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The Alarmin Concept Applied to Human Renal Transplantation: Evidence for a Differential Implication of HMGB1 and IL-33
Antoine Thierry, Sébastien Giraud, Aurélie Robin, Anne Barra, Franck Bridoux, Virginie Ameteau, Thierry Hauet, Jean-Philippe Girard, Guy Touchard, Jean-Marc Gombert, André Herbelin
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0088742
Abstract: The endogenous molecules high mobility group box 1 (HMGB1) and interleukin-33 (IL-33) have been identified as alarmins, capable of mediating danger signals during tissue damage. Here, we address their possible role as innate-immune mediators in ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI) following human kidney transplantation. We analysed serum and urinary HMGB1 and IL-33 levels, all determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, in a cohort of 26 deceased renal transplant recipients. Urinary HMGB1 and IL-33 levels were significantly increased as soon as 30 min after reperfusion, as compared to those before treatment. Moreover, both serum and urinary IL-33 (but not HMGB1) increase was positively correlated with cold ischemia time, from 30 min to 3 days post-transplantation. In vitro, human umbilical vein endothelial cells subjected to hypoxia conditions released both HMGB-1 and IL-33, while only the latter was further increased upon subsequent re-oxygenation. Finally, we postulate that leukocytes from renal recipient patients are targeted by both HMGB1 and IL-33, as suggested by increased transcription of their respective receptors (TLR2/4 and ST2L) shortly after transplantation. Consistent with this view, we found that iNKT cells, an innate-like T cell subset involved in IRI and targeted by IL-33 but not by HMGB1 was activated 1 hour post-transplantation. Altogether, these results are in keeping with a potential role of IL-33 as an innate-immune mediator during kidney IRI in humans.
Language-Trained Animals: A Window to the “Black Box”  [PDF]
Péron Franck
International Journal of Intelligence Science (IJIS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijis.2012.224020
Abstract: Animals have to process quantity of information in order to take decisions and adapt their behaviors to their physical and social environment. They have to remember previous events (learning), to cope with their internal (motivational and emotional) states and to display flexible behavioral responses. From a human point of view it is quite impossible to access all those information, not only because of the sensorial channels used that can vary but also because all the processing phase occurs in the “black box” and non-human animals are not able to express verbally what they think, feel or want. Though useful information might lie in the “collected data” (animal mind), extracting them into insightful knowledge with human-accessible form (clear meaning, no interpretation) presents a demanding and sophisticated undertaking. Several scientists decided to trained different individuals from several species (apes, dolphins, grey parrots, dogs) in order to teach them a new communicative system that they could share with us. Here, the different studies (techniques and species used) are presented, their constrains but also the main findings.
AL Amyloidosis
Desport Estelle,Bridoux Frank,Sirac Christophe,Delbes Sébastien
Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1750-1172-7-54
Abstract: Definition of the disease AL amyloidosis results from extra-cellular deposition of fibril-forming monoclonal immunoglobulin (Ig) light chains (LC) (most commonly of lambda isotype) usually secreted by a small plasma cell clone. Most patients have evidence of isolated monoclonal gammopathy or smoldering myeloma, and the occurrence of AL amyloidosis in patients with symptomatic multiple myeloma or other B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders is unusual. The key event in the development of AL amyloidosis is the change in the secondary or tertiary structure of an abnormal monoclonal LC, which results in instable conformation. This conformational change is responsible for abnormal folding of the LC, rich in β leaves, which assemble into monomers that stack together to form amyloid fibrils. Epidemiology AL amyloidosis is the most common type of systemic amyloidois in developed countries with an estimated incidence of 9 cases/million inhabitant/year. The average age of diagnosed patients is 65 years and less than 10% of patients are under 50. Clinical description The clinical presentation is protean, because of the wide number of tissues or organs that may be affected. The most common presenting symptoms are asthenia and dyspnoea, which are poorly specific and may account for delayed diagnosis. Renal manifestations are the most frequent, affecting two thirds of patients at presentation. They are characterized by heavy proteinuria, with nephrotic syndrome