Guidelines for imaging of shoulder joint are discussed throughout this article. Although use of the thinnest slice width and a bone reconstruction algorithm maximizes the image quality, imaging of larger joints such as the shoulder requires slightly thicker slices to ensure reasonable image quality, particularly if sur-face rendering is to be performed. The demonstration of fracture line extension to articular surfaces is a key function of imaging, and image post-processing is an integral component of high-resolution joint imaging. MDCT with MPR is a recommended complementary examination in patients with complex proximal hu-merus fractures where fractures' extent and position or origin of dislocated fragments isn’t clear on radiog-raphy. This may increase the accuracy of the fracture classification and reveal occult fractures in other parts of the shoulder. High-quality MPR and 3-D images can be created at the workstation using the volumetric data. MDCT is a high-dose examination, and care should be taken to use the lowest possible dose. In the extremities, radi-ography seems to underestimate the extent and sever-ity of injury, especially in complex areas such as shoulder, elbow, ankle and wrist. MDCT in the ex-tremities is helpful in fracture detection, classifica-tion, and treatment planning and also in the follow-up of postoperative results, even in presence of hard-ware. The advantages of CT combined with double-contrast arthrography include delineation of the joint free of any superimposition and superior visualization of intra-articular soft tissues. Indication of CT arthro-graphy includes labrum and joint capsule injuries and rotator cuff tear.
The acute effects of cardiac resynchronization therapy on severity of mitral regurgitation in end-stage heart failure patients
Bagherzadeh AA,Tavakoli T,Moshkani Farahani M
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2011,
Abstract: "nBackground: Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) has proved as an efficient treatment in patients with end stage Heart failure. Previous studies showed the beneficial long term effects of CRT on the severity of mitral regurgitation (MR). The aim of this study was to evaluate acute effects of CRT on severity of MR."n "nMethods: This study was a double blind randomized trial performed from 1387 to 1388 in Imam Khomeini Hospital. Echocardiographic parameters including severity of MR were measured before and after CRT implantation with different echocardiographic methods."n "nResults: Patients had a significant improvement in severity of MR (14% Vs. 11% P<0/05), in increasing ejection fraction (18/04 Vs. 24/42 P<0/05) and in decreasing end systolic diameters (6/14 Vs. 5/98 P<0/05) and end diastolic diameters (7 Vs. 6/8 P<0/05) after CRT implantation. The reduction of MR was significantly correlated with the improvement of ejection fraction (P=0.07)."n "nConclusion: The mechanism of decreasing severity of MR is not yet truly understood and may be different in acute and chronic phases. Correction of left ventricular dyssynchrony might influence the improvement of MR severity. Also, synchronization of papillary muscle and increased transmitral pressure with more forceful mitral valve closure, decreases regurgitation fraction and volumes is proposed for these beneficial effects. If posterior papillary muscle is involved in dyssynchrony, the acute reduction of MR following CRT is expected but if the dyssynchrony is mainly at the lateral parts of left ventricle MR might be improved in longer durations.
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