and impaired renal function in half of the patients. Heart involvement, which is present at diagnosis in more than 50% of patients, leading to restrictive cardiopathy, is the most serious complication and engages prognosis. Diagnostic methods The diagnosis relies on pathological examination of an involved site showing Congo red-positive amyloid deposits, with typical apple-green birefringence under polarized light, that stain positive with an anti-LC antibody by immunohistochemistry and/or immunofluorescence. Due to the systemic nature of the disease, non-invasive biopsies such as abdominal fat aspiration should be considered before taking biopsies from involved organs, in order to reduce the risk of bleeding complications. Differential diagnosis Systemic AL amyloidosis should be distinguished from other diseases related to deposition of monoclonal LC, and from other forms of systemic amyloidosis. When pathological studies have failed to identify the nature of amyloid deposits, genetic studies should be performed to diagnose hereditary amyloidosis. Management Treatment of AL amyloidosis is based on chemotherapy,
Phase Coherence Effects in the Vortex Transport Entropy
G. Bridoux,G. Nieva,F. de la Cruz
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.101.117002
Abstract: Nernst and electrical resistivity measurements in superconducting YBCO and BSCCO with and without columnar defects show a distinctive thermodynamics of the respective liquid vortex matter. At a field dependent high temperature region in the phase diagram the Nernst signal is independent of structural defects in both materials. At lower temperatures, in YBCO, defects contribute only to the vortex mobility and the transport entropy is that of a system of vortex lines. The transition to lower temperatures in BSCCO has a different origin, the maximum in the Nernst signal when decreasing temperature is not associated with transport properties but with the entropy behavior of pancake vortices in the presence of structural defects.
Magnon-drag thermopile
Marius V. Costache,German Bridoux,Ingmar Neumann,Sergio O. Valenzuela
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1038/NMAT3201
Abstract: Thermoelectric effects in spintronics are gathering increasing attention as a means of managing heat in nanoscale structures and of controlling spin information by using heat flow. Thermal magnons (spin-wave quanta) are expected to play a major role, however, little is known about the underlying physical mechanisms involved. The reason is the lack of information about magnon interactions and of reliable methods to obtain it, in particular for electrical conductors because of the intricate influence of electrons. Here, we demonstrate a conceptually new device that allows us to gather information on magnon-electron scattering and magnon-drag effects. The device resembles a thermopile formed by a large number of pairs of ferromagnetic wires placed between a hot and a cold source and connected thermally in parallel and electrically in series. By controlling the relative orientation of the magnetization in pairs of wires, the magnon-drag can be studied independently of the electron and phonon-drag thermoelectric effects. Measurements as a function of temperature reveal the effect on magnon drag following a variation of magnon and phonon populations. This information is crucial to understand the physics of electron-magnon interactions, magnon dynamics and thermal spin transport.
Circulating Tumor Cells Measurements in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Franck Chiappini
International Journal of Hepatology , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/684802
Abstract: Liver cancer is the fifth most common cancer in men and the seventh in women. During the past 20 years, the incidence of HCC has tripled while the 5-year survival rate has remained below 12%. The presence of circulating tumor cells (CTC) reflects the aggressiveness nature of a tumor. Many attempts have been made to develop assays that reliably detect and enumerate the CTC during the development of the HCC. In this case, the challenges are (1) there are few markers specific to the HCC (tumor cells versus nontumor cells) and (2) they can be used to quantify the number of CTC in the bloodstream. Another technical challenge consists of finding few CTC mixed with million leukocytes and billion erythrocytes. CTC detection and identification can be used to estimate prognosis and may serve as an early marker to assess antitumor activity of treatment. CTC can also be used to predict progression-free survival and overall survival. CTC are an interesting source of biological information in order to understand dissemination, drug resistance, and treatment-induced cell death. Our aim is to review and analyze the different new methods existing to detect, enumerate, and characterize the CTC in the peripheral circulation of patients with HCC.
Pénibilité au travail : reclasser ou prévenir ? Work difficulty : reclassification or prevention ? Trabajo duro: Reclasificar o prevenir?
Franck Héas
Perspectives Interdisciplinaires sur le Travail et la Santé , 2010,
Abstract: La santé de travailleurs peut se trouver irrémédiablement et directement compromise en raison de la pénibilité de certains métiers et/ou fonctions. La réglementation de la pénibilité au travail emprunte à cet égard plusieurs voies. Un retrait du marché du travail de manière progressive ou anticipée peut tout d’abord être envisagé. L’attribution de compensations financières au salarié ayant exercé ou continuant d’être employé dans un milieu pénible est également envisageable. L’obligation légale de reclassement existant en matière d’inaptitude est par ailleurs un autre dispositif pouvant permettre l’aménagement de la relation contractuelle de travail et ce faisant, compenser les conséquences de la pénibilité. Néanmoins, au-delà de ces différentes possibilités, l’amélioration des conditions de travail fondée sur une logique de prévention appara t comme la seule alternative permettant de prendre en compte la pénibilité et donc de limiter l’impact de certains environnements de travail sur la santé des personnes. Workers’ health may be directly and irreparably compromised by the difficulty of some jobs and/or functions. The legal framework for work difficulty takes several paths. A gradual or early withdrawal from the labour market may be considered first. The awarding of financial compensation to the employee who worked or continues to be employed in a difficult environment is also possible. The existing legal obligation of reclassification in the case of incapacity is also another possibility that can adjust the contractual work relationship and thus offset the effects of work difficulty. However, beyond these different options, improvement of working conditions based on a prevention logic is the only alternative for taking the difficulty into account, and therefore limiting the impact of certain work environments on human health. La salud de los trabajadores puede encontrarse irremediablemente comprometida a causa de dureza de ciertos oficios y/o funciones. La reglamentación sobre lo duro de las condiciones de trabajo toma varias vías a este respecto. Un retiro del mercado laboral de manera progresiva o anticipada puede primeramente ser considerado. Se contempla igualmente la atribución de compensaciones financieras al asalariado, que ejerció o continúa ejerciendo un empleo en un medio en el que las condiciones de trabajo son duras. La obligación legal a la reclasificación existente en materia de incapacidad es otro dispositivo que permite ajustar la relación contractual de trabajo y compensar las consecuencias de tales condiciones. Sin embargo, más allá
L’art (approximatif) du GPS
Franck Vidal
M@ppemonde , 2012,
Abstract: Cette chronique n’annonce pas la sortie d’un manuel pratique sur l’utilisation optimale du GPS, ni des références de sites Web pour parfaire vos connaissances en matière de géolocalisation. Non, le terme d’art est ici à prendre dans son sens premier. La question est bien: peut-on faire de l’art avec un GPS? à l’heure où les artistes se transforment parfois en performeurs les techniques de positionnement par satellite et leurs reports cartographiques peuvent (peut-être) apporter leur petite pierre au fragile édifice de l’art contemporain. Ces techniques donnent visiblement l’occasion à quelques joyeux lurons qui ne tiennent pas en place de s’exprimer par la carte.
L'urbanisation à Java et dans les autres villes d'Indonésie: un fossé qui tend à se combler?
Manuelle FRANCK
Mappemonde , 1992,
Abstract: L’urbanisation creuse le fossé qui sépare Java des autres les indonésiennes. Dans ce domaine, Java est en avance par son nombre de villes comme par sa population urbaine. Pourtant, certains indicateurs tendent à montrer un rattrapage des les extérieures.
Images des changements d'un littoral: les Bas-Champs de Cayeux (Somme)
Mappemonde , 1998,
Abstract: L'étude de cartes postales sur le littoral des Bas-Champs de Cayeux (Picardie) permet de préciser et d'interpréter la formation récente d'un secteur d'accumulation en cordons successifs, liée aux variations du chenal sud de la baie de Somme.
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